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Instead of slaving over boiling saucepans or spluttering frying pans, chefs can take the stress out of cookery with the right pressure cooker. These handy kitchen appliances offer rapid cooking speeds and convenient ways to prepare rice, curries, tagines, stews, sauces, cakes, and many more mouth-watering dishes. And all of the UK's biggest brands can be found for less at the hotukdeals pressure cooker listings. Read more
Instant Pot Duo Evo Plus 10-in-1 7.6L Pressure Cooker - £99.89 Delivered @ Costco
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Posted 17th AprPosted 17th Apr
Always a good price for this model delivered when Costco have this on offer The Duo Evo Plus multicooker is easy to use, easy to clean, fast, versatile and convenient with the … Read more

I think I’m going to buy the instant duo Plus 5.7L version there is one for sale 5 mins walking distance from me, still in boxed never used unwanted wedding gift. She wanted 90£ we agreed on 65 which seems like a good price brand new boxed. Duo plus looks much better than the older versions. Should be more than enough for my needs. How is yours holding up ? Any issues ever or working well ?


Not sure what you are planning with steamed fried crispy potato slices. A pressure cooker isn't going to turn something you are steaming... And cooking things "together"... Perhaps you mean using a steaming basket with dividers or plural baskets - both should be possible. My suggestion is that you find online and download a manual for whatever model you might be interested in, and have a read through before purchase. All the Instant Pots have quite a wide pan and consequently a fairly large minimum required quantity of liquid for pressure cooking. That's the best way to get proper answers to your questions.


If so I am peeved that that one isn't available online!


That's very helpful thank you I'm going to use mostly for steaming veg, legumes, crispy potato slices that I currently cook on a frying pan, The potato slices take 25 mins but I have to stand over them to turn every 5 mins to make sure nothing burns. Same with the veg In pan that I have to keep mixing. From your experience is there any options that will do the potatoes & veg together. What do you think of the instant pot duo 6L version, im cooking for one maximum two most evenings I recently finished a 7 day water fast then decided to go 80 percent plant based diet resulting in me spending way more time in the kitchen so hence why I want to get the pressure cooker.


for the smaller size (5.7L)

Drew & Cole PKP 24-in-1 5.8L Digital Pressure Cooker £79.99 at Argos
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Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Cook delicious meals for the entire family in next to no time with the new Pressure King Pro! The latest and most sophisticated addition to the range yet, the 24-in-1 is packed wit… Read more

There is a few pots out there with both air Fryer & pressure cooking options , does it work well ? How long does it take you to steam a small chicken and make it crispy by air frying ? Can you do it all in one go without coming back to the machine or do you have to program two times & add oil & so on ? No experience at all here, wondering if it’s worth it or over priced ? I do have an oven at home but as I’m eating more and more veg I need a pressure cooker as it takes forever to cook with gas


You romantic you! "Can you remember the first time you met and what attracted you to you wife?" "Oh yes. We met in Currys. She had just bought a new pressure cooker and I knew that this was the model I wanted."


Thanks for the replies, I’ll hold off (or just wait in case I marry my girlfriend as she has one that I previously found on offer here lol)


Would buy a Instantpot over this anyday for the same price. I have a 8L one and use it at least 3 times a week.


Since it is only a pressure cooker (without attached airfryer), the point of comparison is the Instant Pot range, not the Ninjas.

Pressure King Pro 8-In-1 Digital Pressure Cooker 3L £25 when logged in to account (Min Basket / Delivery Fee applies) @ Morrisons
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Posted 12th AprPosted 12th Apr
Had tried to purchase this a while ago at £25 but was out of stock in my local store. I noticed it had gone to £50 but on taking advantage of the £12 off £60 shop voucher for click… Read more

Shows as missing on my order, glad I checked before going to pick it up


Mine has just arrived. Thanks OP for a great spot. I was looking to get a small capacity instant pot for using in the campervan as our big pot is a bit big for the van and this is ideal. Was delivered tonight and a bargain at £13 (using the £12 off £60 order).


Thank you soooo much! I honestly was very sceptical of whether they'd fulfil it but they did! Basically a pressure cooker for £20, amazing. Worth getting up early for lol! Thank you for posting this x


Mine has just arrived thank you!


They better not do that for me! I've literally ordered one for myself and a friend and then a £10 bag of flour.. so if I travel all the way for a bag of flour at 10 am I'll be raging lol

Ninja Foodi Electric Multi-Cooker [OP300UK] Pressure Cooker and Air Fryer, Grey and Black - £149 @ Amazon
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Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
One pot does the lot! Quickly and easily create delicious homemade meals, sides, snacks and desserts with the Ninja Foodi 7-in-1 Multi-Cooker. Get creative with 7 cooking functio… Read more

Out of stock now


Because in my opinion it’s the beet model.... and at the moment it is a very popular product. It’s their latest edition


Why is the op500 out of stock in most places?? I’s it an old model??


I've had mine for just under a year. Still very much works as I used it everyday for cooking but it's hard to clean with the fan in the way but there are many videos on YouTube to help. Such a great purchase


Not bad. I would wait for a while I got mine from Costco two years ago for £129. Such a great investment

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Instant Pot Duo 6 SV 5.7L Multi-Use Pressure Cooker £82.99 @ Costco
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Posted 31st MarPosted 31st Mar
The Instant Pot® Duo™ SV is the newest smart electric pressure cooker in the Duo Series. As with all Instant Brands appliances, the Instant Pot Duo SV is safe, convenient, and depe… Read more

I'm extremely confused by all the different makes and models available. I've only dived into this rabbit hole as my beloved rice cooker just died, and I came on here looking for a deal on a replacement. I fancy the idea of the sous vide cooking, what does this one have over the Duo Evo models? I'm living on my own at the moment so no need for anything larger than the 5.7l model (I do like batch cooking and sometimes entertain so a 3l probably won't do the trick). I've been googling all afternoon and am more confused than ever, so would appreciate any guidance....


Just get one. Fantastic appliance but join instant pot uk FB group for real world advice and recipes


Lol mine only gets used for making stock


And remember, the first rule of instant pot cooking is that you must talk about Instant pot cooking.

Tefal 6L Pressure Cooker £39.99 instore @ Lidl
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Posted 29th MarPosted 29th MarLocalLocal
Mostly decent review of these online. The other Tefal pressure cooker closest to this one is about £70 at Argos.

I'm actually wondering which is best. Energy wise and other aspects. What's your opinion, please?


Hmmm. Will definitely have a look at them.


Honestly, the electric pressure cookers are a game changer. Simple, undramatic, safe and very usable. You CAN turn your back on them! Multi-cookers add extra possibilities and (you might think, likely wrongly) complications, but pressure cooking gets a big boost from having a microprocessor constantly monitoring the heating so it maintains pressure WITHOUT hissing steam escape! If you want a stainless steel (rather than non-stick) pot, then you are looking at the Instant Pot range, and £60 is an achievable target price for the comparable 5.5 litre basic "Duo" version. But it is incomparably less fuss to use! My own current 3 litre Pressure King Pro was just £30 on a Morrisons offer. And it has me wanting an Instant Pot Evo...


Can this be used with an induction hob?


Robdaraff makes a good point, This offering (good as it may well be) will only perform the 1 task, where as you could pick up a Multi Cooker fer not a lot of £ more, still it's all about whatever works...fer you ;)