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Honeywell QuietSet Table Fan £29.99 @ Amazon
666° Expired
Refreshed 25th JulRefreshed 25th Jul
Seems to get decent reviews for being quiet, and the equal best price its ever been on the old amazon. Features & details Elegant table fan with four cooling settings fr… Read more

Says £59 saving £29???


im not talking about the review - just the table of decibels quoted by the manufacturers.


Got caught up in the drama and bought one of these. I fail to see what the attraction is if I'm brutally frank. Big ol' ugly black plastic thing, can't see what all the fuss is about. Might send the thing back once the weather cools down (ninja)


Big fan of this deal


hardly an impartial site they only list fans they can get an affiliate commision on through links. its the typcal fake review site rubbish you get when attempt to compare anything via searching google these days,where they havent even laid there hand on the products they "review" "or "compare"

Honeywell HO-5500RE Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control £48.99 @ Amazon
-54° Expired
Posted 24th JulPosted 24th Jul
Great little fan. I bought one two years ago for £70 well worth it. Especially with the heat in the UK at the minute!

Yeah good idea, need to take it apart clean it, then any bits can't get to WD40 might be better but the moving parts you can get to grease them.




This fan works so well it's turned the deal cold.


Gotta love HUKD. This is a brilliant deal for a quality fan during a heatwave... and it's being voted cold.


Why so many negative comments or Feedback ????

Honeywell HO-5500RE Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control and Gliding Grill Function - Black £45.99 Amazon Prime Day Deal
33° Expired
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Honeywell HO-5500RE Oscillating Tower Fan with Remote Control and Gliding Grill Function - Black

Warranty is 3 years though so can't you get it exchanged?


Same. Brilliant fan when it was working and looked expensive, but after 18 months mine stopped too.


Going by the reviews seems to happen way to often too. Another bad one from Honeywell.


Good deal. Saying that mine packed up after a year. Will not turn on. It’s not the fuse.


It's not a patch on the quietest, however that can be hard to come by

MK Honeywell 4-Way Metal Consumer Unit with RCD and 2 x MCB £10.50 @ Homebase
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Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
Reserve & Collect. This 4-way metal consumer unit features a 63A residual-current device (RCD) and 2 miniature circuit breakers (MCB).

Its a switched incoming mains cable. I.E. From the Meter there are two outputs; one to the internal (House) Consumer unit, the second goes to a switch whose output then goes to the garage consumer unit. If that makes sense.


What's the old one connected to? An incoming mains cable, or more likely it's spurred off your main consumer unit. I'm far from an expert on the regs, but if it comes off the main consumer unit I suppose it's much the same as changing any other wiring regs-wise.


Thanks for that. Prior to the tightening of the regs, I’ve done rewiring on property I’ve moved into (back in the 70’s/80’s) . Then got the local Electricity Board in to connect/approve the work. It was the price reduction on this unit that prompted me to look at a possible change out. I may just leave the old on in place.


Yes, it can. It's an easy job.Is that legal? Probably not. Can you do it competently?


I’ve currently got one the old ‘cast iron’ units (Two ceramic fuses, Light & Plug) in my garage. Can this be changed out without using a qualified electrician?

Honeywell Wireless Alarms from £45 at Homebase
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Posted 12th JulPosted 12th JulLocalLocal
Found at Homebase st Albans , seems as though they clearing out a lot of Honeywell products . Saw 3 different models priced £35-£45

There was another model priced at £35 which I didn’t take a picture of , and then the two pictures I did take show £37.50 and £45


Hi @kingnpuk Thanks for posting - can you confirm the prices please. In the title you say 'From £45' but in the OP you say '£35'?


Might as well screw a baked bean can to your wall. Utter garbage. As above, Look for Pyronix, Texecom or Eaton. Texecom better for the DIY Pyronix better for the DIY with a bit more thinking involved. Eaton (Scantronic) kind of in the middle. If you're serious about a system, pay the money.


For professional alarm systems ...please look at: Scantronic, Texecom and Pyronix Thanks


Any suggestion?

Honeywell Sentry 16-Module 10-Way Metal Split Load Consumer Unit (More in OP) - £22.50 + Free C&C @ Homebase
441° Expired
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Price @ ITS £87.59 A corrosion-resistant zintec steel construction coupled with a modern design gives your installations a stylish aesthetic. Honeywell 12W Consumer Unit with… Read more

Collected one earlier this evening, cheers OP (y) (y) (y)


Oh sorry forgot to mention I’m off down south for a wedding and boxed 2 other Homebase’s en route too!! Thanks for coming! (lol) (lol)


Oh ok sorry. I won’t try to save myself loads of money on new build installs and let other people who I have never met or ever will meet save some cash. Lols. You joker!!


Now days so many possible circuits Internal lighting Internal sockets External lighting External sockets Garage door Pond Electric gates Etc etc .... some people wire these all on separate circuits , so technically if u have a fault with one thing ... the rest of the circuits can still keep working . Anyway good luck with your project


Cheers chrisom. Can't argue but more is better I suppose for expansion down the line for extra work. I'll get the first one on the list. (y)

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Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan - £18.79 / £23.28 (non-Prime) at Amazon
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Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan - £18.79 / £23.28 (non-Prime) at Amazon
£18.79£19.755%Amazon Deals
Purchased two of these at £19.75 in the last couple of weeks. Oh well! Details taken from Amazon as follows (although there is certainly debate over the 'quiet' part on the higher… Read more

Most Amazon prices are the same - dynamic pricing for you. I'm sure the Amazon algorithms make sense to somebody, but not me:


Back up too £22.26 I've been trying to figure out what my cooling solution is going to be for the summer (i'm also in the middle of redoing my room), i've been keeping an eye on this fan as a possible answer and it's one of the most crazy products on Amazon. The price seems to change so much for no real reason. It's crazy. It's up and down like a yoyo.


Back down to £18.79 now, or £18.80 from Amazon.


£19.99 now


More than a few. Seen any deals for some larger equipment? (angel) At least you've progressed from the usual drivel of "boring" themed commentary. Well done to you good sir :{ Are you stalking me or is this just fate? Either way carry on. You're too much fun. Maybe you'll overtake sam_of_london as my favourite person on here <3

Honeywell HPA710WE Premium Air Purifier True HEPA Allergen Remover with Smart LED Air Quality Sensor £178.76 @ Amazon
74° Expired
Posted 2nd MayPosted 2nd May
Honeywell HPA710WE Premium Air Purifier True HEPA Allergen Remover with Smart LED Air Quality Sensor £178.76 @ Amazon
£178.76Amazon Deals
Tick the voucher box under the displayed price to apply a 20% discount.
Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan - £19.99 (Prime) / £24.48 (non Prime) at Amazon
213° Expired
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan - £19.99 (Prime) / £24.48 (non Prime) at Amazon
£19.99£27.9929%Amazon Deals
Quiet operation Variable tilt fan head with up to 90 degrees pivot Powerful three speed motor Wall mount feature saves floor or desk space Ships in certified frustration-free p… Read more
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I have this at work. The fan does make some noise though


Back up to £24.25 for Prime or is there a code?


Honeywell as in those that make smart thermostats etc? Guess this isn't WiFi enabled for the lazy?


Does this ger reposted every day?


58decibels mine came with motor inside broken off if you want it packaged chose 'its a gift' else they slap a sticker on the unsealed honeywell box

Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan - Perfect For This Summer £20.75 @ Amazon
397° Expired
Posted 28th AprPosted 28th Apr
Nice turbo fan here, get yourself ready for the hot hot summer on its way. Features & details Quiet operation Variable tilt fan head with up to 90 degrees pivot Powerful t… Read more

Each will have their own opinion here regarding noise – I always sleep with some sort of fan running in the bedroom so I’m not unused to noise – this was way to noisy though even for use in say a living room while watching TV. If you want a quiet fan go for a bog standard plastic table/desk or pedestal fan, as big as you can go.


I bought this fan recently from the last Amazon deal for it at £20. I wanted it for the bedroom, but its too noisy to have on when i'm trying to sleep. Its even louder than a 20 year old Pifco fan i have and that is bigger with a wider blade. I was tempted to send it back, but there are things i like about it. For its small blade it really does shift a decent amount of air. It seems well made, with a quality feel to it and i like how compact it is. For small rooms being used when there's other noise of tv and music etc, the fan noise on lowest setting is ok. These fans also seem to be long lasting, i've read many posters on here saying they've had one for years. Its also nice and compact for storage, where most fans spend most of their time in this country. I would have liked it to be a bit quieter, but for its plus points i consider it worth £20, but i wouldn't pay more for it.


The reply is the best


Many thanks Master Yoda. I will now order one !! 🙏🏽


I have several of them. All are fine. I don't find them too loud on any setting. The lowest setting is certainly quiet enough for anyone to sleep. I've had lots of £400+ Dyson fans and they were louder and less powerful than this cheapo fan. It's not silent by any means but doesn't bother me at all. It's quieter than my large pedestal fan that I've owned for many years. I find the lowest setting a bit too powerful though - it's very powerful even on the lowest setting.

Honeywell HPA710WE Premium Air Purifier - £199.99 @ Amazon
58° Expired
Posted 20th AprPosted 20th Apr
Honeywell HPA710WE Premium Air Purifier - £199.99 @ Amazon
£199.99£33540%Amazon Deals
The price dropped. Captures 99.97% of microscopic particles and allergens (0.3 microns and larger) such as mould, spores, pollen, dust, smoke, and pet dander Helps reduce unpleasa… Read more

I got mine on eBay separately, both Panasonic, used but good condition, just needed a good clean, new filters and a PAT test, which my neighbour did for free.


Can I ask what puriferies they use? Been considering 1 for while now because of my CF.


Over £300 now


No, I have a Dyson Pure. The Amazon reviews are all you can go by for both.


Are these good ? You have this model

Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan £20 @ Amazon
1148° Expired
Refreshed 22nd AprRefreshed 22nd Apr
The Honeywell HT-900E Turbo Fan is an upgrade on HT-800E turbo fan with it's quiet and powerful blade. This fan has achieved an even quieter output with a noise reduction of 25 pe… Read more

It's back in stock so please unexpire


I ordered to see what these were actually like. Trying them out now - have to say these fans are great. Mine are quiet on all speed settings and very powerful. This is more powerful and quieter than my huge pedestal fan. Also IMO this is a lot better than the crappy Dyson fans. I have owned loads of the Dyson fans and they were all rubbish. Less powerful than this, louder than this and the air coming out of all of them smelled strongly of cheap electronics. It was unbearable. This has no smell at all. Great fan.


Mines arrived already and it's great, linked it to Alexa for extra laziness! Cheers OP


Really cant make up my mind whether to send it back or not now. Seems to be louder when on top of furniture. But placing it on carpet floor in the corner of a room, it seems not quite as loud, and it works ok there to put airflow across the lounge towards my couch where i sit. It looks far better than the white fans, has pretty good airflow and has a nice compact size for storage. It just wouldn't be any good for overnight in my bedroom. For the plus points and the sake of only £20, i may keep it.


Gone upto 23.78 now

Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan  £21.99 Amazon
198° Expired
Posted 28th MarPosted 28th Mar
Honeywell HT900E Turbo Fan £21.99 Amazon
£21.99£27.9921%Amazon Deals
Good price for a decent fan


seems you're not a Fan...


If you're a light sleeper then it will definitely keep you awake, it's unusable for me because it's so loud even when I'm not trying to sleep. Also it pushes a lot of air but it just feels like there's loads of warm air hitting your face at once. I would quite strongly advise against this fan.


It's worth looking on Amazon Spain and Italy for fans. I'm guessing they sell a lot more in those countries, so they're cheaper. I paid under £40 (delivered) for two of these in July last year...


Me too, and it's been great, but the clicky mechanism that holds the fan at different angles has worn out and it often ends up pointing straight in the air. I had to cable tie the fan body to the legs to fix it in the horizontal position I still recommend the fan though.

10% off all Smart Heating Products (e.g Hive £160 / Nest £197 / Honeywell T6 £134) with code @ BT Shop
-130° Expired
Posted 30th JanPosted 30th Jan
10% off all Smart Heating Products (e.g Hive £160 / Nest £197 / Honeywell T6 £134) with code @ BT Shop
£197£21910%BT Shop Deals
Looks like BT are helping us get ahead of the cold snap, by offering 10% off all Smart heating products until the end of the month. Looking at the range of products there seems to… Read more

It has been posted:


Interesting nobody has posted any of those as deals as some would probably be interested


The silver Nest is £178.99 at Screwfix (plus you will probably need the stand as well).


nest thermostat available around £179 from three places. Amazon , toolstation and screwfix. And that’s before TCB. Frosty reception. Better Time elsewhere.


Looks like the big freeze is about to hit (popcorn)

Honeywell Howard Leight Sync Stereo Ear Defender £19.58 + £4.49 delivery (Non Prime) @ Amazon
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Posted 18th Dec 2018Posted 18th Dec 2018
Honeywell Howard Leight Sync Stereo Ear Defender £19.58 + £4.49 delivery (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Includes audio cable to plug in MP3 player, smartphone or other personal listening device; Work/industrial hearing safety product Volume management technology main… Read more

Possible cheap closed back DJ headphones :)


So, headphones?

Friedland (HoneyWell) Global Guard IP Intruder Alarm BOGOF - £49.98 @ epicentre1 / eBay
177° Expired
Posted 1st Dec 2018Posted 1st Dec 2018
Friedland (HoneyWell) Global Guard IP Intruder Alarm BOGOF - £49.98 @ epicentre1 / eBay
£49.98eBay Deals
My Mother-in-Law has just had one of these installed, it seemed like a fairly decent bit of kit and is expandable so I decided to look at prices and came across this! It works out… Read more
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I can confirm, after my mother in law using this for a couple of weeks, the APP is shocking!! It’s very intermittent, only working when it wants to. However, as a cheap wireless alarm system, it has been great!


Where the app hasn’t been updated in 2 years it will only be a matter of time before it’s eol


The iOS app works fine as that what is being used with the system. The android app also seems to work as when her brother was setting up the system, he used his Android phone to do so.


So app is not compatible with latest Android system, camera won't work etc


Honeywell Evohome smart wireless zoning thermostat £169.99 Amazon
-8° Expired
Posted 16th Nov 2018Posted 16th Nov 2018
Honeywell Evohome smart wireless zoning thermostat £169.99 Amazon
£169.99Amazon Deals
Hi, It's the cheapest i cna find so far. For those of u who want to know model number it's THR99C3110, apparently it's exactly the same as ATP921R3100 . Regards
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I think Argos list them around £230 all the time. Then eBay drop various codes - so it's more when eBay has a 20% offer or 10% + Argos promotion. I checked my eBay and i actually paid £200 with a 15% eBay code but they gave me an extra 10% off because the box was damaged.


Cant believe I missed that. How often do they have them on offer?


I did. It's expired now. I also got the trvs from Argos eBay on an eBay promotion for £180 (for 4) if that helps.


Anyone managed to get this at that price?


You’d need to make sure you keep the HW controls intact on your existing setup. If you’re not confident, get a sparky or plumber to set it up.

Honeywell Evohome HR924UK 4-pack TRV's £179.99 delivered from City Plumbing Supplies
254° Expired
Posted 4th Nov 2018Posted 4th Nov 2018
City Plumbing supplies have an offer on the 4 pack of the Honeywell HR92 TRV's for use with the Evohome system. I picked these up a couple of weeks ago so confirm available to non-… Read more
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That NI posting limitation is a joke :(


Been looking for a deal on these for a while... I need 16 of them, so this looked a decent saving. Cold though (just like my house) as City Plumbing don't appear to be able to use the simple postal service to get them to N.I. :(


The Honeywell evohome controller is needed to get the best out of this system, which is another £200 or so. Each TRV talks back to the controller which makes the call for heat via a relay. If you dont need remote access this might be a bit overkill, but if you want to control individual radiators / have multiple zones set up at home then this is certainly a good option. There are Tado smart thermostats on the market now with smart TRV's and i'm sure a previous deal highlighted some bluetooth TRV's that you can individually control, so that might fit the bil. Definitely worth doing some more research based on your needs and also closely examine your existing heating controls / setup too. You may well find that your existing valves and lockshields might need to be replaced if the TRV's dont fit, which adds cost.


What else do you need for this to work? I don't need the facility to access via phone - just easy control when at home. Would I be better advised to look for something else? Are these the TRV's I'm looking for .................?


Good price, and as Mr.No said a great smart system with more option than the others. I need to link mine back with Google Home for some reason it's fallen out with it.

Xiaomi Honeywell Zigbee Fire Alarm Sensor £18.36 at Gearbest
374° Expired
Posted 12th Sep 2018Posted 12th Sep 2018
Xiaomi Honeywell Zigbee Fire Alarm Sensor £18.36 at Gearbest
Back on promotion again. 16p off . Another 21p off. Standalone fire sensor, or connect to Smartthings, Zigbee stick, Raspbee, Xiaomi hub, etc, and set-up a notification on your … Read more

No one answered whether this will connect to Amazon Alexa type hubs, has anyone tried this?


And keep in mind that a phone connected Nest smoke alarm is around the £70+ mark. Yes, a fiver for a dumb smoke alarm that will chirp to itself with no-one around, and an unconnected house alarm that people ignore, or a phone connected home automation system that will contact you when you've popped out to the shop, it's your choice.


The only way that this is worth paying the extra for is if you have a ZigBee enabled hub, or intend to install one at sometime. If not then it is going to cost you as much again (at least) to buy the hub and a £40 -£50 smoke alarm with remote smart phone alerts might not be seen as such a good deal.


Mine arrived today but both boxes had their seals broken, do you think they are removing the batteries? I didn't have the same thing on the other Mi Home kit...


CR123A battery £1.99 in screwfix. Edit: Both of mine arrived today (separate orders via Netherlands post - free postage). Each marked 9 Euro and no customs to pay. Edit2: I have tested all the SmartThings device handlers and this is the best and only one to correctly report battery level correctly. (

Honeywell Complete Evohome Starter Kit (Smart TRV'S) £286.34 @ Argos
97° Expired
Posted 27th Aug 2018Posted 27th Aug 2018
Honeywell Complete Evohome Starter Kit (Smart TRV'S) £286.34 @ Argos
£286.34£352.9919%Argos Deals
Not sure if these are any good however I really like the idea of replacing radiator valves in my home so I can decide which rooms to heat, still £419 at Currys/PC World juust £286.… Read more

Incidentally I've documented my thoughts on installing the Evohome in my setup - any contributions or sage advice would be much appreciated! Evohome Forum thread


Oos. Expire it


Hi all. How did you all fit the wireless thing in your boiler?


Sorry for late reply. Youll need - Single zone themostat to monitor temperature in each zone - Underfloor heating controller - actuator valve for each zone, which go on the UFH pump That should be it. The evohome shop is good place to get the extra bits u need


I finally succumbed... :)

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