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Furby Connect at Argos - £15.99 (C&C)
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Posted 9th Apr 2018Posted 9th Apr 2018
Furby Connect at Argos - £15.99 (C&C)£15.99£34.9954% offArgos Deals
£15.99 **Original Price £34.99

Got one from Stains London, got my mate to post it (party) to me as I couldn't find any in Yorkshire (highfive)




Oh god did we not already commit mass genocide on these evil little freaks in the late 90s? WHY ARE THEY BACK!!!????!!??


Thanks managed to fine one local. The apps usually don't get much attention from kids so no big loss it's about to expire.



Furby Connect Pink £15.99 (Orange​ for £​17.99) at Argos
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Posted 21st Feb 2018Posted 21st Feb 2018
Furby Connect Pink £15.99 (Orange​ for £​17.99) at Argos£15.99£34.9954% offArgos Deals
Big bargain - best price :D. Furby Orange for £17.99 http://www.argos.co.uk/product/5803910

Noooooo! have some heat finally gave in and bought one in November for £19.96 for the little one and she loves it. Does go through batteries though best invest in rechargeables


thanks saved a few quid


Annoying and pointless, put decent batteries in, and they still only last a day!


What exactly are these furbies please ?


Thanks for sharing your first deal post @sebastian.jankowski , £2 price drop over the previous listing, voted hot (unicorn)

Furby connect pink electronic pet FREE P&P £18 @ tesco/eBay
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Posted 19th Feb 2018Posted 19th Feb 2018
Furby connect pink electronic pet FREE P&P £18 @ tesco/eBay£18£33.9547% offeBay Deals
These are selling around the £35 mark on most retailers I can find. Argos are selling the in a promotion for £18.99 but not sure how long that is on for. So £18.00 & free deli… Read more

I know they were £16.99 in Argos.


Back in stock!


Just managed to buy one, thank you


Lol! Someone bought 100 - presumably to re-sell on eBay etc. #Greedy



Furby Connect Pink £18.99 (or £21.99 for orange) - Argos
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Posted 3rd Feb 2018Posted 3rd Feb 2018
Furby Connect Pink £18.99 (or £21.99 for orange) - Argos£18.99Argos Deals
Update 1
Furby Connect Pink dropped a further £1 - now £18.99
Not quite as fashionable these days :D but still a pretty good price for these. http://www.argos.co.uk/product/5803910 for the orange one. Blurb: Get ready to discover a world… Read more

Interesting toy for hacking around with if you get the urge: https://www.contextis.com/blog/dont-feed-them-after-midnight-reverse-engineering-the-furby-connect


Does anyone know what happens after June? I assume just no more updates or will this just stop working completely?


We bought 3 for our kids at Xmas, the good quality batteries only lasted 2 weeks, and won’t work with cheaper or my rechargeable batteries.




The app won’t be supported after June 2018, not sure what happens then whether it automatically shuts down or it’s still playable just with no updates

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Furby Connect - Pink/Coral/Purple - Instore/online - Nationwide £19.96 @ Toys R Us
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Posted 26th Nov 2017Posted 26th Nov 2017
Furby Connect - Pink/Coral/Purple - Instore/online - Nationwide £19.96 @ Toys R Us£19.96£24.9920% offSmyths Toys Deals
I was looking at little toys for my little one in ToysRus and notice this Furby Connect for £19.67. The lady at the till had to scan it twice because she thought it was an incorrec… Read more

Lol it will, your phone is hidden not the Furby! Take the risk if you wish


Yeah but if someone searches for nearby Bluetooth devices it doesn't come up. Do you honestly think vile people wanting to see kids are gonna think to go that far to find them playing with a Furby? (lol) .


That just makes your phones Bluetooth hidden


@adhkarzf you crack me up (lol) (lol) . I keep seeing your comments for £20 paha. Well I just got mine for £15 from this. Don't think you can push it anymore than that pahaha. Remember they were £100 last year! Think the £15 ones will be gone soon.


But on your own Bluetooth you have the option for it to be on but hidden. Yes there'll be hackers that can get around it, but it could prevent a lot. And they can play without the app. My 2 yo loves virtual pets so for £15 it's worth the money even without the app. But I shall be playing with her if we use the app and ensure ours is set to hidden.

Furby Connect - ALL Colours Available - Blue, Purple, Pink, Teal or Orange £24.99 Argos
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Posted 15th Nov 2017Posted 15th Nov 2017LocalLocal
Furby Connect - ALL Colours Available - Blue, Purple, Pink, Teal or Orange £24.99 Argos£24.99Argos Deals
Meet the Furby Connect, your companion and friend! The Furby Connect friend features a light-up antenna that glows when there’s something new to discover in the Furby Connect World… Read more

This wasn’t on the list to buy but might get one at this price


@MikeLondon I have a 2 year old and she has loads of virtual pets and loves them! Defo worth buying for 2nd Birthday. Heat added brilliant find. <3 <3 . Now I really am finished buying (Until next bargain XD).


Bought one today. Seems most people in Argos where getting one.


On the box it says that Furby Connect's will only be supported until June 2018, not sure how this will affect the usability but I'm assuming this is why the price keeps dropping.


these were in the paper yesterday saying that they can be hacked maybe that's why the price drop today! Strangers can talk to your child through 'connected' toys, investigation findsWhich? investigation finds security flaws in ‘intelligent’ toys such as CloudPets and Hasbro’s Furby Connect