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Omron M2 Basic Automatic Blood Pressure MOnitor £20.66 delivered with code @ MyMemory
Posted 31st MayPosted 31st May
Good price with the code HURRY Description Reliable, accurate blood pressure monitors guarantee peace of mind when you need to keep a close check on your blood pressure. Usi… Read more

If you've got good biceps or fat arms check the cuff size. To buy a bigger cuff costs another £11 (pirate)


Thank you. Ordered.


Darn it - got one from Amazon at £25.99 few weeks ago. Have some heat


thanks op, ordered (y)


Good reviews from the Which magazine.

Blood Pressure Monitor @ Lloyds Pharmacy for £13.49 With Voucher (free C&C)
Posted 29th MayPosted 29th May
Must order on line as not in store 19.99 in store

cheers op


Good value. Take two readings two minutes apart, preferably around the same time every day for a week or if you feel ill. Blood pressure is a silent killer, most people don't realise they are too high or too low.


:( Sorry to hear that - Hope you are ok now though (confused)


yeah just had heart attack so want tokeep an eye on it


your local pharmacy \ G P surgery can best advise - as differs from area to area. (highfive)

Kospet Brave IP68 Waterproof bluetooth Call 2G+16G 4G-LTE Blood Pressure 8 Sports Mode Smart Watch Phone £77.35 @ BangGood
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th MayShipping from ChinaShipping from China
Btw order by credit card/PayPal Possibly customs and limited warranty if any 10% if using the app
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Newwear Q9 Multi-dial HR Blood Pressure Fitness Tracker Smart Watch £19.33 (£13.14 @ 7pm each night) Banggood
Posted 6th MayPosted 6th May
Newwear Q9 Multi-dial Face Menstrual Period HR Blood Pressure Fitness Tracker APP Push Fashion Smart Watch. Doesn't look like a bad price. Different colours and straps available. D… Read more

I wish I could believe the blood pressure monitoring? Anyone confirm this?


Generally don't need a watch to tell me when the painters are in


Bagged a gold one and a chrome one Supposed to be a unisex watch, don't know about the menstrual bit. Presumably if you are male you don't use it.


Certainly not blood pressure monitoring


"...Menstrual Period..." :o

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Omron M2 Basic Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (Intellisense) for £20.89 Delivered @ MyMemory
Refreshed 28th AprRefreshed 28th Apr
It's "Omron Blood Pressure Monitor" and every home should keep one at home. I have it for more than 10 years ... and still strong giving accurate reading. Twice a day (BD), please… Read more

But, omron are calibrated very well. This is what I recommend all my pts to buy. Have seen some other monitors be as much as 15mmHg out which is pretty hopeless.


Thanks, just bought one :)


I've had one of these for about 10 years - I think I got it at ASDA for £10.


Picked one up for £3 on carboot sale today lol


Looking to get a monitor. Anyone know of one that also hooks up to smart apps???

Blood Pressure Monitor and Cuff (this little device can save someone's life) - £13.49 w/code + Free C&C @ Lloyds Pharmacy
Refreshed 21st AprRefreshed 21st Apr
Code "10BLUELIGHT " credit to @kzlbfx (y) Very good price for a blood pressure monitor which is an important device for anyone who is suffering with high blood pressure (y) … Read more

When OH goes for their BP review the nurse records the average of their readings taken at home in the past 2 weeks due to White Coat Syndrome. We've had the Omron MX2 Basic for years, as it was highly recommended at the time, and the battery has only been replaced once. Have compared it with the surgery monitor a couple of times and always been the same reading. Highly recommended


I think the fact that these are not on the hypertensive list speaks volumes about the BPM. Shame on Lloyds for selling a below standard BPM.


Thanks OP, ordered and heated.


Ditto, having been palmed off over the years for the same reason and that I'm young, got one of these, confirmed with a GP and admitted immediately for more tests, worth it!


Just note that the irregular heartbeat function is not to be taken too seriously as it's not very accurate. As confirmed by several paramedics.

Omron M7 Intelli IT 360 Degree Accuracy Connected Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor £48.47 @ Amazon
Posted 16th AprPosted 16th Apr
M7 Intelli IT 360, our most advanced device, brings to market our latest innovation in accuracy: Intelli Wrap Cuff while embedding our first OMRON smartphone app: OMRON Connect S… Read more
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Expired as now up to £60.10


its great machine and a great price. It has a cuff that is hard to put on wrong its quick its not as painful as some if you have hypertension and hence high cuff pressure it has a built in memory it will Bluetooth the results to the connect app on a phone it easy to read it has a nice black carry case.


Dont understand why this is cold, best price available and Omron are probably the most widely professionaused monitors


I paid just over £13 for mine few months ago. I'm not a specialist but it does a job fine.


That's what I hear too about Omron but don't have any experience. Not an urgent need or would've grabbed this one.

Kinetik Medical Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor @ Superdrug Free Delivery Or Free Click And Collect £19.99
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Kinetik Blood Pressure Monitor 3rd generation technology Features The latest blood pressure monitor includes Measure on inflate, Universal cuff, Irregular heart beat detection, eas… Read more
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Ordered a AD UA-611 for £14.99 On Friday came this morning , really good bit of kit and its certified. EBay seller Slamtech_online.


Cheap, about half Tesco price. Just a shame everything this brand produces is rubbish.

Bakeey 116 Plus 1.3' Blood Pressure Oxygen Message Smart Watch @ Banggood - £7.80
Posted 2nd AprPosted 2nd Apr
Bakeey 116 Plus 1.3' Custom Dial Dynamic Blood Pressure Oxygen Message Push Multi-language Smart Watch. No idea how good these are since they're pre-order with no reviews, but they… Read more

The blood pressure monitor is a gimmicky random number generator. Please treat it as such, the numbers displayed will bear no relation to your blood.


Recently bought honor band 4, nice looking and cheap (about £35?). Have it on 24/7 heart monitoring for reasons, pretty blooming accurate and app may not be the prettiest but very functional, sleep monitor is the best I have used! Doesn't talk to Google Fit though 😬


Think I'll wait a while at that price lol


Great info. Thank you


Omron Heartguide seems to be the only watch that seems to be able to accurately measure blood pressure. Its $499 !!

Beurer BM44 Blood Pressure Monitor £22.99 @ Argos  CLICK & COLLECT
Posted 23rd FebPosted 23rd Feb
Beurer BM44 Blood Pressure Monitor £22.99 @ Argos CLICK & COLLECT
£22.99£29.8123%Argos Deals
The Beurer BM44 Blood Pressure Monitor is a fully automatic and very easy to use blood pressure and pulse device for the upper arm. The blue illuminated button with extra large LCD… Read more

Good discount but is that really how much they cost!? Oh my giddy hands, the cost of things nowadays is becoming ridiculous, and then it'll need batteries and then they'll be the wrong ones and I'll have to buy some more which means going back into town on the bus and that's more cost. The bus driver is an idiot and the busses are always late and...... uurrrrghhhh, Thud!!

A&D Medical UA-611 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor £14.12 + £4.49 delivery (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Posted 20th FebPosted 20th Feb
A&D Medical UA-611 Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor £14.12 + £4.49 delivery (Non Prime) @ Amazon
£14.12£39.9965%Amazon Deals
Clinically validated - European Society for Hypertension (ESH) One button operation with 22-32cm cuff 30 memories and average reading function Irregular Heart Beat Indicator (IH… Read more
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Thank you, polar baba (highfive)


I would guess not, the omrons are well designed and used in the NHS. If possible prefer something well designed with a good engineering pedigree.


It's a £10 difference


Is this better than omron m2 classic intellisense?


so does this "The quality of the UA-611 allows A&D to offer the user a 5 Year warranty (excluding batteries and Cuff)."

OMRON M2 CLASSIC Intellisense £23.95 Delivered at Amazon
Posted 16th FebPosted 16th Feb
Blood pressure monitor OMRON M2 CLASSIC Intellisense

I'm sure that was the Basic model. This is the Classic Intellisense


Would this be any good as a heart rate monitor while exercising?


This is not a good price! Was £19.99 recently COLD.


I bought a blood pressure monitor from Lidl for £14.99 last week as in this deal


Very good price

Lloyds Pharmacy Blood Pressure Monitor just £14.99 (free click and collect)
Posted 7th FebPosted 7th Feb
Lloyds Pharmacy Blood Pressure Monitor just £14.99 (free click and collect)
£14.99£19.9925%Lloyds Pharmacy Deals
Blood pressure monitor and cuff from Lloyds Pharmacy for just £14.99 collected (free C&C). Add voucher code OWN25LP in checkout to receive a £5.00 discount! Better to be safe… Read more

Don’t forget TCB (y)


Buy this one first as a good price and then if you want another " more advanced " model later you could always use 1 against the other to calibrate and take an average of the 2. ;)


Yes, think the Omron one can be bought for £19.99 at the mo, although this also seems good as it’s medically certified too. Hope it’s of benefit :)


Thanks The GP said to her that Omron blood pressure monitors are good but will try this one first as noticed on the omron ones vary a bit in price


Bless her, hopefully this will help her keep track on it :)

Omron Basic Blood Pressure Machine (wish I bought this before I had a stroke) @ Amazon - £19.99 Prime / £24.48 non-Prime
Refreshed 8th FebRefreshed 8th Feb
Omron Basic Blood Pressure Machine (wish I bought this before I had a stroke) @ Amazon - £19.99 Prime / £24.48 non-Prime
£25.99£51.6950%Amazon Deals
I had a stroke last year t age 36 and had to learn how to talk again and I still am not right and I don’t know if I’ll ever drive again, but if I had this blood pressure machine be… Read more
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Your welcome take care xx


Thank you for ur recommendation. Ordered one. :)


Thanks for letting me know I’ll change the title


Needs to be expired, now £25.99


Yeah they are great I just wish I bought one before my stroke. I’m the same as you but I don’t exercise as much because I’m disabled. I hope you have a good year.

Lidl Upper arm blood pressure monitor - £14.99
Posted 7th FebPosted 7th FebLocalLocal
With Valentine's day just around the corner, surprise your love one who suffers with high/low blood pressure with this gift of care from Lidl. 24 out of 27, over 70 years old asked… Read more

If you manage to fit it there then probably it will work, happy days.. (party)


Better off buying the “proper” Omron on offer atAmazon at £19.99 than this. Many of the cheap monitors are not properly validated and are inaccurate. Cold!


1p off?


Thanks OP


I can see this "Deal" in next weeks Private Eye, under "Desperate Marketing". BTW, all stores from last week, so may not be many left. Bear in mind, pressure cuffs have to roughly match your arm size, and I dont think this comes in any size but "medium"; although it does have a decent range of adjustment. During SWMBO's emergency "C", they had to use a "Large Child" cuff, cos she was so skinny.

A&D UA-611 Blood pressure monitor (BISH and EHS clinically validated for accuracy) @ Amazon - £15.99 Prime / £20.48 non-Prime
Posted 5th FebPosted 5th Feb
A&D UA-611 Blood pressure monitor (BISH and EHS clinically validated for accuracy) @ Amazon - £15.99 Prime / £20.48 non-Prime
£15.99£16.996%Amazon Deals
Home use upper arm blood pressure monitor. Comes with medium size cuff, 5 year warranty on device (not cuff). Has a WHO indicator for your blood pressure reading, irregular heartbe… Read more

Ordered one yesterday on Ebay for £14.99 , I have had high blood pressure for decades but only just found out have enlarged heart and now on Folpik tablets... So thought better get an upper arm new one .


I have had High blood pressure for the last 18 months Quite common in anyone over the age of 51 ( a strange age but true) My right eye is damaged for life now, and is about 30% blurry I did lots of cycling in my younger years, Tae Kwon Do for about 3 years and 18 months of swimming a few years back and i'm only 11 stone so not too overweight for my age (50+) What surprises me when I look into it is the amount of salt in all basic foods My advice is to look at all Salt content per 100g when in the supermarket and try and stick to the better brands For example Bertolli Margerine only has 0.82g of salt per 100g opposed to 1.3g per 100g for Flora Light Foods like Cauliflower Cheese grills are low in salt but Cornflakes are high in Salt so weetabix are a better option Not much difference you might think But a 30 year old who makes these small changes now for all foods might never get high blood pressure at all 20 years down the line. I advise anyone to reduce red meat, maybe stick to white meat/fish and eat plenty of fruit and veg Unless you wish to be a vegan or whatever Replacing Salt on your chips and egg with Oregano is very tasty and Corriander may actually reduce BP These are just a few things I learned of recently


I'm 5ft 10, 100kg, and the included arm band fits me well. I was surprised as the sizing didn't read like it would but I'm by no means a small size arm.


after I just got one for £22....


cold, small arm band

Omron M2 Basic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor £19.99  + 3 Year Guarantee @ Argos (free c+c)
Posted 5th FebPosted 5th Feb
Now you can comfortably, quickly and accurately check your blood pressure and monitor your results easily. Monitoring is made easy with the fully automatic digital Omron M2 which f… Read more

Like all devices they wear and in the case of BP monitors become inaccurate, so having them for years of say daily use they may be reading quit a bit lower , then may be thinking your OK. The ones the GPs use are calibrated on a yearly basis!


Back to 25.99


Omron makes quality products, my local doctors uses them and I bought one around 10 years ago and still using it.


Same here, reads consistently around 10% lower than at the gp, though there may be a bit of white coat syndrome to take into account. I use mine as a long term guage of which direction I am headed rather than for a very accurate test


Yes mate. I bought one for my Mother-in-law. As MoJohnson mentioned it was over 5 years ago.

Philips DL8765 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth,  £14.99 @ Argos eBay
Posted 22nd Dec 2018Posted 22nd Dec 2018
Philips DL8765 Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor with Bluetooth, £14.99 @ Argos eBay
£14.99£17.9917%eBay Deals
Free delivery. The Philips wrist blood pressure monitor allows you to measure your blood pressure and heart rate. Syncs automatically to the Philips HealthSuite health app so you … Read more

I’m aware of that - I just don’t understand why you’ve said “that’s far from true” then staked a case for arm cuff machines which is what I had said? I think I’m just misunderstanding your post (Christmas brain fade :) ).


Omron is a brand. It’s well respected in medical circles. I’d always go for an Omron Elbow cuff machine (or ideally manual sphyg)


Thanks - I did wonder if this would be any good... (y)


I don’t really understand your point?Are you saying the Omrons are not arm cuff based?


See I reserve the snake oil thing for acupuncture, chiropractors, osteopaths, nutritionalists (dietician is different & requires qualifications). As for Homeopaths.. the appropriate phrase is Charlatan or Con Artist.

Omron M2 Basic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, £18.95 at amazon(£4.99 non prime)
Posted 21st Dec 2018Posted 21st Dec 2018
Omron M2 Basic Upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor, £18.95 at amazon(£4.99 non prime)
Lightning deal.

Ended :(


Its showing as £ 23.38, NOT £ 18.95 for prime users.

Withings / Nokia BPM – Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor - £53.95 @ Ebay
Posted 16th Dec 2018Posted 16th Dec 2018
Withings / Nokia BPM – Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor - £53.95 @ Ebay
£53.95£99.9946%eBay Deals
Best price this has been at and an excellent product! Today only possible £53.95 from ebay (coupon: PINCHME ) - credit to @ Bighare… Read more

Same thing but would rather spend the £2 to buy from amazon imhoCorrection, with code PINCHME its £53.95 which is a very good deal!


Is this the same thing? New on Ebay £59.95 free postage


I was umming n ahing for a long time. I tested one before and its great but as I already have a different BPM I decided it was pointless having two despite it being a great price.My finger nails were a lot shorter though, I must admit.


Woah missed that


Shame you missed it on, they were £40 for a few weeks.

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