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KTC Coconut Oil - 500 ml £1.50 @ Morrisons
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
£1.50 in Morrisons instore and online Pure coconut oil. Essential ingredients since 1972 For recipes, tips and ideas please visit: www.ktc-edibles.com Premium quality, Contains no … Read more

What do you use of for ? Shallow frying ? Kindest regards


No idea sry maybe someone else on here can help


Is this ok to fry chips in? I currently use palm oil and it's great .. Kindest regards

Latest KFC Colonels club offers - Free Fries With A Large Popcorn Chicken And More..
18/11/2018Expires on 18/11/2018Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Latest KFC Colonels club offers - Free Fries with a Large Popcorn Chicken - Cookie & Coffee for £1.49 - 6 Piece Wicked Variety Bucket for £12 (6 pieces of original recip… Read more

Got an email today with a password reset link. Updated app, and can finally now access my chicken stamp collection :)


It's been a few weeks at least.


Looked today been logged out must be the updated app, forgot password says there is a problem, how long have you waited for this?


Chill out, jeez


Dude, its 'incredibly salty' because its absolute lowest quality unreliable (bacteria and age wise) chicken. EYE HAVE worked for a supplier when I was young. I cut up whole carcasses into portions. You know how curry was invented to keep/disguise rotting meat? Well the 11 lurgs and virus's are added to KFC for that reason alone along with the salt, as is the crispy coating to cover up the fact a chicken drum was tumbled at the end of a belt picking up machine oil for 25+ minutes, gets covered in microscopic conveyor particulates, (now looks grey) was broken by a bumwipe chicken catcher 12 hours before the chicken was slaughtered (and thus had blood clots in the drum and the bird died thirsty/hungry/ in agony the same as you having a broken tib AND fib in a kennel for 36 hours and then being hung by it while your throat is cut) The conveyor belt has chicken pieces thrown/ dropped (mechanical cutting machines) on it for 8-12 hours at a time between disinfecting (its not possible during a day/evening shift because of the chemicals) The 'CATERING' (not desireable for display) portions roll around at the end picking up bacteria from every other piece thrown on that belt over 12 hours and the mechanical/lubrication detritus is free kentucky flavouring. Thats what you EAT, when you buy kfc. Thats why if you pull it apart with your fingers its slimey and falls to pieces (its about as near to 4 day old 'Game' as poultry can get but it doesnt kill you because of the temperature in the oil fryer, salt etc- ) These people just fXk with our workforce and milk our economy.. Buying their crap is just 'enabling' another U.S. firm to use our young and often the not so young as an offshore work house on U.K. soil.(You think they pay fair taxes? They wouldnt be here if they did- Col Sanders is a fantasy the same as Ronald McDonald and Jack Daniels) Buy your take away from a small local u.k business. (I know ASDA are bunch of U.S. walmart Nass ty investor creepy dorks but at least the chicken isnt broken/ cancerous limbs in batter, its all visible.) Hopefully an alternative will arrive. Would you buy a bargain bucket of 6 big macs and large fries for £6 at any time? Seriously? And take the leftovers home? Again it will probably kill you quickly, (see SUPERSIZE ME) What I cant work out is how any hard up students buy kfc, you always end up (hungry) then possibly ill.

KTC Coconut Milk 400g 2 for £1 @ Morrisons
Found 2nd OctFound 2nd Oct
54% coconut extract product of Thailand

Thanks for the link, will try it next time in my curry.. ;)


Hope this link works https://groceries.asda.com/product/soy-sauce-coconut-milk/asda-coconut-milk/910003156496 it has 76% coconut, I have used it for green Thai curry and it's brilliant.


have never seen that one..


Asda own brand has a higher coconut extract content, costs a few pennies more though. Heat added by the way.


Ah, so the coconut cow comes from Thailand!!

KTC almond hair oil 200ml £1.49 Superdrug
Found 26th SepFound 26th Sep
3 for 2 offer . Can be used for massage and cooking as well.
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(excited) (excited) (excited)


Is your hair really that cold that it freezes coconut oil?

KTC Coconut Milk 400ml 57p at Morrisons (in-store and on-line)
Found 6th SepFound 6th Sep
Noticed 400ml cans of KTC Coconut Milk at Morrisons yesterday for only 57p. Bought a couple to try as my previous favourite from Home Bargains is no longer available. It's from… Read more

You maybe right, it could be other than ktc


This milk is great, use it to make Thai green chicken curry always spot on! :D (Just make sure you give the can a good shake before opening it!)


Really? I've seen the Full Moon brand at B&M but not KTC? I'll check when next there. Out of interest in which store did you see it, please?


AFAIR they used to do 2 for £1


39p in b&m

KTC butter ghee instore at Asda for £9
LocalLocalFound 23rd JunFound 23rd Jun
KTC butter ghee 2kg Asda Instore
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I saw it yestersay morning was still £9


Does anyone know if this offer is still on in store?


use this and avoid trans fats from cooking with oil. good deal


KTC is a terrible company known for all manner of food issues - i would never buy their cheap, nasty garbage! Buy cheap, pay twice or have a heart attack or mercury poisoning - i know i would rather pay a bit more for a quality product that isnt dangerous or from a dodgy company like KTC!


It’s no worse than butter, possibly healthier. A little bit goes a long way. I have good pans and I use half a teaspoon to cook a salmon fillet for example but if I do a curry I use quite a bit but I “reclaim” some of the spiced ghee to use for other recipes. Ghee is liquid gold when it comes to cooking and a little can go a long way. And for people who think that ghee is unhealthy well it’s no less healthy than putting butter (or worse fat spread) on toast. One piece of toast can easily take up 10g of butter that’s a lot. I make besan flour breakfast bean and cheese burritos (my own recipe) from scratch some mornings and probably use about 1tsp ghee per burrito. It’s a very healthy filling breakfast, so much so lunch can be small.. paradoxically frying in olive oil is more unhealthy for you than frying in ghee!

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KTC oil 5Litres for £3.50@ Asda
LocalLocalFound 13th JunFound 13th Jun
Just bought KTC oil 5litres for £3.50

No, it will work as veg oil.


No good for frying chips


Not showing online.


You can, but may need to make some adaptions, only on older diesels..plenty of info on it on the web, eg https://www.thoughtco.com/make-biodiesel-from-vegetable-oil-605975


Looks like your store is having a clear out

[Rollback] KTC Coconut Milk 400g Tin 50p at Asda
Found 31st MayFound 31st May
Decent price for a 400g Tin. Still 75p in Sainsbury's that too on offer.

Don’t worry ... I was just trying to help with the screenshot ! Hope they get the stock back soon in your local.


http://www.mysupermarket.co.uk/Shopping/FindProducts.aspx?Query=KTC coconut milk


Must be my local that hasn't got any. I'm logged into my asda account and it clearly states item unavailable. I'm not that good with tech stuff so can't do a screen shot but it still say's it. Voted HOT by the way.


Just attached the snapshot that it’s still available !


1 ltr KTC 100% Pure Coconut Cooking Oil now £3 @ asda instore & online
Found 22nd MayFound 22nd May
morrisons sell it for £5 , some asian shops sell it for £4 A versatile high temperature cooking oil of neutral flavour. For baking, frying, grilling, roasting and spreading. Con… Read more

Also good in the bedroom! Careful at those high temps though ;) (and around any latex/rubber)


Solid as a Rock !!!!! (highfive) (horror)


Does this go solid during the cold weather?


Nearly 900g of saturated fat right there. Gotta be tasty!


we use it all the time and it doesn't smoke when we are cooking unrefined coconut oil starts to smoke at temperatures greater than 350 degrees, so I don't know what you are cooking at that temperature

KTC Rosecoco Borlotti Beans 400 g (Pack of 12) amazon add on item minimum 20 pound spend required £3.60
Found 21st MayFound 21st May
add these to subscribe and save for as little as 3.06p delivered.if not order via alexa
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Oh No.


"...3.06p delivered." Really?


Now says dispatched within 2 to 4 weeks. Last time they sent me pack of sauce bottkes from abroad in 2 days time. Don't know how they manage to post and deliver so cheap and fast. I even asked the post office how much postage Amazon used but they won't tell me.


Local shop or Amazon over the fence? For a few pennies, local I think.


Amazon let me order this without the £20 minimum spend with one other item sold directly by Amazon . You may also try.

KTC Pure Butter Ghee 2KG Instore Asda £12.99
LocalLocalFound 2nd MayFound 2nd May
KTC Pure Butter Ghee. This is considered the King of Ghees as this one has no added materials apart from 100% Ghee. For 2kg can its a great deal. Plenty instore at Beckton Branch. … Read more
Avatardeleted230056Get dealGet deal

Yup. Pure as it gets. Been using this before the price went to the moon. For the past few months i have been making mine own using organic butter. But couldn't resist it at this price.


So is it pure butter ghee or not?


Where on earth did you get that idea from? Are you not thinking of Butyric Acid?


ethyl butyrate helps with the digestion of this product. i think its also a by-product in the making of ghee, though khanum has it added.


East End & Khanum are clear about what's in theirs, and Ethyl butyrate wouldn't put me off, it's in enough products out there; but oddly it's hard to find out what the 0.2/% is that's not butterfat in this product, it may be just water or it may be something else too so who knows?!

Found 26th AprFound 26th Apr
Costco in Birmingham have KTC 5L oil for £3.39 should be nationwide cheapest price you can get anywhere at the moment

None in Watford Costco anyone going to get


Oh lord they are lovely


But tesco dont have chicken bakes the size if my arm for £3.30 to eat while you shop (cheeky)


Also £3.50 in Tesco - has been for a few weeks


£3.50 at Asda where you dont have to pay any membership fees :)

5 litres KTC Pure Sunflower Oil £3.50 @ Asda
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
loads of this at Asda watford, weather is warming up so time to stock up before all the Uber drivers buy it all up

Put it on the front seat, keeps beeping at me.


It's also good to rub all over your body and pretend your a slug whilst naked




Cracking stuff, great for using as sun screen over the summer, that big bottle shoul d see you right through the summer, golden crispy tan here i come. Heat, but not because of the price, but because i am Scottish, and anything related to frying, be it shallow, deep or roast is a auto heat for us Scot's. lol


If its pre-sdi, yes...preferably 50/50 mix.

KTC Chick Peas, Red Kidney Beans and Chopped Tomatoes 400g  4 cans for £1 , mix n match @ asda (instore & online)
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
best offer at the moment, time to stock up if anyone prefers plum tomatoes, tesco have these 4 for £1 https://www.tesco.com/groceries/en-GB/products/267141677

All this just for some chick please eta really get this going why don’t you buy a 2 kg pack of dried chick peas and soak them in water over night and for. £3.99 pack you can fill about 30 tins (lol) If you want them More cheaper buy a 100kg sack you can get them even cheaper if you buy a ton bulk bag of chick pease




Ok, if you're willing to get fleeced for tins instead of conforming outside the 'norm' then carry on. All I did was make a suggestion where it's possible to get tins cheaper but no you just had to turn it into a comment battle just like I saw you regularly turning the misc section into a 'Brexit vs HEAWD war' almost daily which then led to action from the moderators trying to stop such conversation comment wars. Want to know why Asian Supermarkets tend to be cheaper for 'Asian foods'? I'll enlighten you to the facts - far less overheads, lower bills (some by way of electricity and gas meter manipulation), closer ties with certain community food suppliers getting prices down, and paying employees (in some cases, *well, I can't mention the two words otherwise this comment would be taken down for political reasons (clue - the two words appear a lot especially on the Daily Mail website)*) in most cases far less than the minimum wage (cash in hand, so no obvious way of checking via documentation, and no easy way to get the owners caught and charged with the crime/s). I don't need to post 'proof' because there are many different 'Asian Supermarkets' with different names out there and if I did post a picture or 'proof' it would obviously be from a shop nowhere near where you could easily access (which if you had a brain cell to think and realise that was the case, you would not have made a fool of yourself here with such an outlandish claim). *Drops mic* Boom!


Do these cans have ring pull lids? I hate using tin opener.


Asian markets nowadays are not selling these even for 12 for £3. Best price locally for me is £4 for 12 pack. It's possible that prices may reduce nearer to ramadhan but im bot expecting a drop to anything lower that £3 for 12 tins. Some lesser known brands may dip below £3

KTC Chick peas can *Pack of 12* £0.38 @ Amazon Prime now London
Found 9th AprFound 9th Apr
Chick peas showing as 38p for pack of 12. Bargain price if delivered like it says. Prime now order, so need to spend £40 for free delivery (mad) showing available in London pos… Read more

Yap, full order refunded (y)


I just got a refund for full order too!


Interestingly it states 4.8kg as weight, which is about right for 12 cans. Definitely ask for the missing quantities if they deliver only single cans. Most likely they’ll refund full amount inc postage.


Ordered this morning just got delivered and they sent 10 tins instead of 10 times 12 😡


Just had my delivery and no case but cans! Called amazon whom told me they are currently investigating as I am not the only one who’s on the same boat as they had lot of complaints, they agree there was an error on website and have taken the item off the website. They cannot do anything yet until they have investigated what has happened and will call me back! Told them to take back the shopping as I don’t want it, he said to hold on to it until he gets back to me with answers.. (devil)

ktc sunflower and vegetable oil 5L only £3.50 at Asda
LocalLocalFound 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
ktc vegetable and sunflower oil 5L only £3.50 each at asda, cemetery road, bradford

These offers are popular with asian families as all recipes use oil and alot of them have three homemade meals a day. Also they’ll be buying on behalf of friends/family who can’t get to the supermarket.



Dated until July 2019


Asda barking had these on offer at same price yesterday


Avoid any KTC product its terrible, cheap and nasty Its what all the restaurants use to save money and poison customers!

KTC Sunflower Oil 5L @ Sainsburys online/in-store £4.00
Found 19th Dec 2017Found 19th Dec 2017
80p a litre Pure Sunflower Oil For all frying, baking & salads High in polyunsaturates and vitamin E Suitable for vegetarians Kosher - KLBD
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Chips, Lard ...... Proper!


Rapeseed Oil and others are generally stated healthy oils....but are they Health warning ....because of the chemical processes to extract the oil from seeds....Google (skeptical)


There are loads of different articles but the general consensus now seems to be either olive or rapeseed is the way forward. Rapeseed is usually British and can be produced organically which I prefer. It is also very versatile with a high smoke point. Olive oil can only be purchased organic in extra virgin form which isn’t great for high heat due to its lower smoking point. Recent studies have shown that sunflower oil produces harmful chemicals at high heat and should now be avoided! Advice will probably change again in a year though XD


Is this a Christmas special?


in terms of taste/fats or anything else? I have been using sunflower/Rapseed/corn oil for cooking. Again as said before it's a personal choice, I have even seen people frying fish n chips in lard and they love it.

4 for a £1 Various KTC tins Chopped Tomato, Kidney Beans @ Morrisons
Found 14th Dec 2017Found 14th Dec 2017
Various tins on Offer for 4 for a £1 Red Kidney Beans 400g White Kidney beans 400g Chilli beans 240g Blackeye beans 400g Black Chana 400g Even had chopped tomatoes tins at my lo… Read more

Thank you.


Chick peas are included too: Click here for Chick Peas


They seem to have excluded chick peas from this deal...grr


great im running low


Heat for Warm (embarrassed)

KTC Butter Beans 400 g (Pack of 12) £4.65 AddOn @ Amazon
Found 7th Dec 2017Found 7th Dec 2017
these butter beans are part of the add on program minimum orders of 20 pounds.however i add them to my monthly s&s and with 15% discount ie 5 items they work out at 3.88 also h… Read more
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They last in the cupboard for a very long time. For a quick snack in a pan saute a shallot or red onion, some garlic, then add chopped sun-dried tomatoes (you can also add pancetta), then add a can of drained butter beans and heat through. Serve with crusty bread, very tasty on a cold winter day.


Nobody eats that many butter beans. Surely. (excited) (excited)


No cheaper than the high street.


Subscribe and save it’s a part of amazon I have monthly deliveries if you order 5 items you get 15% off your shopping and free delivery.


What's s&s?

Ktc sunflower oil 5 litre - £3.50 found instore @ ASDA (Bolton)
LocalLocalFound 23rd Oct 2017Found 23rd Oct 2017
Ktc sunflower cooking oil 5 litre for 3.50 in Asda bolton normally £5.50 tesco
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It's £4 in Asda cemetery road Bradford


I think it's more people buying to put it in their cars ;)


Tesco cooking oil is disgusting too. I prefer this. Op, i find it really amusing when it sells out really fast and staff look puzzled lol. People probably bought it for all fam


Nasty low quality oil, its cheap for a reason when compared to other oils. It changes the taste of the food as well. http://www.ethicalconsumer.org/buyersguides/food/cookingoil.aspx


This is on offer at Asda and Sainsbury's £4. So 50p off

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