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Laphroaig Quarter Cask Single Malt Scotch Whisky £26.90 @ Amazon Prime Day
Made hot 17th JulMade hot 17th Jul
Rarely seen at this price. NOSE: Burning embers of peat in a crofters fireplace, hints of coconut and banana aromas PALATE: Deep, complex and smoky yet offers and surprises th… Read more
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Great price for an amazing whisky, still prefer the 10 yo though. Heat added


Out of stock... ;(


Thanks for posting....I was all over the whisky deals yesterday but hadn't looked today as wasn't expecting anything new. This is an excellent whisky, so much better than the 10 year old!


Nice treat for myself ordered! Thanks op


Bought this a non-prime member for the same last month, you'd think they could at least push it a little bit further.

Co-op whisky reductions, laphroaig,  talisker... (local?) from £17.75 (Bristol)
LocalLocalMade hot 26th JunMade hot 26th Jun
My local co-op (in bristol) has reductions in store on great whisky! Talisker 10 £20.50 Laphroaig 10 £18.75 Jura Origin 10 £17.75 These are crazy prices and easily the best I've … Read more
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Still going! Definitely national. I also grabbed another Talisker from my local!


I got two Juras at £17.75 each today in Croydon coop , Surrey


Co-op in London SE23 has a small selection and most single malts are reduced. I saw Glenmorangie 10 for £24, plus some others I forget!


Do u know what stores in Ayrshire as not in the two coops in Ayr at that price cheers


So according to the above seems national.. but gotta get lucky!

Laphroaig Quarter Cask Islay Whisky Deal of the Day at Amazon with Prime £26.90
Made hot 12th JunMade hot 12th Jun
About the lowest I've seen it for a while. Time to stock up! Here's the camelcamelcamel link… Read more
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That depends on your personal taste.


Not the best on islay, supermarket malts rarely are.


£29.50 a month ago at Amazon, but other than that it's been a good few years.


My fav. thanks :3 remember getting a few on the £25 deal a while back


Hope you like your peat full on (strong) (highfive) . Enjoy

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Laphroaig Quarter Cask Single Malt Whisky £29.50 @ Amazon
Made hot 5th MayMade hot 5th May
If you like the peaty deliciousness of Laphroaig, you'll love Quarter Cask.
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Up to £32 now


I do love peaty whisky, though I actually think the cheaper Ardmore has a nicer flavour, overall.


Excellent whisky and best price it's been in a while. Hot


Excellent find. I really like this whisky and at this price, there's not much between it and the 10yo


I bought 2 litres in Heathrow's not-actually-duty-free-unless-you're-flying-out-of-Europe shop for £55. Was quite a while ago, though, haven't seen any worthwhile offers there for quite some time.

Laphroaig Lore - £57.90 @ Amazon
Made hot 13th AprMade hot 13th Apr
*Peat heads need only apply* One of the best bottles of Islay whisky available. Yes, it’s a non age statement but includes some really old Laphroaig as well as younger stuff. Ver… Read more
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Might have to pick up a bottle if you recommend the lore so well! I missed out on the cask strength cairdeas this year, thought I’d be okay until after Xmas then it sold out next time I looked! Regret not just buying it now!


This whisky is so good!


QC hasn't been £25 since November 2016


Wow, QC at £25. You’ll have to stick that on here if you see it. Lowest I’ve ever seen it was £32. Laphroaig PX is excellent. I bought one last year at Gatwick for £50. Probably the best value bottle I ever bought. Definite winner at that price. Lore is very very good. Seriously. Amazing whisky. An absolute must for Laphroaig fans. Trust me! (y) 🏻 My other favouite is the 15 year old, however that’s hard to get. The Laphroaig 15 year cairdeas 2017is still available at the distillery website, albeit for £80+.


Tempted but still seems expensive for this expression. Think I’ll stick to the QC when it goes back to ~£25 and my litre bottle of PX which I got for a steal at £53.99 last year at Gatwick. Will hold fire and hope to get a sample of this. Hot deal tho as it’s normally around £80 mark

Laphroaig Single Malt Whisky - £18.75 instore @ Co-op (Warrington)
LocalLocalMade hot 1st AprMade hot 1st Apr
Single Malt Whisky. Coop Poplars Ave Warrington . Also they have Highland Park for £17.50
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I have never seen a Co-op that actually sells whisky! :D


Haven't seen these offers in Bournemouth Springbourne branch


yip highland park £10.75 a bottle! very local though , i live in orkney


Highland park, 10-75? That's a better deal than anything!!


Great price, especialy for the 10 year. I'll enjoy the Select don't get me wrong, but the difference between the Select & the 10 year is considerable

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Laphroaig  Whisky 70cl  £18.75 instore Coop - Hendricks Gin, Russian Std Vodka also reduced
LocalLocalMade hot 14th JanMade hot 14th Jan
Glasgow store. Tbh I'm doubtful it would be in all stores so I wouldn't make a special trip but if you're passing your local Coop it might be worth popping in to see if they have … Read more

A great whisky if you like the taste of a burned down coal shed doused in TCP.


that would be Ardbeg...


Called the Co-op. Unfortunately it's an 85 mile drive for me to the nearest store that stocks. Still, heat added. Cracking price.


The peatiest of peaty! I'll check my local coop too. a lot of heat for no one else to have found it in any other store though


Sourz @ £5.35

Laphroaig Select Single Malt Scotch Whisky 70cl  £23.00 Asda
Made hot 13th Dec 2017Made hot 13th Dec 2017
Not bad price for Laphroaig whisky

Just adding this as a lot of people are unaware, but Laphroaig offer a point based system on their website, each bottle will only earn you 10 points (about £1), but this can be used against souvenirs in their shop. I am a few points off a nosing glass which I really want, so if none of you uses their codes feel free to send them my way :) Code can be found in the leaflet that comes with the bottles.


Agreed, spend the extra and get the 10, your taste buds will thank you.


I'd suggest that the Select is more likely to put someone off the Laphroaig brand. It has a medicine / TCP element to the taste which is not liked by many. The 10 is very different.


Expect a Quarter Cask deal between now and the 20th on Amazon. This is okay, but the 10 is better and the QC is top of the pile. Other Laphroiag's cost a huge premium above these 3.


This is a decent accessible price for what I would consider a more accessible Laphroaig. To me it tastes like a gateway into Laphroaig which you can understand from a branding POV. I'd recommend buying this for someone looking to dabble in a smokier whisky but may be put off by the more challenging 10.

Laphroaig 10 years Scotch Single Malt Whisky 70cl - £25 - Asda
Made hot 10th Oct 2017Made hot 10th Oct 2017
Great single malt 10 years whisky. Seems to be cheaper than everywhere else and was a hot deal when posted in the past.

Love ‘The Frog’ - have some heat


Great price for those that like... I can't get past the disinfectant smell :p


prime only 8)


Fair enough that's for prime members only though


£25 here on amazon for 10yo -

Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky 10 Years Old was £35.00 now £25.00 (Rollback Deal) @ Asda
Made hot 24th Aug 2017Made hot 24th Aug 2017
Laphroaig Single Malt Scotch Whisky 10 Years Old was £35.00 now £25.00 (Rollback Deal)
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My favorite tipple :) ..have some heat !


I'm on the love rather than loathe side. But like the guys above, it's one of those where you 'totally get' the other side's pov!


Good find


Yep, I hated it until I turned 45 now its the only whisky I buy. Heat.


Yep either love it loathe it. I love it but tottaly get the people who cannot stomach it

Laphroaig 10 Year Old Malt Whisky 70cl - £25 @ ASDA & Amazon
Made hot 4th Aug 2017Made hot 4th Aug 2017
The lovely peaty/TCP Islay Scotch is back at £25 in Asda (on their website too, so it should be nationwide) Enjoy!
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The Deal @ Amazon is now £36.99


It sure ain't for everyone. (angel)


Resistance is futile my friend, buy, drink and enjoy, and give some to the Lowland drinking fairies!


My favourite, must resist...


Also bought from Amazon, my favourite single malt. Heat added.

Laphroaig Select single malt scotch whisky 70 cl for £19.99 @ Amazon (free delivery for Prime members or on orders over £20)
Made hot 30th May 2017Made hot 30th May 2017
39% off. Deal of the day. It has only been marketed at such low price once in the past on Amazon :3 Next best at Tesco for £25, also reduced from £33. £32.5+ elsewhere. 4.3 out… Read more

This just got delivered for me. I really like peaty whiskey, but this has an odd, almost artificial taste to it. Would probaly finish this one, but never order again.


It's, marketing blurb :-( I was wondering about the reality. I actually rather like the 10yo single malt. It is a very strong and peaty whisky. Probably an acquired taste and not for the whisky novice but on a cold winter night, by the fire, it can be the best drink in the world :-) I haven't tried the "Select" and there's a part of me that has doubts that it is just marketing for lower end stuff. Maybe I need to go search on a specialised whisky review site.


Ordered - thanks to the OP


is this the one that has a TCP taste?


It is because of the price reduction not necessarily for the taste of it.

Laphroaig Select Whisky 70cl £18 instore @ Tesco (Belfast)
LocalLocalMade hot 12th Feb 2017Made hot 12th Feb 2017
Found this today in two different Tesco Superstores in Belfast. First store (Yorkgate) had it marked at £18 but no special offer label, second store had it marked as £35 (which is… Read more

Yep, got the Highland Park as well.


2 bottles left in Yorkgate after I left, one out of box. Also picked up a bottle of Highland Park 12 for £16.50 which seems like a bargain. I think i got the last one though. Anyone looking in YG, the Laphroaig is on an end, bottom shelf. (In case anyone else is searching, Laphroaig is scanning at Holywood Exchange at £25, helpful assistant explained the ranges are changing so YG are probably downsizing their stock.)


I can't be too ungrateful, about a year ago I got a bottle of Balvenie Caribbean Cask 14 year old for about £20 (if I remember right), goes for around £42 on Amazon and never seen it in any Tesco since!


Once picked up a bottle of Cragganmore 12yo for £16.50 in my local, all because its box was a little creased... :3


Thank you Midge!!! Brilliant present for FIL and Yorkgate is 10 minutes away!

Laphroaig Single malt 10 year old Scotch whisky  £21.58 @ Costco from 04/04/16
Made hot 18th Apr 2016Made hot 18th Apr 2016
Available from 04/04/16 to members - not a bad peaty Islay, especially at this price.
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If you are new to whisky I would advise trying this before splurging... It's an extremely acquired taste and to new drinkers can taste more like some kind of medicine or antiseptic! Personally I am a fan of peaty stuff but just using this as a chance to offer a bit of warning!


Yes, it includes vat.


That is a good price. Lagavulin and ardbeg uiguidael are lovely stuff.


is this inc vat do you know?


Costco also seem to always have Llagavulin for £40 including VAT, always seems a decent price for one you don't see on offer that much

Laphroaig quarter cask 70cl 48% single malt Islay scotch whisky £20 @ Asda
Made hot 6th Apr 2016Made hot 6th Apr 2016
Laphroaig quarter cask 70cl single malt Islay scoth whisky £20 only. Plenty of stock at Hulme Manchester Asda is streamling their inventory across products. Lots of products are r… Read more
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Yeah i seen the ardmore @ 20 as well, but when i picked it up another shopper advised me against it stating they tried it and found it 'harsh' and 'chemically' tasting, i understand its all subjective to what you like and would appreciate your thoughts on how you find it, as i haven't personally tried it. In the end i just stuck with the quarter cask @ 25 as that is what i went for in the first place.


Had a quick look in Asda Trafford & the Laphroaig Quarter is £25 there - so it's store specific which is a shame. However picked up The Ardmore for £20 @ Asda and a Laphroaig 10 yr for £21.58 @ costco (my whisky stocks were dwindling) so still happy :{


I was at Altrincham today. Plenty of stock. Price £26.50 I did not scan. Might be £20


​was 4 left after I bought 1 on Thursday, the 10yo was also on offer albeit not as good at just under £27 but plenty available. can't guarantee any will be left now but just thought I'd post the info in case you fancied edging your bets good luck :)


Thanks for the update - I was going to drop in to the Trafford asda today for a bottle, but it sounds like I've missed the boat :(

Laphroaig Whisky Quarter Cask 70cl £25 @ Amazon
Made hot 14th Feb 2016Made hot 14th Feb 2016
Great deal for this whisky! Out to Phil Mitchell!
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Still waiting!


Still waiting!


Still waiting on mine!


Temporarily out of stock but bagged one for my brother's upcoming birthday :)


Hot, better than real medicine.

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