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Huawei mate 20x Sim Free + Huawei GT Smart Watch £499.99 @ Carphone Warehouse
Posted 17th AugPosted 17th Aug
Join the club with the famous MrSwitch and equip yourself with the brand new Huawei Mate 20x and receive free GT watch worth (supposedly) £179!!! Carphone Warehouse is stocking up… Read more
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when you buy online they should send it to the address within 14-28 days Don't know about buying in store.


Does anybody know how you go about claiming the GT watch in this offer ? I picked my phone up yesterday using the click and collect service


Nice. I just need to find a good power case for my mate 20x. Imagine the size of that one (embarrassed)


Finally managed to get mine in the Momax flip case (allows space for the M-Pen) - boyf got it out (the phone, that is) of the Huawei SmartView case in seconds, bah. It does make the X a tad wider/taller, so a bit more difficult to get in pockets with the Momax - but no such problems with the Huawei case.


Wish it was the 5G model at this price.

Offer Stack 10% Off With Code + 10% Off At Checkout - Samsung Active Watch £109 | Huawei watch 2 £113 Varying Grades @ Stock Must Go/Ebay
Posted 13th AugPosted 13th Aug
Some cracking prices, follow the link for 240 items, including computers, tablets and smart watches Watch active £109… Read more

Yep, what I 'need' is a smart watch and a Dolby Atmos system. I need them since 2 years ago:). Well, according to my wife, I should stop hanging around HUKD, as it seems I need things that I don't need:).By the time I get them, holidays on the Moon will be an usual thing, probably like going to Benidorm. And cheaper than going to Europe too, as we will not need a visa.


(lol) (lol) (lol) It'll be built into your skin by then


The Active watch is OOS now. Voted hot for the effort. By the time I will get a smart watch for small wrists (apart from the Active as it is too small and apart from the square ones) the smart watches will be obsolete:)


Of the known refurbishers/resellers on eBay, I’ve had the best experience with SMG. They constantly run 10-20% offers on their page which, if timed correctly, will stack with eBay codes. Items are almost always in much better condition than described, too. Typing this from my latest purchase from them! Pristine condition with just 10 battery cycles :)

HUAWEI Honor Watch Magic Black dream Smartwatch Support NFC GPS Heart Rate Tracker @ Buytalling Factory Store/Aliexpress - £83.41
Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
Good price, connects to the language of the app.

Does the watch allow for NFC payments in the UK? (Ideally using Android Pay?)


Yeah, kinda went off course this one, my apologies :)


Posts related to the actual watch itself are less than 5% ! Shame


And your derogatory post as well, lol


Admins can you please mute users who trashed this section with non related discussions? I really dont care about their menopause problems, Im interested in a watch!

Huawei GT Elegant Smartwatch - Black £139.99 @ Argos
Posted 4th AugPosted 4th Aug
Next best price I can see is alternate at £160.90, which makes this argos purchase, a bit of a steal, and in my opinion one of the best looking Smartwatches I've seen in a while. W… Read more

So the nfc is useless on these and Google Pay doesn't work?


I got this watch over one month now, only charged twice, amazing


Its been out for a while, march I think, but just now available in the UK


Thanks Mrswitch, How long has this been available for please?? I've only gone and bought the Samsung galaxy watch ! 😵😵 I could have got this and saved over a one -er !! And that's with cashback.. Blimey, always the same for me, unbelievable! (mad) (mad)


Probably how it gets 30day battery life. Lol

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Huawei Watch 2 Smartwatch GPS Sports £134.80/£129 Fee Free @ Amazon Italy
Posted 3rd AugPosted 3rd Aug
Not a bad price for a good watch, £129 using a starling card or such like and paying in euros. Functionality and details Quick connection: download the Huawei Health app, upda… Read more

I tried to message you, says you’ve opted out of messages? Maybe have a look in your account settings


Thanks OP, had mine for a week and I'm pleased with it. It was a bit laggy to begin with but I turned off "OK Google" detection in Settings>Personalisation which seems to have helped.


Hmm, maybe I'm being stupid but I can't see any button to message you or find you when creating a message! (confused) could you maybe drop me a message please kind sir :)


No PM yet dude let me know if you want it. Or if anyone else here does msg me


Great thank you

Huawei P30 Pro 128GB Unlimited Everything + Free Huawei Watch GT + TCB £42.42 for £39 a month at uSwitch
Posted 21st JulPosted 21st Jul
+ UnlimitedMB UK Data + Unlimited UK Minutes + Unlimited UK Texts + free Huawei watch GT

Better deal on mobilephonesdirect but for that you get the next level up at unlimited download speeds. £35 a month after cashback and with free watch


And it doesn't surprise me that it's Vodafone doing this.


Certainly is confusing. Since I was concentrating pure on roaming, nearly all the operators also cap the data while roaming, so no point going for an unlim plan. Vodafone cap at 25gb. Also they only seem to do this speed cap on unlim plans. My friend also recently got a 1 month deal to use for holidays and this statement in the T&C's did make me giggle, that no-one actually proof read it, never mind the grammar.


Very usefull info.thanx


It really is confusing for customers and made worse by the way this 'deal' is presented with the uSwitch site advertising that Vodafone’s network has an average connection speed of 20.07Mbps. Yet when you arrive at the Mobile Phones Direct website it states a 10Mbps Download Speed limit.

Huawei Watch GT Active, Dark Green £134.99 @ Amazon Prime
401° Expired
Refreshed 16th JulRefreshed 16th Jul
1.39-inch AMOLED colour screen. 22 hours Continuous exercise tracking , heart rate monitoring and GPS on; Resolution: 454 x 454HD. Sustaining battery life, lasts for up to 2 weeks … Read more
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That feeling when your Samsung Galaxy watch died just after Prime Day :( Something like this would've been ideal to replace it. They would repair it for 150 (it's water damage... yeah on a waterproof watch, go figure) but it sickens me too much to bother.


The point of the apps are to add additional features. For example, my Gear S3 lets me install a golf GPS app allowing me to track yardages therefore making my £100+ garmin golf watch redundant. You can't do that with this huawei. There are other apps such as health, fitness too which arent available. Also spotify/tidal for syncing a playlist or album to your watch so that you can use bluetooth headphones to listen to music without your phone.


Am I missing something ? How do I get this price (sorry - it’s late...)


This watch has great battery life for a smart watch. Not fussed by lack of apps,only thing stopping me from ordering is lack of contactless pay. No such thing as Huawei Pay unfortunately


Thanks for posting this. What a very nice looking watch. I'm very tempted at this price. Not looking for one of those pointless, install any app watches. As the interface experience on such small screens is ridiculous. That's what my smartphone is for, with a usable 6" screen. Just need the call/message notification.

HUAWEI Watch 2 Sport Smartwatch, Fitness and Activities Tracker + GPS, Heart Rate, Music, Smart Notificatons, IP68 £129.99 @ Amazon (Prime)
651° Expired
Refreshed 16th JulRefreshed 16th Jul
Really good reviews, good watch and a quality brand. Supports Android & iOS. HUAWEI Watch 2 Bluetooth Sport Smartwatch for Android & IOS. It's your Sport & Fitness com… Read more
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Not on my phone, The OnePlus 7 Pro. You just make sure the screen is on and that's it.


So you don't have to load up the pay screen? Which requires an unlock?


It might be more 'Electronics' than 'Watches'.


Thanks OP for psting


Decent hardware but I wouldn't trust their OS, shame it's not Android Wear.

HUAWEI Watch GT - GPS Smartwatch £119.99 @ Amazon (Prime Day)
215° Expired
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
HUAWEI Watch GT - GPS Smartwatch with 1.39" AMOLED Touchscreen, 2-Week Battery Life, 24/7 Continuous Heart Rate Tracking, Multiple Outdoor and Indoor Activities, 5ATM Waterproof, B… Read more

This is back on btw


A lot of Samsung owners are complaining that it doesn't automatically reconnect if you've gone out of Bluetooth range and back into range. This issue us affecting loads of users.


Thanks purchased one heat added


Works in a Samsung no problem. Best watch I've ever had and the battery is amazing! 10 days battery life.


I thought that showing who's calling you was one of the things you buy a smart watch and not a fitness tracker. I still think that these smart watches are too expensive for that they are. I'll wait till they go down to a more reasonable £40-50 (cheeky)

Huawei P30 Pro + Huawei Watch GT redemption  O2 12GB £29.00 per month £131.99 Upfront £827.99 Total (poss £33 quidco) @ Mobile Phones Direct
119° Expired
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Now £29pm after initial £131.99 Dont forget to claim the Free Watch and also potentially go through TCB or Quidco for more savings Rewrite the rules of photography with the Huaw… Read more

No mention of the watch ,i said I'd get back to them i never thought of the watch to be honest he started my offer at £42 a month and a£100 upfront i just pushed to see what was possible I'll see about the watch when i get back in touch on Tuesday my current contract ends then


If 5gb is enough and you get the free watch as well I would say it's a stonking deal


Just been offered the P30 Pro through Ee retention team for £30 a month no upfront cost and 5gb data allowance any good do you think or should i wait


I got this deal 2 days ago, enjoying my phone. Tried to share here, but the upfrpnt had risen to £203. Maybe it'll go down again, but you have to act fast if it does..



Huawei Honor Watch Magic Lava Black | In A Condition £85 @ CEX
223° Expired
Posted 7th JulPosted 7th Jul
Another excellent price for a watch that will come as new from previous posting history. Features : Display 1.2 inch, 390 x 390 pixel, AMOLED capacitive touchscreen, 16M co… Read more

I mean this is actually a smart watch, bip is really just an activity tracker with a surface level of smart.


Oos :(


Thanks op Quality thread


Loving the banter but does anyone have an opinion about this vs the amazfit bip?



P30 Pro *512GB*, 15GB, Unltd mins/txts, £236.99 upfront, £33 per month + Free Huawei Watch GT (rrp £179) @ Mobile Phones Direct
-42° Expired
Posted 6th JulPosted 6th Jul
This is for the 512GB version. If you are getting the 128GB version, you will need a nano memory card - which are not freely available and quite pricey, so this is a good option if… Read more
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(lol) (lol) (lol)


Another excellent deal voted cold for no reason! The 512gb is a rare beat under £1k, but you are also getting 15GB data on one of the better networks, so werid. Anyway, if it was live, I'd add heat. Unexpire and ill add heat, then you csn expire again :D I'll get it to - 36

Huawei P30 Pro + Free Huawei Watch GT on EE - 50GB Data Unlim Calls/Text  - £43pm for 24mths @ Affordable Mobiles (Potential Cashback)
-286° Expired
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
This is the best deal I could find for this phone. If you assume the watch has a value of £110 and the combined Affordable mobiles cash back £20 & Quidco £33 both payout overal… Read more
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450? You're getting 50GB data with unlimited mins and texts. Equiv of £18.75 a month. It's not significant at all if you want a similar tariff.


I understand that but the difference in price is significant.


But that O2 "refresh" deal is ONLY for the phone without minute & data.


Can't comment on the phone (but my Huawei mate 10 pro has been excellent) but the GT watches are brilliant, have plenty of info on the app, have always on screen now & have a week+ battery with always on screen & constant heart rate monitoring plus get your notifications straight to watch


It's probably cold because below your post is this:

New Huawei P30 128GB On O2 Refresh + Huawei Watch GT £351 @ o2
528° Expired
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Outstanding value with the watch thrown in. Another refresh deal, this time getting a P30 for £350, as soon as you recieve the phone, and your first bill, ring up and cancel the … Read more
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Took me 3 goes to cancel contract. Rang Saturday told no way as phone needed to be returned or 30day notice. Rang Sunday, quoted T&C in end agreed to cancel under 14 days but no confirmation email. Rang Monday morning got a lovely lady who new excactly what she was doing and cancelled straight away and confirmation email within afew minutes and phone cut off just after. I think you just need to keep trying till you get the right person. Its pain though. . May be weekend or out of hours staff not to good.


Request PAC code, move number to another network, job done.

I noticed the phone is cheaper now too, but the watch offer has expired so its save 25 on the phone but lose potentially £160 ish on the watch? Also, just to mention I'm having fun with O2 violating my consumer rights... Rang up Saturday to cancel which should have actioned Sunday. By Wednesday I had no nothing to say the cancellation was in effect so rang them. For some reason the cancellation wasn't "processed" so the new operator has sent it through to his manager for 24-48 hour actioning. If by the same time tomorrow (Friday) I have no confirmation I'm going to have to ring again (3rd time) and kick up a fuss about why my 14 day right to cancel is being ignored. Just to make people aware that because they say "yeah that's going to cancel" it might not actually do so! I expected some faffing to be honest but being lied to about it being cancelled and it not being is not good!


I I did I got my watch yesterday delivered by dx


The phone costs now £326.00 on refresh...

New Huawei P30 Pro 128GB On O2 Refresh + Huawei Watch GT £580.50 @ O2
1246° Expired
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Another refresh deal, this time getting a P30 pro for £580, as soon as you recieve the phone, and your first bill, ring up and cancel the airtime part. Don't forget if there are… Read more
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I just ordered a free Vodaphone sim and no top up was required..


sorry, final question @MrSprkle ... which PAYG sim did you port out to , and did you have to put £10 credit on to it before they let you port ?


The wet apply are great for curved screens if a bit fiddly to apply, the glass ones I find are a PITA to apply and actually stay stuck


sorry, i might have misunderstood your post. Do you mean to say the 'wet apply screen protector' works well on curved screen?


its exactly what I hate about curved screens. And Ive had my s8+ without a screen protector for the most part of the last 2 years. Would prefer to put one on, and to be honest, am incliined to go for a flat screen phone next, but will find the p30 pro hard to resist if they cut the price a bit more ...

Purchase a Huawei P30 or P30 Pro handset And Get A Free Huawei Watch GT At Qualifying Retailers @ Huawei Promotions
473° Expired
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Posted a deal 20 mins ago from mobiles for 5gb data plus the claimable watch for £616 earlier, but just thought I'd give you the promo in full and participating retailers that qual… Read more

My watch arrived today as did those of some mates who also ordered. Im keeping mine, I really like it (coming from an LG Urbane, Blip and before that a couple of Pebbles).


I'd sell as I don't use smart watches


Watch arrived today, the only question now is - keep it or sell it?


Yup. Bought my phone on the 2nd.


Did you have to wait out the "two weeks after you purchase the phone" period?

P30 Pro 128GB, 5GB, Unltd mins/txts, £175 upfront, £26 per month/24 months + Free Huawei Watch GT (£179) - £799 at uSwitch
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Free Huawei watch: Contract with Vodafone.
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A reminder that you can now claim your free watch. My claim was submitted and approved within a couple of hours (provided copy of invoice and screenshot of phone IMEI screen). They claim I'll get my watch within 30 days. J


It's expired. Now £844 on both sites No


Support 5g network??


Apologies. It gave me a 'this deal expired' message earlier.


You sure, ive just clicked through and you can still order (or you can browse and find it on the website....)

5GB Vodafone Data | Huawei P30 + Free Huawei Watch GT | £24pm £40 Upfront £616 @
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Thought this was an excellent deal, considering total cost of £626 (without code) plus £40 topcashback, + the watch GT, makes it all an interesting proposition. Or you could use … Read more

I guess if you'd rather not or can't find £300 up front it's still decent.


Yep. Posted before I found the refresh deal, probably wouldn't have posted this if it were the other way round. :)


It was more the heat I didn't understand...wasn't criticising this one and it being older explains things a little.


Of course. But I can't not post a deal, it's in itself still a good deal.


But surely you could take out a low cost sim deal for low users? £279 and say a £6 sim takes you to just over £17 a month. That's effectively £200 less over the two years.

Huawei Honor 20 - 2 Colours 128GB + HONOR Watch Magic in Black Free £369.99 With Code @ Very
196° Expired
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Get £30 off this brand new released phone, plus get that Smartwatch worth *cough* £179 (In Reality £130) The Honor 20 Boasts A Beautiful Screen And High-Quality Camera Techno… Read more

anyone manged to get the redemptions site to work with this one? phone was delievered today.


Definitely it will, sooner than this. Camera pretty good even without 3 lenses on back, unless you're pic-buff you won't miss extra lens (and if you're really pic buff you should buy H20 Pro model, or P30, Pixel etc)


Go figure! 🤷


You would think they would be aware of the knowledge you have on all things mobile phones


Doubt the offer from quidco will stack but i've given it a go. currently £10 extra and 10% cashback would bring it down to 322.

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