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La Hacienda Electric Patio Heater £12 in store @ Morrisons (Bolton)
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th MayLocalLocal
Saw this 2000w patio heater at a Morrisons in Bolton. It's reduced from £50 to £12. Looks decent - adjustable height and 3 heat settings.
Avatar firefly10

That’s quite interesting, didn’t know that cheers. Still terrible of course.


Not true. I have one, got it for £40 last month. It is line of sight as it’s radiated heat, but you can feel it well from about 2m. 30cm would be unbearable. Radiated heat so it is mostly just heating up items it can “see”. Agree that any outdoor heater is an eco crime but not quite like convector (air blower) heaters.


Ooof 60p an hour to heat the outdoors !


I burn paper money in my grannies finest China soup serving bowl. Running costs approximately the same, and takes up less storage space in the shed when not being used.


terrible, should these be unlawful?

Swan Portable Patio Heater - £59.99 @ Swan
88° Expired
Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Swan Portable Patio Heater - £59.99 @ Swan£59.99£110.9946% off Free P&P FreeSwan Deals
Great early buy for next winter Make the most of the outdoors and enjoy your garden, patio or terrace all year round, whatever the weather, with the Swan Al Fresco Portable Patio Heater. Th…
Avatar deetswerdna
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I did think this would be the case. It's not quite as portable as it's portrayed to be is it. You need an outlet less than 2m away and wires are always a hazard. No wonder they are trying to get rid of it.


A heater will 100% need to be plugged in and not rechargeable


don't be daft, get your coat on, 1kw wont go far to keeping you warm, you would have to be sat on it


Is this rechargeable or does it need to remain plugged in? No mention of it either way or any signs of a lead in the pictures? Great if rechargeable. Misleading pictures if not.


At just over a Kw it’ll be just over whatever you pay per Kw per hour. So for about 20p an hour which I don’t think is unreasonable for a heater, normal heaters are usually at least 2kw

Amazon Basics Commercial Patio Heater, Sable Brown £81.76 @ Amazon
240° Expired
Posted 1st MayPosted 1st May
£81.76 in sable brown Info added by @PD2K79 Details Take full advantage of well-loved outdoor living spaces—from one season to the next—with help from the AmazonBasics Commercial Pa…
Avatar graham.s
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I go outside and turn mine on for 5 minutes every time one of the eco zealots tries to tell me what's good for me...


Think il buy 2 just to huff the tree huggers.


I thought so, there’s been some great comments on this (lol)


Nice deal. Thanks @graham.s


We'll that's wrong, because I despise littering, I'm just not an eco zealot, wearing a virtual end is high clapboard, because the Guardian told me so...

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Swan Stand Patio Heater with Remote £49.99 at Swan
-40° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
Ideal for parties, outdoor dining, or just relaxing with friends. Swans Stand Patio heater is great for keeping everyone in your garden warm to get a few more hours out of your outdoor space…
Avatar mingodjinn
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All these people moaning about people wasting electricity keeping warm are on hukd wasting electricity moaning about people "wasting" electricity. Its truly bewildering how warmth is considered unreasonable.


By comparison, your logic is that I should not go outside in order to stay warm


I think there would be fewer arguments if this heater could be powered by solar power. I don't see much point in the electricity-powered heater. Also, we do need to think about global warming, the change starts from us.


They are that's the problem.


Great logic... ...the goverment should heat the entire "outside" and then we can all live outside and won't need our houses anymore! (confused)

MeacoHeat 1.8kW Heater (motion detection eye) £39.99 delivered @ Meaco
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
I was looking for a replacement for a heater for my parents who keep buying cheap halogen heaters. I looked at the Dyson but at £400 they were too expensive, however a google search brought…
Avatar Crispy_Ambulance
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Well delivery to ni £20 so.. no deal for me


Gas is far far cheaper in the UK, I was wondering if it's possible to convert gas into electric to cut down on energy costs


If you read my first comment on this thread you'll see I pretty much did give "useful advice" re. a more comparable product than your suggested £10 heater. Also not particularly inclined to further discuss my professional circumstances with you. I'm sure you can find if you delve deep enough, I've helped people out here with advice in my chosen field, good night buddy. (y)


Yes, heat pumps are a more efficient way to heat up a room but that's not the point... somebody looking at this deal isn't going to rush out and rethink their £40 purchase of a electric heater and splash out £13k on a heat pump system. By giving useful advice, such as don't bother buying a £40 heater when a £10 one does the same job and costs the same to run is inherently far more useful. That's great, what field do you work in exactly, at what position?


That’s not true in the slightest.