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La Hacienda Adjustable Standing Quartz Electric Patio heater £35 in store at Morrisons Boroughbridge
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th AprLocalLocal
La Hacienda patio heater in store at Morrisons £35.

Went a couple of days ago to one in South wales but they didn't have any/staff didn't know either


Confirmed rare as rocking horse poo in Manchester. Visited 7 Morrisons in last hour, given up, none anywhere!


Where abouts? Tried a couple East Manchester but no luck!


Given these are as rare as hen's teeth this is a bargain. Worth, dare I say, buying 2 and selling the the other for £70 easily.


Anyone seen any around the Birmingham/ Black Country area?

Electric fan heater @ Aldi reduced to £12.99 (Shropshire)
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th AprLocalLocal
Electric heater reduced in Aldi - ideal for small spaces or camping.

£11.99 for me -Huntingdon


Same in my local Derby store. Picked one up yesterday.

Bestway Pool Heater (2.8Kw) £89 + £3.50 delivery @ Home Essentials
89° Expired
Posted 22nd AprPosted 22nd Apr
after paying £200 for mine off amazon, found this pool heater here. pool heater works great and keeps the pool bath-like warm after a couple of days operation, ~£10 a day electric… Read more

That's right spot on, but shop around the better quality the more heat in the water


The way to look at is it’s only out for a week or two a year (others eek it out but it’s never hot enough here for multiple weeks), it’s not that much for a whole lot of fun, if it costs £50 to heat for a week or so then it’s less than a meal out (and you should’ve saved some in the last few months)


I dread to think of the impact on the electricity bill (horror)


i imagine something like this right? different material selections depending on preference. https://www.poolwarehouse.uk.com/index.php/solar-cover-shaped-standard-stock-sizes/10ft-round-solar-cover/ cheers for the info.


Please see the reply back to douglife11 (y)

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ESSENTIALS C20FHW20 Fan Heater, Black & White - £7.99 delivered @ Currys PC World
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Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
With the Essentials C20FHW20 Fan Heater, you can always cool your room down or feel warm no matter what the weather's like outside. Control the intensity of the fan heater with 2 … Read more

Bought this earlier in the year and it works well and puts out decent heat. Bit noisy, but if that's not an issue for you, I'd recommend it.


I'm a fan of this deal lol :D :D :D :D


Same here bought one when last posted and keep it under desk at work to warm up the legs.


Have the same - nice and small and tidy, use as a desk cooling fan at work.

Enders Elegance Gas Patio Heater - £139 Delivered @ JTF
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Posted 11th AprPosted 11th Apr
Gas Patio Heater In Stock at JTF, price includes delivery With a patio heater you can start to enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors earlier, from the Spring and extend it int… Read more

Did anyone actually get a refund for this? Just checked and mine hasnt been paid yet! Company not responding to emails...


Your argument can be extended for anything that consumes resources but is not deemed 'necessary'. It's a luxury item in the same way that driving a car for pleasure or convenience is, watching television, playing video games, cooking for pleasure. You name, it has a cost. If I choose to consume natural resources in a lesser quantity than another person then who's to say that I'm wasteful if I want to use 13KG of fuel to keep warm outside. I'm not saying I support these things. I don't own one, but I certainly wouldn't judge anyone who does. It's easy but naive to hate on these things, while justifying your own energy use and lifestyle as being 'necessary'. Someone who does 1,000 miles a year in a car that does 50mpg will use 20 gallons (about 90 odd litres) of fuel. The emissions from that will be significantly more than the equivalent gas use. And most people do at least 10x this amount in a year and many households have multiple cars. So you can see why I'm not outraged by someone using a patio heater on occasion.


Order cancelled because of stocking issue!!!!


Thanks for sharing @georgecallum (y)


It should be a deal breaker for people, the reason is in most patio heaters of this type, the larger the gas bottle the better, not for capacity but for ballast. The number of these that are advertised 2nd hand with bent or damaged top heat deflectors being testament to this.