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Duracell offer - 8 pack of AA or AAA batteries £7 each or 2 for £8 @ Morrisons
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
First post so be nice please. Went to local Morrisons (Warrington) and looks like Duracell are on offer but there was no offer displayed. Not sure if store specific.

Why, I'll take one pack please


https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/wilko-extra-life-alkaline-batteries-aa-lr6-15v-8pk/p/0178596 https://www.wilko.com/en-uk/wilko-extra-life-alkaline-batteries-aaa-15v-8pk/p/0188343 I'd just go for these from Wilkinsons, but good price if you insist on Duracell.


Great find OP!


16 for £8 is a good price even compared to Amazon.


good price and heat, but these are the same as the duracell industrial batteries 20 for around £8 on Amazon and ebay but make sure you buy from a from a reputable seller as there are a lot of fakes around.

Duracell 4 AA or AAA batteries for £1.59 @Aldi
LocalLocalFound 15th OctFound 15th Oct
Duracell 4 AA or AAA batteries for £1.59 @Aldi
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Or go to poundstrecher and pay £3.59 for 12. 30p each not 40p each (y)

Duracell 12 Pack reduced to £2.79 instore at Aldi (Christchurch)
LocalLocalFound 9th OctFound 9th Oct
Aldi in Christchurch had these Simply Duracell AA batteries 12 pack reduced from £3.99 to £2.79...get in early for those xmas toys! Check local stock but had quite a few left so … Read more

I wouldn't be surprised if Aldi's own-brand batteries are better than these anyway, to be honest.


Non stock 12 pack, just 4 for £1,59


These are the budget simple version they are called simple as they are made simplydown to a price, pay the extra and get the next version up or duracell industrial ones from a good seller on amazon or eBay 10 fir around this price or slightly more.


Thanks. Will check my local (highfive)

Duracell 8 AA Plus Power Batteries for £4 at Wilko (free C&C)
Found 6th OctFound 6th Oct
Duracell 8 AA Batteries for £4 at Wilko


G8 deal. (y)


It’s about capacity that’s all that’s different.


Thank you both for your extensive knowedge on the subject. As I said,... "As far as I know, no one has ever proved one alkaline battery is better than another at doing the job it's designed for.


How many budget brands are better than the more expensive, not many.They are a budget brand made to a price, only have so much charge in them as you move up the range they have more charge. They were firs introduced to get the pound shop market nothing more. Think of of them like toilet paper, these aren’t quilte certainly not double ply, more like the tracing paper of the 70/80s. If you are to young to know what that was like ask someone your know that’s old enough. That will start a discussion.

Duracell AA Alkaline Batteries 12pk - £4.99 @ B&M
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
2 for £8. Also Duracell AAA batteries 12pk available too in same price

£3 for a 12 pack of duracell in pound land


£3.99 for 12 in Home Bargains. AAA or AA


Home Bargains are usually good for Duracells, 4 for £1.49 if I recall.


That's like better than half price. Usally it's 4 for £4.50. Great find.

Duracell Rechargeable Batteries 750mah £6.08 Amazon Prime / £9.07 non-Prime
Found 30th SepFound 30th Sep
Duracell 750mah AAA rechargeable batteries for £6.08 from Amazon.

He is a T R O L L ...


Is this a serious question?


900mah £3.99 by JCB at home bargain


What’s wrong with throwing them in the bin?


What gadgets/appliances do people use these for apart from cordless telephones? They've been rubbish in everything else I've ever tried them in, ages to charge, loose their charge within a nanosecond or the charger (three different brands) decides they are corrupt. Now if they were li-ion..........

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Duracell Ultra Power Type AAA Alkaline Batteries Pack of 12 + Free Delivery for Amazon Prime Members @ Amazon.co.uk £7.19 / £10.18 non-Prime
Found 30th SepFound 30th Sep
Duracell Ultra Power Type AAA Alkaline Batteries Pack of 12 £7.19 and free delivery with amazon prime, otherwise for non-prime users it is £7.19 with free delivery on orders ove… Read more

www.batteryshowdown.com Have a look at this site. It will help you get a much better bang for buck.


Nowadays I prefer recargables just make more sence now they as cheap as desposable batterys

Duracell Recharge Plus AAA Batteries - Matalan Cwmbran - £4
LocalLocalFound 29th SepFound 29th Sep
Scanning though in-store at £4. Original price £8. This was confirmed in Cwmbran Matalan
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400 charges. Lowest avaioable


Some reason they scanned through as AA but the ones we had are AAA. Happy days!

4 pack Duracell AA batteries, 1p c&c @ JTF (Minimum £5 spend)
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
4 pack Duracell AA batteries, 1p c&c @JTF Good if you are in the area of a JTF store Minimum £5 spend in store 1 per customer max

LMAO at the £3.99 SRP


Thanks gazdoubleu..


Should still be valid in store Screenshot (email) says valid to 30th September


Price is now:-- £2.15


It's just a loss leader to make you look for something else to make it worth while buying, hundreds of people will look through the site and add stuff they don't need just to get a couple of batteries for a penny!

Duracell AA batteries (12 pack) - £1.59 instore @ ALDI (Blackburn)
LocalLocalFound 20th SepFound 20th Sep
My 1st ever post so bear with me. Went to the till to buy one AA Duracell batteries (12 pack) at £3.99 and they were reduced at the till to £1.59. So decided to buy two more. Can… Read more

Tbh I was expecting it to be full price but only when he started shouting for some code with his colleague I was like what's he talking about. Then the price came down on the till. Kerching.


You lucky, I just been near me £3.99, heat added though


Good deal, heat added (y)


Just a tip, don't not show your bank details in future. Be safe.

Duracell Plus Power Type AAA & AA Alkaline Batteries, pack of 18 £7.99  (Prime) / £12.48 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 22nd AugFound 22nd Aug
AA: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Duracell-Plus-Power-Alkaline-Batteries-Copper-black/dp/B06W2LXCRN/ AAA: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Duracell-Plus-Power-Alkaline-Batteries-Copper-blac… Read more

I have manners. Thank you!!


You clearly have no idea about either manners or batteries.


Proof really that for high drain in particular, NiMH cells are far superior. They are cheap enough now, eg Lidl at 4 Aas for £2.99 ie cheaper than most places for Duracell yet they can be recharged hundreds of times. For low drain like TV remotes, clocks and such you may as well use the cheapest alkaline as you won't replace them very often, but anything else NiMH is the way forward.


Not according to this. I got fed up with Duracell's leaking and destroying expensive equipment. Duracell customer service is awful. At best, they'll refund the cost of the batteries. They're not interested in the cost of consequential damage from leaking cells.


Also a beat up fiesta will cost £50 from the guy down the road. But I don’t want a f**king fiesta. So Pizzzz off!!

7dayshop Battery Charger + 8x Duracell AA 1300mah Rechargeable batteries £14.99
Found 20th AugFound 20th Aug
Good brand and comes with 8 rechargeable batteries. If you want the faster charger, there are few Duracell at 7dayshop and also the 15min Duracell charger (including 2xAA & 2… Read more
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I am extremely pleased with the Duracell fast charger I've got 2 years ago. People suggest fast chargers are killing the batteries but in my case, got well over 50 rechargeable and in 2 years only one stopped working. An Energizer. Don't know about testing, but my charger seems to do a very good job.


Not taking away anything from this deal(I've voted Hot), but from the Which tests, you can do a lot worse than get the Ikea Ladda rechargeables. 4 x 2450mAh AAs for £5.50, the Ladda 4 battery charger is £10. You can the lower capacity AAs (1000mAh) for £3/pack of 4. 4 packs of AAAs are £4 (900mAh) and £2.50 (500mAh) Although the USB option seems like a good deal (2 x AA or AAA charger plus 4 x batteries for £5) I find it takes a bloody long time to charge and should only be considered as a back up. Hope this helps...


Is that Amazon one about as good as you need these days? I have a load of old Duracell rechargeables that don't seem to work anymore and the charger just flashes a red light at me which isn't much use, is there a charger which acts as a tester as well?


Agree with you. Maybe not terrible, but could be much better. However, still good to know what you buy. If you choose Lidl batteries, they claim high capacity, but reviews show half of the advertised capacity. Also, have some high capacity Fuji, again, half of the advertised size. To me, this deal in just a decent deal, you can find better, you can find worse. I rather go with the Amazon Duracell fast charger and get 2 sets of Varta from Screwfix, total £21, but for some people this is a decent deal.

Duracell ultra power AAA batteries 8 pack £1.50 superdrug in store
LocalLocalFound 18th AugFound 18th Aug
Duracell ultra power AAA batteries pack of 8 £1.50 super drug in store, found in Nuneaton store.
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Good spot. These are end of line hence the half price offer were £3 Aug 10, Item now deleted from their website. Shops must be dumping the last of the stock well worth a look at this price! Heat ++


Great deal. Nice find. Although I don't recall seeing packs of 5 before. (5 pack plus 3 free)

Duracell Ultra Power 8 AAA Batteries @ Superdrug - £3
Found 10th AugFound 10th Aug
Duracell Ultra Power Alkaline 5+3 AAA Batteries - Pack of 8 Price £3 Price comparison https://www.superdrug.com/Electricals/Electrical-Accessories/Batteries/Duracel… Read more
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The Ryman offer, £2.99 For 24 AA or AAA still stands, just got mine today. Check HUKD for Ryman, show them the email and you are sorted. Even if Duracell are better, I doubt it will be 3 times better to justify the price.




Good point...but a quick google on battery power shows there's really not much in it between them (Economy equiv to Standard) so I guess depending on your interpretation they are BOTH good deals ;) (y)


Yes.. but this one is ultra power(Superdrug) and other one is economy pack(poundstretcher)


If you are near a Poundstretcher this may be a better deal https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/12-x-duracell-aa-or-aaa-batteries-now-359-poundstretcher-3006993

12 X Duracell AA Or AAA Batteries now £3.59 @ Poundstretcher
Found 7th AugFound 7th Aug
Poundstretchers have reduced their Duracell AA or AAA batteries further.Originally they were £4.99 then reduced to £3.99 but now £3.59 for a pk of 12 !! So 30p a battery , dated 20… Read more
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yeah, what has happened to Duracell, they use to be leak proof and last several times longer than cheaper batteries but now they are equivalent in almost every aspect except packaging


🔥 added Offer on ultra power @ https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/duracell-ultra-power-8-aaa-batteries-superdrug-3-3009667


Nice deal, but I never but duracell any more as they seem to leak in my equipment


Thanks , OP it's nice deal (excited)


Nice deal thanks:D

50 pack Duracell AA Industrial  Alkaline Batteries (was Procell), Sold by Amazon - £5.82 for Prime members (£10.31 non Prime)
Found 19th JulFound 19th Jul
Excellent batteries for this bargain price and most likely to be genuine as they're sold by Amazon. Same as the Duracell Gold top retail batteries (debatable) but much cheaper. … Read more
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Mine cancelled too. Said error was made when advertised. Took a long time for them to find out!


No worries, not your fault, cheers for spotting/posting the deal.


Cancelled mine too.


Same here, they certainly took their time.


Finally had the cancellation email from Amazon check your inboxes

12 pack Duracell AA/AAA £3.99 instore @ Poundstretcher
LocalLocalFound 12th JulFound 12th Jul
12 pack Duracell seen in poundstretcher Kingston Park newcastle both AA/AAA
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🔥 added Offer on ultra power @ hotukdeals.com/deals/duracell-ultra-power-8-aaa-batteries-superdrug-3-3009667


these are the simply ones, made just to a price, dont bother go for the 10 pack of Duracell Industrial for around the same price on ebay (chose a big seller) or Amazon better batteries same as the regular Duracell

75% off All Electricals @ Poundworld , example Duracell AAA batteries, Mobile phone charging cables all £0.30p
Refreshed 12th JulRefreshed 12th JulLocalLocal
75% off All Electricals @ Poundworld , example Duracell AAA batteries, Mobile phone charging cables all £0.30p Hope it helps

Not at all Poundworlds ,only 50% off at Bracknell.


Don't bother with charging cables from there, they will oftenly be low quality and be the bottleneck in your charging. No matter how good your plug is or if it has quick charge the cable won't be able to put that much power through it so it'll still charge slow. You can get a top quality cable for like £3 on Amazon, one that's proven to charge at 2A/15W so you'll get quick charge speeds. You'll use it every day for at least a year so why cheap out and try to save literally a penny a day.


Batteries were 22p at mine yesterday


Batteries were still 50% off in mine this morning , but loads of cables charges etc at 70% off. Batteries were still going fast , but I stocked up when maplins closed , so didn't need any more.

Duracell AA x 12 £5.95 Prime / £10.44 Non Prime @ Amazon
Found 8th JulFound 8th Jul
Not seen too many deals recently for these, hope this helps someone

I find rechargeable doesn’t work and is it a waste of time


duracells leaked in my rather nice mint digital camera... grrrr..


It can still be handy to keep a pack of disposables around as an emergency.


It is true that the do not compare like with like. However, it was on tv not long ago, they compared different brands and Duracell came as best. Followed by Sainsbury's. Energizer came last, even Asda own brand were better. I have lots of batteries in the house, mostly rechargeable. I like good quality products and I usually go with an established brand but I try to avoid the so call 'best', as I believe reputation comes also with marketing and money spent. So, I used to say I do not like Duracell, however, I've got about 8 different brands of rechargeable, and Duracell and Varta are the only ones that did not let me down. The worse one in my case were Fuji and Energizer.


Duracell are not good value anyway. Their advertisements are based on the concept that Duracell alkaline batteries can continue functioning longer than inherently lower-duration zinc-carbon batteries. They are not comparing like with like. If you must have non rechargeable then even those alkaline batteries from Poundland offer better power output/£. There are videos on Youtube showing this.

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