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Tower 6 Litre Stainless Steel Pressure Cooker for £25.32 / Tower 4L Compact Pressure Cooker £19.99 @ Argos (+10 Years Guarantee)
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
Lowest ever price on both the 6L and 4L pressure cookers by Tower. Each come with 10 years manufacturer's guarantee (y) Take to checkout for offer. Tower 6 Litre Stainless S… Read more
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Prestige is not Prestige any more. I had reason to contact them recently with a query over their 6L Stainless Steel pressure cooker. They are now a company called Meyer who bought the Prestige company a few years ago but retained the name. Cannot comment on the quality now but likewise we have had many years (could be as many as 25 years) good use out of our 6L aluminium pressure cooker & have thought of moving over to stainless steel, the problem with the stainless steel pressure cookers are they only do 2 pressures & 12 psi is the highest so, keeping the aluminium one going, just replacing the gasket every few years is our decision.


Plastic quality is suspect indeed as I received one with already broken lid plastic in box ! Argos have exchanged it but meant 3 trips to store.


Got to love these. Pressure cookers rule. (y)


Just got it as a replacement to our years old Prestige... Looks wise OK but quality handle and the plastic lock on top of the handle looks very cheap and will surely break in few months time. Some Amazon reviews complained about it saying that it takes too long to cook and also on the bad Customer Service from Tower., I am thinking to return it and buy a trusted brand like Prestige.


The 4 Litre one is Aluminum ...I think it's just the 6L one that's Steel

Wilko Pressure Cooker 6L at Wilko £25
Found 29th JanFound 29th Jan
10 auto-cooking programmes With non-stick removable cooking pot Includes steam rack, measuring cup and rice spoon Serve up a feast with our versatile 6 Litre Electric Pressure … Read more

every little helps!


Tried 4 minute beef ( meat settings for 4 minutes ) then let the pressure release for 25 - 30 minutes Was perfect . 2.1 kg joint of beef cooked and only cost 2 pence worth of electricity :o


Meat cooking is supposed to be better if you allow the pressure to release slowly rather than a quick release.


Beef joint takes about 25 mins sounds a bit overcooked. Not as tasty as roasting makes it taste a bit stewed ok imo


Bought ours 2 weeks ago. Very happy with it. Cooked a joint of beef in it, in 60 mins. Very handy to cook a dish in it and nip out for 30 mins to pick t kids up. Hot, hot, hot

Kärcher K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer £89.99 @ Amazon
Found 25th JanFound 25th Jan
About this item From the manufacturer K2 Full Control Home - Poweful, Small and Mobile The K2 Full Control power washer is designed for the removal of dirt all around the home, in… Read more

I've got one of these and they are mostly great. The one thing that isn't is the patio thing which is well underpowered. Check out the Karcher Outlet as well, there are occasionally some good deals, most stuff comes with 12 months warranty and the extended warranties can be quite cheap too.


Bought this for £37 in B&Q about 5 years ago..... I appreciate this information is of no use to anyone buying today (lol)

Tower 6L Pressure Cooker £29.99 Robert Dyas  - free c&c
Found 24th JanFound 24th Jan
Boasting a generous 6-litre cooking and 22-centimetres diameter, this Tower stainless steel pressure cooker provides plenty of space for cooking delicious, healthy meals. Features… Read more

Just ordered one. Used @batista 's code HL19DD and effectively got delivery free + another quid or so off the price. 😁😁😁


It's horses for courses really GalaxySeven. However, if you register the Tower it's guaranteed for 10 years. Also re a post (see other post) use a code and get even more off.


use HL19DD , get another £5 off and get it for £24.99


What are you cooking in a pressure cooker that takes long enough to cook that you care about pressure levels? I have an electric pressure cooker that can turn casserole beef into a tender stew in 20 mins. I can't think doing it in 10 mins would be life altering. Manually depressurising the thing and that sudden worry of whether it's going to blow the hood off your cooker are things of the past my friend.


Got this one @ Dunhelm last time on offer for similar price. Not as good as my old Fissler (which was 3-times the price). I prefer a stove top model because you can brown a roast before cooking (electric cookers aren't hot enough). BTW, the reduced pressure in newish pressure cookers is for safety reasons. Too many of the old high pressure cookers blew up because people do not pay enough attention during the cooking process, i.e. turn temperatur down in time.

Half Price Wilko 6L Pressure Cooker with 2 year guarantee - £25 + Free C&C @ Wilko
Refreshed 23rd JanRefreshed 23rd Jan
Serve up a feast with our versatile 6 Litre Electric Pressure Cooker. It cooks quickly to lock in flavour and goodness and has 10 automatic programmes making it perfect for cooking… Read more
KrispiiDuck Pinch of Nom have some pressure cooker recipes and also


What? There are pressure cooking groups? Please, please share.


Bargain! These things are fab.


Cheers, I shall check and be disappointed! However bit was cheap (lol) I will look out for a cheap Bella in the future 😝


it will be lower, a good stove top runs around 15psi, the better electric ones around 11psi but the cheaper ones like the pressure king range only run at 7.2psi Electric pressure cookers will have the “valve release pressure” written in very small text on the underside of the pressure release valve either on the plastic housing, or the metal part of the valve i was tempted with this wilko one but i just picked up an unused bella 6qt multicooker and looking at it's valve then it is 90kpa which is around 13psi and to make the deal sweeter i only paid £15 for it :D

Cookworks Pressure Cooker - £19.99 @ Argos (Free C&C)
Found 6th JanFound 6th Jan
Cookworks pressure cooker back in stock at Argos price is now £19.99 but still a bargain

Maybe it means the sauté setting?


Bought one of these yesterday website says Keep warm mode.Delay timer.I cannot find switch, recipe book says on several recipes reduce heat to medium? no such switch misleading again from argos, junk


Normally over an hour with lentils


How long does a veggy soup take you normally? :/


I managed to get one of these for £15 honestly I’d definitely have paid more it’s excellent. I used it last night I made homemade vegetable soup and it took all of 15 minutes :o

Wilko Pressure Cooker 6L £25  (Free C&C) @ Wilko
Found 5th JanFound 5th Jan
Serve up a feast with our versatile 6 Litre Electric Pressure Cooker. It cooks quickly to lock in flavour and goodness and has 10 automatic programmes making it perfect for cooking… Read more

Just bought one in-store at Thornaby. They had one more on the shelf


Thank you.


Just ordered one, back in stock


I bought the last one in Nuneaton. :-)


oos online and no nearby stores with stock available (fierce)

Cookworks Pressure cooker at Argos for £19.99 -Back in stock
Found 4th JanFound 4th Jan
There was a deal for this last week at 14.99 but i missed it due to out of stock, it is now showing as in stock for collection in 4 days in all my local branches so fought it might… Read more

I also bought one last week for £14.99. Wanted one for a while but I’m far too tight but couldn’t resist at that price. I’m disappointed in myself for waiting so long. It’s great to use, saves so much time and the pot cleans really easily. Definitely reco


and over the course of lunchtime they've all sold out!


Missed it last time when it was posted... This time also I almost missed, I reserved the last one of my nearest store. Thanks OP


My mum bought a pressure cooker when I was a child over 35 years ago now. Not sure about the ones of today, but when I was a child they were pretty noisy and scary and when the food was cooked I'd quickly make an exit from the kitchen - I honestly thought that the thing was going to blow up. After experiencing that one, I've never actually bought one myself, though I should imagine that the ones of today are a lot safer.


I have it . Voted hot

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Pressure King Pro 3 Litre Pressure Cooker £34 @ Amazon
Found 2nd JanFound 2nd Jan
Lowest ever price on Amazon for the 3 litre size in Chrome. This pressure cooker is well reviewed and was recommended to me by a friend, a great deal at this price for anyone looki… Read more

Best not go into a pro kitchen then. XD


I have this model from Amazon and it's got the sauté option. Its called 'Browning' and is on the same button as 'meat'. You just have to keep the lid off to use the function. I got mine from Amazon a few months ago when it was £25 so this should be the same model. ;)


aluminium was a popular material during the 60's and 70's.... today, Alzheimer’s is as popular as aluminium cooking pots were then.


Difference from pushing a couple of buttons and walking away then automatically switching to keep warm if needed versus fanning around getting correct continuous pressure on cooker. It can also be used as a slow cooker and for sautee


It doesn’t have the sauté option if anyone is bothered.

Pressure King Pro 5 litre (Chrome) 12 in 1 pressure cooker - £46 instore @ Tesco
LocalLocalFound 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Pressure King Pro 12 in 1 (Chrome), 5 litre digital pressure cooker is £46 in Tesco at the moment. It was £49 before Christmas. Seems a good price considering it's around £60 elsew… Read more

No longer available on this price :(


Just been to Brighouse store none in stock and customer service says no way to check other stores. Really wanted to try one and this price was so good.


Just saw this in the Redditch Extra. We’ve been considering the ‘Instant Pot’ device - this is less than the half the price, so may give it a go


Tesco don't have an online store anymore


argos have the cookworks 3l simple version of this 1kw rated for £15 if they aren't sold out yet.

Cookworks Pressure cooker at Argos for £14.99 (free C&C)
Refreshed 29th Dec 2018Refreshed 29th Dec 2018LocalLocal
Was looking to buy one of these for a while. They were recently discounted to 30 and now 14.99. Most stores don't have stock, but many allow reservations (I collected one yesterday… Read more
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Its £19.99 now


Quite a lot of locations with availability this morning. Use checknow dot co dot uk with item number 7117288 to see if there is anything around you.


All out of stock again in London :(


Lots of stock showing up in London. Reserved one for tomorrow even though I got the 6ltr PK Just picked one up from Camden. I’ve got an extra reservation for Wembley Central till Wednesday if anyone wants it.


Thanks OP, managed to pick one up yesterday :)

Pressure King Pro 20 in 1 cooker - similar to instant pot - £79.99 @ John Lewis & partners
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Product code: 85586302 Versatile, quick and easy to use, the Pressure King Pro 6L Digital Pressure Cooker will help feed your friends and family with deliciously healthy meals in … Read more

Depends if you brown 1st. Obviously it doesn't crisp up stuff. Pop stuff under grill or in oven. I personally arnt bothered


6l functions than 5l not just bigger


Nonstick bowl, no burn notice and no need for deglazing after sautee. Cake button, adjustable temp settings for slow cooking.


I just finish off in the oven.....super succulent meat and very speedy cooking. There’s no shortage of recipes, they are really very versatile.


Might have been the way it was being cooked

Instant Pot Duo V2 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, 6 Qt, 5.5L 1000 W One day deal Amazon £94.99 usually >£110
Found 26th Dec 2018Found 26th Dec 2018
Credit to the OP that posted this earlier today but for some reason the deal got marked expired! Deal is for the Instant Pot Duo V2 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, 6 Qt, 5.5L 100… Read more

Sorry for the late reply! Hope I'm still on time! Instant Pot The glass lid Go all the way to basket and chek out, to the point where you choose delivery date and rates and al that jazz. That's where you remove the lid, should you want to. GOOD LUCK!


Could you post the links because I can't seem to get it to work!


Steel cut oats are also called Coarse Oatmeal. I got some from Holland and Barrett. I couldn’t get them in any supermarket. Look online for recipes with milk. Some mix water with milk too. (y)


Do you have a link for the glass lid please? I've added one that Amazon recommended but it didn't work for me. Update: Done!... I've added them separately to the basket. I was adding them from where amazon is selling them as a bundle. I have left the lid as I did want it, but now everything was £100 Thanks Belle0913


Just tried this - added the glass lid and took it out at the last minute before finalising the order, and the price reduced to £79.16.

200 Pressure Cooker Recipes - Kindle - Free @ Amazon
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
As usual, grab while it is free. 200 recipes for your collection. Over 400 pages. No pictures, sorry @splender .

Deal expired, price now £1.99


(y) thanks


Thanks OP, much obliged for a clear statement on pictures or not.


Thank you (lol)


Thanks for posting (y)

Electric Pressure Cooker Recipes (225) - Kindle - Free @ Amazon.
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
Actually this is two books combined. Includes tips on using cooker and keeping it clean. Over 450 pages. Grab it while it is free.

Price now £1.99, deal expired.


Thank you for that. I just got it. (y)


One more for you @Loubou -


Thanks @vultura Another freebie for my Instant Pot. I can't grumble for nowt! (y)


What a fab freebie!

100 Vegan Pressure Cooker Recipes - Kindle - Free @ Amazon
Found 14th Dec 2018Found 14th Dec 2018
259 pages, with a focus on using electric pressure cooker. Grab while it is free.

Now £2.99, deal expired.


That's brilliant, thank you.


(skeptical) :{


How do you know if you are sat next a vegan?..................................................................................They'll tell you. :o


I love my instant pot so this looks great 😋

Pressure king pro 5 litre pressure cooker Chrome TESCO in Store only £49
LocalLocalFound 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
Pressure king pro 5 litre pressure cooker Chrome TESCO in Store only. I just bought from crawley store, Gatwick. This is best recent price I've found for 5 litre model. If you wa… Read more
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cheap but be careful what recipes you follow as these so called pro pressure cookers operate at a very low pressure of 7.25 psi which is only half the pressure of a standard stove top pressure cooker and a lot less than most electric pressure cookers high setting of 11 psi


Thank you! Just purchased at the Lakeside (Thurrock) tesco.

Crock-Pot Express Pressure Cooker CSC051, 12-in-1 Programmable Multi-Cooker, Slow Cooker, Steamer and Saute, 5.6L, Stainless £59.99 @ Amazon
Found 26th Nov 2018Found 26th Nov 2018
Create tasty, healthy meals up to 70% faster than the traditional oven or hob. Cook a whole chicken in 30 minutes! 4 Ways to cook: pressure cook, slow cook, steam, and brown/sauté.… Read more
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The v2 instant pot seems to have steam leak issue, as I have tried the test run with the purchased 79.99 one and a new replacement received. The previous version doesn’t have this issue. Will have to send both back unfortunately ;(


You'll wonder why you didn't use it sooner. I have an Instant Pot and a Cosori - just love how tasty our meals are now.


Yeah deal of the day is meant to finish at 23:59 but Amazon stopped the Instant Pot one at around 23:30hrs. This was bad. Fair play to you for getting the £20 discount. (y)


I’ve bought the instant pot last week. Not yet used it but was wondering if there was much difference. Thank you


Don't you think the Pressure King Pro should be a lot cheaper than what it is? The quality is not great at all. I was lucky enough to get the 3L model when it was posted on here for £25. Theres no way I'd pay full price. It's so basic and the pan is poor quality. The large one is £99.99. Yes it's got a lot more functions but it's not worth the price. The Instant Pot is overpriced too but you're right, it's much better quality than the PKP. :D

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