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Xiaomi Honeywell Zigbee Smoke detector £22.02 at Banggood
Found 11th MayFound 11th May
Xiaomi Honeywell Zigbee smoke detector, almost 4 days left on promo price. Less than 2 quid more than the last time it was posted :… Read more

can someone post a link to a device handler they have used with this for smartthings please? Google brings up a few different ones and lots of chattery noise but I don't want to buy this without knowing one of my fellow HUKDers has this working with smartthings! Thanks.


Disagree. Had some Honeywell commercial fire systems installed in a redeveloped property at work. After several months Honeywell agreed their product was not working as designed, installation not at fault, and ended up paying us to replace it all with a competitor product as they couldn't warrent it was going to work with their products.


I agree but things they ship are tested to heaven (I work for them)


If you look at the Xiaomi sensor posts, you'll see that on promotion from Banggood/Gearbest the Xiaomi hub can be had around £20, but regardless, the Xiaomi sensors are a bargain when on promotion (door/windows, PIR, thermometer). I had their hub, but it gave up working properly. Now the next best things (or first best option really if you want a warranty), is the Smartthings hub. It will work with most of the Xiaomi devies, including this smoke alarm, judging by what is going on in the ST community pages, ie people have added device drivers. The promotion prices of £50 for the ST hub are over, but will appear again, or can be had for £50-ish on ebay. It's NOT worth the money getting the starter kit, because the cheap-as-chips Xiomi sensors are better, and you can add better devices from Tp-link etc. The Amazon Echo Plus promised Zigbee connectivity, but I think it's failed. So, get a good-priced Smartthings, add your Hive devices to it, connect your Ikea/Philips lights, add your Xiaomi sensors and cheap Zwave sensors too.


Just had a look and I don't think it will. What else do I need get one of these set up? Seems the nest version doesn't need a hub but it's £100+

Honeywell DC917NG 9 Series Wireless 200 Meter MP3 Doorbell with Halo Light - Grey at Amazon for £31.94
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
Lowest ever price Highlights 5 year battery life 100 meter audible range 200m wireless range Upload custom MP3 Sleep mode Secret knock function for customised melody for f… Read more
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You can buy it, forget about it and one day you’ll get a pleasant surprise at the door. Will feel more like a gift (y)


1 - 2 months ETA on delivery though (annoyed) I was about to purchase it as well.... Time to look for something else that I don't need I guess.


That's from a 3rd party seller. Still valid from Amazon


£44.50 now. Expired


This is totally pointless, I dont need it. Bought.

Honeywell Hot Mist Humidifier - £32.99 @ Argos Diffuser oil compatible
Found 22nd JanFound 22nd Jan
Looking for a decent hot mist humidifier as after a year in my new place have realised I have suffered alot of throat & chest problems due to the dry air. Might be useful for… Read more
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I think this is based on the common understanding that warm humid conditions are ideal for bacteria and virus’ to multiply in. Reading around this I found that whilst this is true, apparently drier conditions are more suited for the transfer of the flu. So a more humid environment is actually better for you. Interesting stuff. The real reason germs spread Sadly I can’t find it on the Argos website any longer and the link doesn’t work.


Wow! Thanks


Quick review as I picked mine up. I have had issues with waking up with dry throat and eyes for a while now. Bought this yesterday. Filled with water and kept on while sleeping. Easy to use and comes pre built. You do have a noise which is like a kettle that's just starting to get water hot but not more.. It is very sturdy but due to hot steam output would not trust a child or pet to be around it. It's not the best looking design and that comes from the Mrs.. She said it looks like a huge jug..


I dont see the logic


Types of HumidifiersHumidifiers are broken down into two categories: Warm Mist and Cool Mist. While both warm and cool moisture humidifiers are designed to purify air and increase humidity levels, they operate very differently. You should be able to decide which humidifier is fit for you by applying your list of factors. Let's take a look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of warm mist and cool mist humidifiers. Warm mistWarm mist humidifiers are designed to create a warm moisture from heated water. Because this type of humidifier functions with warm water instead of cold, it can fight off any bacteria or mold that may start to grow or develop in parts of the humidifier. This is one of the reasons why the warm mist humidifier is considered one of the healthiest humidifiers on the market.Warm mist humidifiers can collect any minerals that are leftover from the heated water.Warm humidifiers can also operate without having to replace the filters.Common types of warm mist humidifiers are steam humidifiers and vaporizers.Vaporizers can tend to be healthy because they can produce steam with less minerals than other humidifiers. This type of humidifier is perfect to use during the winter.Cool mistCool mist humidifiers are structured to disperse a cool spray/mist into the air. This mist is usually released at room temperature and can increase the humidity level in your home. There are two types of cool mist humidifiers: Evaporative and Ultrasonic. Both humidifiers produce the same results but work very differently than the other.For example an evaporative humidifier increases humidity with its fan and wick filter. The water that sits in its reservoir (bowl-like container) flows to the wick filter, which is then blown by the fan and transforms into a cool mist.On the other hand an ultrasonic humidifier uses vibrated technology to break down water into small droplets which then formulates into cool mist particles.The ultrasonic humidifier is a lot quieter than an evaporative humidifier.Minerals that are collected and released in ultrasonic humidifiers can turn into "white dust", which can ultimately float onto your furniture.White dust is not a hazard to your health and can be prevented by using distilled water.Ultrasonic humidifiers are also available with warm mist features.Cool mist humidifiers are the perfect option for humidifying large areas in your home or building.Cool mist humidifiers are the perfect option for humidifying large areas in your home or building. Pros and cons of eachCool Mist HumidifierPros: Cool mist humidifiers do not require as much electricity as warm mist humidifiersOk to use in homes with children, not as hazardous as warm mist humidifiers.Cool mist humidifiers tend to be less expensive than warm mist humidifiers because they do not require any heating elements.Can be purchased in portable sizesCons: While cool mist humidifiers are more subject to growing mold and bacteria, both can develop fungi and should be cleaned regularly.When using cool mist humidifiers that require a fan such as evaporative humidifiers, you have to replace its filter regularly.Both warm and cool mist humidifiers require frequent cleaning maintenance.Warm Mist HumidifierPros: This type of humidifier is typically quieter than cool mist humidifiers because it doesn't come built with a fan.Can slightly warm up a room if it is cold.Can be purchased in portable sizesCons: Warm mist humidifiers tend to use more electricity because of its heat.Not recommended for use in homes with children. This is mainly because the water in the humidifier can get to a boiling hot temperature and could be a serious hazard for children.Both warm and cool mist humidifiers require frequent cleaning maintenance.

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Honeywell 150m Door Bell - £17.11 (Prime) £21.10 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 28th Dec 2017Found 28th Dec 2017
White Wireless plug in doorbell with Halo light, USB charging and push button - 150m range and choice of 6 melodies. Also a "secret knock" feature that plays a different melody!
jaddy Amazon discription is wrong, this hasnt got halo ring, its got 2 strobes on top and it hasnt got usb , thats the 315


Water displacement , and it was his 40 attempt hence WD40 it displaces water, id stick it in a bowl of rice, uncooked obviously.


Can you elaborate on how does WD40 help with dampness? Is it that it makes a film on the surface of the object and prevents it from getting water/moisture on it? WD40 is a liquid itself so I thought it wouldn't be a good idea to use it.


Dampness can usually be corrected with a squirt of WD 40. Haven't used the cooker for ages, use the microwave or air fryer. So decided to cook Christmas dinner in it and sods law decreed that the touch controls would turn on but could not adjust temp or settings for heat. Pulled out and 20 "screws" undone later a squirt of WD40 and all was well, Moving house in a few weeks wouldn't want to leave them with it not working, story over.


Thanks!! Got It!!

Honeywell HS351S Wireless Family Home Alarm with Intelligent Control was £230 now £149.99 @ MAPLIN
Found 25th Dec 2017Found 25th Dec 2017
Decent reduction for Maplin as its over £200 every where else. sold out online but can be reserved at many local shops

I haven't seen any mainstream. You'll be able to pick some off on AliExpress but can't speak for their reliability as most are made from IoT type boards. You you can get the in home smart security systems but they are pricey and I haven't seen one with an external bell box, only an ear piercing internal siren to give your pets a heart attack ;)


Sorry mate dont know of any.


What's the best wired alarm system, with smart iPhone app technology when and if the alarm is triggered?


Cheers ordered.


I went with a texecom ricochet alarm, something the pro fitters reccomend, it’s wireless too, and wasn’t that much more than this in reality.

Xiaomi/Honeywell smart fire alarm: £18.06 using the GearBest app
Found 8th Dec 2017Found 8th Dec 2017
I missed the last deal for this but I left the tab open in case the price dropped again It hasn't BUT they're giving a hefty £5.18 discount if you buy it through the app, which m… Read more
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Now show me Gearbest's recall list, or are all their products perfect?


Checked and no.


Yes they do check the site out fullly I bought my iPhone X there


Why do you think Gearbest wouldn't check where their stocks are from? Why do you think Gearbest would want to destroy their business by selling products that will burn your house down? Do you really think Tesco or Argos are brilliantly doing their job making sure everything's safe? No! They are doing as much as Gearbest does! Let me show you a list that Argos puts to recall their products: Now you really still think UK companies actually know what products they are selling? Good luck with your conspiracy theories and watch out when you passing under a scaffolding, because they may collapse, or don't go out in a storm day, because lightning might hit you (just like the products from Gearbest might burn your house). :)


A lot were made in China, but I bought them from UK companies, that I can sue if they burn my house down. Good luck taking a domestic Chinese company to court.

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Honeywell heating system £175.15 @ amazon
Found 26th Nov 2017Found 26th Nov 2017
I get the feeling this may get cold with the recent Hive and Nest deals. However, this deal would interest some people. I think its a Black Friday deal on amazon The Honeywell Ev… Read more

Now down to £169.99, out of stock but is sure to be back in soon.


Agreed. And looking at old Geoffrey's profile he seemingly joined just to post that one comment - not a peep out of the fella since. A most odd way to spend your time online but hey ho.


I personally am sceptical. I spoke to someone who until recently worked at Honeywell and he said that there is virtually no development being done and that Honeywell have a "we're the best, no effort required" kind of attitude to it all. Of course they may be being a tad bitter, but at least they have got proven source of info. Also v3 of the hardware was only released October '16, v2 was in Oct'14, I can't see them suddenly ramping up the release cycle. A throw away posting on a forum lacks any credibility.


Anybody connected a oil heater in the system? My man shed has a oil heater which works off a tp-link smart socket but if there's an option let me know, I could use the hot water option but that's not right way to do it.


I spoke to H/w tech support last week quizzing them but newer models etc and he said there's nothing planned to replace this system and that any upgrades will go on the evohome.

Drayton Wiser Multizone Kit, Alexa Compatible £154.49 @ Amazon (Lightning deal)
Found 21st Nov 2017Found 21st Nov 2017
Looking for some advise/opinion on this smart home thermostat set. Looks a good price for an entry into all this smart heating. You can multi zone your house with the smart thermo… Read more

Because Nest have spent a shedload on marketing, I would guess.


I can’t decide if this will be worth it for a three bed semi? You’d heat the bottom floor and the heat rises to the top floor?


I think it's because people don't understand the difference between a single zone and multizone.


Can’t understand why this has got so many cold votes, yet this best one is burning up


Anyone know the answer to this or if it's due to come back on offer as it looks a great bit of kit and a very good offer?

Honeywell HS922GPRS Wireless Home Alarm GPRS Kit - White £219.99 @Amazon
Found 4th Nov 2017Found 4th Nov 2017
Not going to be for everyone but this is the one I've chosen to replace my alarm with from reading reviews and speaking to installers. Cheapest its been according to camelcamelcam… Read more

Plus you can't cut wireless like you can cut wires. It is in theory possible to snip wires to the bell box and fool the control unit into thinking it's still attached ... Burgular alarms are all about visual deterrent anyway. Fake bellbox is just as effective... I read some statistics somewhere that you are just as likely to get passed over by Mr burglar if you have a fake bellbox as if you have a real system. The other thing it depends on is your neighbours... if you live in London like I do then nobody is going to give a damn when your alarm goes off... but if you live in the country like my mum then when alarms go off the neighbours all come out to see if you need help or what's going on.


A lot of people have reported that honey-thefts are a big problem. It's good to see that you've put a lot of effort into protecting your bees.


I got hive in my house and placed door sensors on the doors, it let's me know via phone if the doors are opened if I'm not home that's enough for me. If you're going wireless might as well go the smart home route.


I have this exact model and disagree with the above comments. Yes it's not for everyone but for ease of installation and for wanting a reliable alarm system this has been great. I've had mine for about 1yr now with no batteries replaced yet. The main siren batteries last upto 5yrs so no latter climbing for a while! Also a wireless alarm is easy to extend..for example to add an additional sensor to the garage or shed would only take 10mins.


I would never buy any wireless alarm, ok it's a pain to fit wiring around your house to every window and external doors and to sensors in the rooms, but there are many ways that they can be hidden in mini trunking etc. If you have just a simple knowledge of GCSE physics they are simple to understand. They only need two batteries which you won't have to replace for years and years. I can't imagine any real installer recommending any wireless system. It's the ultimate in reliability and should be cheaper.

Honeywell DC515N 150 m 5 Series Halo Doorbell - White @ Amazon - £19.84 Prime / £23.83 non-Prime
Found 18th Sep 2017Found 18th Sep 2017
Up to 150m wireless range Digitally enhanced sound, maximum volume of 84Db Choice of 6 melodies Easy installation, no wiring required, fixings Included Battery Included for pus… Read more
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Just bought the MP3 version - series 9. Now have that classic from Emu as my doorbell. "There's somebody at the door, oh! There's somebody at the door..." Only the older folk on here will understand.


Extra receiver would be handy


Thanks op


Yes got the right price now - thanks. I must have brought about 6 doorbells as they all break


Still showing £19.84 for me. Although it won't be delivered for 1 - 2 months.

Honeywell Wireless Home Alarm Kit With Intelligent Control £134.99 @ eSpares
Found 1st Jun 2017Found 1st Jun 2017
It's my first deal so please be gentle. I was looking for a wireless alarm from quite long time, after browsing for more than 2 months I found this deal.Everywhere is more expensiv… Read more
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how does the siren get its power? I've currently got a solar/battery siren and it needed taking down and manually recharging every 4-6 months. in the end I bought a power pack and connected to the mains!


Great price


I guess you fit these for a living. My experience with 2 yale alarm systems in 2 different houses, is only 1 false alarm in 10 years Works every time I test it. No reduction in house insurance but no monthly fee or annual service either


​costing how much?


Please don't waist your money on these outdated diy systems. They are using old technology and are not very reliable. Once you start getting faults and false alarms you will stop using it. Your insurance company will not accept it as an alarm system either. The fact it comes with sticky pads to put the devices up shows how long they expect it to last. Get a system professionally installed by an SSAIB or NSI approved installer. It will save you money long term with the discount you will get from your insurance company. You can also control a lot of the systems via a smartphone and receive notifications.

Honeywell Evohome Radiator multi zone kit £148.80 - Plumbcentre
Found 6th Feb 2017Found 6th Feb 2017
Just noticed that Plumbcentre have a sale on a few of their Evohome parts, using the code FIRSTSHOP20 you can also get 20% off the sale price of £186 making this a bargain at £… Read more
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Dittto to that


I've already hit expire, can only do it the once.


Expire the deal please


Ah wrap it up then guys, best deal via Plumbcentre would be the stat and 6 valves which has been posted on here before


FIRSTSHOP20 Is not giving me a further discount (I have just registered for the first time)

Honeywell Evohome WiFi connected thermostat pack £158.40 - Plumbcentre
Found 6th Feb 2017Found 6th Feb 2017
Just noticed that Plumbcentre have a sale on a few of their Evohome parts, using the code FIRSTSHOP20 you can also get 20% off the sale price of £198 making this a bargain at £… Read more
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I agree that the main reason to get evohome is their multizoning capability. So you would want to get multiple thermostats (for each room / zone) in order to get the most out of this system.


The main control unit can be used as a room thermostat, but with this system the beauty is in the zoning by radiators.


Does this require an additional thermostat, or does the base unit act as one? Thanks


Fair enough, we're having all new TRV's fitted too so hopefully they should operate smoothly lessening the torque needed on the motor.


as loud as a motorised valve would be under 2xaa power. its noticable but not really a problem. ive had them installed throughout the house for over 2 years and my 4yr old has never commented on them.

Honeywell voice controlled connected thermostat £119.99 @ Plumbcenter
Found 23rd Dec 2016Found 23rd Dec 2016
Voice controlled, touch screen smart thermostat Seems a bargain at this price

​not on this item as on offer, accepted code but didnt take anything off for me


ive the honeywell t6 thermostat wireless one not voice but workaround is amazon echo or dot and use third party app called yonomi and i can say heating in or off until they implement temperature controls


Is there still a 20% first order code?


insulation and manual on link above folks


Center Programmable Room Thermostat (Honeywell) £51 or £40.80 with code FIRSTSHOP20  (Plumb Center)
Found 16th Dec 2016Found 16th Dec 2016
NB; 20% off Online with code FIRSTSHOP20 Thanks to @deanos for the spot. = £40.80 After a recent broken Vaillant thermostat - I thoug… Read more

I note they are doing the 20% for new accounts again too.. for 40 quid this is stupidly good value.


​It's an old post I know :p Thanks for that.


Delayed reaction.. this comes with the rf receiver and the thermostat box. Doesn't require anything else, other than wire to wire it into the boiler. It's basically the same as wiring in a Honeywell wireless stat.


Are any additional parts needed to fit this? i.e a sender unit?


What are you talking about ? Can you see mine ? No. I have this one and will be changing it as it's terrible.

Honeywell Evohome Starter Pack (inc 6 x TRVs) - £421 @ Plumb Centre (Free C&C)
Found 23rd Nov 2016Found 23rd Nov 2016
I saved a decent chunk of money using FIRSTSHOP20 after setting up a new account with Plumb Center. Listed price is currently £526, I paid £421 after discount. Read a lot of revi… Read more

Thanks for this, it's actually perfect for my needs with 6 rads in the house, previously I was looking at plumbnation for the stat and then a kit of 4 and 2 singles but was coming in at about £493 so this has given me a nice saving. Can also confirm that it's the new model stuff, great price for all this, got a plumber coming tonight to price up a few things, blockage in heating system and also fitting a magnaclean, so will ask for installation price on this too. Maybe next winter we won't freeze!


Went for this along with a 4 pack hr92 from Jtm, can't wait to get it installed...cheers guys..


cheers, I've checked and it is the newer Wi-Fi model..seems a great deal..


Reminder: make sure you turn off the electricity supply to the BDR91 if you are going to swap it out for the new one. I'm sure you knew this anyway, but it's easy to forget the basics when you've got new gadgets to play with!


Just wanted to clarify: I used my old BDR91 that came with my CM927 and had no issues. Yours should be the same. If you want to use the new BDR91, the back plates are the same so the new BDR91 just clips into the old backplate. Look for the little screw on the bottom of the BDR91, the install docs do show this quite well.

Honeywell HZ-510E Fan Heater - £39.99 @ Argos
Found 9th Nov 2016Found 9th Nov 2016
Was looking for a reliable branded heater to keep out the winter chills! Opted to buy a branded one rather than a cheap portable one that die out after the season, came across thi… Read more

I bought this from Amazon but it doesn't heat up the room very well in a large space. There aren't different heat settings either. One heat only. Good price though - I paid quite a bit more!


Heavy-Duty Lecy bills, but a handy heater for the odd garage tinker :)


I think you're conflating heavy-duty with power output.


heavy duty what 1.8kW since when?

Honeywell HO-5500RE Tower Fan £51.99 delivered at Amazon
Found 6th Aug 2016Found 6th Aug 2016
Amazon Lightening Deal, normally £70 but on sale for £51.99, good reviews all round (4.5 stars)

mine has been in constant use since i bought it a few months ago from AmazonWarehouse, its much quieter than previous tower fans I've had and having one with a remote is a must


Got both - high velocity fan is too much when you just want to sleep! (But perfect for during the day)


get a high velocity fan from screwfix for £30 best thing iv bought.

Honeywell HT-216E Oscillating Table Fan, 12" Chrome, Amazon Deal of the Day, £7 delivered with Prime, plus £4.75 delivery without (I think). 3-year warranty.
Found 7th May 2016Found 7th May 2016
Deal of the Day, £7 delivered with Prime or plus £4.75 delivery for those without, if my reading of Amazon's delivery pricing is correct. Maximum purchase seems to be two per Amazo… Read more

Showing as back in stock from the 14th - for £39.99...


Well, they seem quite decent, especially for £7, though of the fans I bought one of them came with two back grilles rather one front and one back and another needed the the base to be taken apart and the two plastic pieces realigned by 90 degrees to align the screw holes. I don't suppose anyone received two front grilles did they? Still, a chance to check out the warranty service...


Honeywell fans are top quality!


Came here for the cool jokes. Was blow a way by the lack of gust-o was was blown into the comments.



Honeywell Home & Garden Wireless Burglar Alarm Kit £149.99 @ Screwfix (3%Tcb)
Found 20th Jan 2016Found 20th Jan 2016
Blurb... Easy to use, wireless home and garden alarm kit with intelligent control, which alerts you if a window or door is left open. Innovative zoning protects particular areas of… Read more
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does anyone have this alarm and is it any good, i don't need an expensive alarm just something to put the kids of not these professional mission impossible burglars basically is this better then the yale alarm systems


Just about everything is made in China...the very good... and the very very bad Finding out which is which... is the problem of the day ;)


​i have similar looking alarm installed. problems I am having with keypads key sticking and not making contact with board. had it replaced once with 'Eurosec' one after few months same issue. so this time I am trying to find touch pad keypad. can't find any at the moment. there are some nice looking wireless touch pad alarm s on eBay but I wouldn't trust Chinese make.


I've installed a Yale wireless at my parents and is working perfectly at the moment. Can't decide what to get for my home Though. Even looked into the Samsung smartthings.


lol Yale... wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. wireless is fine nowadays, much better then used to be and more convenient for installs 4 wireless im looking at Risco lightsys2 or there Agility3 or Pyronix Enforcer

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