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Disney World/Universal Comparisons
Hi everyone... So, our trip to Vegas in June is on the rocks... Which is fine. Health is more important than drinking, eating and gambling (damn... I'm getting old)! Anyway... We… Read more

I've done all of the cities and did a similar trip a few years back. San Fran > LA > Las Vegas > Miami > Orlando > Houston. I've gone with a group of adults multiple time and and have been before with kids and we all firmly prefer Orlando. There's just no comparison. The parks are vastly bigger and better and the water parks are incredible for kids and adults. There's also a chance to drive to Siesta Keys, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. I personally don't like LA, there honestly wasn't a lot to do outside of the theme parks (which are much smaller), although Vegas was pretty good for the sites and brilliant buffets.


I’ve been to both and I’d keep going to Orlando for the kids but for adults I’d say California. Orlando is all about the theme parks so if that’s what your doing it wins every time but Anaheim has smaller amount of theme parks but other stuff driving distance away.


Awesome guys! Thank you so much for that. As I said, we loved Orlando and would very much like to go back but I'm definitely thinking the drive to Anaheim will be less hassle and better for us. Stay safe everyone!


I’ve done the drive, you will definitely stop off at places


Go to California if you're in Vegas, it's so close. Much more chill than Florida and a lot easier to get to. Disney is in Anaheim, Universal is in LA and it can take anywhere from about 45 mins to 90 mins to get between the two parks if you're driving. Sometimes longer as LA traffic is awful. Disneyland is much smaller than Disneyworld in Florida, but it's still definitely worth a trip. Universal is great, and the backlot tours and shows they do are really good fun. The drive from Vegas to Anaheim is one we've done before and it's a nice easy drive! I think the direct drive only took about 4 hours, but as somebody mentioned above, there are national parks nearby for detours if you want to make a day of it. If you set off early enough, you could fit in Death Valley which is awesome and would probably only add a few hours onto your journey time. (y)

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Disney world
Looking to take the kids to Disney world Florida for the first time, possibly next January. Can anyone provide any tips on keeping the cost down or getting the most for my money?… Read more

Best advice is go to universal instead. (lol) (lol)


Check out undercover tourist for park information! Follow Tim Tracker on Utube, for further info and tips! (He sounds like Kermit but is a fountain of knowledge!! We found his stuff invaluable when we went last June!) Get some dollars and change - you will need this for the toll roads, and whilst you can avoid the tolls mostly, if you plan on hitting Busch Gardens you will need to take the toll to get out (it’s also a shorter trip on the toll to get to the airport from I-Drive!) We brought park tickets from FloridaTix before we left, and got 2 day Disney tickets from Undercover Tourist (our kids were older so Universal was much more us! Disney was just for the experience!) Disney actually upgraded our two day tickets to two day hopper tickets for free, so we did 4 parks over two days (by going to the bits we wanted to go to!) Bear in mind that if you plan to do Disney you need to book the busy rides well in advance! If you are staying on a Disney Resort you have 60 days, and off Disney you only have 30! There are single rider queues which tend to be quicker too! Everest was well over an hour, but single rider was on and off in 15 mins. Walmart is a must, golden coral too, we found the refill bottles in the parks were a good idea, we all shared them, and you can pay to ‘recharge’ them the following visit. We went in June and it rained a fair bit, so plan some back up activities, such as hitting the malls, as all the parks cease when the rain/thunder happens! Even the water parks (you’re already wet, so go figure!) Final tip from me is, if you’re an iPhone user, turn off photo uploads to the cloud via cellular! I blitzed through 8gb in the first few days by mistake! (Hotel wifi was rubbish and so everything uploaded via cellular) Enjoy Florida, you’ll have an amazing time xoxo


It’s such a personalised holiday. I’d do lots of reading and watching YouTube and decided what your family would love and start from there. We have done staying on and off site. We have done an all Disney holiday and then the half Disney half everything else universal sea world NASA discovery cove etc. Meal plans no meals plan. Drive don’t drive etc. There’s no right or wrong way and when it comes to price somethings are worth more than some than to others. I like being on site and getting lost in the bubble but if you want to save money international drive has loads to offer. However you do it I’m sure you guys will have a blast! :D


Actually we have been to Orlando for less than peak time Butlins prices quite a few times. Florida is as cheap or expensive as you want to make it.


Disney is not cheap, no way around that. They can fill it year round so the prices just keep going up. For 2A & 2C children your looking at £1550 just for the park tickets, add another £1000 for cheap flights, £800 for a decent cheap hotel. Your looking at £3150 before you start on transportation and food. An alternative is to book a Disney hotel when the free dining plan is running. We have paid £5300 for 16 nights onsite in a moderate resort with 2 meals, 2 snacks and drinks per day per person. It also includes transportation from the airport and 60 days fastpass booking for the rides, we also get extra hours in the park and don't have to worry about getting back to the hotel late at night. It's more expensive but we aren't leaving Disney property and we aren't spending any more money ( we go to Orlando every year at least once so we've done it all). I can't understand people who pay £400 for a ticket and don't make full use of it. Save Universal and Seaworld for another holiday (lol)

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Disney world Florida
Considering a holiday to Disney world but don’t really know where to start, just looking for some advise on best place to purchase park tickets from. Thanks

Don't go in the summer holidays. Too hot by far, plus 1st sign of lightning (lots of summer thunderstorms) the big rides stop. Also avoid US Spring Break or other US public holidays. Have rest days. Orlando can be exhausting if you let it. My favourite time, mid January. Low 70's and park virtually diserted.


Exciting times! You can plan every detail, you can just book the bare minimum and go with the flow and everything in between. I’m a planner and planning our holidays takes up a lot of time but I love it and it’s fun for me. Think about what you want for your family out of the experience and that’s your blueprint. YouTube and forums like the DIBB are a great place to start getting idea <3


Also get yourself a Revolut card so you can transfer some spending money over to dollars instantly when the rates are high. We booked 18 months before we went so had 18 months to slowly pay and save for spending and when interest rates were excellent so got some dollars and when rates were low we paid some off the holiday.


We booked with Virgin for everything including park tickets which aren’t much differently priced to anywhere else. But by doing it all with Virgin even those are ATOL protected. We didn’t want to buy them separate then holiday falls through and we’d be stuck with £3000 of park tickets


i got the missus to book it all, hope that helped!

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Disney world Florida ID question
My family and I are off to America next year for 2 weeks in Disney , obviously we want to try some of the local beers and margarita’s. What forms of ID would they accept. I’ve hear… Read more

For drinking in Disney, UK guests need a passport (or photocopy) uk driving license aren't accepted. Elsewhere driving license was accepted 80% of the time of the time. In the end just resorted to passport.


If you are hiring a car you would need your driving licence so not really taking 'something else'. Should always take photocopies of both though in case you do lose it, easier to replace apparently :)


If you're going to Florida then you'll already have a passport with you, why would you need something else unless you are worried about taking it out with you in case you lose it?


Wouldn't showing your passport be enough?


Thank you :) appreciate your response

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Disney World Florida Single Day Tickets
Does anybody know of a place that sells Disney World Day Tickets? I know the US Disney site does but I wanted to see if anyone could locate any offers from tourist resellers Thank… Read more

You used to be able to buy one day tickets at the Walmart on US192 a few miles east of Disney, but the saving was only a few dollars. Anyone offering cheaper one day deals is either a scam (eg trying to sell unused days from a multi-day ticket), or will expect you to sit through a high-pressure timeshare sales presentation.


Try using park-tickets.com I have used them a few times and are very good


prepare to spend $90 per park per peson, or $180 if you think you can do 2 parks in a day, think you'll struggle doing more than 1 park in a day though. I went last May and booked my 'fast pass' for the rides months before as the popular rides fill up fast, Avatar for example books up a months in advance using fast passes and the queues for that ride averaged around 3 hours when I was there.


Yeah I’ll take a look. More than likely I would buy them on the day


I think no park opens before 10am. When we were last there at some parks they gave you short queue passes for 3 rides. I suggest if they still do that you use them for the most popular rides at the busy time. You can also buy queue jumpers.

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Best Disney world Orlando deal for next year may time?
we are family of 3 can get will be a year old. looking to stay in Disney park for 3 weeks. half or full board. fly from London Gatwick or Heathrow. may 2019 looking to fly from a S… Read more

Going near American holidays is good for shopping but parks are busier.. may is Star Wars month at Hollywood studios as well


So you’ve been 3 times for 3 weeks before but your asking for advise ? Seems like you should be giving the advise out


We have been 3 times and always do 3 weeks at a time not all the time in the parks but we find it just right. We don't want to go term time as we can both have holiday booked off when we need


Do you have a budget in mind? Rough ball park figure for May would be about £5.5k for a family of 3 in a Disney resort with a Disney self service dining plan for 2 weeks. I've just come back after 2 weeks and was shattered, don't think I could have managed 3 weeks!


If your wanting to go in May and can avoid half term there’s been some great last minute deals to Orlando for the past few years in May and June. I would gamble and not book till next year. Search on here to find some examples.