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New Motorola Moto G6 - Single Sim - Deep Indigo - 32GB, 3GB Ram - EU Version £109.97 @ Connected 247 / Amazon
Posted 18th JulPosted 18th Jul
Excellent price (And cheapest ever) for a new model, the full fat G6, as opposed to the 'play' version :) Brand: Motorola Operating system: Android Screen size: 5.7 inches … Read more

Cheers I'll give it a go.


Try the mi drop app. Waaay quicker than Bluetooth (200 x times, apparently) and don't need a laptop or cables.


It's ok makes no difference what you do. It's always best to keep an air of mystery about who you really are because if ppl knew the real you they might not respect the advice you give them, especially if you turn out to be a serial killer who tracks deal hunters down through their online shopping history and lures them to their death with a phone deal that's too good to miss (ninja) . Your secrets safe with me and remember.... Before you go to bed at night..... You know the rest ;) (lol) (y) :D


I knew it!


You got it, I'm a banana eating, postie escort, bending bananas for the labour party (y)

Brand New Smartphones Under £60 Including Sony Xperia C4 £50 + p&p (With a purchase Of 1p Sim Card) + Moto | Nokia | Samsung **Megathread**
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Thought this would be helpful for people with a very limited budget, maybe for a first phone for a child, or a phone for an elder relative, or maybe even a phone as a backup? Som… Read more
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Thanks for the info. (y) I think I might go for that. This may sound a daft question! But I see that it takes 2 SIM cards, do I NEED to buy 2 or is it ok with just one! Also is this a contract or pay as you go? Alright you can stop laughing at my questions. :D


How? Was that with Carphonewarehouse?


I should have listened. I bought one. The battery is completely dead :(


Worth keeping an eye on Amazon for the Ding Ding X9. I bought one a few days ago for less than £45 with the prime warehouse discount (did a trial) and seems to be a very good phone. The stupid brand name probably doesn't do it any favours but a very nice phone, well made with 1080p screen, 3GB of memory, 16GB storage, 16MP main camera, 8MP 2nd camera, dual sim or 1 sim, 1 microsd slot. I bought a recent £20 256GB micro sd card from mymemory and works great with it, so 272GB of combined storage. Seems fast and the fingerprint sensor works better than many I've tried. Seems like quite a premium phone. The 1080p screen is very good quality too with very vivid reds. Fast in operation and games appear to work very well. All most people need in a phone so worth keeping an eye on the warehouse for returns.


I did as the xperia C4 is now OOS.

Grade A Motorola Moto Z2 Play Lunar Grey 5.5" 64GB 4G Unlocked & SIM Free £89.97 @ Laptops Direct
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Just ordered one, rude not too at this price, for a phone that will in most cases come boxed with accessories from my experience (obviously not fully guaranteed) Key Features:… Read more

Nope, missed it again. Definitely out of stock now. And for my luck I've just turned my phone on since then from a dead battery. So well and truly gone by now. Thanks for the reminder however, much appreciated (y)


Back in stock! Let me know if you buy, and then I'll unexpire.


Back in stock! Just ordered - delivery not until 15th August though. Thanks Mrswitch!


That's all it takes


I posted my first comment literally seconds after it was posted, probably within the first 10-15. Went to pay and it was gone. Like Mrswitch said, probably 1 or 2 left but their stock system should be more accurate :p

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Mi 9t 64GB £285 | Moto G7 Play £99/£94 | Samsung M20 £157/£167 | Oppo Find X £561/£541 (Lower W/ Fee Free) Prime Exclusive @ Amazon Spain
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Follow the instructions in this thread to buy these phones. Thanks to @csqb… Read more

NOT compatible with Android Auto, so if you use it in your car, it might not be the best phone to go for, there might be a fix but who knows when.


I have numerous Qi speakers dotted around the house which I don't intend to make redundant and no I don't leave the phone on charge throughout the night.


Useful but more of a gimic, like it takes more than 0.1 seconds to plug in a reversible cable. Also with a 4000 mAh battery, good luck burning through it before you put it on charge for the night anyway.


....and then canceled as no wirlesss charging, which is a must i'm afraid.


MI 9T Still available for 20 July dispatch. Just ordered.

Moto G6 UK Sim-Free Smartphone with 4GB RAM and 64GB - Deep Indigo only £139.99 amazon prime deal
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Just bought one for my wife. It seems a good deal for a smartphone with 4GB/64GB with NFC included. Dual Sim Amazon Exclusive - Huge 3,000 mAh battery with Turbo Power charger … Read more

I bought one and found it shocking. Bought a Redmi Note 5 for £100 and it's so much better.


Yes and the SD450 seems a bit weak for this price range too. I expected it to be a tad cheaper as the G7 is out.


Yeah, it's a cracking phone which I bought on last year's Prime Day. I've bought another for 'er indoors, 'cos she's knack'ed her Smart Ultra by sticking (forcing) the micro USB charge cable in upside down waaay too many times. The G6 has fast charge USB-C, so the charging port on this one should be safe IMHO for the price, you will not get better. Just seen the Argos offer @ £130 but as it's only the 32GB version, so I'll stand by what I've already said. Same £140 price at John Lewis, if you're interested. Heat Added.


I have the g6 plus which is very slightly different. But I also had a g4. Overall these phones are fantastic value. Great screen. Good battery life imo. I charge once every two days.


old it should be cheaper. Moto G7 is selling well, especially the power model with a battery of 5000mAh

Motorola moto g6 5.7-Inch Android 8.0 Oreo Sim-Free Smartphone 4GB RAM 64GB Dual Sim Deep Indigo £101.65 @ Amazon Warehouse - Good Condition
Posted 16th JulPosted 16th Jul
Prime Exclusive - 20% off at checkout Dual Sim Amazon Exclusive - Huge 3,000 mAh battery with Turbo Power charger included providing hours of power in just minutes of charging (US… Read more

would it have worked better if it was more expensive ?!


There you go!


They weren't selling it for £69 though !


That's why I always buy from John Lewis


I had the g6 play and after 6 months it wouldn't connect to WiFi anymore. Known problem the fun of getting a refund from cpw now

SIM Free Motorola Moto G6 Play 5.7 Inch 8MP - £69.99 at Argos eBay (refurbished - 12 month warranty)
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Awesome deal, refurbished as new, awesome phone once updated to android 9.0 - back in stock

sold out


only 4 left in stock at 13:03



Can you please share the direct link. For some reason i am not going to the right page. Thanks in advance


Should put it’s a refurb in title op!!! (mad)

motorola moto g7 UK Sim-Free Smartphone 64gb (Dual SIM) £179.99 delivered Amazon Prime Excl
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Seems like a good price for the main g7 model. Usually goes for £200+.
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Just started looking for a phone for my wife and like the specs/price of the G7, can't believe it was £40 cheaper yesterday :D Worst timing. Puts me off it a bit now :)


Went for Nokia 5.1 plus for £82. It is the price that swayed me. G7 for £179 is too much for me.


Not much in it - what you got now? I had a G6 play which was brilliant but found I needed a magnometer so pressed button now. If it wasnt for that would have waited for G8 play to come out. They are all good phones for the money.


yup, I agree. can't decide what to buy now, G7 for £179 or the motorola one vision for £199, or the motorola G7 plus for £219? Please help?


Think the G7 has a magnometer. The power does not. I think is useful for GPS accuracy and means specific geo based games will work on the G7 but not on the power. There's four pages of discussion on it on one website as even Motorola in the UK seemed confused, as the specs on the same phone can vary by country......

Moto One Vision 128GB Smartphone £199.99 @ Amazon Prime Excl
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th Jul
Ooh, lovely price here ladies and gents ;) happy prime day Life’s highlights. Even in low light. Introducing the all-new motorola one vision. With an advanced camera system … Read more

Looks good, glad you're pleased :)


Well it arrived and it is beautiful (lol) It came surprisingly with a clear protective case already on it! Bonus Stuck on a screen protector and good to go! Certainly feels great in the hand, speedy Android and the face unlock is neat! Good buy I'd say for £200! Looks 10 times better without a case though ;( ;( ;( ;(


Which makes no odds, this supports Moto Turbo charge 2 and has pulse charging, it also has a much better screen that is almost a third better than the G7 Play in dpi, this is one of the best, full screen, no notch hybrid smartphones, under £250 out there.. so for £199 it was a doozy of a deal! (y)


Yeah good phones. Micro USB though. One thing to bare in mind.


what about the honor 8X? Is that ok? I'd rather get from Amazon as I have some gift card credit from the recent Santander bank switch offer.

Motorola Moto G4 (refurb) £67.99 with code @ ebay / laptopoutletdirect
Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Motorola Moto G4.. Ideal for a second phone from EBay Music Magpie using code PARTY

This is great. I was looking for a decent Android phone for my daughters Nightscout setup. Thanks!



Sorry it’s not from Music Magpie but I’m not sure how to edit my post... anyway the link goes to the right place and the price is correct...

SIM Free Motorola Moto G6 Play 5.7'' 32GB 3GB RAM Mobile Phone Refurb £69.99 / Sony Xperia L2 32GB 3GB 5.5'' £71.99 @ Argos ebay
Posted 11th JulPosted 11th Jul
Please note that this mobile phone will always include the handset, battery and USB charging cable. Accessories are not included e.g. headphones, USB wall charger or screen protect… Read more

I've had this phone (g6 play) for a couple of years and it's awful. Constantly dropping WiFi and the screen freezes all the time. Maybe others will be luckier but I'm not surprised Argos has 'refurbs' of this phone, I bought this one from them too.


Gah. Missed out. Oos


much better than the new G7 play which has no NFC and small battery




Tiptop spot, if only Motorola had sold this variant of the g6 for this to start with, they would have sold millions worldwide, instead of 4! (cheeky)

Moto G7 Plus £219 @ Carphone Warehouse
Posted 9th JulPosted 9th Jul
6.2-inch Max Vision Full HD+ display 16MP + 5MP dual camera 64GB internal storage Available in red and blue

If you dare deal with this pack of crooks and liars. Better chance if you order online and not set foot in one of their stores at least..


When you get excited because you think you have a lg g7 alert.

Motorola Moto G7 Play 32GB/2GB All Colours | £116.99 Using Code + 2 Year Warranty @ Lenovo
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
performance Operating system Android™ 9 Pie Processor Qualcomm® SnapdragonTM 632 processor with 1.8 GHz octa-core CPU and Adreno 506 GPU Memory (RAM) 2 GB Internal storage… Read more

Would have been good, but ALL10EMEAINC doesn't work any more. Oh well, keep on looking......


WileyFox ? Although I'd imagine the components wouldn't be.


Its like a moto version of the Xiaomi A2 with less ram, smaller battery and modern SoC. Heat for warranty and moto price.


Those square edges look a bit sharp for my liking. Really don't like the look of that phone. Prefer more rounded corners, far more comfortable 🎣🐟 (annoyed)


Such as? Leyland?

Moto E5 Play at o2 shop for £60, no topup needed as usual if bought online
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Most probably it comes unlocked too Get an affordable phone you can rely on. The motorola moto e5 play has a fingerprint scanner to keep your phone secure, and you can get the bes… Read more

o2 stopped locking their phones- should not be a problem to use EE SIM


Not until you unlock it.


Is this definitely the 2GB version?


Can you put an EE sim in this?


You don't need to top up if bought online

Motorola Moto One Smartphone 4 GB 64 GB Dual SIM 4G White  £138.99 Or £133 In Euros With A Fee @ Amazon Spain
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
Lowest its ever been, from amazon Spain, £133 using a starling card or whatever you have at checkout and paying in euros. Functions and details '5,9 of Max Vision HD + scree… Read more

Currently using the One Vision and I love it. Android one is superb, near stock experience and the One Vision really flies. Couldn't recommend it enough for the money.


The Moto One Vision hasn't been on my radar so I've just started comparing it against the G7 (which I was considering) - the first review I came across (from the US) prefers the One Vision: I've come across reports of some G7s sold in the UK not having NFC - it's not a deal-breaker but it would be nice.


The moto vision is only £269, well worth the money if you like moto phones.


Thank you, appreciate the advice. I am currently looking at upgrading from the G6 Play, so anything would be a decent upgrade.


Bit less power than the G7 series, maybe try the moto one vision, looks interesting to me.

Moto G6 as new at GiffGaff incl £10 top-up
Posted 4th JulPosted 4th Jul
£69 for GiffGaffers

Got one today for £69; arriving tomorrow thanks op


And literally just OOS again! Grabbed one a few minutes ago.


Looks like it keeps coming back into stock. One left now.


Soooo cross! (mad) (mad) (mad) I was in my account on giff gaff buying this, one of the three they had and all of a sudden it went out of stock! (confused) Then I get a notification from HUKD about the very phone I'm buying and now it makes sense. I love this site but sometimes it frustrates the hell out of me! (fierce) :3



SIM Free Motorola Moto G6 32GB Mobile Phone - Deep Indigo £129.95 @ Argos
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
Another good moto reduction. With the new Moto G6 immerse yourself in photos and videos on the edge-to-edge, 5.7 Full HD+ Max Vision display. Create your own studio quality portr… Read more

It was the old version of Android running it's 🐌🐌🐌🐢


Was it ios before?! ;)


Awful phone since the update to android.


Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite, but a lot better :)


Xiaomi range is SO complicated, what's the nearest model to the G6?

Motorola Moto One 64GB White Dual Sim Smartphone £156.29 Or £149.97 W/Fee Free Card @ Amazon Spain
Posted 1st JulPosted 1st Jul
Excellent price for this excellent budget, Android one handset, yeah the screen is only 279ppi, but how much of that will you notice in real life! in white, which looks quite s… Read more

Still better than the piece of c**p they put in the moto g6


2016 called, it wants its Snapdragon 625 back.




Hot! This phone can cook chicken!?!


Haha (lol) (lol) (lol) special indeed

SIM Free Moto E5 Plus | + £10 Voucher | + £20 Voxi Sim (Pre Loaded) £129.95 @ Argos (Smartphone)
Posted 30th JunPosted 30th Jun
Excellent deal I think, get this very good budget phone with its massive battery, a pre loaded Voxi Sim £20 And a £10 argos voucher until the 2nd July all for £129.95. Desig… Read more

Switch. As Barry Norman said to Tom Cruise "Why do you do a Rain Man, Born on the Fourth of July and than make Cocktail?" Xiaomi A2, Honor Play ..... then Moto E5 !!!!!???? A2. E5. A2. E5. No, we are not playing chess or Battleships. Neither is a comparison to be made. Shocking. Yellow card Do you know how much that pained me to hit the MINUS? Consider this your Cocktail. You better not have a The Mummy in the bag waiting


Not really that relevant to the fact that it's still a good deal , not everyone wants or needs or are willing to stump up ££££ for the latest tech , a good deal should get heat ....that's supposed to be the format on this site (y)


the phone is from 2 generations ago.


Really don't understand people sometimes , good deal in my opinion yet it's cold but zero comments ???? Heat from me (y)

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