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Morphy Richards Fastbake Breadmaker 48281 White Breadmaker [Energy Class A] £48.50 Amazon
Found 17th DecFound 17th Dec
12 programmes from Basic Whites to Cakes, Jam and Dough. Fastbake programme for a freshly baked loaf in under 50 minutes. 3 Loaf sizes - Bakes 1lb, 1.5lb, 2lb loaves. 3 crust s… Read more

Did you leave it in the bread maker for any length of time once it had finished baking? If so, try taking it out straight away and letting it cool on a rack for an hour or two.


it could be because of too much of flour. Try reducing some flour and change the setting to soft. not an expert in breadmaking, just guessing ;) . apologies if that doesn't work


I can bake really nice bread from home but could never get my breadmaker to bake nice bread. It was always flabby and the crust never crisped up like it did in the oven. Any and all advice welcome. the


This deal is only for the people who will be using the breadmaker and who believe in that


I agree. That's the safest option and it is easy to bake your own bread

Tower Bread Maker T11002, free delivery (same as Andrew James breadmaker) at Aldi for £59.99
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
Tower stainless steel bread machine, appears to be identical to the Andrew James AJ000640 except the Tower comes with a 3 year guarantee. Both get pretty good reviews. £89.99 on … Read more

YMMV. Been using mine now for 3 weeks. Great consistent results, even my kid devours it, crusts and all. Gets more use than my microwave now and stopped buying shop bought bread (y)


Bought one of these a while back. Very good machine, with good results every time. Lots of programs and the fruit dispenser works well, I use it with olives, seeds, sun-dried tomatoes etc. Been using it two to three times a week since.


Lol bread makers seem like a great idea but the novelty soon wears off, especially when they take up as much kitchen space as a microwave

Panasonic SD-2511KXC Automatic Breadmaker £82.99 @ Amazon
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Cheapest this Amazing bread maker has ever been. Deal of the day. 33 bake and dough modes Raisin/nut dispenser - mixes additional ingredients in at just the right time to ensur… Read more

Shucks I missed this. The white one is £89.99, but knowing the black one was this price I think I might wait it out...


same website says Lowest *£69.99 Mar 22, 2016 ----amazon direct, could this be lower on black friday? 2522 is the best version but this 2511 version at less than half the price is a good deal but prepared to wait for a better deal given history


Mines saying £139 😞


I’ve been dreaming about a bread maker for ages. Ordered this one so thanks for posting


Fantastic bread machine! I have one and it is so much better than the previous machines I have owned.

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Russell Hobbs Compact Fast Breadmaker 23620, 600 W - Black - £39.99 @ Amazon
Found 10th NovFound 10th Nov
Russell Hobbs Compact Fast Breadmaker 23620, 600 W - Black
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Does anyone know if this one is any good ?


ordered ;-)


Thanks. Brilliant post as its a bargain and just ordered for a friend who will give it to her mum for Xmas prezzy. I've had a bread machine for 6 months and they are definitely worth having one as the bread is delicious and not like the mass produced bread you get at the supermarket.


I get flour for free as live next to a mill and let them use one of my parking spaces


I always either get my bread from Lidl or Tesco when they reduce it at 1900 daily tastes just as good

Russell Hobbs Compact Breadmaker £48.75 Tesco Direct free C&C
Found 17th JunFound 17th Jun
Russell Hobbs Compact Breadmaker £48.75 Tesco Direct free C&C
Russell Hobbs bread maker with up to 2.2lb loaf capacityFast-bake setting takes just 55 minutes 12 programmes


couple of days, but there are recipes for large and small loafs


Can I ask how long the bread stays fresh for please?


yes recipe book included


just bought one for mum, any recipe sites.

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Morphy Richards Fastbake Breadmaker 48281 White £44.99 With 2 Year Guarantee from Amazon (Prime) -  Also available at Argos
Found 14th JunFound 14th Jun
Morphy Richards Fastbake Breadmaker 48281 White £44.99 With 2 Year Guarantee from Amazon (Prime) - Also available at Argos
Have been on the lookout for an Aldi one for sometime but without success. This well reviewed machine just dropped to £44.99 making it only a pound more expensive than the cheapest… Read more
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Bought mine in 2014 - since been relegated to the cupboard as I ran out of counter-space. Used around 15 times, only messed-up once (yeast issue).. you do end up with a hole in the base of your loaf from the mixing blade (this varies in size) - guests appreciated the freshness and baking smell


Product page here interesting reviews and even better images of the finished bread. The offers toast.


... along with the inevitable chemistry set they have added.


Easier to pick up a loaf from the shop.

Aldi Premium Bread Maker - £29.99 in-store only...
Found 21st JanFound 21st Jan
Aldi launched their Ambiano Premium Bread Maker last November for £49.99. It has been compared (by The Sun no less!) to the Panasonic bread makers that sell for twice the price (se… Read more
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Apparently you can remove the kneed dough pre heating phase, remove the mixing tool, and replace to avoid the hole (or worse, impailed mixing tool!). If anyone has experience of this be good to know success. Or any favourite recipes to make the loaf more entertaining.


But this was the only thing that is easily processed by the consumer Brand 1 - 10 Brand 2 - 15 15>10 15 more better than 10 Brand 2 more better than brand 1 Buy brand 2


youve got got better eyesight than me as I didn't see that, wheres my medal then


Congratulations on not reading where it said "in-store only" and "last November"


Yeah, whole in the bottom.

Morphy Richards 48281 Fastbake Breadmaker at Hughes for £44.99
Found 19th JanFound 19th Jan
Morphy Richards 48281 Fastbake Breadmaker at Hughes for £44.99
Highly rated Morphy Richards 48281 Fastbake Breadmaker with 12 Programmes and Timer Function in White. £44.99 looks like a good price, weekday delivery appears to be free - this i… Read more

Amazon warehouse deals have it cheaper but I may go for the Panasonic sd-2500wxc £77.18 in Amazon warehouse deals. Shame Hughes sold out but it's only a small chain with limited stock.


argos have it for £59.99 if it's any help


Just about to order it and out of stock :(


have had the Panasonic one 3yrs and love it. Used almost daily for white or 50/50 bread. Think I got it on a lightning deal for about £80 though


I have had this a few years, it’s not bad at all at cooking loafs or mixing dough

PANASONIC SD-2500WXC Breadmaker Damaged Box 10% off at checkout @ Currys Ebay - £64.30
Found 13th JanFound 13th Jan
PANASONIC SD-2500WXC Breadmaker Damaged Box 10% off at checkout @ Currys Ebay - £64.30
£64.30eBay Deals
5 in stock. One more here:
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Been using this machine for 4 years at least twice a week. I love homemade bread. I think with a machine like this you need to make a firm commitment to leave it permanently on your worktop as once it’s in the cupboard, it’s gone.


No way. Once you've tried decent homemade bread you won't go back. Over the (many) years we've been making our own bread we've worn out three budget makers. Our latest machine is one of these and so far it has really lasted - and makes superb bread. Use Allison's seeded white flour


Item oos.


If you don't like bread perhaps. For those that do it's a fantastic bit of kit that should pay for itself and save you from eating chorleywood bread that's made from poor flour and full of additives.


I've still got my juicer once used and thats it its stored away, can't even find it now

Morphy Richards 48281 Fastbake Breadmaker  £47.99 Argos
Found 19th Dec 2017Found 19th Dec 2017
Morphy Richards 48281 Fastbake Breadmaker £47.99 Argos
Just been looking to buy a breadmaker. This has very good reviews. The same model is on sale at Amazon for £114.95. So a bargain I think at £47.99 from Argos
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Ah ok. I know the Ritters and similar cost a few quid, well the slicer is almost double the cost of bread machine, so it's a valid question certainly. Ive not used the one your email looking at, but I'd definitely take a punt on it for £3.68. It's obviously a different animal to the Ritter. I'd recommend thinking about one of those at some point if you enjoy making the loaves, but I'd certainly try the one you found first.


I see, do you know if These cheaper slicers are any good?


You must be off your loaf.


Sure. You're going to get much much better, slices of bread which are "usable" in many different ways - sandwiches, toast, on the dinner table etc. You'll get many more slices out of the loaf. The slices that you do get will hold together much better, particularly when making new breads / recipes which contain fruit, nuts, etc.. Using a breadknife quickly gets tired, there is mess everywhere, and you end up with just a few "doorstep" slices of varying thickness, usually with jagged edges. The slicer is very fast - from taking it out of the cupboard to a bagged sliced loaf and back in the cupboard with mess cleaned up is around 5 minutes. You can choose the thickness of slices on the fly, so you could have 5 thin slices for sandwiches, then rotate the dial and 3 or 4 large thick doorstep slices for toast. Yes, if you really concentrate, you might get 3 or 4 slices in a row of acceptable quality using a knife, but I wouldn't go back to it now.


I gotta ask why you think a slicer is so important?

Panasonic Automatic Breadmaker SD-2501WXC Amazon deal of the day £89.99
Found 16th Dec 2017Found 16th Dec 2017
Panasonic Automatic Breadmaker SD-2501WXC Amazon deal of the day £89.99
Amazon deal of the day. I got this for Christmas last year and love it! I've been using it twice a week all year and I wouldn't hesitate to buy the same one again if it breaks. Ra… Read more
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Keep on digging, you big ol' barrel of fun, you'll make a difference one day (y)


I'm not forgetting anything. I actually plan on using it this week, with following changes. Add yeast at start and then ignore all reference of moats, islands, ditches, and add yeast carefully. Your bread making recipe is no different from any other bread making recipe. Instead of spending 20mins trying to justify your process, why not try it like Panasonic recommends and see what happens. I assure you it will work fine, with no were near as much hassle.


You're forgetting my recipe isn't in any books. Bet you're fun at parties!


Only if she done the exact opposite of what she had written in one of her books.


I bet you write in to correct Delia Smith (lol)

Tower Breadmaker with Gluten Free setting £34.99 @ Amazon
Found 23rd Nov 2017Found 23rd Nov 2017
Tower Breadmaker with Gluten Free setting £34.99 @ Amazon
Reduced from 119.99!
Morphy Richards Fastbake Breadmaker / 12 Programmes £43.20 C&C + £2.99 Delivered @ Hughes
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
Morphy Richards Fastbake Breadmaker / 12 Programmes £43.20 C&C + £2.99 Delivered @ Hughes
Pretty good, especially for anyone going for C&C. The 10% off code is morphy10 which also works with all items in Here There's some slow cookers, steam generators and stuff… Read more

So still thinking about this, is this a good first bread maker? What other features would I get going up a price tier or two?


hfullwood.. I was wondering the same.. any info ppl?


Does anyone know the difference between this and the 48281? On Amazon it suggests the 48281 is a newer version but seems to be cheaper.


Is this good for gluten free bread? I know nothing about banking.


Thanks for the info

Ambiano premium breadmaker £49.99 delivered @ Aldi
Found 22nd Nov 2017Found 22nd Nov 2017
Ambiano premium breadmaker £49.99 delivered @ Aldi
£49.99ALDI Deals
I was looking for a well reviewed breadmaker and considered a £100+ panasonic. Instead I found this Ambiano at Aldi which was compared to a panasonic in a popular newspaper articl… Read more

Play on words. Homer says Doh


Don't you mean "dough!" ;)


Think I’ll wait till it’s £20


I've got one and it's ok. I got one reduced last year though. Think they were selling them off for 20 quid. Not bad for 40 quid though.


Loving the comments.

Tower T11001 Digital Bread Maker £34.99 @ Amazon
Found 17th Nov 2017Found 17th Nov 2017
Tower T11001 Digital Bread Maker £34.99 @ Amazon
Average price seems to be around £50-60 for this model, seems good for the price.
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You, Sir, are hilarious! (popcorn)


I used to think it didn't last very well but a good airtight container or bread bin keeps it fresh for a lot longer.


You don't have time to have the loaf cook whilst you sleep?


I dont have 3 hours to make a loaf that is fresh for 2 days.


Buy some bread in your local market and save £££ heat for the price tho

Ambiano Premium Bread Maker (with pre-programs) @ Aldi
Found 17th Nov 2017Found 17th Nov 2017
AVAILABLE TO PRE-ORDER TODAY EARLIEST DISPATCH DATE 19 NOVEMBER Features 23 Easy to use settings LCD Screen Easy to use controls & display 3 crust colours Loa… Read more
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Did you buy yours at the reduced price online or in store? :D


It's a combined laser printer and bread maker. You put paper in it and dough but you don't get to choose if you get out your word document or a toasty loaf.


Had one of these for a year or so now, can't complain. Works as expected, makes lovely bread and I've not had any of the issues RobR8 had with it moving around on the worktop - mine is stable at all times, doesn't seem to go particularly mental whilst kneading. We paid this price and as mentioned elsewhere, it does go down quite a bit in price in a few weeks, but obviously this will depend if your local has stock or not. If you don't actually want one and are considering an impulse buy, might be worth waiting to see if the price drops.


Any reputable reviews?


Already in store this morning in Exeter, in the locked glass display cabinet (the more expensive items), not in the usual aisles.

Panasonic SD-2500wxc Breadmaker Tesco Prescot £24.50
LocalLocalFound 4th Oct 2017Found 4th Oct 2017
Panasonic SD-2500wxc Breadmaker Tesco Prescot £24.50
Panasonic SD-2500wxc breadmaker. Tesco Prescot. £24.50 Could only see one They also had Mini Nescape Krups machines for £25, saw two of these.
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Well done sir


Got one of this last Aug. 19


Absolute steal at that price, great machine.

Bargain offers @ Co-op electrical eg - Breville 4 Slice toaster £21.99 + Loads more (see OP)
Found 19th Sep 2017Found 19th Sep 2017
Bargain offers @ Co-op electrical eg - Breville 4 Slice toaster £21.99 + Loads more (see OP)
Seen a few posts regarding co-op but thought i'd put a lil thread together of some of the decent offers - Examples below ***Use code EXP10 to get the below prices** Breville Im… Read more
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Thanks for the tip ,I'll bear that in mind when I buy a new one.


Leave it open after heating up steamy stuff


Thanks Op, just bagged a new kettle


Got this one, ideal for bedroom, very clunky sounding.


Samsung BDJ4500R Black - Blu-Ray & DVD Player , USB £39

Russell Hobbs 23620 Compact Breadmaker £39.99 w/code @ Co-op electrical
Found 19th Sep 2017Found 19th Sep 2017
Good price - £50 + elsewhere, use code EXP10 at checkout/basket White, wholemeal or gluten free, however you like your bread, this machine can bake it. With a choice of 12 program… Read more
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Cooked first test bread today. Very simple. And very tasty. Used the Panasonic recipe. Worked great. Only a small load as a test but nice. The pads stirrer does leave a dent but not end of the world. Well worth it and will make more. Took 5 mins to get the ingredients together a d in.


The paddle thing is a tad annoying with my current machine. My kitchen is black though, so this will go better


Russell hobbs are basically off brand with a badge on. Consider them to be the same as aldi (crofton) or cookworks (argos) etc. They are not in the same league as Panasonic We had a model recently that turned the dough grey... Keep an eye on that. Oil or Teflon... Still not sure.


Yes - only got this one as it was £23! Couldnt argue with that... if its pants will send it back to amazon ;)


(cheeky) Next to the juicer and the automatic vegetable peeler? Oh and not forgetting the smoothie maker too?

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