cclonline and msi 3 year warranty rma or lack of

Posted 6th Jan 2023
My daughter purchased a msi b450m mortar max in January 2021 which has developed a fault, so she registered her 3 year warranty with Msi and it says return to retailer.

She emailed cclonine 2nd january but still they havent sent her an rma for the motherboard, This is her second run in with cclonline when they sent her motherboard ina postage bag and it was semi crushed during shipping, anyone else had very bad customer service.

Never had issues with overclockers when asking for Rma
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    Consumer Rights Act states the trader holds the statutory product quality and durability obligations for up to 6 years, unless you live in Scotland.
    This is separate to any manufacturer warranty, which is non-contractual and gesture of goodwill.

    If manu warranty terms have not been met by you (product registration limits etc) or if you have lost faith / CBA in attempting to enforce the unenforceable manu warranty, present your CRA claim to the trader.
    Consumer mag Which has a reasonable CRA claim template at…ced

    There may be no obligation to return defective goods to a trader, but they must be made available for collection if the trader chooses to discharge its obligations.
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    Their phone number is on their website. Call them if you haven't had a response