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Honeywell Comfort Control Stand Fan £33.98 delivered @ Studio
Posted 18th JulPosted 18th Jul
I have a studio account and noticed this is on sale, the next best price for the same fan is £54.95 on amazon. Maybe i'm not searching well enough but i think this is a great barga… Read more
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I got a similar fan from Screwfix last year for about £16. Not voted.


Read my post earlier (above at 15.40 hrs). I never said cheaper was better. As I own this and know why I did not buy a cheaper product. So not sure what you are getting at. Actually ordered another as this is cheaper than my previous purchase.


You can buy a cheaper product with just about all the posts on this site, but that doesn't mean cheaper is a better deal. Maybe it was different when you posted, but the current price includes delivery.


That just gets funnier each time I think about it.


Quality product. Great price.

Honeywell A800 Sporty Safety Eyewear Frame with Clear Anti-Scratch Lens - Translucent at Amazon £2.93 Prime (+£2.99 non Prime)
Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Slim profile provides an comfort fit for workers with smaller faces Enhances sports styling and provides more comfort Agriculture; construction; food services; forestry; manufact… Read more

These are good quality. and quite robust Compared to goggles they are of course not nearly as tight a fit, there is a gap of about a quater of an inch along most of the edges However googles have ventilation holes and I can hear the wind whilstling through them as I walk quickly round a supermarket. Even so, my goggles mist up and I can't see small print clearly. You feel less of a berk in these :)


Seems to do the trick... there is also a wax you can use (cant remember the name ) and that was quite good. But try fairy first, see how u get on


If the Fogban/anti scratch ones are £8.65 I doubt these big standard ones are RRP £14. That doesn't make sense.


Does that trick hold up for you? I've tried a few things even potato but it seems to disappear real fast!


I use a dab of fairy liquid rubbed into lenses... stopped fogging

Honeywell HT900E turbo fan - £26.99 @ Amazon
213° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Back down in price. OOS but can order. Link takes you to another seller but if you click on other sellers it will show Amazon. Also available for £23.95 from amazon warehouse use… Read more
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And don't forget it is 20% MORE silent than the last model!!!!!!!


It's got the word "Turbo" in it...must be amazing. Take my money! 💷


It keeps coming back into stock and it's still available for used-good. Not sure why people keep expiring it???


Not as good as I hoped for from a fan containing the word turbo. I would say about the same output as a 12" fan. Good price for this fan though


Still available. You may need to click on other sellers.

Honeywell Home HS331S Wireless Home Alarm - £94.70 @ Amazon
575° Expired
Posted 30th MayPosted 30th May
Honeywell Home HS331S Wireless Home Alarm - £94.70 @ Amazon
£94.70£129.9627% Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Honeywell wireless alarm system with a nice reduction. Lowest ever price according to camelcamelcamel 868MHz frequency Pack C… Read more
Resistance123 This is Wireless


Just checked mine and no plastic film on it. Mine is a few years old so hopefully they have improved them now. Shame as it's a good looking system otherwise. (At the time I contacted Honeywell and returned the first keypad but the second was no better sadly)


Ring’s external flood light siren is like kids you, volume is so low which hardly bothers anyone so I am not sure if that’s fit for the purpose.


Here's an extract from the review on Amazon "One thing I did read online was that many people were finding that the keypad was sometimes unresponsive, so on close inspection of the keypad you'll find that it has a very thin clear protective film covering the whole face of the pad, it is almost impossible to know its on there, and the keys do sometimes still work with this film cover left in place, but obviously it must be removed, so my guess is that anyone having issues with their keypad not always working is that they might not of realised that there's a clear plastic film on the keypad that needs removing."


It's being delivered today so I will be able to see for myself. One review mentioned a protective film over the keypad that stops it from working so will be sure to check for that

Honeywell Home HR924UK evohome Wireless Radiator TRV Heads Multi-Zone Kit for UK, White (Pack of 4) £195.20 @ Amazon
215° Expired
Posted 14th MarPosted 14th Mar
Honeywell Home HR924UK evohome Wireless Radiator TRV Heads Multi-Zone Kit for UK, White (Pack of 4) £195.20 @ Amazon
£195.20£238.5118%Amazon Deals
Someone posted a deal on the cheaper THR0914 models but this is a pretty good price on this version. These ones have a screen and a dial in on each head so you can control them ma… Read more

Yes, mentioned earlier and my reply is further up the page but I've copied and pasted it here for convenience They accept rechargeable (2x AA) and IME need replacing every 12 months (the hub informs you when they need replacing). Anyone still using non rechargeable batteries in this day and age is neither serious about the environment or saving money. Like I said earlier, had my Evohome system almost 6 years (being a bit of an early adopter it was more expensive in those days!) and, hand on heart, nothing has malfunctioned/stopped working/had to be replaced.


Same here... I have them installed for past 2 years and have been able to cut gas bills by approx 10%.


10 months in and haven't had to change batteries in any of our 12 TRV heads.


Don't know if anyone mentioned this but you would spend a small fortune on batteries. Cold from me


It's a server. once you have the server, you can access via browser or phone.

Honeywell Home THR0914 Wireless Radiator Controller for evohome System (Pack of 4 pcs), White £129.86 at Amazon
120° Expired
Posted 2nd MarPosted 2nd Mar
Honeywell Home THR0914 Wireless Radiator Controller for evohome System (Pack of 4 pcs), White £129.86 at Amazon
£129.86£185.9930%Amazon Deals
Cheapest I've ever seen them. I have 12 radiators and 8 of the more expensive HR92s but I've heard these are quieter and a fraction of the price so I picked up a set to complete th… Read more

Just a quick update to say I installed these at the weekend, swapped out the 4 bedroom HR92s for these and I would definitely say they are quieter although I haven't done a direct side by side comparison. HR92s are now on the remaining 4 radiators so my whole house is connected up.


I agree. This is the only reason I haven't gone for Tado. Tado ceases trading, they stop supporting the system down the line, their servers go offline, your internet connection goes down or your router fails. Lots of single points of failure, which even if fails for just a moment could result in a cold house when you get home, or get home to find the heating has been on all day. Way too much reliance on Tado for the investment.


I paid around £600 for initial set up just over 3 years ago, based on gas usage which I tracked I recouped the cost at 2 years..


It depends on too many variables to calculate reliably, primarily how efficient your heating is and how well insulated your house is. Some people claim significant savings, others have seen their bills increase slightly. I reckon I'll probably break even over 3-4 years but for me the incentive was more around comfort, especially in the kids' rooms.


Hi guys, I am sure this question has been asked already but cant find from google search. what is the return on investment for these?

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Honeywell HYF1101E1 3 Speed Comfort Control Cooling Tower Fan /Timer/Oscillating £13.78 Like New @ Amazon Warehouse (+£4.49 Non-Prime)
Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Honeywell HYF1101E1 3 Speed Comfort Control Cooling Tower Fan /Timer/Oscillating £13.78 Like New @ Amazon Warehouse (+£4.49 Non-Prime)
10 in Stock. Okay, it's pretty cold right now but worthwhile putting away for summer? Boyf moans every year how hot he gets so I've sent him one. For Home use. Reputable brand, go… Read more
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Thanks, I'll keep the order then and see what turns up. If there is no remote to be missing then the only damage it may have (according to the description) is some scratches, which don't really bother me as I'm not really going to be looking at it much...


Hi ST3123, boyf has only had a quick look at it as he's doing up his kitchen, miles away. I'll pester him to look at it properly. He was grumbling about it not oscillating, but he inspected it very briefly. This model doesn't have a remote with it, so not sure why the description said "missing remote".


One of these popped up as used acceptable (missing remote/scratched) for £10.55 and I decided to grab it, though looking at the trouble ppl been having even with the like new ones I am in half a mind to cancel, suppose I can always return it if it's really bad. It's just it would be ideal for the summer, which will no doubt be scorching as those are the only type we seem to get lately :( Anyone actually had any good experiences with this thing? louiselouise, was yours ok apart from missing screws?


Boyf got his today (not unusual, you'd think, but as he's in the Highlands deliveries take a bit longer), so that was a nice surprise. I read a few reviews after purchasing - never wise, but there are a lot for this fan. Many were complaining they didn't have any screws in the box to attach the base. Sure enough, boyf's was the same, but he has a box of odds and ends and was able to assemble it. Worth bearing in mind, not sure if it's worthy of a complaint to Amazon, but some sent theirs back because of this (I wouldn't bother personally, unless you can't easily get to a hardware store/don't have spare screws).


Think someone's bought the lot already - not adding to basket eek!

Honeywell HSF1630E1 Comfort Control Cooling Stand Fan £17.27 + £4.49 NP @ Amazon
34° Expired
Posted 28th Dec 2019Posted 28th Dec 2019
Honeywell HSF1630E1 Comfort Control Cooling Stand Fan £17.27 + £4.49 NP @ Amazon
I know it's not the right season and so this may get cold but it's a good price for a Honeywell fan if you have space to store it away for those hot days. You will need to a pay a… Read more

That didn't last long, expired the deal.


Showing £31.49 now.

Honeywell 2605 Water and Fireproof Security Safe £143.44 @ Amazon
85° Expired
Posted 23rd Dec 2019Posted 23rd Dec 2019
Honeywell 2605 Water and Fireproof Security Safe £143.44 @ Amazon
£143.44Amazon Deals
Amazing deal for a good size safe with free delivery which is waterproof and fireproof. Also has Honeywell 7 year guarantee. Next cheapest price online is on eBay from US for £35… Read more

Wasn't this featured on lock picking lawyer as one of the least secure safes on the market?


I managed to get one of these Honeywell safes for £143.44. Delivery 30th December "to room of your choice" Wanted to get another for my son and 5 minutes later was £90 more. Hopefully not one of amazon's mis-prices that they don't honour


Shame I missed this!


Seeing same price. How did you get it at the price you've quoted OP?



Honeywell Lyric T6 Smart Wired Thermostat Black £90.85 @ Amazon Germany
172° Expired
Posted 18th Dec 2019Posted 18th Dec 2019Shipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Honeywell Lyric T6 Smart Wired Thermostat Black £90.85 @ Amazon Germany
£90.85£124.9827%Amazon Germany Deals
Use a currency credit card such as the Halifax Clarity to get the best exchange rate. Superb price - much cheaper than Amazon UK and other UK retailers! T6 Smart Programmable Th… Read more

Good spot. I personally didn't want the portable thermostat as I'd just use the app instead. Makes no sense to me :)


The T6R plug in non wall mount version is currently £95 on amazon UK. Recent price drop from £118ish (18th) according to CCC.


I'm saving my moola and putting it towards an evohome system


is this better than hive?


What price

Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Fire Alarm & smart Gateway 2 for £37.15 delivered (using coupon) @ AliExpress Deals / Elivco Digital Life Store
238° Expired
Posted 17th Dec 2019Posted 17th Dec 2019Shipping from ChinaShipping from China
Xiaomi Mijia Honeywell Fire Alarm & smart Gateway 2 for £37.15 delivered (using coupon) @ AliExpress Deals / Elivco Digital Life Store
£37.15£54.4832%AliExpress Deals
Use the coupon '£1.53 off £37.46' to get this price. This Xiaomi Mijia and Honeywell collaboration fire alarm and smoke detector can be connected via the Gateway 2 to your smart … Read more

Can anyone help am looking for a wired version of this. Need a total 4 or 5.


Ultimately, it depends on how much flexibility and control you want. For me, the main reasons I dropped smartthings were reliability and speed. That it didn't support my kasa plugs or my netatmo thermostat was the final straw. Throw in that, should my Internet connection die, you lose all of the custom handlers, and I realised that it was useless for my purposes. Switching to ha fixed all of the issues I had, plus gave me a *lot* more control. I could do much smarter stuff, too - set finer dimming levels, change the levels based on timers or ambient light levels, add in dual controls and overrides for lights trivially, control more devices from more suppliers, and because it's all local processing my Internet connection is irrelevant. I can tie stuff to plex (eg have the lights dim automatically when I watch a movie, and come back up when i pause or stop it). I can also create custom control panels on old tablet devices to control the house, too. Basically, ha is more powerful, more flexible, and local. But yeah, it does very much depend on what you want to achieve, what devices you're using, how reliable you want it to be, and how much you enjoy playing with this sort of thing :)


I've been using ST for a while with a range of Xiaomi devices (door sensors, motion detectors and smoke alarms), as well as Hue lights, canary and blink cameras, sonos speakers, aeotec dimmers, Nest and Hive devices, various smart plugs and my harmony remote. I agree that the experience with Xiaomi stuff can be a bit clunky, but once you get the hang of pairing the devices I've had little issue with them personally. I also agree that if you're having to write custom DHs then you're probably better off moving to HA, but using other people's is little more than a copy and paste exercise once you've done it once. I've not written off the idea of moving to HA in the future, but I've yet to find a compelling reason to make the switch. My point is that you can be a fairly heavy home automation user (which most people aren't) and still get on just fine with SmartThings, but I guess it all comes down to personal experience, preferences and the devices you want to play with.


I didn't find it hard myself (but to caveat that, I'm a software developer - although my 10 year old daughter understands it just fine), but smartthings is a bit easier to get to grips with if you stay within their supported devices, yeah. As soon as you get into custom device handlers, it quickly becomes complex and unreliable and slow and far more frustrating in my experience. Especially with the xiaomi stuff - they don't use a standard handshake time, so they have a tendency to drop the devices and stop responding, and then you have to reset everything. What's the point in unreliable automation? I also found their support poor and don't recall they fixed any bugs or updated in the year I used it, or added any new devices (e.g. Kasa plugs were completely unsupported at the time). I was bitterly disappointed with smartthings, which was a shame as it had the potential to be a very well connected device. Interestingly, I believe you can connect a smartthings hub to home assistant to act as a bridge. Personally, if you're going down the xiaomi sensor route, I'd say forget smartthings entirely and save yourself the time, money, and hassle.


I dont think it makes a whole lot of difference in terms of functionality. From memory I think the v3 may lack battery backup but I'm not sure. I have a v2 and have never had any issues with it in terms of capability.

Honeywell Lyric T6R-HW Smart Thermostat with Hot Water Control 2-Channel Receiver Box £69.98 @ BT Shop
306° Expired
Posted 25th Nov 2019Posted 25th Nov 2019
Honeywell Lyric T6R-HW Smart Thermostat with Hot Water Control 2-Channel Receiver Box £69.98 @ BT Shop
Great price for this device :) Meant to be an "email exclusive" although the link should work for all. Connects to the Internet so you can control your heating system from anyw… Read more
Get deal*Get deal*

That worked, order place. Thank you.


Type FF69BF02 into the search bar. Deal should come up.


What are returns like?


Works for me using the OP link


Discount not available to me, guessing you have to receive an invite. Happy to be proven wrong as I'd like this for my new combi, don't mind ignoring HW controls. Edit worked using item FF69BF02.

Honeywell Lyric T6R-HW Smart Thermostat with Hot Water Control 2-Channel Receiver Box £119.98 @ BT
260° Expired
Posted 28th Oct 2019Posted 28th Oct 2019
Honeywell Lyric T6R-HW Smart Thermostat with Hot Water Control 2-Channel Receiver Box £119.98 @ BT
£119.98£166.8028%BT Shop Deals
Note - Works withGoogle Home / Amazon Alexa / Apple HomeKit / IFTTT We don't see these all that often on here and the price seems more than fair vs other places right now. Comes… Read more

It's actually not possible for hive to monitor gas consumption. It is purely a remote control relay providing switched live supply to a zone valve /combi boiler thermostat connection. It is unable to provide any feedback or data communication between either the gas meter or the boiler. If anything this thermostat listed has more information sorting capabilities due to the use of opentherm communication protocol. This method has alot more integration with boiler data and can directly modulate the burner based on feedback from thermostat. Far superior control of boiler with this stat compared with the standard on/off switching that the hive receiver box operates.


So you are saying you prefer a system that British Gas can't access data from when you are trying to claim that your meter readings are wrong when the only thing that may back up your claim that you haven't used the gas they say would be the Hive system? Of course the Hive records usage of gas... It has to to do comparisons and charts of usage. All decent systems will. I have a Hive system in one house and a Honeywell (older model) in the other. The Hive is more reliable and is easier to use based on more than 3 years usage


I love mine just been a pain reseting


I've changed WiFi twice since we got ours (free with our boiler) and both times it's taken literally a couple of minutes to change it on the unit. I've never had any issues with the app control away from home either, it's been flawless for me.


I have no other gas appliance

Honeywell QuietSet Table Fan £29.99 @ Amazon
666° Expired
Refreshed 25th Jul 2019Refreshed 25th Jul 2019
Honeywell QuietSet Table Fan £29.99 @ Amazon
£29.99£40.7526%Amazon Deals
Seems to get decent reviews for being quiet, and the equal best price its ever been on the old amazon. Features & details Elegant table fan with four cooling settings fr… Read more

Says £59 saving £29???


im not talking about the review - just the table of decibels quoted by the manufacturers.


Got caught up in the drama and bought one of these. I fail to see what the attraction is if I'm brutally frank. Big ol' ugly black plastic thing, can't see what all the fuss is about. Might send the thing back once the weather cools down (ninja)


Big fan of this deal


hardly an impartial site they only list fans they can get an affiliate commision on through links. its the typcal fake review site rubbish you get when attempt to compare anything via searching google these days,where they havent even laid there hand on the products they "review" "or "compare"

Honeywell HO-5500RE Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control £48.99 @ Amazon
-54° Expired
Posted 24th Jul 2019Posted 24th Jul 2019
Honeywell HO-5500RE Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control £48.99 @ Amazon
£48.99£83.9942%Amazon Deals
Great little fan. I bought one two years ago for £70 well worth it. Especially with the heat in the UK at the minute!

Yeah good idea, need to take it apart clean it, then any bits can't get to WD40 might be better but the moving parts you can get to grease them.




This fan works so well it's turned the deal cold.


Gotta love HUKD. This is a brilliant deal for a quality fan during a heatwave... and it's being voted cold.


Why so many negative comments or Feedback ????

Honeywell HO-5500RE Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control and Gliding Grill Function - Black £45.99 Amazon Prime Day Deal
33° Expired
Posted 16th Jul 2019Posted 16th Jul 2019
Honeywell HO-5500RE Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control and Gliding Grill Function - Black £45.99 Amazon Prime Day Deal
Honeywell HO-5500RE Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control and Gliding Grill Function - Black

Warranty is 3 years though so can't you get it exchanged?


Same. Brilliant fan when it was working and looked expensive, but after 18 months mine stopped too.


Going by the reviews seems to happen way to often too. Another bad one from Honeywell.


Good deal. Saying that mine packed up after a year. Will not turn on. It’s not the fuse.


It's not a patch on the quietest, however that can be hard to come by

MK Honeywell 4-Way Metal Consumer Unit with RCD and 2 x MCB £10.50 @ Homebase
315° Expired
Posted 12th Jul 2019Posted 12th Jul 2019
MK Honeywell 4-Way Metal Consumer Unit with RCD and 2 x MCB £10.50 @ Homebase
£10.50£38.4073%Homebase Deals
Reserve & Collect. This 4-way metal consumer unit features a 63A residual-current device (RCD) and 2 miniature circuit breakers (MCB).

Its a switched incoming mains cable. I.E. From the Meter there are two outputs; one to the internal (House) Consumer unit, the second goes to a switch whose output then goes to the garage consumer unit. If that makes sense.


What's the old one connected to? An incoming mains cable, or more likely it's spurred off your main consumer unit. I'm far from an expert on the regs, but if it comes off the main consumer unit I suppose it's much the same as changing any other wiring regs-wise.


Thanks for that. Prior to the tightening of the regs, I’ve done rewiring on property I’ve moved into (back in the 70’s/80’s) . Then got the local Electricity Board in to connect/approve the work. It was the price reduction on this unit that prompted me to look at a possible change out. I may just leave the old on in place.


Yes, it can. It's an easy job.Is that legal? Probably not. Can you do it competently?


I’ve currently got one the old ‘cast iron’ units (Two ceramic fuses, Light & Plug) in my garage. Can this be changed out without using a qualified electrician?

Honeywell Wireless Alarms from £45 at Homebase
211° Expired
Posted 12th Jul 2019Posted 12th Jul 2019LocalLocal
Honeywell Wireless Alarms from £45 at Homebase
£45£18075%Homebase Deals
Found at Homebase st Albans , seems as though they clearing out a lot of Honeywell products . Saw 3 different models priced £35-£45

There was another model priced at £35 which I didn’t take a picture of , and then the two pictures I did take show £37.50 and £45


Hi @kingnpuk Thanks for posting - can you confirm the prices please. In the title you say 'From £45' but in the OP you say '£35'?


Might as well screw a baked bean can to your wall. Utter garbage. As above, Look for Pyronix, Texecom or Eaton. Texecom better for the DIY Pyronix better for the DIY with a bit more thinking involved. Eaton (Scantronic) kind of in the middle. If you're serious about a system, pay the money.


For professional alarm systems ...please look at: Scantronic, Texecom and Pyronix Thanks


Any suggestion?

Honeywell Sentry 16-Module 10-Way Metal Split Load Consumer Unit (More in OP) - £22.50 + Free C&C @ Homebase
441° Expired
Posted 11th Jul 2019Posted 11th Jul 2019
Honeywell Sentry 16-Module 10-Way Metal Split Load Consumer Unit (More in OP) - £22.50 + Free C&C @ Homebase
£22.50£66.6666%Homebase Deals
Price @ ITS £87.59 A corrosion-resistant zintec steel construction coupled with a modern design gives your installations a stylish aesthetic. Honeywell 12W Consumer Unit with… Read more

Collected one earlier this evening, cheers OP (y) (y) (y)


Oh sorry forgot to mention I’m off down south for a wedding and boxed 2 other Homebase’s en route too!! Thanks for coming! (lol) (lol)


Oh ok sorry. I won’t try to save myself loads of money on new build installs and let other people who I have never met or ever will meet save some cash. Lols. You joker!!


Now days so many possible circuits Internal lighting Internal sockets External lighting External sockets Garage door Pond Electric gates Etc etc .... some people wire these all on separate circuits , so technically if u have a fault with one thing ... the rest of the circuits can still keep working . Anyway good luck with your project


Cheers chrisom. Can't argue but more is better I suppose for expansion down the line for extra work. I'll get the first one on the list. (y)

Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan - £18.79 / £23.28 (non-Prime) at Amazon
397° Expired
Posted 4th May 2019Posted 4th May 2019
Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan - £18.79 / £23.28 (non-Prime) at Amazon
£18.79£19.755%Amazon Deals
Purchased two of these at £19.75 in the last couple of weeks. Oh well! Details taken from Amazon as follows (although there is certainly debate over the 'quiet' part on the higher… Read more

Most Amazon prices are the same - dynamic pricing for you. I'm sure the Amazon algorithms make sense to somebody, but not me:


Back up too £22.26 I've been trying to figure out what my cooling solution is going to be for the summer (i'm also in the middle of redoing my room), i've been keeping an eye on this fan as a possible answer and it's one of the most crazy products on Amazon. The price seems to change so much for no real reason. It's crazy. It's up and down like a yoyo.


Back down to £18.79 now, or £18.80 from Amazon.


£19.99 now


More than a few. Seen any deals for some larger equipment? (angel) At least you've progressed from the usual drivel of "boring" themed commentary. Well done to you good sir :{ Are you stalking me or is this just fate? Either way carry on. You're too much fun. Maybe you'll overtake sam_of_london as my favourite person on here <3

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