FREE Diablo 4 Early Access Beta Code (starts 17th March) with Pre-order for PS4/PS5/Xbox Series X/One - £69.99 @ Amazon

Posted 16th Mar 2023…763

**THIS IS FREE - Mods changed the title** For those who have no access to the O2 offer, Amazon is now sending out their Beta Keys immediately upon order. **You can cancel your preorder immediately after - Amazon will not charge until dispatch in June if you wish to keep the Preorder**

It doesn't matter which platform you preorder on Amazon. Picking Playstation or Xbox will still let you pick a key for PC once it's redeemed on the below site.

They send you the email with the code which you redeem here:…eta
Choose whichever platform you wish to play on (PC/Xbox/Playstation) - Access is then added to your account. Then cancel the preorder immediately from Amazon if you wish not to purchase it from them, or at all.

Saves people from having to pay for a preorder if they just want to try the game this weekend. Got a key each for my brother and I by preordering two separate copies and then canceling them. Have fun all!
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  1. Isaac_McCafferty's avatar
    not too sure why people are downvoting - maybe they aren't reading it correctly since mods changed price to £69.99.

    considering no payment is made and you can cancel the preorder as soon as you receive the code this is a great deal for all those without O2 Priority.
    Kenjiin's avatar
    Honestly, the moderation is ridiculous at times. This cost nothing. It's 3 clicks of a button for an early access code and £0.00 spent. Yet we have a thread of people begging for spare O2 codes Baffling.
  2. che100's avatar
    70 for these auto-pilot ARPGs? Next they'll have you spending more to make the game easier..... oh wait
  3. ColeJ's avatar
    Fantastic just done this. Thank you so much
  4. rick_deckard's avatar
    Excellent!! Thanks Kenjiin
  5. DealBandit1's avatar
    Probably downvoted because its abusing their offer and this could possibly lead to no more cancellations when others have a legitimate reason to do so.
  6. Jimmyjimmy1's avatar
    amazing! thank you so much
  7. Citizenkane345's avatar
    THANK YOU, GOOD SIR! (edited)
  8. Qwenil's avatar
    Sweet, worked like a charm, downloading now, cheers mate.
  9. sidesey's avatar
    It’s 75 gig on Xbox series x. Downloading now… 💤 (edited)
    Kenjiin's avatar
    Yeah 85GB on PC too lol, I'll wait until I've finished working lol
  10. Mashhhh's avatar
    Also available on o2 Priority app.
  11. Propaganda_Panda_'s avatar
    OP, you're a legend. I thought of doing this, but without seeing someone elses testimonial saying it works without issues, i wouldn't have tried.

    Many thanks
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