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Silvercrest Vacuum Sealer with 3m vacuum sealer roll for £19.99 instore @ Lidl
Posted 13th MayPosted 13th MayLocalLocal
Low price and comes with a 3-year warranty. Would be a great way to reduce that food waste you might have. As far as I know, you could keep your food fresh for a week if you vacu… Read more

I just got a box of rolls from costco if you have a membership. I bought the box 2 years ago and I’m still using it. Probably about 2/3rds of the way through.


These are brilliant. I bought an even cheaper model of Amazon when it came up and it was godawful. These allow you to seal the bag separately without needing to engage the vacuum. For that alone they’re worth it as it means you can just buy the rolls and seal as big or as small as you need. The cheap one cost me about £15 but this is easily worth 4x that for the amount of money and grief it’s saved me over the past two years. I reseal everything from repackaging chicken breasts packs into smaller portions so it lasts longer in the fridge which saves you money as you can buy the family pack and split into 4 portions easy. To doing chop veg packs, do all my chopping and cooking in one go then I just have to warm the bag up in the microwave or a pot of hot water and I’ve got ‘fresh’ veg in minutes the following days. Sous vide steaks/meats. Marinades.


lol.... i purchased one couple of years back. Roughly used about 20 times.


Because for 20 quid you can get a vacuum sealer.


The thumbnail image...I thought it was a deal for the Commodore 64 at first XD

Silvercrest in car charging adapter USB £2.99 at Lidl
Posted 12th MayPosted 12th MayLocalLocal
Available in the middle of Lidl. 2.99 for power adapter, cable and adapters.

At £3 each you could buy two. I have three in my car


Yes, Samsungs/iphones etc can certainly be a bit thirsty. Worth ensuring these things have really clean tips & are properly inserted. Also ensure the cigarette lighter base/contact .is clean. The higher powered 5A adaptors, with a couple of high draw phones plugged in, can generate a ridiculous amount of heat if the contacts are a bit grubby !


Well I'm sure they will, but it would be pretty slow with 1A to each device. Still should maintain the phone on a constant top-up while using GPS, I reckon.


That's a bit low


Depends on the phone's brand, Redmi and Huawei were very happy charging from my cheap car charger, Samsung HTC and Realme, not so much. Battery size had no relevance.

Silvercrest Professional Ice Cream Maker £59.99 instore at selected stores @ Lidl
Posted 11th MayPosted 11th MayLocalLocal
appears to be one with self cooling but not too many details or review will it be another one for back of a Big cupboard? or useful to some at that price

In stock this morning in Shoeburyness Essex, but separate from the other Wednesday offers! I guess it arrived with the Sunday delivery. The bowl part is about 9cm across, the max mark is just above half way, instructions say max amount of mix is 300ml, but I’m sure the volume increases a bit as it churns? Bowl capacity is 700ml according to the instructions, so bigger than a tub of Ben & Jerry’s! One thing to note is that that the bowl part does not come out for cleaning!


I bought it but I'm going to return it, the inside bowl is absolutely tiny! Be lucky to get 3 decent sized scoops out of it, and takes 80 mins to make 1 portion. I'll stick to a Tupperware tub and a whisk.




In stock hinc


May I politely question the use of 'professional'? That aside, good price!

Lidl Silvercrest cordless vacuum cleaner £29.99 instore @ Lidl (Newport)
257° Expired
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th AprLocalLocal
Found this good deal at Lidl in Newport. Reduced from £49.99 Not sure about spec.

Has anyone tried on of these? I would love one even just to use the smaller parts for car cleaning .. far for me but maybe it will pop up at our lidl


Ahh thanks I was hoping Shropshire as I’d ask my MIL to pick one up for me ;(




These were £80 a couple of months back


Is this Newport Shropshire store or South Wales?

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Silvercrest gaming keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and headphones (3 year warranty) £34.99 instore @ Lidl Milton Keynes
200° Expired
Posted 27th Dec 2020Posted 27th Dec 2020LocalLocal
Silvercrest gaming keyboard, mouse, mouse pad and headphones (3 year warranty) £34.99 instore @ Lidl Milton Keynes£34.99LIDL Deals
Important. During this period of heightened restrictions, it’s important we all shop responsibly, minimise our trips out and continue to help slow the spread of Covid-19. You can … Read more
Silvercrest Bubble Waffle, Doughnut or Omelette Maker £6.99 @ Lidl
472° Expired
Posted 20th Dec 2020Posted 20th Dec 2020LocalLocal
Looks like a good price for the nice utility waffle/doughnut or omelette maker at Lidl starting the 26th. Description Colour options are subject to availability Aluminium ba… Read more

In west London Lidl is open on boxing day Please don’t miss out on sale item check you area for further detail


and doughnut (lol)


looks like a good omelette maker for £7


Yes unless they have interchangeable plates - which I don't think they have!


Ready looking forward to buying this product Thank you for posting (lol)