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Updated 24th Dec 2020Last updated 24th Dec 2020 by sgill84
I'm asking for ps5 which headset would be better? thanks

Yes but the adapters are only HDMI 2.0. PS5 uses HDMI 2.1 so in the future if I get a better 120Hz monitor, the HDMI 2.0 adaptor will limit it to 4k@60Hz and will need to fork out for another adaptor or headset. Loads of Astro A50 owners have commented on it on forums.


Ah then you can get the adapter from astro or a 3rd party one


Nice, my TV does but most my gaming time is done on a monitor which does not.


I went for the astros. I'd recommend them if you have a tv that has an optical output.


Im trying to decide between (and waiting for a deal) on: 1. Steelseries Arctis Pro Wireless 2. Audeze Penrose 3. Razer BlackShark V2 Pro 4. Turtle Beach 700 Gen 2

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Updated 9th Nov 2020Last updated 9th Nov 2020 by Jiminy_Bob
Astro A50 Firmware for Next Gen Consoles
I have seen a couple of previous threads about concerns the A50's will not work on the Next Gen Xbox Series X/S as they don't have optical output. The firmware is now available, … Read more

Cheers for this OP - will take a look tonight.