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Gorilla wood glue - £1.99 instore @ Aldi
Updated 18th JulLast updated 18th Jul by PisnahujLocalLocal
Gorrila glue. Fletton close Leicester. Had about 30 left. Had 2 store specific

In comparison with other glues the tests show that this glue is performing one of the worst.


Sadly its just gorillas, if you try to stick other animals they go ape!!


at least mention put the size fricking bottle


Any other animals are fine. Did try and use it on gorillaz once to see if their claim was just. But the gorillaz just looked at me as if to say go ahead and try.


Can you stick other animals with it or just gorillas?

3 For 2 on 8 Packs of Sugru Moldable Glue - 3 packs (24 sachets) for £19.94 delivered @ MyMemory
Updated 14th JulLast updated 14th Jul by stealth666
MyMemory currently have a 3 for 2 offer on a range of 8 Packs of Sugru Moldable Glue: Black/White (4x Black, 4x White) Multi-Coloured (2x Red, 2x Blue, 2x Yellow, 1x Black,… Read more

No room... full of stella and pizza x


sticking it in the fridge supposedly doubles it


handy stuff.... but has a shelf life!

Aldi - Instore - Gorilla Branded Wood Glue - £1.99
Updated 4th JulLast updated 4th Jul by hooray.henryLocalLocal
Aldi, Gorilla branded wood glue 236ml. Was £3.99, now RTC -Just spotted(and bought). Was a special buy a little while back, at £3.99, now £1.99 RTC -loads in store Marsh Rd, Rhudd… Read more

Priced up at £3.99 today in mine..... Checked at the till and its £1.99 !


Still plenty in store at the blackburn aldi. They've been on sale there for a week or so. Great stuff for the price :) Thanks OP


So has anybody bought this for £1.99 - must be thousands of happy customers to vote 1103 degrees!


It said it glues wood together and that's what it did. Ronseal wood stain "it does exactly what it says on the tin"


What did it said on the tin?

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GORILLA Super Glue 12g 2-in-1 Brush and Nozzle Superglue - Clear £1.29 @ Aldi
Updated 3rd JulLast updated 3rd Jul by FugazyLocalLocal
GORILLA SUPER GLUE 12g 2-in-1 Brush and Nozzle Superglue - Clear was £3.99 reduced to £1.29 in Aldi

I use a glue called Hafixs, purchased some at the Ideal Home Show a few years back & still going, i keep it in the fridge, it is brilliant stuff...


It's great glue... but turns to rubber once opened for a couple of months.


Well I paid £3.99 a while ago and have found it to be excellent. Far superior to the poundland crap and the brush/nozzle is great


If the cap is reusable, then it means the glue is crap! Give me those 10 packs from PoundLand anyday. Use and throw away


glad I am not the only one can you buy superglue that you can put a cap on a use again? I have always found it one application only and have started buying the 10 tiny little application tubes from the pound shop to save coming back to a tub or tube of rock hard glue!

Glue Sticks 20p each in-store @ WHSmith Manchester Arndale
Updated 18th JunLast updated 18th Jun by gidstercLocalLocal
Glue sticks 20p each in-store at WHSmith Manchester Arndale at the clearance section. Great for home, school and office.
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PVA Glue  Free @ WH Smith via O2 Priority
Updated 15th JunLast updated 15th Jun by Ismail99
You can pick a glue bottle from WH Smith till the 2nd of June. Details Get prepped for those inevitable rainy days over half term and keep the kids entertained with art and craf… Read more
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Thank you sir


Yes and yes. Minimum top up of £10 although I have read in the forum that you could get a pre loaded sim from eBay not sure how much though.


Oh great, do you know if it requires top up. Would you recommend O2 priorty




Can you get O2 priority with payg sim?

Loctite Glue Gun and 2 Glue Sticks - £5 + Free C&C @ Wilko
Updated 4th JunLast updated 4th Jun by rocky86
Loctite Glue Gun and 2 Glue Sticks With built-in stand and heat insulated nozzle Provides maximum strength in 2 minutes Ideal for a variety of DIY, craft and repair jobs --------… Read more

Also Lidl have one selling it's in a nice case and inside you get glue gun and glue sticks for £7.99. I think the brand is parkside tools.


Try your local Wilko, normally stock available in store.




Cheers op! How did you know I needed a glue gun!? (y)


Bit like cable ties - don't how we managed without for years (y)

Gorilla Super Glue Gel  £3.60 @ Tesco  instore & online
Updated 2nd JunLast updated 2nd Jun by Silhouette
Instore and online Super Glue Gel Find the Gorilla Glue Guide and more at Incredibly strong Impact-tough formula Reinforced with rubber for impact strength 1… Read more
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Really? I bought the ultimate wood glue or whatever it was and it stuck wood much better than the wood glue I was using before. FYI this is £3.99 in Aldi if you can't find stock at Tesco.


I agree with you guys this stuff is utter crap, don't waste your money


Be sure to select the thick not thin option on the toolstation website if you want a more viscous glue, also store it in your fridge in a plastic bag to prolong its life.


Americans are guilable? Whatever gave you that idea... (confused)


I didnt get that option on the app. Definitely didn't tag school

Pritt Stick Original Glue Stick - Multi Pack 3 x 22g - Childproof / Washable - £2 (Prime) / £6.49 (NP) delivered @ amazon
Updated 20th MayLast updated 20th May by NATHANDRAKEUNCHARTED
Good quality and price with quick delivery for Prime members (y) Ideal for children: washable at only 20°C, solvent-free and PVC-free / Suitable for paper, cardboard, cloth,… Read more
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Posting from a cloud, mate.


Don't be a pritt!


same price in Tesco for those that doesn't have prime


I'm guessing that you didn't post from a mobile device/computer. Double standards.


22g of glue, 44g tube of plastic that will be here long after you're all gone.

Gorilla glue Wood glue 1 litre inc £8.99 Free Delivery ebay / rightprice2you . Multi buy options
Updated 15th MayLast updated 15th May by vtecvenom
New Gorilla™ Wood Glue, bonds stronger, faster for wood-to-wood applications. It’s hard working and long lasting. Your wood glue just got a lot tougher! What’s more, our special fo… Read more
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This is £8.99 on eBay ???


Yep, seen, my apologies I was going by the PU stuff I have and fired off the dismissive reply without looking at the product, once again my apologies Cheers


Great price, great deal!!! Another day in the fickle world of HUKD. Thanks OP for taking the time to share.


Only £11.98 from Toolstation (confused)


Only £10.99 for 1ltr on eBay... (nerd)

Everbuild Industrial Superglue 20g bottle £1.56, 50g £3.06, free delivery @ FFX.
Updated 14th MayLast updated 14th May by cb-uk
Keep it in the fridge once opened and it will last for years. 50g @ £3.06… Read more

This is just ordinary super glue - the same stuff you get in tubes. No activator is needed. HTH ;)


Does this need an activator too or just used as a glue


Was just going to add this. Cool tip for a great fix. I've used it on kids Nerf guns and it works a treat compared to just the glue alone


Just in case anyone doesn't know about the superglue and baking soda trick ;)


Thanks ordered

Small Loctite Glue 3g £1.50 instore at Tesco - 50p with voucher in Tesco magazine
Updated 13th MayLast updated 13th May by happy123LocalLocal
Reduced to £1.50 in Tesco, but £1 off voucher in Tesco magazine brings it down to 50p.
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On page 3 of the magazine (the one with scones on the front). It's for £1 off any Loctite Super Glue product. Online code GRT47J Found the same glue reduced to £1.50 (50p using the voucher) on the end of the stationary aisle in Tesco Extra Hastings.


do u have the tesco mag to hand? not managed to find it yet and they usually do some online codes for some of the money off vouchers (y)


Voted hot as its cheap for a 3g tube, but still much cheaper to get a large bottle and keep it in the fridge so it doesn't go off.

Gorilla Wood Glue (532ml) - £5.99 @ Screwfix (Free C&C)
Updated 12th MayLast updated 12th May by Greggles2018
21% off for what is widely acclaimed as the strongest commercial glue High strength, cross-linking PVA formula with fast set speed. Water-resistant to ensure performance and versa… Read more
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for 236ml...


It’s £3.99 in Aldi!


I've tried a couple of different variations of Gorilla Glue - and I personally don't feel that it warrants the hype or the markup. In the case of the super glue; as some other people have already pointed out in this thread, it is actually a very poor product being sold at a ridiculous premium.


Does anybody know if this would be good for use on laminate flooring joints to make more waterproof?


Alot smaller bottle

Free 11g Pritt Stick @ WHSmith - O2 Priority
Refreshed 9th AprRefreshed 9th AprUpdated 16th AprLast updated 16th Apr by bhaskarsa
Free 11g Pritt Stick @ WHSmith - O2 Priority
Free 11g small Pritt stick from WHSmith. RRP: £1.99.
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This offer has expired now?


Codes will be available again tomorrow.


Oos now?


Very droll sir.🍻


Glad to hear it :)

Bosch GluePen Cordless Glue Gun with Integrated 3.6 V Lithium-Ion Battery £16 (Prime) / £20.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
Updated 27th MarLast updated 27th Mar by davej1710
Bosch GluePen Cordless Glue Gun with Integrated 3.6 V Lithium-Ion Battery £16 (Prime) / £20.49 (non Prime) at Amazon
£16£26.8840%Amazon Deals
Lithium-ion technology - no memory effect, no self-discharge - always ready to use Hot-melt technology - no agglutination of nozzle, no drying out of glue and unlimited storage ti… Read more

Those asking about glue sticks, I have this gun/ pen & bought 7mm sticks from several suppliers over the years. Hit & miss. Some slide nicely but a bit too long so you have to push them manually through, others a tight fit, some work great but melt too fast. Some work fine but don't stick too well. Throw the dice & try your luck. Fine margins so 7.2mm might get stuck. Bosch work flawlessly but expensive. Gun itself is great. Bought on a deal around £20. Quick heat up, charge lasts a long time & comfortable to hold, especially when using it creativity like you would a pen. Keep the nozzle clean & check for debris. Usb charging is neat & handy. Get two if you're always needing one while the other is charging up.


Full price now.....balls, missed it!


From an amazon review. I have not tried 3rd party glue sticks yet but its not hard to get 7mm ones, you would have to be careful not to buy low temperature ones, this is going to need high temperature sticks, both are available in the shops but I suspect low temperature ones will just pour out!


It's just that some of the generic glue sticks state gun has to be 20 or 30 watt but the Bosch pen is something like 5 watt (confused)


I'm not a 100% sure but I think you can. When i get mine i'm going to try third party 7mm glue sticks (y)

GORILLA GLUE Sealant White 295ml - £5.95 (Prime) £10.44 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Updated 22nd MarLast updated 22nd Mar by huddsguy
Gorilla Sealant is the multi-use sealant that’s ideal for all around the home – whether that’s indoors or out. Available in White and Clear, it’s fast-working and long lasting. Thi… Read more
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Wrong site here for you pal


It's low modulus and yes it's the same thing


784 is glazing, 785 is sanitary (ie bathrooms). They are both silicones. I would recommend an MS polymer for a window, as it will get lots of abuse. Edit- especially a rooflight, as it should last longer than silicon, and it would be a pain to have to redo it!


hi thanks again for the info, two question please, i found 784 much cheaper than 785, is there a big difference? also how good is this compared to EVERBUILD TECNIC brand as they are also ms polmer as far as i found on their website and cheaper.


You really want MS Polymer for outside use, not silicon

2Litre PVA GLUE £1.50 in-store only at Asda
Updated 18th MarLast updated 18th Mar by sam4459
Brian Clegg 2 litre pva glue . Ideal for making slime £4 reduced to £1.50
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£4 in Rotherham


Be careful if you spill any or they will think your like that handy chap in White Gold!


Cow Gum for making balls, essential tool of the design trade before Macs took over.

I'm sure it was Copydex that you could use to create rubber balls if you knew what you were doing - I think it was also good for peeling off skin


'Psst; wanna buy some pictures?'

Bosch GluePen Cordless Glue Gun with Integrated 3.6 V Lithium-Ion Battery - £16 (Prime) £20.49 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Updated 17th MarLast updated 17th Mar by erjin999
Bosch GluePen Cordless Glue Gun with Integrated 3.6 V Lithium-Ion Battery - £16 (Prime) £20.49 (Non Prime) @ Amazon
£16£16.996%Amazon Deals
Lithium-ion technology - no memory effect, no self-discharge - always ready to use Hot-melt technology - no agglutination of nozzle, no drying out of glue and unlimited storage ti… Read more
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I use my microwave and tap more myself.


Now £29.99.. Good find


Standards are 11mm. (y)


I wonder if Amazon sell plutonium?


Got one of these from Amazon in 2014 for £4.99. Still going strong although you can get through a fair few glue sticks on larger projects.

Gorilla Superglue Gel 15g - £1.38  INSTORE Tesco Springhill Birmingham
Updated 13th MarLast updated 13th Mar by mminghellaLocalLocal
Gorilla Superglue Gel 15g - £1.38 INSTORE Tesco Springhill Birmingham
£1.38£5.5075%Tesco Deals
Gorilla Superglue Gel 15mg - currently £4.69 on Amazon

None in my local; they were all full price




Heat from me to counteract the cold ;) (y)


You are certainly glued on with this deal

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