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Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable with 11 Programmable Buttons at Amazon for £49.99
Found 15th AugFound 15th Aug
Probably the best gaming mouse out and at a top price. I have one and it’s great. Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse Proteus Spectrum RGB Tunable with 11 Programmable Buttons. Dispatched… Read more



I have this mouse and it's fantastic, I actually use a mouse bungee with it, which may solve whatever problem you have with the cable. The software works well and I'm very happy. It's however not a great price


G502 is amazing, BUT I personally can't stand the wire. It's obtrusive when I play games. Went for the G902 which is uglier but wireless.


Is G502 better than the 402? So 402 good enough?


this is now standart price and I believe it was this price for a very long time. It sometiems goes down to 39.99 and 402 version to 19.99. Just have to be patient ;)

Razer Naga Hex v2 Gaming Mouse £54.99 @ Clas ohlson
Found 12th AugFound 12th Aug
Gaming mouse optimised for MOBA gaming. 7-button mechanical thumb wheel with up to 250 clicks per minute. 5G laser sensor, 16,000 dpi and 1,000 Hz polling. 14 programmable buttons… Read more

No problems here


I ordered mine Friday, due to be delivered today. I'll let you know if anything goes wrong


this site has got some bad reviews, I hate fishy websites like that. Should I take the risk?

Element Gaming Carbon RGB Gaming Mouse £19.98 with Free delivery @ Ebuyer
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
Liking the look of this, the reviews are decent too and for under £20 I think it's priced rather well. The RGB lighting is a nice touch, if that's your thing. Has what you'd expect… Read more

I have one, works well and I like it, but the software compatibility on linux through wine hasn't been working so far (Luckily it keeps it in memory if you transfer it from a windows PC), and it has the issue, like the element gaming keyboard, that the LEDs can be a little strange with the colour yellow, where it mixes in some green parts along with it.


Avago 9800 sounds kinda old


Have one. Quality is good. Nice feel.. Software is easy to use and light to install. Buttons feel sturdy.


anyone using one of these?

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Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse £79.99 Argos
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
Hi all, This Razer Naga Trinity Gaming Mouse is showing as £89.99 on the Argos website but as soon as you add it to the basket the price drops down to £79.99!!! Happy glitching
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Yeah another example, my point being excellent mice can be had for cheap(ish)


What about zowie.


I disagree, many excellent mice can be had for £40 and under such as the Logitech G502.


Ah thanks, so may be a useful product for a niche market.


its expensive but considering most good mouses cost £60 anyway.

Razer RZ01-00840100-R3G1 DeathAdder Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Precise, 6400 DPI Sensor £29.99 @ Amazon
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
For Gamers. By Gamers. It's not just a tagline. It's a mission. It's exactly what drives Razer to create products which constantly tilt the competition in your favour. From behind … Read more
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Now back up to £34.99 :(


This deal has already been posted Best mouse I've ever used and I've used plenty.


Been needing a new mouse to replace my -£10 Logitech for a while, cheers OP! Heat! (highfive)


Love this mouse, heat! Just feels 'right'.


Never used another mouse brand since I bought my first one more than 10 years ago, first iteration of Deathadder. Now I am on my second version of Deathadder, bought 3 years ago and still like new. I do have other Razer mice but this is my main one. Love it. Heat added.

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Arokh Gaming Mouse - Pink £18.98 Delivered @ Argos 0n Ebay Free C&C
Found 22nd JulFound 22nd Jul
Hope this helps someone. I cant answer any queries as no knowledge of gaming / accessories, but has received some good reviews. 7 buttons & setup software. High precision … Read more
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Thank you for leaving the comments, it helps others make informed choices on what is or isn't a good deal. (y)


Its ship. I have 1, you need hands like the black guy from "green mile" to use this for gaming. Awkward thing.


Horrible looking thing


Was gonna say, Is this really any better than any other gaming mouse you can get on eBay for less than a tenner, No bargain here what so ever. 16 quid 13 quid with changeable inbuilt weights


Not at all. The mouse itself is worth about £10. Not a good deal at all. Not sure where they got the RRP from either. Note: I review these chinese mice every day.

Razer DeathAdder Ergonomic Gaming Mouse Precise, 6400 DPI Sensor £34.99
Found 22nd JulFound 22nd Jul
Favoured by esports athletes the world over, the Razer DeathAdder has established itself globally as the best gaming mouse. Renowned for its ergonomic design, swift responsiv… Read more
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I do, every time.


Hmm, why not just take the hint and update the thing?


I have this mouse, got it for free from a friend who was upgrading. Very comfortable to use, the side buttons don't do anything on mine but i never press them anyway. The lights are cool but i haven't changed them for months probably. My only issue is the software tells me every other start up that it needs an update.


great mouse. i paid full price for mine. no issues with the thumb buttons for me. software is a bit meh though.tempted to buy a spare at this price though.


have had this mouse for 3 years now, no complaints absolute charm even if you're not a gamer

Logitech G403 cheapest ever price? @ Amazon - £29.99
Found 18th JulFound 18th Jul
Cheapest ever price according to the camel and hukd search. Same price at currys

Thanks to everyone for the reviews. I went to buy the G403 only to be reminded that my prime had expired and it was Prime Only deal. So I took the leap and went for the G502 which is GBP 10 more.


It's ultimately personal preference. The g403 is cheaper, has a more neutral shape, two buttons on the left side, and is lighter. The g502 has three buttons on the left side plus two on the left mouse button, a right thumb recess shape and adjustable weight (although is heavier even with no additional weight). Many people would consider £30 for a mouse to be excessive but realistically it's a great price for a g403 and I would probably buy this if I wanted a high quality sensor mouse.


So its worth going for the G403 over the G502 then? Thanks


Cheers... Got one to replace my trusty old MX518 that's beginning to show the signs of 7 years of use!


same price at pcworld:

Razer Deathadder Elite Gaming Mouse - £36.99 @ Amazon - Prime Day Deal
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
This deal is for the Elite mouse, rather than the Essential model. I've been looking to pick one of these up for a while, I considered using Amazon warehouse yesterday but loo… Read more

800 DPI, 1000 polling rate is FPS sweet spot imo, anyway cracking deal recently bought the 'expert' one otherwise I'd get this


The deathadder as its solid and a decent size for the larger hand. I also like the bloody mouse series. They are about £20 and the model I had was just as solid as the deathadder.


I have the Razer Mamba (2012 edition I think). Expensive but I've had it 6 years and it works just like it was new. I can not comment on current build standards. Only problem I had with other Razer mice is the rubber coating on the mouse goes sticky (and no it genuinely was the rubber that made it sticky) after about 3 years. Not an issue on my Mamba. Can't remember the models that did that a part from the Lachesis. I had two others that went like it too, all pre 2012 models tho.


Best mouse I've ever owned. No brainer at this price.


There is good reason for that... they spend money on marketing and packaging and not on the actual product the death adder is their only good product and that one took them 10 years to "fix" yet the double clicking and the side buttons getting pushed in are still a thing.

Corsair M65 Pro RGB Optical FPS Gaming Mouse - £36.75 @ Amazon Prime Day
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
Prime day deal for a great mouse 12000 DPI high-accuracy sensor: custom tuned, gaming grade sensor for pixel-precise tracking Aircraft-grade aluminum structure: light weight, d… Read more

You can easily adjust brightness in iCue. When you set the color there's also brightness slider.


mine too? maybe we have an old model? I couldn't find anything in the settings.


Looks more like a lightsaber


£30 at Tesco if you can find any.


Mine is no where near that bright, maybe it's in the settings. Good mouse, nice and heavy.

Logitech G502 Gaming Mouse £35.99 Amazon Prime Day Deal
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Bought this baby back at black friday for the same price. Its gone back to this price due to Amazon Prime day deals.
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I'm glad to have heard that!


Gave it a good go over the weekend and I'm happy to report I have adjusted to it and now actually prefer it to the G5. Happy Days.


I installed the Logitech Gaming Software where you can control the DPI and profiles. I found the default settings (Which i've always used) for the dpi of the G5 and entered them into the profile for the G502. It still feels completely different on movement speed. It seems faster and also slower at the same time depending what I'm doing. It's weird. As for the grip, I think I use palm style and not claw. I have a Microsoft Wireless mouse 5000 for my laptop and that feels natural, like the G5. I can play games with either and feel no aching. But the 502 causes aching. I've read that the G502 is the natural progression from the G5 and should feel similair. I think I'll give it until Monday before I make up my mind. FYI the default 3 DPI settings for the G5 are: 400 800 2000


To be honest I'm having the same problem, I play a lot League of Legends and since it's twitch gaming it requires a fair amount of precision. Ive put it down to the mouse sensitivity being just slightly higher than the max setting on the G5, so although the it feels almost the same it isn't quite, as it's more sensitive and is throwing me off, and I'm playing with a tense hand as a consequence of that. I tried using it one setting lower and then it feels too slow. But other than that it's a great mouse and feels better in the hand for my claw grip style than the G5 did... So I'm kinda on the fence.


same happened to me, i got used to it, everyone has to adapt to the mouse. For me i got frustrated at first due to my pinky not being able to rest on the mouse due to the design. Now it doesn't bother me whatsoever.

Logitech G402 Gaming Mouse £19.99 Amazon
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Great for this price! Top right you will see deal of the day, click view offer. For it to show 19.99

Loving my G400s


Typical isnt it haha!


Thanks OP! been waiting for this one to drop since I bought a £2.47 Mad Katz mouse I found on here LAST MONTH (on back order). Strangely enough they're both arriving on the same day now, tomorrow ! :D


Damn sucks being a left handed mouse user


Sometimes it's just bad luck. But it's understandable to be put off.

Mionix Castor Multi-Color Ergonomic Optical Gaming Mouse, MNX-01-25001-G  £29.99 Sold by Realtime Distribution and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
I believe this is the lowest price it has ever been on amazon and is a solid option if the shape is comfortable enough for you

Razer is even worse... (lol) best software is no software. All changes on mouse itself.


Mouse is still worth the money regardless of it being cheaper once before. Software isn't great agreed, but as a designer (not gamer) I don't find myself using the software much anyway. Can see from a gamers point of view it would be a bit clunky in comparison to the Razer software for example but their stuff often comes at a premium, so some people might see around that for the price point.


Not really. If it was cheaper once it we'll get cheaper again. 30£ not really worth it. Mouse comfortable but software is garbage.


just looking at this the design seems flawed unless you have unusual shaped hands, the thumbbuttons should be much further along the body, being a casual but very interested gamer for a long time hard to see what justifies the gamer tag or the £30 here have had standard mice with all the features this has at lower cost but have not used this brand before so just haven't voted


Really?? Obviously owning one I haven't looked at prices in a while. Still totally worth the current price imo.

Asus GTX 1060 6GB OC Graphics Card + Free Cerberus LED Gaming Mouse (worth approx £25) £252.98 @ ebuyer
Found 11th JulFound 11th Jul
Get a free Cerberus LED Gaming Mouse (worth approx £25) when you purchase the Asus GTX 1060 6GB DUAL OC Graphics Card only at ebuyer.

"Hey steve, how do we get rid of all these crappy mice we have in stock? Shall I put them in the bin?" "no jack I have an idea, lets dump them in the boxes with the 1060s and call it a promotion!" "You're a genius steve."


Is the item still listed or was their only one? When I search of eBay for any graphics card I only get insanely high prices I wish I bought those 2 ASUS RX 480s ages ago for £160 each but I thought I'll get save a bit more for a better card instead of crossfire, I was too late, suddenly the prices increased :( I wouldn't trust a used GPU anymore probably used to its near death


at the time of insane gpu prices it was mentioned on some youtube channel that the 980ti had been overlooked and there was value there, so just watched until found a good seller he wanted over 200 to be fair buy settled on "180 and its been great, can play 4k with settings lowered a little on some games


you got a bargain for a 980ti as at current prices they go for £250/£280


exactly my point it would be a boring world if we all did they same, was just pointing out there is always an alternative, personally i find no value in the 1060, but prices are collapsing and if they do go below the 199 figure then maybe it becomes more appealing, but for myself i found it better and cheaper to go the slighly older route, yes there maybe a warranty issue,but sometimes its worth the risk and i bought my 980ti at a time when gpu prices were at their peak

Found 10th JulFound 10th Jul
33% off! Includes £3.48 P&P. Really good gaming mouse and has RGB. Custom TrueMove3 12,000 CPI, 350 IPS optical sensor engineered for esports Legendary SteelSeries Sensei … Read more
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Bought one recently, bit disappointed, very creaky and plasticky and doesn't glide that well but will give heat as I paid £54 just a month asgo.


There have been a lot of complaints about the glued on rubber coming apart after a few months ... the glue seems to “liquify” for some reason ... still as long as it’s covered in a 12 months warranty then I guess it’s less of an issue .. nice feeling/working gaming mouse


This mouse kicks the proverbial behind. I love mine. A little plastick-y feeling, but the rubber thumb grip is real nice ... the shape is, subjectively for me, the best mouse shape on the market. And it's super accurate, satisfying clicks, great software. I think I paid very slightly more than this too. Giving heat.


For some reason all mouse deals are voted cold


Oof been looking for a new gaming mouse as my wireless one keeps on cutting out, was actually looking at this this morning. Tempting...

Blackweb gaming mouse £2.20 at  asda in store (Hunts Cross)
LocalLocalFound 9th JulFound 9th Jul
Blackweb gaming mouse now £2.20 asda hunts cross liverpool
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Of course


Did you get it?


All gone when i went in found one on the till as i was on way out


Bought this at £5.50 and it's cracking for the money. £2.20 is an absolute steal!


People voting cold, please provide a reason.

Steelseries Rival 100 Optical Gaming Mouse £19.99 at Argos on eBay
Found 6th JulFound 6th Jul
A very decent budget gaming mouse, was a little cheaper a while ago in a Game clear out of these mice, but still £10 cheaper than the newer 110 model, doesn't have as much DPI opti… Read more

Great mouse, I have 1 for gaming and 1 for work too. Highly recoimmended


oos after 3 sold


Great budget mouse that feels higher quality than the price.


My mouse. Love it. Heat.


Not just for gamers, programmable buttons come in really handy in an office.

Crosair m65 pro Gaming mouse £31 @ Tesco (in-store)
Found 2nd JulFound 2nd Jul
Great mouse for a cracking price this.
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Same I just got both today from same store


None that I could find in Durham Extra (the Corsair section has gone!) And no M65s at Trinity Square Gateshead either ;( I did manage to get the last one at Kingston Park though - Thanks OP!


Sorry - my local is Tesco Extra. Only PC stuff they have are very basic logitech keyboards, and a tacky looking mouse from the brand Trust.


Tried:- Tesco Extra Wrexham - Electronics dept is now a Currys/PC World - which only had Razer stuff Tesco Extra Chester (Broughton Park) - Electronics dept is totally gutted for a refit, none in the back either.


Plenty of pc gaming accessories reduced in Tesco Parkhead. Grabbed M65 Pro and K55 for £61.

Razer DeathAdder Esports Classic £29.99 @ Amazon
Found 22nd JunFound 22nd Jun
Saw this online - The other versions are around £50-79.99 so thought this was a good deal. Okay its not a Chroma verison but for the price it's pretty decent. Also checked camelca… Read more

It's a design fault, most mice you can sit on without damaging the buttons. I've heard about a few issues with razer products especially their keyboards. I've an Arcade fight stick and it's pretty solid except for the weird cable connector that is some random car audio connector that is impossible to source.


Not a heavy user, I'm away from home more than 6 months in a year. Then probably only play every couple of days, it looks brand new except for the button. People are saying about pressing off centre, which is causing the problem.


Ouch, then again we probably keep PC mice longer than we used to. Normally it's the micro switches that fail before the plastic though.


I'll have to look into those, I think I'll have to go into PC world and see if they have them on display. I have hands likes shovels, with short stumpy fingers. So I'll have to see if they are ok for the size. Thanks for the info.


Nothing exciting, playing BHD. Pressed the button to shoot and it broke off. I died, end of story...... After searching the net, it seems to be quite a common fault.

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