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The iPhone 8 Plus is a large screen model of the 8th generation iPhone. With its high-resolution screen, sophisticated camera, powerful processor and a new glass chassis that allows for wireless charging, it's one serious smartphone, and anyone who wants to add one to their tech collection can do so for less by checking out the iPhone 8 listings at HotUKDeals.

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Game Development Tycoon (ios only) - £1.99 @ iTunes
Found 29th Dec 2018Found 29th Dec 2018
Rated number 4 in strategy games. Game development tycoon has amazing reviews just go and have a look. It's well worth the money and will keep you busy when you have time to waist,… Read more

My ending left way too many questions. Very Donny Darko wasnt it?


Watched it after reading your comment last night. Man what a twisted film


This reminds me, the interactive black mirror film is on Netflix, pretty good too


Yes it is


Is this the game if it detects you are playing a pirated copy it lets you put all the work in to develop your product in the game, then when you launch it you get hit by piracy and the studio gradually goes bankrupt?

iPhone 8 Plus 64gb Space Grey  £564 Argos Ebay
Found 28th Dec 2018Found 28th Dec 2018
Argos clearance have brand new IPhone 8 Plus 64gb Space Grey. Delivery only, but £60 cheaper than usual, plus the EBay discount.



eBay had 15% off yesterday ( max discount £75), taking the price of the iPhone 8 down from £599 to £524.


How did u get it for 524?




Out of stock?

iPhone 8 Plus - £21 a month for 6 months then £42 a month (24m contract).
Found 23rd Nov 2018Found 23rd Nov 2018
BT Black Friday deal for iPhone 8 Plus 64GB: £21 a month for 6 months then £42 a month (24m contract). You'll get: 6GB Data Unlimited minutes Unlimited texts Considering the ph… Read more

For bt broadband customers this deal is £17.50 for six months, then £35 for 18 months with free handset and a £70 bt reward card.


Good first post OP, don’t be put off posting other deals


Sorry. £200 cashback. Apologies!


£37 x 24 = £888. What am I missing here


It's not a bad price, but you can certainly do better. For example, if you really want the iPhone 8 how about you consider this: https://www.uswitch.com/mobiles/contract-deal/4641326d9efe1f82983229f8957ee8307f696f51?comparison_id=5a09718e-ad0a-4313-9e7f-7f1fb4e46695&impression_id=5a09718e-ad0a-4313-9e7f-7f1fb4e46695-4&position=4 £0 upfront, £37 a month, unlimmited minutes and texts and 80GB of data. £688 total over 24.

NOW LIVE: Vodafone - 100GB Sim for £36pm (24mo) w/ FREE Handset (Incl iPhone XR / Samsung S9 + Plus / iPhone 8 Plus & More) @ Fonehouse
Refreshed 23rd Nov 2018Refreshed 23rd Nov 2018
Update 1
Just got the heads up on an absolutely stonking offer going live from tomorrow over at Fonehouse. Vodafone 24 month plan with 100GB of data for £36pm with a FREE phone included. S… Read more

Just to give yous an update on this. Carphone Warehouse was refusing to give us this deal after passing credit check while the deal was still on, they’ve used every excuse possible and I put a complaint in. Got the answer to the complaint and that was I still wasn’t getting the deal because I never called them when they emailed me to do so. I did call them and waited over an hour before hanging up numerous times, I then went into there shop and they tried to call as well and they told me they couldn’t get through either. Contacted trading standards and they are on the case saying there are laws in place to stop them doing this. Long story short don’t give up on this if you have been refused as by law they have to honour the deal, that’s what trading standards told me.


I received my huawei last week... My friend who also ordered the iPhone just received his too. Looks like they are stocking u again in order to fulfil orders.


Where did you buy it from? They will have provided details on their website when you ordered? I am not meaning to be flippant, but you should have kept a copy of all details of the offer you signed up for as otherwise you risk overpaying. These companies rely on customers not understanding the deal/not submitting the correct bills to claim. If you haven't a copy, maybe state which of the offers you went for from which company and someone who took the same deal can perhaps post the details.


Anytime I’ve done a cash back on mobile you have to send in bill no. 3 6 9 then 12 and they pay you by cheque in instalments. Last time I swore I’d Never do it again as ended up forgetting months and they wouldn’t let you claim then the cheques I did get I kept to the side until I had them all and when I put in bank they would only cash the newest one as the rest had expired lol as I said never again.


How and when do we claim cashback? I am confused by the whole thing. I am really happy with the s9+ but worried ill be paying wayyy more than i wanted for it.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256GB (Unlocked) - Grey - Grade B  £409.99 @ Smartfonestore - Ebay
Found 20th Nov 2018Found 20th Nov 2018
This is a genuinely low price for a grade B, from Smartfonestore, who in my opinion, are good with their gradings. 1 Available, but I definitely thought it was worth a post.

Mr Sweet or Mrs Weet? :/ (cheeky)


I'm looking for iphone 8 plus or XR or X with 64g only, as I don't need that much storage.


Sorry... You need a new phone, oh wait.


What am I getting notifications so late ?


Er thanks?

256GB Apple iPhone 8 Plus - Unlocked In Good Condition - Space Grey + 12 Month Warranty £474.99 @ Music Magpie
Found 28th Oct 2018Found 28th Oct 2018
Great price here mind you ;) £20 auto apples at checkout £30 cheaper than my envirofone "good" deal from ebay in gold. For the 256gb version unlocked in space grey, in good … Read more

Well then, that must definitely mean the Cardiff store is 'dodgy' like i said, because they definitely asked me for my pin to get into my iPhone7 to "test" the camera, which seemed odd to me as you don't need the pin to get into the camera app.


They don’t ask for your pin. Or password. Or anything else to get into your iPhone.


Is that a joke? I suppose there must be atleast a few 'geniuses' out there who don't know how to turn off flight mode and connect to the store Wifi..... They ask for you pin to be exact, not your Apple password, but none of that stops someone with intent just routing through your digital life. Therefore always erase everything on your phone first. I was told I would be getting me handset back following repair, but in reality 3 hours later they failed to fix it and gave me a new handset so I never saw my original handset again and would not have had a 2nd chance to erase it, as what they also do is make you turn off the lost iphone tool so you can't control it remotely afterwards either.


They don't ask for your password, in fact they even make you put the phone in aeroplane mode and lock it before they take it so it cannot receive any form of communication whilst in their possession.


because anyone could get a job there, they are far from geniuses, and therefore when they ask for your password before taking your phone away you are effectively giving anyone the opportunity to use your phone, read your emails etc.

256GB Apple iPhone 8 Plus Grey/Gold Unlocked Refurbished Smartphone - Good £503.10 + Warranty @ Envirofone Ebay
Found 26th Oct 2018Found 26th Oct 2018
Good price here for a good, in my experience with envirofone, the items have been undergraded most of the time. If it's no good, use the returns process. Don't forget the cashba… Read more

Lol, ok cool, keep me updated then.


Just purchased this one and it was the last one they had on o2. All fingers and toes crossed on the condition of it! (:I


Will have a look. Thanks. :)


Try o2, very good condition, 256gb using the code PREP15 for £504.99. https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.co.uk%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F382250303707


Thanks but It’s just luck of the draw really. I will have to keep my eyes peeled for if they sell any more excellent condition ones. :)

Apple iPhone 8 Plus - O2 - Gold - 64GB - Good £387 @ Music Magpie + Ebay
Found 19th Oct 2018Found 19th Oct 2018
Code expires tonight, but I thought this was a pretty good deal for the plus size model in 64gb guise. In gold, not everyone's cup of tea, but some like gold. If you haven't alr… Read more

I had the 20% off on quidco, made two purchases wirh quidco and one wirhout, if it tracks I should get 100 back (as quidco is capped at 50 per basket, at least thats what it said on quidco). None of it tracked yet, but if they do, I am getting a mate 10 pro from MM for 210, ipad pro 12.9 32gb grade a for 290. And I am getting a nokia 7plus for 170. Good day to ebay! :)


I'm having issues with the eBay music mcpie too . It doesn't change prices when you select a different network etc.


No, music magpie never do.


Such companies don’t always include the charger, box or headphones. Worth checking.


I've had some described as good at very good standard, some described as good, as acceptable. But I always say, if you buy it, and you don't like it, it's very easy returns with music magpie/ebay. If you can be bothered with the hassle of course.

256GB Apple iPhone 8 Plus - Refurbished Excellent £519 w/Code @ envirofoneshop Ebay
Found 17th Oct 2018Found 17th Oct 2018
Use the code for this price. Seems like a good one for the 256gb in excellent condition.

Just received my phone today and it looks like new. Also with the remaining Apple warranty too is a nice little bonus I hadn't thought about. Never considered buying a refurb before but will in the future. Well impressed!


Typical, I bought earlier today direct from envirophone website paid £539.99, but was in gold (256gb, excellent condition) which my daughter wanted and only space grey available on this deal by the time I saw it. Topcashback tracked at just over £7 so only £13 more and still in stock if anyone is still looking.




Oh Apple... if only they have kept the headphone jack....


My mate at work has one of these. Great piece of hardware, if you like that sort of thing, but it looks sooo dated now

Apple iPhone 8 Plus - 64GB - Unlocked / SIM Free - GOLD - Grade A - 12M Warranty - Argos eBay - £455.99
Found 13th Sep 2018Found 13th Sep 2018
Spotted this on eBay and looks pretty competitive for a Grade A refurb, also supported by Argos standard 30 day returns if you are not happy. I have personally found their grade … Read more
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Maybe you should just continue being a `sheep` to whatever you like more and hating on everything else (and do something better with your time). Its good to see some people got my point that iPhone(s) don't have to be higher spec to perform better than some of these `new` androids with more CPU power & RAM because of the optimised OS and dev kit. So...getting to my point (and yours), a 2016 spec android vs iPhone 10 - there is a reason as to why it doesn't need or have `higher spec` and will still be significantly faster than 2016 android. Also those on iOS12 beta will know there are great improvements made from 11 which was pretty bad and is lightning quick even on the older phones (angel)


I hope it arrives and better than xiaomi




What has iOS got to do, with the reaction to a £1500 new, old iPhone 10 XRMWEGRSA Max, that is similar to a £300 Xiaomi from 2016??


iPhone 8 plus, what an absolute useless rubbish phone. Don't bother wasting your money.

Belkin 2M lightning cable £5 @ Tesco Seacroft Extra
LocalLocalFound 5th Sep 2018Found 5th Sep 2018
Should national in daily deals buckets near entrances. Belkin iPhone and iPad 2M(6.6FT) lightening to USB cable

I right they’re rubbish.


Bought 2 of these when they first had them in and both stopped working after a month.


Great price, hopefully my local will have some stock


I personally would only use Anker cables now. But still a good deal if you want a cheap 2m one


Braided is the only way forward, amazon basics do an excellent one

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for Apple iPhone and iPad. Discounted to £4.69 from its original £8.49 - Itunes
Found 17th Aug 2018Found 17th Aug 2018
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic for Apple iPhone and iPad. Discounted to £4.69 from its original £8.49 - Itunes
Much acclaimed and sprawling RPG Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) – oft quoted as one of the best Star Wars games of all time – has received a price cut. A sizeable one too. Dis… Read more
Avatardeleted1973883Get dealGet deal

Does Amazon underground still have a free version of this?


It hasn’t aged well.


KoTOR is currently free on Xbox Game Pass.


This is great on the PC, and the steam version got updated a few years ago with better visual, joypad support and steam chevoos....cracking game.


I once completed this game on my iPhone, it run like crap but it’s such an awesome game. It also looks very good in 4k on my X1X

Iphone 8 Plus 64gb £659 @ Very using £100 off code
Found 3rd Aug 2018Found 3rd Aug 2018
Very have money off the iphones and if you take it on buy now pay later they have another £100 off this phone direct from apple is £799. The 256gb has £100 off plus the additional … Read more

The code doesn't work


anyone remember the code pls?


is the code still valid


Anyone else having problems at checkout getting the code to work? Seems to loop round when you try and enter the code for the £100 discount


Don't they all look like this though?

Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Gold (Used - Like New) £626.98 @ Amazon Warehouse Deals
Found 10th Jul 2018Found 10th Jul 2018
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256 GB UK SIM-Free Smartphone - Gold (Used - Like New) £626.98 @ Amazon Warehouse Deals
£626.98Amazon Deals
20% automatically applies at checkout. Item is in original packaging, but packaging has damage. iPhone 8 Plus introduces an all‑new glass design. The world’s most popular camera,… Read more

There was a couple like new in stock sold by amazon for £700 and odd, went down to £626 when I went to checkout.


Seems 20% discount haven't worked for me... Added to cart and went till payment, final price haven't changed.


Sorry, they went quick, there was two.


No stock

Found 2nd Jun 2018Found 2nd Jun 2018
Another deal! Absolute steal right now! Unlocked 8 PLUS RRP £799! APPLE WARRANTY LEFT ON THE DEVICES + 12 MONTHS ARGOS WARRANTY!
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Anyone manage to get one? I ordered one and they’ve taken payment. It was meant to be here by Tuesday yet I’m still waiting. Royal Mails tracking info says they are waiting for the item yet Argos are adamant they’ve sent it (annoyed) can see them refunding me;(




Dont have 8 plus but wiling to buy 8....





Apple iPhone 8 plus - good - o2 - 64gb - gold - £477 @ music magpie / eBay
Found 26th May 2018Found 26th May 2018
Apple iPhone 8 plus - good - o2 - 64gb - gold - £477 @ music magpie / eBay
Refurbished good condition. Phoneisnt that old, so refurbished good is probably very good, but obviously I'm just speculating. In the gold colour. 64gb and locked to o2. 12 m… Read more

Bought a brand new one from Very got £140 off the price.


Yeah i know, they are offering 10% off ebay on some of their stock, which is bringing the price down to more than the 20% they are offering on their website, queer folk at music magpie


It’s a shame it went so quickly, was seriously considering it. £505 from musicmagpie directly.


I'm unable to expire.


OOS already.

New IPhone 8 Plus 256Gb Silver - Sim Free £744.80 @ Eglobal central
Found 21st May 2018Found 21st May 2018
New IPhone 8 Plus 256Gb Silver - Sim Free £744.80 @ Eglobal central
£759.99£799.995%eGlobal Central Deals
This will probably go cold due to apple hate, but for all you apple fans like me .. this is by far the best price for a new handset. Eglobalcentral currently have an extra 5% off s… Read more

It’s here eglobal appologised for delay but informed me red was out of stock all came today though & has uk style Apple plug as stock is from Hong Kong.all arrived sealed like previous phones I have bought direct from Apple uk.


For a 256gb IPhone 8 Plus ?


Cheaper on Very much cheaper


Are you my accountant ? I don’t hate you & iv ordered the red one, but thanks for the chill factor, was never expecting the deal to get hot.


I don’t get it !!!!voting cold because you can’t afford apple phone. Hate me but this is exactly true !!!!!!

Retention deal: iPhone 8 Plus 64gb w/ 32gb data, Spotify and 24 months warranty - £42.70p/m for 24 months + £140 upfront = £1164.80 total
Found 19th May 2018Found 19th May 2018
Retention deal: iPhone 8 Plus 64gb w/ 32gb data, Spotify and 24 months warranty - £42.70p/m for 24 months + £140 upfront = £1164.80 total
£1,164.80Vodafone Deals
Managed to get this deal after speaking with the Vodafone retention team (took a while) not a deal as such as others might not get so lucky but original price was £61 a month but I… Read more
Get dealGet deal

I thought that too,also Spotify would be £240 over the term on its own as well.


I can see why this is being voted cold but that’s a decent price.


This is a pretty good deal- you can get an iPhone 8+ for about £769 sim free. Over 24 months that's about £32, so try to get a SIM only deal with 32GB data for a tenner.... Hot from me. People should read the deal before voting cold like sheep morons. Oh wait... it's Vodaphone... ;)

Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256gb refurbished good - unlocked £557.59 @ Music magpie with code
Found 19th May 2018Found 19th May 2018
Apple iPhone 8 Plus 256gb refurbished good - unlocked £557.59 @ Music magpie with code
£557.59£696.9920%Music Magpie Deals
Use the code to get 20% off. In my experience, used good is pristine, I just recently recieved a used good xz premium from these and it was spotless... Pictures to follow. 256gb… Read more

The price discrepancy is prob that OP put the iPhone in their basket BEFORE the price rised on the 20% off went live. :{


Sorry mate you can have mine haha


"special price" just for @Mrswitch :D


Very good! I'd have brought one too lol. I've tried it 500 times and I can't get the price. That's how good it is haha.


Yes it’s good, dident work for me or I would have bought one at that price

Apple iPhone 8 plus grey 64gb in pristine condition boxed with all original accessories - grey £549.99 @ bestbranddeals / ebay
Found 19th May 2018Found 19th May 2018
Apple iPhone 8 plus grey 64gb in pristine condition boxed with all original accessories - grey £549.99 @ bestbranddeals / ebay
£549.99eBay Deals
Now go easy, I thought this was a great deal, however I don't usually post iPhone deals, so I will await your votes XD WHAT WILL I RECEIVE? 1 x iPhone 8 Plus of your colou… Read more

I would agree but honestly we say the same things when we list items unless they are literally brand new as all you need is someone spotting a sub-1mm scratch/chip that is barely noticeable and trying to blackmail money out of you. I would suspect they probably are pristine. I sold a brand new sealed iPhone X purchased from Apple and the guy claimed it had a hairline scratch on the silver metal side and begrudgingly kept it (lol)




Few very minor imperfections is not Pristine......!


I would like to replace the 7 I went back to (from the X) with one of these but really want the 256GB and as others said, getting bit close to new phones in autumn. Good price and find though.


Thanks a lot .. just ordered one .

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