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Days of Wonder - Small World of Warcraft - Board Game - £30.24 @ Amazon
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Days of Wonder - Small World of Warcraft - Board Game - £30.24 @ Amazon£30.24 Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
A new day dawns on Azeroth. A day like every one before it, and every one after. A day of merciless struggle for the control of the World of Warcraft. Not only is this Small World … Read more

Or Total War Warhammer! Like... C'mon... It's right there!


Anyone know how this works with the many expansions?


Mostly, it has some wow themed variants as far as I'm aware


Is this same as small world?


I rather enjoy the fact that they bothered to compromise their branding to make the title better. It always annoys me that Pokémon Monopoly isn't called Pokémonopoly.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands (EU) Code - £28.69 @ CDKeys
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World of Warcraft: Shadowlands (EU) Code - £28.69 @ CDKeys£28.69£36.9922% offCDKeys Deals
Works out cheaper on CDKeys than Eneba when they add their fees. About World Of Warcraft: Shadowlands What lies beyond the world you know? The Shadowlands, resting place for… Read more

Wow is dead mate after WOTLK


Dam haven't played since classic.(Got a life now... HELP) Has it changed that much too call it classic?


My answers above are my opinion, they had their ups and downs in all expansion. Classic I knew was broken, I raided through the original, one of the top guilds of the server. So I got my memories, but with the time sink it was, and how broken it was, I wasn't prepared to do it again. Also the cross realm they had broke the economy from the get go. The complaining can be somewhat justified. For WOTLK, for me I had the best raiding time as I enjoyed the play style of the ret paladin and I enjoyed the raids. As cata came out I only enjoyed firelands. Mop was seige of oggrimmar. As experience of expansion for me WOTLK was my last favourite. I fully quit 2 expansions back.


And what happened? All people do is complain. We all wanted a vanilla game and we got it. Now the rose tinted glasses are no excuse for classic and people have to find some other reason to complain. Plus, it's not the expansion you mentioned. When they do release that I'm sure your rose tinted glasses will remember, as I do, it was the one that started the removal of the classic game. Don't you remember how much people complained? It's why cataclysm happened after all.


I agree. It's why we got classic servers again (:I

World of Warcraft - Bananas Pet Free at
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World of Warcraft - Bananas Pet Free at Battle.netFREE£ Deals
You can get the pet "Bananas" for free till 2. August.

I have baby Winston


There'll be a sloth pet free when the donations for Doctors Without Borders reaches $1 million. A sloth that can hang on your back! :o


Thanks, not played the game in a long time but cant say no to free


Not as nice as this little guy though.


World of Warcraft 1 Month (30 day) Game Time Card (EU) £7.99 using code @ Eneba / bn-k + others
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ExclusiveWorld of Warcraft 1 Month (30 day) Game Time Card (EU) £7.99 using code @ Eneba / bn-k + others£7.99£9.4916% offEneba Deals
Seems like a decent price for those that want to jump back in for a month. Use the code WOWHUKD at checkout to get the advertised price. bn-k are the current cheapest seller, b… Read more

Cheaper then subscription. Heat


It’s added on to the current paid time you’ve paid for if you have 6 days left this will make it 36 days left


WarCrack stay away kids.


I’m playing genshin now, can see some elements of wow. Would be nice in wow to play 4 or even 2 at same time



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World Of Warcraft : Free Play Weekend November 5-9
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Made hot 6th Nov 2020Made hot 6th Nov 2020
World Of Warcraft : Free Play Weekend November 5-9FREE£0.01Blizzard Entertainment Deals
This should be a bit of fun for WoW fans, blizzard I know, so some skepticism, but hey the game is still fun. Shadowlands is nearly here, and you and your allies are needed back … Read more

Precisely what's wrong with the 'new'game... there's no skill development. Remember as a healer loading all your lesser healing spells in a dungeon or raid then spam casting them ( which you could do because your mana regen was faster than your usage). They then simplified the talent trees, not really trees any more, and have newbs everything they could need to be the best - except experience. Then LFG became defunct, Judy click and join a random group. No social community feeling.


Oof, I just looked on eBay for NV, the base game is going for like 4 quid but the ultimate edition is £20 or more! That's insane, maybe people think it's rare, or are collecting them but people are actually buying it; there have been a dozen or more sold at auction for £16 - £22 this month!


PS3 version. I don't really play games on PC anymore, far too expensive a hobby keeping it up to date. Gaming is pretty much PS4 exclusive, with the odd bit of PS3 for older classics. The last PC game I actually purchased was Homeworld sands of kharak; but that was to get the Homeworld re-master editions. Loved the Homeworld series, but yet to play the remastered editions.


Vanilla had lots of faults, but everyone had to deal with them. Bad spawn rates for stuff, forced you to work with others you didn't really have a choice. That said, for the first 10-15 levels (which back then no doubt took a significantly longer time than now) I played almost solo being pretty new to online gaming in general (I remember not knowing how to chat to anyone in the channels, this went on longer than I'd like to admit), then I did my first 5 man instance, and absolutely fell in love. It was such a hard, grindy game, you had to put so many laborious hours into it to get anything out....that was the key bit, you had a sense of achievement. When I finally got an epic mount at lvl 60, I was so chuffed and proud, finally I could be one of those lvl 60s that hung around Ironforge seemingly doing nothing. The game was immense when played as a large group though, I never forget my first 'at fault' guild wipe out, where I cast the wrong healing spell and generated enough aggro to draw the boss, and get everyone killed. And hunters...are they still a nightmare? I always laugh thinking about the channel messages like LFG BFD (no hunters!). And the patches...the ones that created massive imbalances, I remember my Night Elf Druid had a staff item that gave an armor bonus in bear form, then a patch came out which inadvertently gave something daft, like a x100 to this bonus, I was almost indestructible... for about a week! The good old days!


What platform are you buying for?? I got NV goty for about £4 on steam! Also in the works is a remaster of NV as a fallout 4 mod! Looks incredible but it's fan made and will probably take a few more years to complete!

Humble Book Bundle: World of Warcraft's Legends Library by Blizzard Publishing - 74p Onwards @ Humble Bundle
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Humble Book Bundle: World of Warcraft's Legends Library by Blizzard Publishing - 74p Onwards @ Humble Bundle£0.74Humble Bundle Deals
For warcraft fans, a decent book bundle here on Humble. Description Meet the legends of Azeroth with our latest bundle brought to you by Blizzard! We've teamed up with Blizz… Read more

Really wish these were the audiobooks, I feel spoilt by audiobooks now.


War of the Ancients, Day of the Dragon and Arthas novels plus a bunch of comics. I feel like this is a bit thin on the ground for the mid and higher tier and the bottom tier has incomplete series in it even though it is good value. Not voting either way.


Ok this is sweet. I have a paper back of the lich king book and it got miss placed before I could get around to reading it. Will collect a few of these now. Thanks!