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Nintendo Switch Slim Travel Case - Yoshi Camouflage, £5.52 at Argos/ebay
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Posted 11th AugPosted 11th Aug
Nice case for the money. Travel with just the essentials with the Slim Travel Case - Yoshi Camo Edition from PDP featuring a sleek profile for easy carrying and a cool character… Read more

Wow it was free delivery also. Gone now


Listed as OOS now.


Just don't touch any fuzzys and you'll be fine (Nice find by the way OP!)


Excellent. And if I were to take it on holiday to Yoshis Island would I be liable to lose it?


Yes it does - my son has this case it fits the standard one

Everywhere Messenger Bag for Nintendo Switch - £11.99 + Free Click and Collect - 2 Year Guarantee @ Argos
Posted 8th AugPosted 8th Aug
The Everywhere Messenger Bag stores the complete Nintendo Switch system for easy portability, and features a removable internal case for carrying the Nintendo Switch handheld style… Read more

Always the same at Wigan they have a sale on but never any of what is advertised is in stock! A joke


Apparently nearest store with stock is in North London 162 miles away from me, in Leeds. Think I'll give it a miss!


Nearest to me is Stranraer. 196 miles.


no stock at all near me, damn!


No stock near me, but managed to get the Zelda one:

Nintendo Labo: VR Kit Expansion Set 2 - Bird & Wind Pedal £10.99 @ Argos (click & collect)
Posted 7th AugPosted 7th Aug
Now just £10.99 at Argos. Nintendo Labo: VR Kit is a unique first VR experience that kids and families can build themselves. Combines the innovative physical and digital gameplay… Read more

The price is good so deserves heat. The problem is your kids will build this thing then never use it again.


Set 1 is also £10.99.


That's correct, Argos do the Starter Set & Blaster for £29.99… but that's if they have them in stock.


Just an FYI l. You will also need the starter pack to use this. (The headset part is not included in the expansion packs.

Nintendo Switch Slim Travel Case - Yoshi Camouflage/Mario Camo - £5.52 @ Argos / eBay
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Posted 31st JulPosted 31st Jul
Nintendo Switch Slim Travel Case - Yoshi Camouflagee £5.52 Nintendo Switch Slim Travel Case - Mario Camo £5.52 Free delivery Officially licensed by Nintendo. Rigid EVA … Read more
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I bought this when it was around £15. Great case. We had the Yoshi one.


Bought mario one shame there are no Luigi ones


Thank you


Switch lite is smaller but should still fit though


Are these for the switch lite?

Nintendo Labo: VR Kit Expansion Set 2 - Bird & Wind Pedal £12.99 @ Argos (click & collect)
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Not quite the best £10 deals from yesteryear, but currently the best I could see. Nintendo Labo: VR Kit is a unique first VR experience that kids and families can build themselves… Read more

Thank you. Glad I read this before taking a leap and buying it!


side note: This kit requires the VR starter kit (VR Goggles) and the base game. It's not a standalone product.

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Nintendo LABO VR Kit Expansion Set 1: Camera & Elephant £13.99 @ Argos (click & collect)
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
Not quite the best £10 deals from yesteryear, but currently the best I could see. Nintendo Labo: VR Kit is a unique first VR experience that kids and families can build themselves… Read more

You need this to play these


Heads up, you need the VR starter kit for these kits to work according to Nintendo:

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Charging Grip £20.99 delivered at Amazon
Posted 20th JulPosted 20th Jul
Combine the left and right Joy-Con into one larger controller with this handy grip Keep playing while you’re charging your Joy-Con, so you don’t have to miss a minute Both Joy-Co… Read more

In the early days of Switch could get a black one for £9.99 at times, not sure what RRP was back then but wasn't £25 which is outrageous. Some of the nice themed ones (PDP?) have been half this price too. I did buy a cheap unofficial blue one on ebay and has been fine and see no difference compared to an official one.


Good alternative to paying out for a pro for multiplayer games. Think of it as your 2nd or 3rd madkatz for friends/family.


It's just a cheaper solution that makes use of what you already have to be fair.


Anyone else peed off that they didn't allow charging with the stock joycon grip?


You're better off putting the £20 towards a Pro controller if you're playing docked on a regular basis. Not a lot of point to this

Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 02: Robot Kit - £49.99 @ Argos
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Posted 14th JulPosted 14th Jul
Release date: 27 April 2018. Together with the Nintendo Switch console, the Nintendo Labo kits provide the tools and technology to make fun DIY creations, play games with your cre… Read more
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Currently £25.95


Paid £10 for mine, wouldn't recommend anyone spend over £20 for this one. The main game is dull with little replay value. It'll keep your kids entertained for an afternoon or two but leaves you with a massive cardboard backpack to accommodate


Please don't tell us you've paid 50 notes for this.


I absolutely love the Labo series and had a great time playing and building them with my kids, but this isn't a good price.


Barely worth £10 we bought it for. Takes up far too much room (as does the rest of the labo series), and games are nothing more than 1 minute wonders. Think my lad has been on it twice since built, 4 months ago.

Orzly Case for Nintendo Switch Lite - £5.94 (Prime / +£4.49 NP) - Amazon/Orzy
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Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
Item is dispatched by Orzly and fulfilled by Amazon. Hard to grumble under £6 delivered for a hard shell protective case for Nintendo Switch (Lite). NINTENDO SWITCH LITE CAS… Read more
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12.99 now expired


I've had this case for the original Nintendo Switch for a few years now and it's still going strong, this is a bargain!


A very sturdy case at a great price


Excellent deal thanks for posting, hopefully get the switch lite soon for my sons birthday.


Bought this last time on offer for my sd cards and mp3 players ...well worth it .

PowerA Nintendo Switch Wired Controller - Link Design, £14.99 at Argos + free collection
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Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Nice controller, might suit someone. The Link Edition Controller for Nintendo Switch is designed for true fans! This traditional-style controller is officially licensed by Ninte… Read more

Not adding heat, but not making cold either. Reasons are: Price is ok for kids to play with and good looking controller, cheaper than usual £25 price. But Controllers made from PowerA are terrible and they break easily. If you are thinking of getting a controller for long term and constant use, this is not great value since you'll have to send it off to get fixed at long as it is on warrenty. Even then it will still break anyway. Not worth the hassle. If you are ok spending £15 knowing you'll get a good few months with it, then maybe you want it.


Don't expect any longevity out of these. Especially if you're playing something like smash. They suffer very easily from stick drift. I had the exact same one and only lasted a few months of use before severe stick drift. You're better off either getting the pro controller or if you have an Xbox controller you can buy a Bluetooth adapter for less than 20 quid


Will this work with a Switch Lite? (I’m thinking for extended play sessions)


(y) And Currys with Free delivery (If anyone wishes)


Same price on Amazon if you have prime (y)

The Legend of Zelda: Links Awaking Licensed Nintendo Switch Case - £10.99 at Argos + Free collection
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Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
Update 1
Price dropped from £11.99 to £10.99 - 25/07
Nice case on offer here. Zelda Deluxe Travel Case which holds and protects you Nintendo Switch. Features an adjustable viewing stand. Adjustable viewing stand. Recessed bottom… Read more

I’m still salty over that blatant mis-sell from MM (lol) (lol)


Was gonna say, unusual to see it actually as a proper deal (lol)


This bloody case! I thought we'd seen the back of it now the Music Magpie posts have gone away (:I (lol) (Good price though!) (y)


Would this be big enough to hold a pair of pliers and a blowtorch?

Orzly Case for Nintendo Switch Lite (Solid Black) £6.99 Delivered - Dispatched from and sold by Orzly on Amazon
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Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd Jul
NINTENDO SWITCH LITE CASE: Protective travel friendly carrying case From Orzly for the new compact 2019 Nintendo Switch Lite DURABLE SWITCH LITE PROTECTION: A hard shell exteri… Read more

I’d be nervous about that zip rubbing against my switch when it’s closed!


I don't own this, as I don't have a Lite, but the Orzly products that I have already are very well made and I expect nothing less from this product.


Haha ! Thanks for that! Purchased!


No, it says Lite. Don't put me in trouble, please. (embarrassed) (cheeky) No you cannot, I am afraid. It won't fit. Here is a £5 alternative for you and normal Switch:


I know it says light but could I put my normal switch in here ?

The Legend of Zelda: Links Awaking Licensed Nintendo Switch Case with Game Card Storage - £11.99 at Amazon Prime / +£4.49 non prime
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Refreshed 13th JulRefreshed 13th Jul
Update 1
Now £11.99
Nice case on offer here, same price as argos Zelda Deluxe Travel Case which holds and protects you Nintendo Switch. Features an adjustable viewing stand. Adjustable viewing s… Read more

A remake? That’s a damning indictment if ever I heard one


Haven't played it yet but my mate finished it and his switch clocked like 8 hours (:I


I noticed yesterday that this listing, out of all the listings with a stock image, has now been updated :D


Like from one of the idiots who fell for that :D


My favourite game of all time. Playing it as an 11 year old made me in to the manic depressive I am today. Somehow I was emotionless playing it again on the switch. Excellent remaster. Shame there’s no dlc and it’s a 20 hour game at the max.

PDP Starter Kit - Elite Edition (Nintendo Switch) - £9.99 Delivered @
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Posted 24th JunPosted 24th Jun
Play anywhere and stay powered up with the Elite Edition Starter Kit for Nintendo Switch! This kit includes a stylish case, USB-C power cable and silicone grips to add comfort to y… Read more

I read this as PSP starter kit and got depressed.


I first sat at a PDP-11/70 in my Dad's office in 1972 or 1973 and punched patterns in punch cards.... I remember the excitement when they later upgraded to an 11/84... Played Adventure and Zork. Good times


PDP? I remember those days ..

Stealth Travel Case for Nintendo Switch Lite Grey / Nintendo Switch Black £4.99 @ Argos (free collection)
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Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Argos have recently added a few Nintendo Switch travel cases to their site, with two variants one for the Nintendo Switch Lite in grey and a slightly larger version in black for th… Read more

Went to Argos and got this for Switch. Great quality and super chuffed for the price! :)


I had a quick look but not seeing any decent offers currently for a grey case for the Switch there was the below offer a few months back which I think was an Argos price match from Amazon but prices seem to be around the £10 mark currently


is there grey case for Nintendo switch,not lite


I bought one last week pretty good quality

UGREEN Bluetooth Adapter for Nintendo Switch - £17.99 (Prime) / £22.48 (Non Prime) - Amazon/UGREEN
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Posted 17th JunPosted 17th Jun
I've had a look around at these and this seems to be the best priced one available if you're looking to add bluetooth capability to your Nintendo Switch console. There are slightly… Read more

Unfortunately the Nintablet can't do that (cheeky)


Look again - the one I posted comes with a USB adapter that let's it plug into the dock also. So can be used both ways.


Most likely latency will be worse going out of the headphone jack - also using the headphone jack means it needs charging by itself and can't be powered by the switch.


I never knew the switch didn't have. Bluetooth. The Wii and Wii U had it. The 3DS and it's variants also had it. Why exclude it?


Yeah just my 2 cents on this. having multiple joycons connected then audio playing on this same Bluetooth stack probably creates unacceptable lag. This is my experience on a low rent pc, connecting keyboard, mouse and Bluetooth stereo speakers on the same dongle. Keyboard lags too hell.

Nintendo Switch Console Neon Red - Neon Blue + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + Joy-Con Wheel Pair - £337.55 - shopTo
373° Expired
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Nintendo Switch Console Neon Red - Neon Blue + Mario Kart 8 Deluxe + Joy-Con Wheel Pair - £337.55 - shopTo
£337.55ShopTo Deals
Enjoy the home console gaming experience, even without access to a TV. Nintendo Switch can transform to suit your situation, so you can play the games you want, no matter how busy … Read more

Sold out 13th June 2020 @ 13:37


Error message on checkout “not available for your country, remove from basket” when the deal launched. Now corrected (and price up since no longer exchange rate) and purchasable from UK address


The games are relatively pricey (£40ish) compared to other consoles however as they hold their value if you buy a physical copy you can sell it on. You end up paying perhaps £10 for a game for many hours of entertainment. For this particular deal Mario Kart is the kind of game you can go back to again and again as you don’t complete it as such.


It has been difficult to get hold of consoles recently, might be of use to some people


Rubbish deal, even if you just pay RRP you can get the console + game for £319, the plastic wheels certainly are not worth £18.

HORI Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Mini (Nintendo Switch) £52.99 Delivered @ Amazon
256° Expired
Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
HORI Mario Kart Racing Wheel Pro Mini (Nintendo Switch) £52.99 Delivered @ Amazon
Price match of Argos. Great reviews on both sites too. The Deluxe version can be had for £71.99 from 365games . HORI is pleased to announce the Nintendo Switch Mario Kart Racing … Read more

Playing Grid with this will seem a little weird


Believe me or not that G29 didn’t make me any better in races or added to my interest in playing more. It’s been gathering dust only. If you’re really into it, you can use a peanut as your quality driving wheel and enjoy playing lol. If not l, even the most expensive wheel is still going to be a few time used accessory only.

marmaluke we're talking!! I'd love one. This post may be for a decent product, but it still reminds me of one of these.... :p


Embarrassingly, I’m a Sony fanboy. I only have PS4 and vita and my wheel for is G29. :D I don’t have a switch or one of these, so sorry for being useless and failing to reflect a personal opinion. But in general, Hori products are quality. I have a bunch of Hori accessories for PS4 and vita including an L3/R3 addon button for vita which works very well.


Haha i may have skipped the first minute 😝 I love a racing wheel, but without force feedback I don’t really see a place for them. Not really relevant in Ninty games like MK, but I’d rather use a controller. I see a place for this maybe for collectors..? Out of interest, do you have one of these wheels? Any opinions?

Nintendo Switch Elite Travel Case - £3.49 (+£3.95 Postage) @ Argos
275° Expired
Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Nintendo Switch Elite Travel Case - £3.49 (+£3.95 Postage) @ Argos
Hey guys this is my first deal after being a user of the website for a while. A Nintendo Switch case which also holds up to 6 game cartridges. Sorry if this deal has been post… Read more
Avatardeleted2505413Get deal*Get deal*

I have bought that one when it was like £3 or something. Have been travelling a lot (flying as well) and Switch was in the suitcase all the time, case stil looks like brand new and nothing happened to Switch. Great stuff (y)


I can put my switch in my bag without case, it's fine


This has regularly been this price but without the P&P. Decent little case. I believe it only stores 4 games though


Been posted a few times, surprised if any stock left.


Voted cold, not the Zelda game disguised as a travel case 😁

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