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World of Warcraft 60 day time card EU £17.35 @ Gamivo / Worldofcdkeys
Found 28th SepFound 28th Sep
Best price I've seen in a little while for this, still seems a popular game, although not one I personally play. People go wild for it, so thought this might be useful. Use CODE10… Read more

In my day it was all about thorium ore, you young whippersnappers! I played to TBC but quit by WOTLK, though I did briefly give it a go but don't think I got max level.


At the start of the expansion Monelite Ore sold on my server for 185g each, but this basically in the first week. Normal price became around 70g, but now the average is 37g each, but this is also weighted by the first weeks high prices. Try TSM4 if you are interested in making gold efficiently rather than selling things at the lowest price. Its not an easy addon, but a few YouTuber's show good guides. The mats are used for Armor, or Turn-ins for quests or just leveling up professions on main and alt characters.


Yeh I have TSM, what a life saver! Wowww what server are u on lol that is amazing. Even in BFA launch in mine it was never that high at the start. They got for about 28g each now and nearer launch they were about 78g each. My server is medium ish pop I think. It's always been my obsession to play WoW for free and I enjoy trying to make gold so if I can I will but sometimes it's so time consuming and dull (sometimes) that I think, just pay with real money and enjoy the game haha. I've made quite a bit over the past week though, things seem to be selling again.


out of interest what prices were u selling let's say a full stack of 200x monelite ore and stormsilver ore for nearer BFA launch and how much do you sell them for now? I just sold a few stacks of 200's and I can confirm you get a lot of gold but my next question was "Ok...if people buy them for this much, what are they doing with them and can I make more by doing the same?" however at the moment even though I am aware of this I am currently too lazy / unwilling to put the time in yet to figure that out and level other professions lol. Plus I seem to be getting hundreds of the mats without even realising. I look one moment and I have hundreds...sell them look again a few days later and I have loads again!


Play hard with gathering professions, learn the Auction House with addons and earn 180k gold a month and you play for free. In the first month of BFA I have earned around 1m gold, but the prices on the AH were good at this time and playtime tokens have been currently low at 175k (previously 300k ish).

World of Warcraft: Battle of Azeroth £29.99 @ Amazon
Found 14th AugFound 14th Aug
£1 cheaper than cdkeys and its from Amazon! PC Code in a box. Join the Battle for Azeroth and set sail to exotic, new lands amidst a world divided. The futures of the Horde and A… Read more
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see it as £39.99


That must be why mine never turned up. When I pre ordered months ago. I asked where it was and they said something went wrong and we will send you another one. I was hoping 2 would arrive but only 1 did lol.


£29.99 on cd keys. Was 27.99, then 28.99 and it went to the current price a few days ago


I had the same thing a few years back on the game time codes from Amazon. Crazy they are unable to watch their staff....


39.99 for me also

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth £10 off £29.99 @ cdkeys
Found 13th AugFound 13th Aug
£10 off Blizzard price, Not bad if you haven't got it yet, and couldn't get it cheaper when other deals were available earlier in the year (cheeky) ️

Bloody better be ;-)


Surely we are all horde right?!?


You’re all much faster than me! Still, if you’re on Horde side give me a shout :) had in laws here for a few weeks so hardly had time to play!


Just one more faction needs revered and I'll unlock pathfinder, also my quest log is empty and just says the war for me will continue soon


I got to 120 in about 6 days. I took my time and did every quest I could find. Got to 120 on the last bit of the story. Some really good story telling and really funny, creepy and mysterious side quests. When I hit 120 so much happened. Loads of things to do no matter how much time you have. I work and have family, but I put aside a few hours and it's some great time spent. I just got to ilevel 312 without too much effort... But I was also lucky. Get this game

38p rolson 23cm magnetic spirit level
Found 13th JulFound 13th Jul
I don't know what the original price was but it seems to be a second reduction. There are various rolson tools being reduced..... I know rolson tools are not Makita quality!!! But… Read more

Decided to buy 2, 1 to use horizontally and 1 to use vertically.


Annoying Git ;) Honorary little brother!


You haven't annoyed me! I was trying to say that you should annoy the few very annoyed people even more by editing the title. I do find wow in the title unnecessary, but it's not a big enough deal that I'd comment as everyone has their own way of posting, at least you are posting hot deals like this one :)


I've annoyed "everyone" every single person on this website, have I ? Or just you and a handful of others!!! I realise now from your kindness it was such a overpowering mind control situation.... it allowed themselves to be effected by it when it really shouldn't have :/ I think I should be a literary Jedi!!!... thanks for your time and bringing it to my attention though (y)


You should have annoyed everyone and made the title 'WOW!!!! AMAZING!!! WHAT A DEAL!!!' instead.

RAID: World War II  (Xbox One & PS4) £9.99 @ GAME
Found 12th JulFound 12th Jul
Xbox One Link: PS4 Link: RAID: World War II is an action-packed four p… Read more
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Awful game don't bother


it's one of the first games I've claimed a refund on Steam utter garbage.


The boxart looks atrocious so thought it might be a hidden treasure of gameplay, but reviewing it... Nope. Turd, front to back.


Was supposed to be like Payday 2, but it’s pants!


Meant to be absolutely awful

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25% off most in game services for World of Warcraft
Found 24th JunFound 24th Jun
I know this isn't for everyone, and yes, the services are still overpriced, but if you want to make any last minute changes before the new expansion, there are currently 25% off mo… Read more

What about pokemon... Sorry, pet battles? They ran out of ideas and so pillaged from other successful games.


I played it for a couple of years around 6 years , I download a free account a couple of months ago , the whole thing looks very dated graphically , I had every turned upto full 4k , ran smoothly enough but it really has not progressed graphically , needs a serious graphical update...


You could tell wow was going in a bad direction when they put the plant Vs zombie game in the farm in hillsbrad.


I don’t think they are. At least compared to a few years ago. So many servers have died.


Jeez those prices are awful for automated services.

world of warcraft free play weekend - this weekend only
Found 23rd JunFound 23rd Jun
This offer is open only till 24th june, but hey it's still free. Not sure about the time it expires on the 24th. Log into your WOW account and off you go, doesn't matter if you hav… Read more
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I enjoyed the time with my so many friends in the guild, and the gears are the extra.


5 Shaman?


(lol) yeah suppose your right, but to keep up and stay at the top in that game requires many many hours especially raiding. At the time it seemed fun but as i look back now i couldnt play again it seems boring same thing over and over to get better gear and then a month later its not good gear any more. starting a new character was a huge choir spending weeks doing same stuff you done 5 times already. Just not for me any more i suppose ill stick to mario and zelda on the switch lol


The renaming thing was because they merged servers I think, very annoying. The talent trees are boring now but at lesser respec is a free click of the button rather than playing 50 gold to a trainer!


It's not a bad game. They've changed it a lot recently to make the leveling much better. It's slower but it's a lot better. Every mob and quest scales with your level. So if you like a zone you can stick with it till it's fully completed. Compared to before you would level so fast that after an hour or so you would switch zones and so on. The new scaling feels more in-depth as you can get carried away with a quest line and see it through right to the end while feeling you are being rewarded correctly (rewards are scaled to the level of completion).

World of Warcraft: Battle For Azeroth - Pre-purchase £27.28 @ Amazon
Found 31st MayFound 31st May
This is the cheapest price I've seen AND directly from Amazon. It's a code-in-a-box, so they post it to you. I have Amazon Prime, so this worked out perfectly. Amazon seems to ra… Read more

Great Deal - Preordered from Amazon ! Have some heat and thanks


I think it's a good deal tbh. I've ordered.


Fair enough. Is it common to get voted cold here with no explanation? A previous deal for the same item, except more expensive got rated hot. *shrug*


You can buy multiple expansions and all of the included 110 boosts can be used on any account. I did it with Legion as its cheaper than buying the actual boost on its own


The boost is part of the expansion, so you can't apply it multiple times, afaik. I got my box today, came with a WoW Guest Pass and a Hearthstone Pack bundled in for free. It's a legitimate blizzard product.

checkoutsmart free Wow Dark Detox 250ml, £1.90x3 @sainsburys.
LocalLocalFound 12th AprFound 12th Apr
free from checkoutsmart upload receipt to claim £1.90 cashback each purchase at sainsburys only. 1 of Wow Dark Detox Cold Pressed Lemon Charcoal Water 250ml 1 of Wow Dark Detox l… Read more

yes, just noticed, i will expire, probably no one will find them anyway, like many of these checkoutsmart offers with products you have never heard of.


Awh, they changed it on the app. They've combined them so you only choose one for cashback.


Not many stores will stock, do not waste your time. I've been to stores that say they stock but do not. Best thing to do is go for online delivery in a postcode close to that store and you will see if it's available or not.


Phoned my local Redditch branch and they don’t stock it! (annoyed)


Actually now you mention it, half the time I go in for these items they don't seem to stock them or they are not there....I'm not cynical but from now on 'I'm watching them' (ninja)

+WOW !! 10 cards for only £1 spotted in store at The Works.
LocalLocalFound 5th AprFound 5th Apr
I've stocked up for the whole year :D !
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True, don't see it as an issue though.


Had a 80p reward on my works card so got them for 20p, nobody can complain that I don't care now.... 😜


been this price for a long time now,i found a lot of them have no written message inside.whilst the price is good - I prefer Card warehouse :-)


Yes they are cheaply made, ive got tissues what are thicker.


Yes they are cheaply made, ive got tissues what are thicker.

World of Warcraft 60 Day Time Card £15.99  (Prime) / £17.98 (non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 27th MarFound 27th Mar
Have this tracking on camelcamelcamel and it just dropped down. Usually £19.99, at this price it works out cheaper than paying for the subscription through the game.

The best game ever. Every year I come back for a couple of months.


Waiting for Classic myself, but I did try Legion. It's just not the same.


I played vanilla wow and it was the most addictive thing ever /played far too much, I have good memories of it however I recently topped up some game time but it's just not the same and the upcoming expansion looks like the poorest attempt at new content I've seen in my opinion It can steal hours and hours of your life but games are a time sink by definition I suppose, having said all of that I'd recommend it if you haven't tried it


Yes, but my numbers are still either on the money or they have more than I said. Think about how much that is just a for a MONTH for Bliz. Now imagine a year... The game is far from dead and for me, someone who did buy new games regularly, it is cheaper as now I only pay around £15 a month instead of buying new games at £30-£50. I also have more content than 99% of games and stuff added all the time. I think people like to think games die. People love to see shit end for some odd reason... so now with this game they like to imagine it is dead. With Classic and the new expansion I think it will prob double or more and then lose numbers until future expansions like it always does.


Thanks man, I didn't realize it worked that way!

World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth DLC £28.99 @ CDKeys
Found 26th MarFound 26th Mar
Pre-purchase of the WOW BFA expansion due out in Sept. Bargain price atm on CD Keys. Obviously not everyone's cup of tea, sure, but for those who do want it...:D ADDED: Puppe… Read more
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Looks like cdkeys are cashing in on the pre-purchase edition it's 38 quid now !


I have quit and returned at least 5 times, I always return with a new expansion then make enough gold for another month then quit. Such a vicious cycle!


So weird to see it as DLC not Expansion :D


Good price, but I am holding out for lower. Want the boost for a Zandalari Troll Warrior, but hear that they might not even be available until meeting certain conditions at level 120, so I will wait for more details.


Stay strong..........who am i kidding i will go back play the content then quit again

World of warcraft battle for azeroth pre order + free lvl 110 boost. (£39.99 on blizzard store) CDkeys fb Code 5% off
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
This is £39.99 on the blizzard store. INCLUDES: Level 110 character boost! Declare Your Allegiance Azeroth paid a terrible price to end the apocalyptic march of the Legion's cru… Read more
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Bought it, you recieve a key straight away.


Tesco said they had no codes as they are in the game case that they don't have yet... actual words used.


I know all that ^^


You don't receive a key via email - you collect a physical box and inside that box there should be a serial key, assuming it's the same as the Legion version I linked. EDIT: Oops, didn't see Puppeh had also responded.


Disagree. WoW looks better.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Wristbands Wow Weekends Are Back
Found 1st FebFound 1st Feb
WOW Half Price Weekends are back! You can enjoy everything that Blackpool Pleasure Beach has to offer for HALF PRICE. From Saturday 10th February - 25th March 2018 Plus extra d… Read more
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The market wants what the market wants!


Well in all the time I've been there I don't think I've queued more than half an hour, and that was for the biggest rides. As for food, you can leave the park, have your food and go back in. Or like I do, leave the park, have a walk on the beach front and get some chips then go back! I honestly think Blackpool is one of the better theme parks as queuing times are less and you can leave the park and there's actually places to go nearby


All very good points and well made, including the "Blackpool does let itself down in some ways" comment. We also live sort of just down the road (an hours drive away) and it is indeed great to take our grandkids there for days out a couple of times a year.


I agree, but it's not all bad as there is..... -An expensive theme park with the most rides per square foot in the UK. -3 large piers, all with arcades and fairground rides. 1 has a bungee, an inverted bungee and a huge swing thing. Another has a massive ferris wheel. Another holds the annual firework world championships. -A large tower with plenty to see and do, this also houses one of the most prestigious ballrooms in the UK. -An indoor water park, the largest in the UK. -Winter Gardens complex, a large grade 1 listed building full of character that has been host to lots of big names along the years and held political party annual conferences. -A famous opera house, the royal variety performance has been her on many occasions. - Stanley Park, Lancashire CCC still come and play some games at the cricket pitch. -Waterloo pub, this has a famous crown green bowling stadium and holds many televised tournaments. -A zoo. By no means the best, but there is one. -A world famous annual light show that stretches for miles. -many other attractions inc. Coral Island, Tussauds, Ripleys believe it or not. - a famous tramline -the golden mile -A blue flag beach and a regenerated promenade. I could go on, and yes Blackpool does let itself down in some ways but I consider myself lucky for having it down the road.


Totally agree with you. It was bloody brilliant :)

World Of Warcraft Discounts - World Of Warcraft Legion - £19.99 and others
Found 30th JanFound 30th Jan
Probably because of the available pre purchase of World of warcraft battle of azeroth the previous games are currently on sale. World Of Warcraft Complete Collection (all games) -… Read more

yes, basically the 5 pounds pack includes all games before legion. You can buy the starter pack and play to 100 lv but then you will need the legion to acccess further content.


do you have to buy the world of warcraft £5 starter pack too when buying Legion for the first time?


There is one reason, if it does become free, because you get a free 100 upgrade which is cheaper than buying one. You can buy multiple and have them appear on your main account. I did it with the black friday sale and now have 4 100 upgrades which will soon be upgraded to 110 when the expansion hits.


Some people might want to play the new races now rather than wait so thats the first thing about buying the games now. Another thing is that if you buy them like this now you will get 2 boosts (i mean separately) this means the boost will cost you 20 pounds while if you wait for legion to merge with the battle chest you loose that and if you wait until then the battle chest will be 10 pounds therefore the boost will cost you technically 15 pounds at the moment. But overall yeah no real point in that complete collection.


I suppose it's for those people who want to play legion now before BfA comes out. But I agree with you. Good price, but better to wait, Legion will be included in the standard game when BfA comes out.

Coco (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Ultimate Collector's Edition) - £23.00 delivered @ Wow HD
Found 23rd JanFound 23rd Jan
This is a pre-order for release on 27th February. Coco will not be released in the UK in 4K by Disney for reasons they only know, but this is a great price for around what UK price… Read more
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Thanks for posting this OP. Mine arrived OK, kids really enjoyed watch it


Price has increased to £35.29


It isn't available anywhere to pre order like the standard blu and 3D. GOT2 was available to pre order along with the standard versions and was released on the same day as the other versions. Disney seem to be neglecting the UK 4k market with Cars 3 and Pirates of the carribean also not getting released over here.


Do you have a source that says this wont be available in the UK? I read it was arriving late as did GOTG2


I'd be interested in this too. Dredd and Ex Machina are a couple that I know of, both sub-£15 on wowhd

World of Warcraft 60 Day Pre-paid Game Card PC/Mac £17.99 @ CDKeys (£17.09 Using Facebook Code)
Found 8th JanFound 8th Jan
With the World of Warcraft Pre-Paid Game Card you can continue your epic quest for 60 days without a credit card. Follow the instructions at and be u… Read more
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enven now is way more profitable than peak popularity due to microtransactions


WoW had a lowest of 5.5 million subscribers... 5.5 million. That is its lowest. Legion had over 10 million. That is 10 million subscriptions. Even at 5.5 million, its lowest is better than any modern game could hope for. The highest it had was 12 million. You assume a lot. The game has always killed it. It's always made money. Even the lowest it made multi millions. This isn't including other in game buys and expansion games which sell in the millions. I didn't say people can't complain. I sail they love to. They love to complain about the things they don't even research.


Bruh it's like £160 for a full year sub, new expansion and the original game/older expacs Not to mention a crummy microtransaction store x( Ah yes, I'm glad 90% of the game's subscribers are now more excited about subraces and transmogrification than the actual state of PVE and PVP. No but on a more constructive note, people have the right to complain. Just like you have the right to complain about people complaining. They're also not just complaining, but I'm sure they're voting with their wallets, after all, I'm sure it's why the subscriber count isn't the same anymore. Much more logical in my opinion than "gamers outgrowing the game", since there's always going to be able bodied teenagers with plenty of spare time to game. Just need a good game.


People complain that this is overpriced? Yet they buy a £40+ game that they play for 2 months and continue to buy games in the same manner. This game has more content than you'd ever need and you pay less than a few games a year... You can also easily make 300 gold a month and get it for free if you need. People just like to complain


Boost runs my friend. People pay 300 Euro+ for full mythic+ clears. Partake in a few of those on various alts each week. We have people booked in for the next few months.

The Action Collection (4K UHD+BD+UV) (The Huntsman Winters War / Warcraft The Beginning / Lucy / Everest / Battleship ) [Blu-ray] [2017]
Found 22nd Dec 2017Found 22nd Dec 2017
Cheapest it's been was £39.99 I also had a £10 voucher that Amazon sent out to some accounts so also used that on a £50+ order. (Amazon) £90+ if purchased separately as they incl… Read more

Conflicted. 4k but maximum of 2 good films. Will stay out of this one.


Some awful films in that collection, not worth £8 each by any stretch IMO.


You can't polish a (poo) :D (and apparently only Lucy was filmed in 4k)


It could be all (poo) in the world but it's still £8pm for 4k disc & Bluray & UV so its CHEAP (y) . If you don't like a movie just sell it.


That is an impressive collection of crap! :D

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