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Redex Petrol & Diesel Injector Cleaners @ £2 ASDA
31/07/2021Expires on 31/07/2021Made hot 17th JulMade hot 17th Jul
Useful for cleaning the injectors on your vehicle to save on fuel and prolong engine life. Nationwide offer in all stores

Yes. Poorly quality test. For example, they repeated the 'after' test 8 times and took the highest result. That's bad methodology - better to take the average, or possibly even discard the highest and lowest values. No mention of how they took the 'before' result. Could have been the lowest . If there was any robust data to support the supposed performance of Redex, the manufacturers would publish it.


I've just ordered 5 litres of Cetane Booster from Hydra International Ltd. Enough to treat 5000L so on an approximate 50L diesel fill that's 100 treatments Here is my MPG averaged over a year's data - Combined: 39.26 mpg (WITHOUT CETANE BOOSTER) MAZDA 6 SE-L NAV D Registered: September 2013 Cylinder capacity: 2191 cc Power: 147 bhp I shall chart the same whilst using the product .... Let's see what results I achieve..


Do any of these products help with dpf maintenance? Thanks It seems cebo hydra will be the recommendation as it has lubricant but not sure if it is useful for dpf related issues


Yes, Archoil is OOS now, I bought 4x5l last year for £ 29.99 each, so have plenty. Always cheaper when buying larger quantities. Lubrication is needed when using 2-ehn. Your shown CEBO one has lubricants in it.


Looks like good stuff. Where do you get it from? Appears to be out of stock and no longer listed Both these are £12.95 / litre but does not have the extra lubricants or you pay £14.95 / litre to get the lubricants

Redex Petrol or Diesel Fuel System Cleaner 250ml - £2 delivered (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
Made hot 8th JulMade hot 8th Jul
Redex Petrol Fuel System Cleaner 250ml Redex Diesel Fuel System Cleaner 250ml same price at Asda if you prefer For a better drive. Using Redex is a simple part of a c… Read more

Ordering more of this, I tested it over 10 tankfulls 5 without and 5 with, the 5 with I just dumped the whole bottle in all 250ml. 5 without I averaged 38.6mpg 5 with I averaged 41.5mpg 2.9mpg better off Similar driving styles mostly commuting to work. Over 10,000 miles that is roughly £100 savings if the fuel price stays around 130p It would take me roughly 22.7 tanks to do 10,000 say 23 tanks to keep it simple, so if the redex stays at £2 thats £46 worth of redex over 10,000. If diesel were to drop in price to 60p I would only be saving £49 so it wouldnt be worth it spending £46 on redex to only save £3, but thats not going to happen so it looks like it would work out for me to keep using this stuff. Car is a 2013 Audi A4 Avant 2.0TDI 136, stage 1 remap taking it to 193BHP at the clutch, stock was 148BHP at the clutch. Using Costco diesel.


Half meaning 125 ml per 35 liter capacity ? Pl confirm


Sorry, people started talking about DPF's so I mentioned my experience of it all that I've had with my car. I actually used the Redex DPF Particulate Filter Cleaner bottle and that didn't work. But the shell V Power fuel did.


Yes keep your RPM between 2500 and 3000 and in 3rd or 4th gear on the motorway for 15mins. You have to also make sure you have atleast 1/4 tank of fuel to get this to work. I would advise you to fill up your tank then do this.


I'm pretty sure it has no effect on your DPF. This stuff is meant to, i dunno, keep your tank clean. Or make your injectors smell like pineapples. Your DPF is the thing that accumulates all the dirty particles that aren't meant to be farted out of your exhaust. Then, when you're driving long-distance, it burns it all up and...then farts if out of the exhaust. Whatever this does, if anything at won't be having anything to do with your DPF.

Redex 10L adblue £6.49 in store @ Asda Swansea
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Made hot 31st MayMade hot 31st MayLocalLocal
Not sure if it's UK wide but my local asda had 2 pallet full of Redex adblue 10L

went to my local asda (ware ,herts) £13.50 (shock) and not redex (annoyed)


went into my local Asda (Swansea) and they still have some there


It's urea mixed with water. Same thing you smash through the back of the urinal after half a dozen pints but less contaminated. Mixes with the exhaust gases to eliminate nitrogen oxides- NOx. Compounds you are better off not breathing or dumping into the atmosphere in large quantities. Governments became less keen on the oil burners after their science advisors pointed out the problem with it for the past 30 years. So as usual after just the 25 years they finally listened and mandated adblue on modern diesel cars to help reduce the problem.


It's for Euro6 cars which helps the DPF and keeps emissions low


What is adblue exactly. Never had to use it in my car before lol.

Redex diesel treatment £2 @ Asda (Cardiff Bay)
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Redex diesel treatment £2 @ Asda (Cardiff Bay)£2Asda Deals
As per title, Redex diesel treat - Asda instore. Lots in stock at the Cardiff bay store
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Thanks for taking the time to post your first deal @muddyboy :3


Same price in tesco Beckton


Works great on my 1 series. STP also works well


Not used this but I find miller's equivalent works well, better pickup at lower revs, smoother running and cold starts. Reverts back to normal when I don't use it but I think it keeps things clean if you use it every so often.


Costco, from Monday, are selling 4*500ml packs for £12.58. £1.57 per 250ml.

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Redex Diesel / Petrol Fuel System Cleaner 250ml £2 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon
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Made hot 4th MayMade hot 4th May
Redex Diesel / Petrol Fuel System Cleaner 250ml £2 (+£4.49 Non Prime) @ Amazon£2 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
Diesel: Petrol

It can't be sent to N. Ireland ffs (annoyed)


I am no expert in cars but it shouldn't be any different to filling petrol with some additives in. Unless some experts here should correct me of course!


Will this work with a eco boost 1.0 3 cylinder Ford Focus 2013. I’m a bit worried if it may cause damage


I added it to my Ford 2.0 diesel 2001 and.. . saved me fuel around 35miles per full tank.


Same, I wonder if it's because it's potentially explosive?

Redex Diesel Fuel System Cleaner (Petrol or Diesel), 250ml - £2 (Minimum Basket / Delivery Fee Applies) @ Asda
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Made hot 10th AprMade hot 10th Apr
It available online and in-store as well. Diesel: Redex Diesel System Cleaner removes harmful deposits that build up in the fuel system, leading to better performance and reduced… Read more

There is still no real evidence of that..


The link you posted is for 500ml. Different size, different price. This is 250ml. 250ml frequently on sales for £2 every few months. Search on HUKD and you will see. Still hot price though.


It's a solid discount.


Disagree 100%. Delusional? My car will tell you otherwise. 25.7 MPG without Redex. adding Redex and start a new MPG tracker. 31 MPG with Redex. 20% improvement on fuel efficiency. Car only done 25,000 miles and in very good condition. The car did not do anywhere close to 31 MPG without Redex even when it was brand new.


That normally clears it for me Audi 1.6 TDI ,but started using cataclean works a treat no more issues