Are EE still doing retention deals?

Posted 15th Sep 2021
Tried calling and Live chat but they essentially just offered me what's available on the website.

Unlike before, they didn't want to play ball. Live chat just said they don't match deals and wasn't offering anything else.

Anyone faced similar recently?
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    Contract up on an EE max 60gb, called them to arrange move to a sim only deal, mentioned the sim only deals in the market smarty /voxi etc 30gn sim only £10 p/m no contract. No movement from what was on their website at all so left. (edited)
  2. Khantinho's avatar
    They weren’t that amazing with offers so I left them recently - they offered me 200gb for £20 a month as a retention deal on the phone
  3. Vinski's avatar
    With them since the Orange days, I believe, left them this month for Voxi. Wouldn't offer anything decent or keep my discounts. Good luck with your search.
  4. Russ2626's avatar
    In my experience, their black friday offers are now better than their retention deals. I was with them for over 10 years and they just let me leave.

    Wait until black friday and then if you start a 12 or 24 month contract, there should be black friday offers on each time you have to renew. (edited)
  5. mutley1's avatar
    i renewed two sim plans with them and they gave me a very good retention deal but i think it very much depends on your useage as to whether they think you are worth keeping.

    i did ask for a retention deal a couple of years ago on a phone and contract by asking them to price match a deal flagged up on here with someone else for EE and guy just brushed me off with 'no way'. but then he somehow changed his mind mid conversation and gave me the deal, lol

    it very much depends on who you speak to, so maybe try calling them and select 'leaving EE' option and see if you get someone kind to speak to
  6. jordanleno's avatar
    I stayed on their £10 for 10GB after my 12 months contract was up, paying £10.12 due to CPI increase which is fine by me. As its rolling over an existing out of contract it retains the inclusive EU data roaming allowance, so the reinstated EU charges for new contracts wont apply. Didn't need to call up to negotiate.
  7. RadiantDuck's avatar
    To be honest I think it's down to luck who you get on the phone. The last few times I went to upgrade they offered the same things on the website, which I declined. Tried a few times a few weeks apart and finally got someone to play ball and they got me a deal.
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    You need to ring them and say you're thinking of leaving, what deals have you got.
  9. MRT0000's avatar
    Anyone had any deals
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