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Budget laptop for World of Warcraft?
I'm looking for a laptop in the £300-400 range for my mum to play World of Warcraft. She's not really fussed about graphics (so long as it doesn't look like Minecraft). Ideally 15/… Read more

Then get the best you can as the game evolved from an excellent difficult to play game, that could be played well on a basic system, to a game that requires top quality hardware. The reality is the retail game, the one with all the expansions, is made too easy to play and too pretty which makes the game full of eye candy that eats system capacity.


She'll be on the latest version. Not WoW classic.


Hey thanks, I'll look into it. I wonder if the price will drop on friday.


Which version of world of warfcraft does she want to play? There is the 'new' version which is actually the original 'vanilla' version - now called Classic. This requires a lower spec (ignore what the minimum spec is posted on Blizzards site, I play this quite happily on an old i3 laptop). If she wants to play the 'old' full game, she will need a higher spec system, with a dedicated graphics card. I play this on my i3, but in populated areas it gets very choppy and that's on low graphics settings.


Keep an eye on this deal: Nice spec machine for keeping within your budget. 3yr warranty & cheaper than Ebay too.

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Calling all players for World of Warcraft Communities
Hi all, Blizzard have released their community feature just in time for BFA. This is a place where people from all different realms can join one communal talking area(still restri… Read more

I believe they are starting up vanilla servers . I think people may like vanilla less when the nostalgia wears off. No AoE looting, MC(which was epic) but 40man is big ask,let alone difficulty to afford an epic mount. I look back with good memories but feel the hardships would turn a lot of people off now. Shamans and WF though was so nice :)


It's not as good as vanilla nowadays, I've played wow since day one and solid for the first 5 years. On and off after that, playing again now and still love the game but I mainly like levelling up and PvP.


I hope so for those that play but given there are many other game choices now I think the decline will continue until a new game is created.


I played wow from the very start for a long time, then gave it up as they added in more and more dungeons. Vanilla wow is fantastic, the current wow really isn’t as good.


Yea sounds like WoW is not for you or perhaps you just haven’t been exposed to the right things in the game! Judging from these communities there aren’t many wow players monitoring these discussion threads!

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Many thanks x








Thank You

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HUKDgaming News Round-up 13/06/17 – Ubisoft’s emotional showing, Sony focuses on VR & 2018, and Nintendo take to the stage
[image missing] Welcome to the HUKDgaming News Round-up Thread – a place to get caught up on the on-goings of the industry. Every weekday at 5pm we’ll update the OP with the lat… Read more
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Is he on the payroll?


This won't have helped: [ ] "Malkaurai Offline... Last active: 1 month, 7 hours ago"


Yeah, no one asked for this. It hasn't been a roaring success has it?


Ni No Kuni 2 delayed 2 months... till Jan 2018.


Just been reading that Techland are going to be releasing 10 pieces of free DLC over the next year. A very good game if anyone is inclined to pick it up, apparently there are still loads of people playing it.

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Wow 'American G_ds' is pretty odd eh?
just started watching it, and its very impressive but pretty sinister.

watch the first couple .... X) might take you a while to get used to it ... haha




even though its not my cup of chai, im tempted to watch the 1st episode to get a flavour.


or any "reputable" download site (_;)


Amazon Prime.

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x <3