100 Gram Gold Minted Bar

Posted 24th Oct 2023
Costco xmas offers, please santa.


I love the 99p on the price

The Baird & Co. 100g gold minted bar is produced at the internationally recognised London refinery. This bar is produced to the internationally recognised 999.9 standard and carries the Baird & Co. mark, the weight, fineness and a unique serial number. Bars are supplied in sealed, tamper resistant packaging.


Fine Weight: 100g
Gross Weight: 100g
Minted Bar
24ct Gold
Fineness: 999.9
Please Note:

No cancellation or change of address once ordered
Item cannot be returned or refunded
This item is not eligible for 2% Executive Reward
This item is not eligible for price adjustments
This item is not eligible for any promotions
Prices may vary in warehouse
Limit of 1 bar per member per week

The price of this product fluctuates in real time according to market prices. Once an order is placed, cancellations, refunds and returns are not possible.
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  1. Micrometeoroid's avatar
    Rubbish price though ! I buy and sell gold (30 odd years) £5300 ATM !

    Forget about all the crap presentation boxes, adds no value to 24 kt fine gold !
    Delboyplc's avatar
    Totally agree, I've been buying gold for about 20 yrs as a pension add on. Back then it was £250 per Troy ounce, now it's over £1615 a Troy ounce!!!!!! Gold is a very very good investment but a long term investment. If your going to buy hold, get bullion sovereign's as best value and easily sold as and when you want to liquidate.
  2. Little_Little_Lee's avatar
    Cheaper direct


    But I always worry the delivery driver keeps a record of where he drops the gold. (edited)
    djfw's avatar
    With a very generous multi-buy discount. £8 cheaper if you buy 5, another tenner off if you buy 11+
  3. twotone1954's avatar
    Don't forget all tax free
    The_Name_With_No_Man's avatar
    No VAT, but you may be liable to capital gains tax if/when you sell at a profit. There is currently an allowance of £6000 per year, but this changes like all tax rates and allowances. To completely avoid tax, you could buy British coins like gold sovereigns or gold Britannias, which have no VAT and are exempt from capital gains. Coins from other countries like Krugerrands do not benefit from the capital gains exemption.If you do buy bullion, smaller bars let you spread sales, and gains, over more than one tax period to stay below the allowance. (edited)
  4. andyatalice's avatar
    Gold is at the highest price its EVER been, probably not the greatest time to buy.

    wait and see if the world calms down a bit and the price will come down……nit ho,ding my breath tho, the way things are going…. :/
    Gollywood's avatar
    Prices are never coming down. There will always be something to blame from now. Covid showed how easy it was.
  5. Ouzoherb's avatar
    Better than cash as can bury them in garden
    Whoohoo's avatar
    Where do you live?
  6. andrew.bean's avatar
    For those considering this... Gold is at a all time high of 2011 78% increase from 2015 and chances of this falling over the next 10 years is very high compared to it continually rising. Very risky investement considering you can get 5%+ on savings now. This could easily be worth 2500/3000 in the next 5 years or so
    Micrometeoroid's avatar
    Good point due to this 5%+, but will this last ?

    I can't see gold taking a tanking whereas the banks..... Hmmmm Someone says the wrong sentence or starts the odd war, the gold wont be going anywhere
  7. stuffedmushroom's avatar
    I thought about getting a few of the 1Kg bars as door stops, but can't afford the doors.
    TheBigShort's avatar
    £3k per Front Door, many councils across the UK. A scam with clc and others to rip off tax payers. Madness. REPLACE a 44mm Solid Wood Fire Door with Aluminium letter box, with a 44mm Solid Wood Fire Door with Heavy Metal letterbox. Been going on since 2018. (edited)
  8. Minty's avatar
    Just adding to this as reading through the comments, people seem to be repeating the same things and they are clearly a bit confused about what is being sold here. Gold is VAT free and comparing this to the spot price and gram price is just misleading. There are other ways to purchase gold which are far closer to the spot price (ETFs/digital gold etc.) but this is a different target audience.

    Physical gold (in whatever form) will always involve a premium for manufacturing costs/profit etc.) which needs to be factored in. Lots of people prefer physical gold as they like to hold it and store it themselves, and this is just one way of doing that. The trust/assurance of holding a physical product as opposed to a digital one is something lots of people will pay extra for.

    There are countless retailers who will be selling the same product cheaper, but much like the 'trust' piece above, do your own research as to who you would prefer to trust with this substantial investment. Most online retailers (including The Royal Mint, Bullion By Post and Bairds themselves) will be cheaper, but at the very least you're going to have to get it delivered to you and with this, you could literally nip down to Costco and pick it up the same day.

    Lastly, gold is at the very least, a long-term investment. It will likely appreciate in value over time (look at historical graphs for reference) and it has historically fared very well compared to other asset classes, but gold should just form a part of your investment portfolio. Saying things like 'I'd just buy bitcoin' are all well and good, but if you have money to invest, it should be split across multiple asset classes, and gold is just part of that. Don't put all your eggs in one basket

    Even the World Gold Council themselves, who are literally tasked with informing people about gold and trying to get them to buy it, recommend less than 10% of your portfolio should be in gold.
  9. Dodge62's avatar
    There's £5200 worth of gold in that (3.215 troy ounce at today's price of £1615 per ounce) so you're paying £250 for the packaging. Seems expensive.
    TheBigShort's avatar
    And perhaps a trusted seller …. ??
  10. ruairi's avatar
    Hot, because first its gold and second Costco has a good return policy
    Talha_Rehman's avatar
    Not refundable
  11. greg666's avatar
    Not sure if it’s the best time buying gold
    johnjrambo's avatar
    'Smart' investors buy when its the most boring asset on the planet.....then waits patiently (which can be decades)

    No offence to anybody, but only the 'dumb money' buys at the top (where the smart money offloads, usually to the 'retail' buyers)

    Look at the wider macro economy to make a judgement if the asset is 'too cheap' or 'fair value' and take it from there, its up to the individual to make the decision for themselves and to understand exactly what they are doing, no-one should follow anyone else, that's dangerous. (edited)
  12. amir777's avatar
    Not cheap as each grams today £43 so 43x100=4300
    So this is not deal if £4000 maybe I consider to buy it but not this price
    Moss87's avatar
    so we are paying roughly £1000 extra?
  13. Envx's avatar
    I've recently started gold stacking. You're better off buying half and full sovereigns to avoid capital gains tax. Also don't buy from goldsmith's as you'll pay a spot price on top, you're much better off buying from the general public at fairs, events and even eBay.
  14. NeoBids's avatar
    “Limit of 1 bar per member per week”
    akajay07's avatar
    It's a marketing ploy to get you in and spending your money on other stuff
  15. ThingyGuy's avatar
    Waste of money, you can get a pack of 8 for £1.50 from Tesco
    MeWants's avatar
    Agree, they taste better too. I assume you mean these :
    tesco.com/gro…890 (edited)
  16. 4hero's avatar
    Considering there's probably some Brinks Mat in there, I'd say hot hot hot!
    RoosterNo1's avatar
    And old wedding rings, and teeth.
  17. Toon_army's avatar
    It's crazy how much golds gone up over the years.. My mam bought me a 2oz curb chain back in 2000 for my 18th that cost £300, there was a 3oz for £400 but didn't want to be greedy. Seen a 2oz chain in a shop last week that looked exactly the same as mine for £2,400 so it's gone up 8x
    Mr.T must be worth a few quid
    ayeworld's avatar
    Has dead Mr T increased in value in his coffin? (edited)
  18. Gooner1011's avatar
    The things we humans ascribe value to never ceases to amaze me.
    M777TTN's avatar
    Types Gooner1011 with a computer/smartphone made with gold contacts in the motherboard/chip
  19. snooky's avatar
    Peak price for gold over the last year was £52.65/g and it's falling.

    So unless you want to pay over the odds for a physical chunk of gold, this isn't a great deal IMO
  20. edinburgh76's avatar
    Edinburgh Costco also had the 500g ones today - marginally better value at equivalent of £5240 per 100g!!!
  21. Affray's avatar
    £52.26 a gram, no VAt. It's within a reasonable limit of what the price is today.
    Atkinsons do £5,383.81.
  22. dave_stuf67's avatar
    It’s literally the worst time to buy gold. When investments from companies are low and inflation is high. Gold is at a high and will drop when investments increase. Companies are just trying to control costs at the moment and not investing. Gold is the safe haven at the moment but too expensive to buy now.
  23. Bolkyloren's avatar
    I guess vat on top of that
    highlandspring100's avatar
    O vat on gold
  24. memyselfmash's avatar
    Might get a few as paperweights
    beardybot1's avatar
    Only one per week per member, I'm afraid.
  25. Angri's avatar
    Just think - - some uninformed drug dealers are smuggling their hard-earned all the way to Dubai, just to buy gold.

    And they can get it at Costco!
    I_Y8L's avatar
    Yeh but what self respecting drug dealer would take selfies in Costco buying gold.
    Much better showing off to the National Crime Agency and other criminals in your local area that you are so loaded you go to Dubia to buy gold. Both will boot your door off to get your gold. Hopefully not a £3000 council door (see above) lol
  26. Graemedoh's avatar
    From £5287.73 at Hatton Garden Metals. No membership needed
    Micrometeoroid's avatar
    3% + Always a great price at Hatton
  27. 1988dave's avatar
    Any discount codes?
    Lee_Hammo's avatar
    Blue light or NUS , just looking on Top Cash Back now.
  28. Neil_MooredGN's avatar
    You’d be better off buying gold sovereigns which do not have capital gains a tax on them. 
    bobtastic's avatar
    Depends. Buying just one of these isn't going to necessarily affect CGT unless you're waiting a decade and selling for over £11k (or whatever the CGT figure is these days).
    Sovereigns also carry a slightly higher price because of this, as well.
  29. Ivars_Zeilans's avatar
    Bought for Ebay
    noahsdad's avatar
    You darn scalpers 🤭
  30. Amg007's avatar
    July 2022 prices in Costco - for anyone interested in comparing.
    nocturnal74's avatar
    Good spot for a ram raid, where is this?.
  31. xxbluedragonxx's avatar
    I swapped it for 50000 of these
  32. Ljsdad's avatar
    WHO’s delivering ? Evri??
  33. taf0011's avatar
    Cheaper on Temu..
    Latest_videosnow's avatar
    Free as long as you pay the 5k shipping fee
  34. TheDoctor's avatar
    Not a fan of mint chocolate but is this like one of them things they serve as posh expensive restaurants?> (edited)
    afroylnt's avatar
    Indeed get a free bar with every £6k dessert
  35. ThisIsFitz's avatar
    Not a bad aftershave, they've gotten expensive lately.
    Ouzoherb's avatar
    It's the elixir one so always a bit more
  36. smile78's avatar
    Forget Hatton Garden, Costco will be much easier if you know what I mean
  37. Paul_f1's avatar
    Just bought a few to throw at odd-job
  38. Moss.b's avatar
    Anyone else think gold is not as scarce as we are being told?
  39. ketchutd's avatar
    That's expensive paco rabanne 1 million
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