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Storage is always a key consideration, whether it's for a laptop, a Mac, a PS4, an Xbox or an iPhone. These days, people need more room for data than ever before, thanks to music, videos, photos and software, and external hard drives are a great way to supply this. Find the very best external hard drive prices by shopping at hotukdeals. Read more
Seagate 5TB Backup Plus Portable External Hard Drive 2 Months Free Adobe Cloud Photography Plan 3 year warranty £97.29 delivered @ Amazon
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
The Seagate Backup Plus portable drive simplifies backup for those who want to help protect their entire digital life locally, in the cloud or from their mobile devices and social … Read more
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Not sure about that specific model. I got a Seagate external drive that has the USB ports on the front and that is easily dismantled to extract the drive! Look on YouTube for ‘teardown’ videos


Do you know anything about that 3.5" 6TB? If that's easily dismantable too?


Yes the drive has a USB-SATA adapter and is *not* USB direct onto the HDD controller. Mine was delivered today and straight out of the case, was easy to disassemble. Using it with an SBC (Banana Pi M3 Berry) as an S3 storage bucket (minio) for offsite backups.


The 6TB drive you linked to has the larger 3.5" drive inside, not like the 2.5" drive of the the one in this deal.


It's okay but it's about the right price for this. I would expect it to be about £10 cheaper to go as hot as this.

Seagate 6 TB Backup Plus Hub USB 3.0 Desktop 3.5 Inch External Hard Drive for PC and Mac with 2 Months Free Adobe Cloud - £103.15 @ Amazon
Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
Product Description The Seagate Backup Plus Hub drive optimises external storage with simple local or cloud file backup for your computers and mobile devices and an intelligent US… Read more

This is a hard drive, it's not Network Attached Storage.


true, but the casing is so beautiful and different from the rest. I plan to only use it for storage only.


If I just want it as a NAS to play videos on my TV would it be suitable?


https://www.amazon.co.uk/Seagate-Expansion-External-PlayStation-STEB6000403/dp/B07C7V494X/ref=pd_sbs_147_1/257-5658367-7992627?_encoding=UTF8&pd_rd_i=B07C7V494X&pd_rd_r=5ddf84a0-4c43-11e9-9caf-710f6cee7006&pd_rd_w=OIe1p&pd_rd_wg=pWJs3&pf_rd_p=18edf98b-139a-41ee-bb40-d725dd59d1d3&pf_rd_r=C4YKJVHYFDCCQ5919TVA&psc=1&refRID=C4YKJVHYFDCCQ5919TVA £97 for this one.


This is a decent price for what it is, however, I would avoid buying this drive to shuck for a NAS, it's difficult to get the drive out, impossible to do without destroying the case and the drive is shingled - so it should not be used in an array. I am using one of these drives shucked in one of my NASes, but only as a single volume for backup purposes.

Seagate 1TB USB 3.0 portable External Hard Drive - £35.75 @ Amazon with code BIGTHANKS
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Lowest price ever with this voucher code. Can also get the 2TB for £52.99 or 4TB for £77.99. Works fine as extra storage for Xbox and PS4. Powered by USB so no mains power required

Cold How ever you dress it up its been posted https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/5-off-25-amazon-with-code-bigthanks-today-only-1903-amazon-3199633


Why so cold?


Brilliant was just about to ask would it work with Xbox (y) my son will be chuffed

WD 3TB Blue external Hard Drive (Re certified) £54.99 at Western Digital
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Found a 3TB recertified hard drive on the WD store with an extra £5 off making this £54.99 with free delivery. I have 3 recertified drives and none of them have failed me for the l… Read more

No problems, I hope you got one.


Looks like they are both out of stock now :(


red oos when checking out knew i should have bought when i first saw it a couple hours ago edit: just let me check out now for the red...i assume people have not gone through with their order so try refreshing


Thanks for posting


Red 3TB is also available now

Western Digital Recertified 1TB Black My Passport portable HDD. £32.99 delivered @ WD Store.
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Use code 5OFF1UK for £5 off a £50+ spend. The My Passport portable drive is trusted to store the massive amounts of photos, videos and music you love. Available in an array of… Read more

Small saving on new, but only 6 months warranty. I'd rather pay a few quid more to get the full 2 year warranty.


Or get the Seagate 1tb brand new on Amazon.....see deal posted. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/seagate-1tb-usb-30-portable-external-hard-drive-3575-amazon-with-code-bigthanks-3199816


Was a canny deal while it lasted!


Think I will stick to the Amazon 2tb one I got for £37.35 brand new. Deal was posted on here earlier this month. https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/wd-my-passport-2tb-portable-hard-drive-for-pc-xbox-one-and-ps4-3735-amazon-3190920


That checks out I guess (y)

WD 6 TB My Book Desktop External Hard Drive with auto back-up software & 3 year warranty £100.25 delivered @ Amazon/Ebuyer
Found 17th MarFound 17th Mar
Ebuyer link: ebuyer.com/758911-western-digital-my-book-6tb-desktop-hard-drive-wdbbgb0060hbk-eesn Equipped with WD backup software for Windows and Apple Time Machine compatibili… Read more
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Delivery date is 2 months ffs went for the one above


View all reviews - format - single bay 6tb. Raise an eyebrow or two at the free item reviews! But review s for this ain't that bad. I have two, one in desktop and both spin down with a particular screechy sound.


https://smile.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01M0SH124/ref=smi_www_rco2_go_smi_8682124849?_encoding=UTF8&ie=UTF8&tag=22 - Very mixed reviews.....


Same here. £84.99 refurb.


is cool, i just use it for storage rather than active use eg xbox. i am happy with the read rates. i didnt get these ones, as i get the portable ones as it is small and more robust than these desktop ones

WD Recertified 2Tb Elements Portable HDD. £44.99 delivered @ WD Store
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
SIMPLE, FAST AND PORTABLE Reliable, easy to use high-capacity storage to go. High-capacity in a Sleek Design With up to 2TB capacity in a lightweight design, this drive is the idea… Read more
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different case(PS4 inspired) and that is all that matters to some people. So not the same.


A quid less than this that went hot https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/wd-recertified-2tb-my-passport-gaming-storage-portable-hdd-4599-delivered-wd-store-3194903


I think you'll struggle to justify £45 for a recertified drive, would be a good price for a new one.

3.5 Inch SATA and IDE USB External Hard Drive Enclosure £15.95 @ MadOffers (eBay)
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Case Material: Aluminium USB 2.0 transfer rate: approx. 480Mbps, SATA 3G/s transfer rate Internal Interface: SATA & IDE Support for 3.5" hard disk up to 3TB Accessories… Read more
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I guess this device is OK if all you have is an IDE drive and/or USB 2 ports but if you have a SATA drive, I really wouldn't recommend it. Something like this is better and cheaper, and almost any semi-modern PC should support it: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3-5-SATA-Aluminium-External-USB-3-0-Hard-Drive-Enclosure-Caddy-Case-Computer-HDD/401721850388 From my cursory search, 3.5" IDE to USB 3 enclosures do exist but they're expensive (https://www.amazon.co.uk/3-5-HDD-SATA-Drive-Enclosure-Velocity/dp/B00HYZA1EE/). I expect that's because they're a fairly niche product as you wouldn't typically be connecting such an old drive unless you really needed the data that was on it.


Its a docking station not an enclosure and it does not do support IDE drives as mine is... I could have missed it though... looks nice kit but I also have a WD external hardrive thats 10 years old and the power supply blew,mine will drive both comes with all cables all provided. each to their own kit that serves them better (y)


This is £16.99 at Amazon but there is a £2 off voucher at checkout so should be £14.99. I've got one of these, branded as Tecknet, but looks exactly the same. USB 3.0 and nice and fast at transferring data. Some people though like to get a two dock bay to make cloning drives easy or for using multiple drives together. https://www.amazon.co.uk/Alxum-External-Docking-Station-Support/dp/B01K7IQR1K/ref=mp_s_a_1_15?ie=UTF8&qid=1552333307&sr=8-15π=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=usb+3.0+dock+hdd


What should I have got any links ?


You realise those reviews are probably from 15 years ago when USB 2.0 was around? This is so dated..

Toshiba Canvio 2.5", 3TB , USB 3.0 External Hard Drive for £66.98 Delivered @ Aria PC
Refreshed 13th MarRefreshed 13th Mar
£1 drop. Amazon Price £86.99 Ebuyer Price £101.52 Product Code: HDTB330EK3CA Small portable 2.5" drive - Fast USB 3.0 - USB Powered - Matt Finish. Description: Warrant… Read more

Thank you (y)


Now £74.40.


Toshiba are my preferred hard drives - very reliable! Not a bad deal! (highfive)


Went for the 2tb WD elements hard drive for £48.98, from Amazon, instead for my Xbox One S. Really good reviews so hope it delivers.


Ah well .... thanks for confirming

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Seagate 2 TB Expansion USB 3.0 Portable 2.5 Inch External Hard Drive for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 £57.99 @ Amazon
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Running out of space on the X-Box. I know this has previously been £53.99 but can't find it cheaper at the moment and next nearest is over £62. I've had Seagate drives before and n… Read more

Can I use this on my TV?


Does anyone know if you can use this without removing the current hard drive from Xbox one which has failed?


I bought this a few years ago comes apart and the drive can be easily taken out for use in laptops or ps4, I even have a 2.5" drive in my desktop. I replaced the included drive with my old one from my ps4 so I still have a 500gb external hard drive


Does this still have the Samsung M9T in?


If i were you (depending on how many games you buy) I'd look at going bigger than a 2tb. I bought a 2tb and very quickly filled it and then bought an additional 3tb and I've nearly filled that (annoyed)

WD Passport 4TB External Hard Drive (Free Delivery) £76.49 Currys PC World
Found 8th MarFound 8th Mar
Listed at £84.99 (free delivery), but use offer code WD10 on the page to get it for £76.49.

What's best for PC games... internal or external hard drive?


I remember the days when a GB was a GB, and not a "billion bytes". 😥


That is correct and normal. This page explains the reasons... https://www.seagate.com/gb/en/support/kb/why-does-my-hard-drive-report-less-capacity-than-indicated-on-the-drives-label-172191en/


The discount code isn't working now. (fierce)


Hi, picked up mine today, could anybody tell me if it supposed to show 3.63Tb free as soon as I unpacked and plugged it in??? Why the hell it says 4TB on package then? Am I missing something?

Seagate 4 TB Expansion USB 3.0 Portable 2.5 Inch External Hard Drive for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 (STEA4000400) £82.99 @ Amazon
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Cheapest 4tb portable external hard drive on market now Twice the storage capacity of comparably-sized portable drives Ideal add-on storage for your PC, Xbox One or PS4 Drag and … Read more

portable is much smaller by 2/3 of size and it is not that easier to damage. It uses power from usb3, so there is no main adaptor power source. the one you are referring is external desktop hard drive which has a mains adaptor and can be quiet noisy, so I tend to leave it under the table. These portable hard drive I have seen come in 5tb as the largest and affordable


Then this one will be totally different


Tested mine yesterday, no funny noises and disk check shows no errors. Assume its OK.


Yeh - that one. It's mains powered.


Is there even a 6tb version of this drive? Are you sure what you have isn't the mains powered desktop size version?

Seagate 6 TB Expansion USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive 2 year warranty £96.99 delivered @ Amazon
Refreshed 11th MarRefreshed 11th Mar
The Seagate Expansion desktop drive provides extra storage for your ever-growing collection of files. Instantly add space for more files, consolidate all of your files to a single … Read more
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No idea how these could brick a PS4 but there you go, as I say I’ve been using one for 2 years with zero issues


I think it was around $14 for three years.


Yet there are several reviews on Amazon for the drive saying it killed their PS4 ... No idea how accurate that can be but worth doing a Google search just in case if that is your intended long-term usage criteria.


Thanks for the heads up! How much do they charge at registration for the 3 year rescue plan? (Amazon 2 years is £6.99 )


If considering the 2 year data recovery option - don't buy the voucher from Amazon (which I did). Register the drive and you'll be given an option to purchase data recovery for 2 or 3 years - 3 years is just a few pounds more than 2 from Amazon.

WD 4 TB Elements Desktop External Hard Drive USB 3.0 2 Year Warranty £76.99 delivered @ Amazon
Found 6th MarFound 6th Mar
WD Elements Desktop Storage Instant Add-on Storage WD Elements Desktop storage with USB 3.0 offers reliable, high-capacity, add-on storage, ultra-fast data transfer rates and unive… Read more
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Cheers OP (y)


Good price, I've just bought a 2nd hand 4Tb for £59, so this having a USB 3.0 case as well is a bargain.


you didn't break them you shucked them Most Green disks are now Blue


Cheers mate :D


Good Price @thewrecker7477 (highfive)

WD My Passport Portable SSD 1 TB USB Type-C & USB 3.1 Gen 2 ready, up to 540 MB/s, 3 year Warranty ​ £145.19 delivered @ Amazon UK​​
Found 5th MarFound 5th Mar
Lowest price as per 3 Camel website & Good price for someone looking for external SSD, Next best price £189.99 at eBuyer. WD My Passport Portable SSD 1 TB USB Type-C & US… Read more

Thanks, very helpful. I also found this one, which was commented on anandtech and costs £41 to buy on Amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07HCPCMKN Any thoughts? Was thinking of pairing it with https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/ebuyer-intel-660p-series-2tb-m2-ssd-single-pack-19085-ebuyer-3195214 I have to say that the icy box does look better built and Amazon have it for £42.90 with an end of March delivery date.


Fair enough. After searching for 'NVME USB 3.1 CADDY' on Amazon, I think ICY BOX is the most recognisably branded one I could find (Icy Box make some pretty decent caddies, i've owned several since I started building PCs many years ago)... Amazon: https://www.amazon.co.uk/ICY-BOX-Enclosure-Cooling-Aluminium/dp/B07NCMHG5H/ref=sr_1_16?ie=UTF8&qid=1551917269&sr=8-16&keywords=nvme+usb+3.1+enclosure Or Scan: https://www.scan.co.uk/products/icy-box-ib-1817m-c31-portable-m2-nvme-ssd-enclosure-aluminum-10gbit-s-usb-31-gen2-type-c-a


I think there is a bit more to it than just working or breaking. But that is my issue and as a result I dont like to dabble with these sort of things/sellers. I was just about to press buy when I saw your post and thought I would ask what the more nicer caddy options were that you mentioned. Ho hum, guess I will just have to get the WD then.


If it works, it works; if it breaks, send it back. If you're worried about the brand and a warranty, then buy the WD drive above.


Are there any mainstream manufactured caddy's rather than some unknown Chinese brand. I have no faith in the numerous Chinese manufacturers who exclusively ship through Amazon or Ebay. Found a couple of Transcend ones on Amazon, but M2 SATA rather than NVMe PCIe.

WD My Passport 4TB Portable External Hard Drive with auto back-up software, 3 year warranty White/Blue/Yellow/Red £84.99 delivered @ Amazon
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
amazon.co.uk/d/External-Hard-Drives/WD-WDBYFT0040BWT-WESN-Passport-Portable-PlayStation/B01LQQH842/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1551708006&sr=8-6&keywords=wd%2B4tb&th=1 … Read more
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Will give that a go - thanks (y)


Get a little bit of hard ish sponge or foam, and put the drive on it. It'll dampen most of the noise. I've got a NAS in the cupboard under my telly, two drives in it, two of these attached, and it's silent coz it's resting on foam feet.


a plain one for £83.99 WD 4 TB Elements Portable Hard Drive - Black


nice price, it was £86.24 on 28.1.2019....


I bought this one last time and it’s a very good price. One thing I’ve noticed (due to the size maybe?) is I can hear it vibrating behind the tv. Noticed one or two other reviews saying the same. Stopped me buying another one as things like that bother me, but have always rated WD for reliability. Heat (y)

Seagate 8 TB Expansion Amazon Special Edition USB 3.0 Desktop External Hard Drive for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 , £143.99 @ Amazon
Found 2nd MarFound 2nd Mar
Ideal add-on storage for your PC, Xbox One or PS4 Drag and drop file saving, right out of the box Mains powered

Thanks but the larger sizes should be cheaper by now (for shucking) £17.87 per TB. It IS cheaper but not so much


Hmm, was hoping it would come down to £119 again. Thanks for posting.

WD My Passport 2TB Recertified (blue only) for £45.99 at Western Digital Store
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
2TB WD My Passport 2.5” portable hard drive, recertified, blue only.
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Out of stock


You ok, hun?


Every time this deal pops up they go OOS within minutes.


Maybe they are now OOS? I bought mine as soon as the email came through and then posted on here immediately after.


Strange it did say OOS (Out of Stock). There are no blue ones available.

2TB Toshiba Canvio 2.5" USB 3.0 Portable External Hard Drive 2 year warranty - £47.59 delivered @ Aria PC
Found 28th FebFound 28th Feb
Quickly transfer files with SuperSpeed USB 3.0 and store up to 2 TB of data on Canvio Basics external hard drives. These devices are ready to use with Microsoft Windows and require… Read more
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This a reliable drive for plugging into your games consoles? I had a 4TB seagate which I out of nowhere stopped working the other week, a few weeks after the warranty went for it ;(


Everyone loves haribo (y)


Wow, ordered yesterday and delivered today, pretty good going. Also, randomly included a packet of Haribo in the parcel (lol)


Apparently discontinued


Damn missed that one. 2tb i need 40tb for my ahem glamour collection! (shock)

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