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FREE Nest Thermostat when you join First Utility
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Totally free Nest E thermostat when you join First Utility on their First Control tariff The tariff isn't as cheap as my Utility Point tariff but loads cheaper that the other big … Read more

Tariff is expensive compared to mine as I checked yesterday and fancy a thermostat much cheaper to buy a nest yourself then pay the tariff these are offering for example £1,148/yr for the cheapest atm £1488 Estimated per year £340 difference so basically depends if you don't mind paying the extra suppose its not a bad deal condidering it would be fitted. You can pick those nest up for around £130 ebay


I checked: this tariff is more expensive than the tariff that money saving expert recommended to me.


I'm sure there's a hate group for everyone on Facebook.


Face book has it's own hate group for this SHOCKING company it's cheap for a reason! Customer service shocking false promises stolen money and long long fights with ombudsmen over them faking readings, good luck joining I hope this free thermostat helps when the nightmare begins!


No problem

Summit Gas Canisters x4 Pack Butane gas cylinders £5.33  Sainsbury's instore
LocalLocalFound 14th Sep 2018Found 14th Sep 2018
Summit Gas Canisters x4 Pack Butane gas cylinders £5.33 Sainsbury's instore
Number of reduced items including a 4 man tent for £33 but loads of these gas cylinders so thought good chance stock in all large sainsbury DescriptionHigh performance with a count… Read more

Should be around £1 each or less.


Cold £3.99 in home bargains or buy 12 (for free shipping) here for £3.86 for 4


This was the tent

British Gas- Unlimited energy for fixed price
Found 13th Sep 2018Found 13th Sep 2018
British Gas- Unlimited energy for fixed price Here are some of the features of our new Unlimited tariff: 1. Price locked from the day you switch until 30th November 2019 2.Fixe… Read more
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Yep glad i got this. Just sat here with heating on full pelt and my tumble dryer on the go, getting my moneys worth id say ;)


You know what, I don't know is why this is being voted cold because for myself I've switched to this deal at £1200 pear year for u limited usage. The next best comparison for myself is e-on which is £1102 per year which is cheaper than British gas but I know I've got the piece of mind that I won't be paying any more than £1200 with British gas and at £98 more for the year I couldn't care less I've got 2 kids so I am now happy that I will keep them warm through the winter and have the washer and dryer on everyday for their clothes without looking at the smart meter all the time worrying about what I've spent for that day! For me know think it's a great deal!!!


Had an email from them today about this and my answer is NO Deal


Cool post (highfive)


Sounds like a great idea but in reality it looks like a scam. From what I read it is this: We'll charge you for more than you normally use and call it "unlimited". If you use less than you've paid us for then all is good. If you use more than you've paid us for then we'll switch you to another tariff where we can charge you extra. If you realise that "unlimited" actually means nothing of the sort, we'll charge you £60 to get out of the unfair contract. I'm so glad our government sold off our services. After all, who else could we rely on to rip us off and make obscene profits without any real comeback? Gas/Electricity = rising bills when wholesale prices go up, rising prices when wholesale prices go down. Taking advantage of the old and the vulnerable (and the busy) who don't know how (or have time) to switch every few months by gouging them with stupidly high prices. Putting in "free" smart meters that don't work when you switch but EVERY customer actually pays for by an increase in bills. Water - constantly put the price up because they need to fix the infrastructure. Make billions by only fixing a small amount of the leaks and then paying a few million in fines. Put in water meters to help save water because there isn't enough (because they didn't fix the leaks). Use the water meters to charge people more for their water. Trains - get a massive subsidy from the government (that's our money, btw) and move most of it into profits. Put the fares up by the maximum they are allowed every year. Put on fewer trains so people who pay for a seat have to stand. Fail to update the infrastructure properly. Start to see their profits fall, drop the contract. Get the government (again, that's OUR money) to pay for massive upgrades to the system so they can profit off it. "Improve" the timetable by cancelling most of the trains while still charging everyone. The contempt they have for their customers is incredible - or at least, it's only credible because they are allowed to do it by those who we elect to represent us. You know, the guys and gals who ensure that kids who stole a bottle of water during the London riots went to prison. The ones who stole millions by claiming false expenses. Yeah, the ones who felt the answer to that was to apologise and then give themselves a massive pay rise. The ones who all went to prison for stealing all those millions. Oh, wait...

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Hive fitted included free echo dot £179 British Gas (via on site engineer)
LocalLocalFound 12th Sep 2018Found 12th Sep 2018
Thought it was a great deal. £179 hive fitted by a British Gas engineer including a free amazon echo dot which is £50 on its own so a bargain in my eyes! For British Gas customers… Read more

I got the deal a couple of months back without the dot included. Good price, engineers turned up on time and were excellent. It took them an initial visit and an extra full day to fit due to confusing wiring on an old boiler but they persisted until it was done.


I just got it today £179.99 fitted said Amazon echo dot would come in post with welcome pack


TIP: British Gas engineers have the discretion to fit a Hive for £179 (instead of £249) if you have a faulty control and opt for a Hive instead of the repair, the current offer is a free Echo Dot. The easiest way is to call in and report your room stat as not accurate and when the engineer arrived they should offer a hive instead of a repair, if they don't just mention it. We are unable to test a room stats accuracy and have to accept your word for it, say it heats the room then goes off and never comes back on or that the room goes up to 28c when the stat is set to 21c. Trust me, as an BG engineer, we are targeted for hive sales and are up in front of our manager if we don't sell enough, the engineer who calls will be chuffed you want a Hive and will have no hesitation offering you one. We are not meant to offer them at £179 unless there is a faulty control, the OP was probably offered this price by an engineer trying to keep their job and has been "on the mat" for lack of sales! Most managers turn a blind eye to us selling them for £179 anyway because they are also targeted on their teams sales figures. Your engineer will also receive £10 incentive for the sales plus productivity enhancements, not a lot but it all helps out.


Because of the flexibility, most digital programmers only have 3 on and offs per day. This you can set 6 on and offs per day, then set it for when you are on holiday, you can choose where you locate the thermostat as it's portable, you have the option to control it using Alexa or via the app, you can boost the heating to a desired temperature for up to 6 hours and the last thing is using Geolocation it can turn your heating on ready for when you get home in the winter or turn it off when you leave the house. Then you can add other things like light bulbs, sockets etc. to expand its usefulness. Personally I fitted my own and it's the best thing I have bought in years as it is so flexible.


I've had this a few times. Complaint via resolver and you get free compo. I've so far had a free hive bulb set... Free boiler servicing and about 120 quid compo since moving to BG last year. (lol)

Weber Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill BBQ £477 (and older models with bigger discounts) @ Riverside garden center
Found 11th Sep 2018Found 11th Sep 2018
Weber Spirit II E-310 Gas Grill BBQ £477 (and older models with bigger discounts) @ Riverside garden center
Riverside Garden Centre have some fairly decent discounts on Weber gas grills. Yes there are cheaper grills out there, possibly better ones at this price point too, but if you tru… Read more
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£530 showing now


Then like I said, a good deal if that's your choice of BBQ.

It's like a Mercedes of BBQ. Is like saying a 20 grand discount from a range rover is a terrible deal because you could get a Kia for half the price... The discount makes this a good deal for someone who wants a Weber spirit. I'm a coals man so bought one of the mastertouch BBQ for 169 and I know I could have bought 17 bucket BBQs for this price but I want a Weber mastertouch.


Quite a few Riverside Garden Centre 'deals' lately?


I thought it was a typo, but it actually does say Four Hundred and Seventy Seven Pounds.. AFTER discount! This is way overpriced kit, but I suppose technically this is a good price if this is the model you must have.

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Wilko in store - 2 burner gas barbecue - £15 (Merthyr Tydfil)
LocalLocalFound 8th Sep 2018Found 8th Sep 2018
Wilko in store - 2 burner gas barbecue - £15 (Merthyr Tydfil)
Two burner gas barbecue £15 bought in store in Merthyr Tydfil (town store) plenty there at time of purchase Also loads of deals on other barbecues e.g. Large American style charcoa… Read more
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Got one from Southampton Shirley store , still about 4 left. Heat added :D




Merthyr Tydfil (town)


Wich store was this please


I was there at about 1030 and at that time there were plenty, it was in the town one not the retail park. Was surprised how many were there

Gas BBQ, 4 Burner at Wilko instore for £40
LocalLocalFound 7th Sep 2018Found 7th Sep 2018
Gas BBQ, 4 Burner at Wilko instore for £40
Saw this today at Wilko, Halesowen. Only 1 left on display, but hopefully reduced in other stores too.

Got the last of these yesterday at Newcastle store. Its actually 4 burner + a side burner They did however have a couple with 3 + side burner left, for £20.






Just bought a 4 burner for £30


Probably national but going to be lucky to find other stores with stock!Last one in St Austell went at £80.

2 Burner Gas BBQ at Wilko £15
LocalLocalFound 7th Sep 2018Found 7th Sep 2018
2 Burner Gas BBQ at Wilko £15
Saw these today at Wilko, Halesowen. Two burner gas BBQ for only £15. As you can see in picture - plenty of stock in store.

None in Denton


Halesowen, West Midlands


Wich store was this please


Loads in Horsham too. All varieties

Tesco 4 burner gas bbq instore Hinckley - £23.75
LocalLocalFound 6th Sep 2018Found 6th Sep 2018
Tesco 4 burner gas bbq instore Hinckley - £23.75
Saw this whilst walking around, not sure whether it's national or not but great price if anyone can find one.
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National, found price tag at Tesco Lea Valley...


Do you have the barcode please


Great spot,I'm missing all the Tesco bargains


Great find if you can fine a Tesco that have them.

Halfords Portable Gas Camping Stove £8 (free c&c)  Additional gas canisters are on offer 4 for £5.
Found 6th Sep 2018Found 6th Sep 2018
Halfords Portable Gas Camping Stove £8 (free c&c) Additional gas canisters are on offer 4 for £5.
£8£2060%Halfords Deals
Halfords Portable Camping Stove reduced from £20 to £8 with free click and collect. Additional gas canisters are on offer 4 for £5.
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The missus says I don't need any as I already have way too much gas. :o So says the Queen of gassing. ;)


The general advice is not to use them indoors. However, normal kitchen stoves use propane or natural gas without problems, so it is possible to use your camping stove indoors provided certain precautIons are taken(y)


Can i use this indoors?


I bought a very similar one off Amazon for a tenner. They don't have them anymore but got this one for a mate. Think they're great for the less frequent campers. I usually take mine to the park in summer and do marshmallows for the kids. We went on a glamping trip and we used it for dinner and breakfast. Great little thing.


normally about £10 (for example decatholon) so the £20 they took out of their bottoms

4 burner barrel Gas bbq £23.75 instore Tesco Narborough Road Leicester
LocalLocalFound 6th Sep 2018Found 6th Sep 2018
4 burner barrel Gas bbq £23.75 instore Tesco Narborough Road Leicester
4 Burner Barrel Gas Bbq in Tesco Narborough road Leicester
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Excellent deal. Saw for around the £40 mark last week but didn’t bite. Still 3 more on that shelf when I got mine. Inthe far corner of the store.

Genuine Trangia Gas Burner £26.88 Amazon
Found 6th Sep 2018Found 6th Sep 2018
Genuine Trangia Gas Burner £26.88 Amazon
Seems like a good price to me.

I can boil 3 cuppas worth in a minute or two with gas though... But yeah, love my trangia. Doubles as a useful commode at night when miles from a toilet (embarrassed) #festielife


Yep this will cost more to run and more bulk, I meant Trangia make good products.


But this is gas.


Trangia are great, recently got back from a camping trip (family of 4, 11 days) with my trusty Trangia meths stove. It used less than 1L of fuel the entire time so cost less than £2 to run. (y)

Blooma gas hose - 50p @ B&Q (free C&C)
Found 2nd Sep 2018Found 2nd Sep 2018
Bbq hose

I once knew someone many years ago who bought a video because it was cheap but who didn't have a video player. That is excessive. The rest you can justify


There was a need then, That's good .But in general, probably it's me buying spares which aren't needed in near future.




Good tip (y)


Washing up liquid mixed with a bit of water and then brushed on gas joints also good to find any slight leaks with bubbles easily seen if leaking.

£5.99 British Gas Rewards Sky Store Voucher for customers (75,000 available)
Refreshed 11th Sep 2018Refreshed 11th Sep 2018
£5.99 voucher for Sky Store as a British Gas customer. I have the home care cover and it worked for me.
Get voucher



Nope nothing just blank. Tried desktop mode but nothing. I'll try my laptop but if its still blank not much i can do.


no it would show how much you are saving on all the other deals in the market try logging back in and click get an up to date comparison, it should then take you to a screen like the below, sorry its not very clear. At the top if shows what you are currently paying and what you would be paying if you were on a fixed rate and it ended. below are what can be saved or what you are saving by being on the package you are on.


I clicked the link, went through everything and results screen was blank. Am i to assume there is no better deal?


sorry but you simply do not get it, BG are one of the most expensive companies out there, forget inflation this has nothing to do with inflation this year alone they have increased the variable rate by 3.8% in Octover and in May 5.5%, now factor in similar rises each year and you if you are paying the same this means you are using a hell of a lot less electricity than 9 years ago. If you are on the pension type of Warm Home you can change suppliers today and still get the money it gets paid to your new supplier automatically may take an extra time to happen but it will get paid to you. I checked with my mothers account last year. Lastly dont think its pointless, its never pointless, give BG a call them and ask them to be put onto the cheapest tariff they can offer you with NO EXIT fees. Then as soon as you get you Warm Home money put all of your details into the site below and it will tell you which is your cheapest supplier, takes about 5 minutes to switch. Just make sure you get one that does Warm Home as not all do. Please promise me you will do the above, 9 years is a long time to not getting the best deal, and I would bet you will save money :) which is what we are all here for.

Wilko BBQ Charcoal / Gas Grill Dual Fuel was £175 + £8 Del now £125 + £8 Del @ Wilko
Found 30th Aug 2018Found 30th Aug 2018
Wilko BBQ Charcoal / Gas Grill Dual Fuel was £175 + £8 Del now £125 + £8 Del @ Wilko
£133£18327%Wilko Deals
Prev £175 last year on this site, £150 earlier this year (when I bought) and now £125 Become a true BBQ champion with our Dual Charcoal and Gas BBQ. The double cast-iron cooking g… Read more
Get dealGet deal

It's clear from the thread title that this is a dual fuel (i.e gas and charcoal) BBQ so why even click on the thread if not interested/it's of no use to you? Attention seeking idiot...


I agree. I posted it, and have bought it and I hate gas barbecues, but it'll be useful for frying the onions, or a summer omelette. Charcoal is the only way to barbecue meat! Just need to think outside the box people!




Thankfully lots of people disagree with your logic


The product is not good value for me as I would only use half of it. Hence the cold vote (highfive) . I don't think that analagy works very well. I would say it's like buying neapolitan ice cream and only eating the chocolate, so why not buy just chocolate ice cream as it would be better value.

Wilko 2 burner gas bbq - £30 in store only
LocalLocalFound 29th Aug 2018Found 29th Aug 2018
Wilko 2 burner gas bbq - £30 in store only
Seen this at the Farnborough store along with a couple of other items which were also reduced. Product has been discontinued and is not available online so not sure if this de… Read more

£12.50 in the Tesco I saw them in!


Saw them for about £30+ last week. Been waiting for the end of summer drop, hopefully a few left.


There was a 2 burner gas for £15 in local tesco

2 burner gas barbecue 12.50 Tesco extra in store - Bedworth
Refreshed 7th Sep 2018Refreshed 7th Sep 2018LocalLocal
2 burner gas barbecue 12.50 Tesco extra in store - Bedworth
2 burner gas barbecue reduced to £12.50 from £50 Tesco in store found in Tesco extra Bedworth.
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Cheers rich (y)


Perth caravans, just passed The Horn on the Perth Road


Thanks, got the last one in Dundee. Anyone know where you buy the gas?? :D


epic bargain for gas


£25 sheffield store

Hive heating + Free hive plug for 19:99 for 10 months include installation by British Gas for BG customers
Found 25th Aug 2018Found 25th Aug 2018
Hive heating + Free hive plug for 19:99 for 10 months include installation by British Gas for BG customers
Hive heating + Free hive plug for 19:99 for 10 months include installation by British Gas for BG customers

Decent product really gas and electric are different to any other company hope you are joking. New boilers more expensive than anyone else. Service policies expensive and poor service oh yeah, decent products.


You will own the unit and no further payments


Decent product they have thats why


The smart money would be to buy a Hive for ~£100 and install it yourself which a majority of people would be able to do with little problem as there are only a few wires to connect. I went from that monstrosity of 2 units to just a Hive without issue so it can't be that tricky.


No more payments and the Hive belongs to you

Nexgrill Evolution Infrared Plus 3 Burner & Side Gas Grill BBQ - £164.35 @ Asda
Found 25th Aug 2018Found 25th Aug 2018
Nexgrill Evolution Infrared Plus 3 Burner & Side Gas Grill BBQ - £164.35 @ Asda
Have been looking for a reasonable BBQ for some time and came across this. It has 40% at checkout (was £263.95 delivered) now £164.35 delivered. Also TCB 3%.

Just received a cancellation email stating they don't have enough stock to fulfill my order.


Might be worth watching out for the bigger one if they reduce that. 349 at the moment.


Out of stock was about to check out item removed from basket


Not this one so totally irrelevant deal


Isn't it a little misleading of them to say infrared ?

Blooma Fiddle 200 2 Burner Gas Plancha at B&Q for £50
LocalLocalFound 24th Aug 2018Found 24th Aug 2018
Blooma Fiddle 200 2 Burner Gas Plancha at B&Q for £50
price cut from £197 I’ve been after one of these very versatile grills for ages and knew the price would be cut even further for the bank holiday, it’s even cheaper than the same g… Read more

But wouldn't a "Blooma Fiddle" get you on the sex offenders register?


I would be tempted to say in-store only. I looked at a lot of clearance items all no availability and no option to buy on line.


And the BBQ clearance begins !!!


I prefer his early work (nerd)

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