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Lavazza Ground Coffee 2x250g £2.50 @ Co-op (Store specific - Found Co-op Horsham)
LocalLocalFound 22nd AprFound 22nd Apr
Best before date is 30/12/2020 so I’m not sure why they are reduced but at only £1.25 a bag they are a bargain. I picked up four packs but there were at least 6 or 7 left on the re… Read more
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Our local had these for £1.75 last year. They don’t usually sell double packs but had them in reduced section.


Good discount, probably local.

1KG Lavazza Crema e Aroma Coffee Beans £9.99 (+£4.49 non prime) @ Amazon
Found 19th AprFound 19th Apr
Imported from the Torino factory. Creamy and aromatic. A coffee blend with an intense and aromatic flavour and a consistent, long-lasting crema. 4.6 Rating out of over 570 reviews… Read more

A lot of bags do have the roasted date on, just in a different format. They will have a code like 19060 or 06019 near the 'best before' date both of which would indicate a roast date of the 60th day of 2019.


Ordered. Heat added. Thank you for posting.


Very good points. Apparently no earlier than 7 - 10 days after the the beans have been roasted to allow the oils to settle and up to a month after roasting (before the drying out process really gets going) is the best time for coffee beans.


Very good price, ordered this a good few times now. One thing I particularly like is that these bags have the roasted date as well as the best before end date. The closer the roasted date is to the actual date the fresher you know the coffee is. I typically have received them within 2 to 3 months of being roasted, which isn't a pinch on having them roasted at a specialists same day, but it's a fair bit better than a lot of 'off the shelf' coffee beans which do not have the prepared / roasted date so for all you know they could have been on the shelf for a while.


Great coffee at a good price.

Lavazza Modo Mio Easy Frother £29 Lakeland (free c&c / £2.99 p&p)
Found 18th AprFound 18th Apr
Great price. Which recommended product. Simple one-button milk frother Makes hot or cold frothed milk Perfect for cappuccino, latte and hot chocolate Auto clean function
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£29.00 delivered from Lakeland via Amazon.


3 year warranty from Lakeland to.


This is currently £29.99 at my local Tesco's. (Ashford, Middlesex)

Lavazza Single Origin ground coffee 200gr in Poundstretcher - £1.99
LocalLocalFound 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Seems a good deal for a Single Origin coffee... I usually buy Qualitia Rossa when on offer but thought I'd give this a try for a treat...

good find (y)


Great deal, lovely coffee


Thanks bro


Have some heat.

Lavazza Qualita Rossa Coffee Beans 1kg - £10 @ Amazon (+£4.49 non Prime)
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
A decent price for this coffee. With subscription is even cheaper at £9.50. This is my first post so be nice :)

Think they taste very bitter myself and so do a lot of freinds but heat for the price been reccomended aldis


The Lavazza Qualità Oro is much nicer IMO. We stock-upwhen Tesco has them on offer


Best value for money beans going! Consistently excellent!


Still is as I got a bag few days ago


Was £8.99 in Costco last week. But I bought of Amazon at this price a month ago. A nice bean for sure.

Lavazza MilkEasy Milk Frother - Black - £27.99 (With Code) @ Robert Dyas
Found 4th MarFound 4th Mar
Back in stock grab a bargain while you can. It has excellent reviews just picked one up myself. Use the voucher code and choose click and collect for the price shown.

My sister got me one of these for christmas and it's amazing combined with my Aero press. I must caveat that I am no coffee expert. It just works amazingly well for what I need it for. While I'm brewing the coffee in the Aero press I turn this on and by the time the coffee is done, so is the frothed milk. Its also really easy to clean as the whisk is spun magnetically, so you just pull it out and rinse and rinse out the cup. It produces enough froth for a large mug, or two smaller cups of coffee in one go, but is fast enough to use again if there are more guests. It doesn't foam all the milk, so there is also some warm milk at the bottom, which is ideal for me as I like milky coffee, so add the warm milk and froth to a big mug. It's amazing how some foamy milk can transform a coffee. I do also have a bean to cup machine, but I prefer to use the Aero press and this as it is way too easy to make cup after cup with the machine and end up overdoing the caffeine. I also just enjoy the ritual of grinding the coffee etc,


Pretty good machine, it makes lovely thick frothy milk very quickly!!! Brilliant!!!


Which one is better?


@wakkaday bf has an aerocino and we have one of these I’d say they’re pretty similar.


I think that is quite an old device

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Lavazza MilkEasy Milk Frother £27.99 (with code) (Click & Collect) @ Robert Dyas
Found 24th FebFound 24th Feb
Excellent price for this, close to £40 everywhere else. Simple one button milk frother makes hot or cold frothed milk Perfect for cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate, milkshakes or… Read more

Yeah, I don't own a microwave for example, also would be good for offices and such, also does cold milk (I didn't realise mircowaves could cool) but whatever I'm not one to waste my time arguing with people on the internet. I've bought it and it's a good price so thought I'd share.


Thank you for the info, I just got one for the Mrs she likes her hot chocolates lol, don't worry about the microwave comments, first of all I have tried hot chocolate in the microwave, it taste crap, and second its not healthy to have one of those a day, the frother is much better, and at the best price I could find


I just though why is issey miyake doing a milk frother 🙈 (its been a looooong day)


This also came top in Which magazine


These are handy and not everyone or each situation says there is a microwave and whisk available. .

Lavazza Qualita Rossa Ground Coffee 2 X 250G £4.80 at Tesco
Found 19th FebFound 19th Feb
This is a lovely filter coffee, it is less in costco but if you're not a member this seems to be a good deal, time to stock up :) Product Description Roasted Ground Coffee Find… Read more

It doesn't start until tomorrow, go back and hopefully you'll get it :)


Isn’t on offer in my local Tesco :(


Heat from me. If you've a bean to cup coffee machine and want a bigger bag, this is a good option too: Or my curent favourite:


Yip, already mentioned and said it is handy for those (like me) without a costco card :)


For those with Costco card ( or a friend with one) currently on offer £3:49 for 500g pack.

Lavazza Qualita Rossa Coffee Beans 1kg Asda for £10 instore & online
Found 17th FebFound 17th Feb
Lavazza Qualita Rossa Coffee Beans 1kg Only £10 Found in Asda Gravesend

We tried the Djimmah medium roast Ethiopian were £9.50 kg delivered price on eBay . Was fine for me .. But I am a novice coffeeist bean to cup convert , so probably ain't the best person to recommend .. And certainly ain't tried the beans picked by elves, washed in unicorn tears , dried by the breath of angels etc .. With matching price tag .. Maybe one day . .. :) . Anyhow it's nice to give local businesses a go .. Amazon and Costco don't need my money


We tried some Ethiopian beans from here for £9.50 delivered 1kg and they were totally acceptable .. To my palate anyhow . Not experienced the procier end .


I emailed them and they confirm 100% Arabica so I'm getting a kilo. If nothing else I expect they'll be nicer than these Rossa.


This is £3.49 for 500g bag in costco


They really are very cheap, especially for freshly roasted beans. Shame that most roasts are dark to very dark. A medium roasted Ethiopian is a shame and makes me dubious about bean quality.

Lavazza Qualita Rossa Coffee Beans 1kg @ Amazon (£10 Prime / £14.49 non-Prime)
Found 13th FebFound 13th Feb
Lavazza Qualita Rossa Coffee Beans 1kg @ Amazon (£10 Prime / £14.49 non-Prime)

I don't drink "this stuff" and I'm not sure how you've determined that I was in any way "offended" over choice of coffee, but hey...if it suits you to think that, it's cool


Yeah. I post a lot about coffee. I know about coffee. I'm often reluctant to post though, because your post is as dull and tiresomely typical as you assume my motivation for posting is to show off. I know it's insecurity. People drink this stuff and get offended when anyone dares criticise it. Because you're insecure enough to be offended over choice of coffee you attack people personally. Whatever. For all the offended children sometimes people actually want to talk maturely about coffee, so I hit the mute button and carry on.


I get you, without knowledge of something when people show their passion it does look like they are trying to show off.


Don’t believe the haters! This is a solid benchmark for middle of the road coffee, very enjoyable - not the worst or the best. Agree with @horsepills Yawn.


Pretty much every post about coffee goes like this: Person 1: this "coffee" tastes pish Person 2: what do you recommend then? Person 1: beans must be ground and used within 3 mins of them being favourite blend is the Guatemalan horsefly faeces from toff roast coffee.....try their gnats chuff blend for a great macchiato.....yadda yadda.....I must show every one what a coffee expert I am....blah blah blah Yawn

Lavazza Oro 250g £3 in Sainsbury’s in store
LocalLocalFound 8th FebFound 8th Feb
L avazza oro is down to £3 a pack at Sainsbury’s instore.

100% my favourite ground coffee. I normally cut in 50:50 with Lavazza Rosso of Lidl Green top. Drinking it black as I type, bliss. Hot.

Lavazza Qualita Oro Whole Beans 500g (2x250) for £6 @ Tesco
Found 8th FebFound 8th Feb
I know Italian roast coffee may not be everyone's cup of tea (yes that was an intentional joke) but as they come this stuff is very nice. At £6 for 2x 250g bags it's very good. I … Read more
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I bought a bag of these Lavazza Qualita ORO and a bag of their normal Lavazza Rossi beans in the 2 for £6 deal. I tried the ORO beans this morning and found the strength a bit low and was a bit disappointed to be honest (been using Waitrose own brand Colombian Arabica beans recently which are ok, but not my favourite) I am a Costco member and rate their own brand ready ground Kirkland Columbia’s Supremo highly which normally about £8 for 1.2kg, but I can’t use it all up quickly enough before it goes off (tried putting sealed bags of the coffee in the freezer but it still goes off. My absolute favourite is still Illy, but sadly it’s normally £6 a tin for 250g! - sometimes it’s on offer for £5 tin a couple of tunes a year.


These Oro beans are a new addition in Tesco, only ever seen the ground Oro in store. My local does not stock the beans and staff today confirmed they have never seen them so maybe only bigger selected stores stock these beans, not worth a trip if only picking these up as may be disappointed


Thanks OP, I usually buy Lavazza Creme e Aroma beans which include Robusta. It will be interesting to compare that to this 100% Arabica coffee.


No Lavazza deals on the Costco website


link to £3 deal here

Costco Lavazza 500g Rossa Ground Coffee 18th Feb - 3rd March  Offer Sheet £3.49
LocalLocalFound 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
If you have a Costco card and it's the ground coffee you need, as opposed to the whole beans on the last offer, then it's your turn! No VAT of course because it's a food item and … Read more
Lavazza coffee beans twin pack at Costco for £15.99
Found 3rd FebFound 3rd Feb
Good price elsewhere around £10 or more each

Arabica is meant to be more aromatic, less caffeinated but more flavourful though very expensive. As the name suggests, it comes from Ethiopia, Yemen, Syria, Turkey etc. Robusta are the inferior South American varieties from Brazil, Costa Rica, Columbia etc. Robusta is high in caffeine and yields nice crema (the golden layer of foam atop your espresso). Brazil is the home of robusta. Real Arabica is rare and very expensive. Coffee was first discovered in Ethiopia but first real brewed cup of coffee from roasted seeds was invented in Yemen.


Went to store today ended up with a pack of house blend nothing else there really not even lavazza


Yep - they are the ones I buy when they have nothing on offer - they are fine


I think so that’s what I was just looking at. Looks like £15 to get an online only membership.


How long will these keep as still trying to get through a previous bag. Have about 3-4 cups a day

lavazza a modo mio at Amazon for £15.90 sold by Wow Discounts
Found 30th JanFound 30th Jan
Usually around 25p to 30p per capsule. Found this seller selling at 20p per capsule. Good saving if like me you buy in bulk
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mickanddot They have a few different promotional products on (y)


I paid 6.41 Which makes it 17.80 per capsule ; recently amazon increased the price so I had to cancel my subscription. But I am sure it will be same soon as I never paid more than this on amazon.


Just ordered thank you


Just ordered this last night. Wish there was a similar deal for intenso pods

2x Lavazza Rossa 250g Coffee @ Co-op Grantham Instore - £3.35
LocalLocalFound 18th JanFound 18th Jan
A great price if you like it. I'm sure I'll be told that it tastes rank :D I've no idea if this is a national price, hopefully someone can confirm.
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co-op clearance prices are done centrally but on a store by store basis depending on their stock levels and range changes etc


Try union coffee beans on offer at Waitrose at the moment £3.33 and can use visa cash back at the moment to get £10 off £50 spend as well.


Can't beat hot lava java like (y)


My top coffee beans - Morrisons best Brazilian level 4 Taylors Hot Java Taylors level 4 or lavazza To be fair I do like a full cup of coffee, I press the 2 full cups button on my machine just to fill my 1 cup :D . Maybe not how lavazzi is suppose to be drank. Not saying it is bad, just not as good as the 2 above. Anyway hot deal from me, I normally pay £3 per single bag or 2 for £6.


The double pack in my local is £5 but one a bit further away has the it for £1.70 on clearance

Costco Lavazza 1Kg Rossa Coffee Beans £6.99 21st Jan - 3rd Feb Offer Sheet @ Costco
LocalLocalFound 7th JanFound 7th Jan
The twice yearly offer is back again and hugely cheaper than anywhere else, with Amazon at £12 and the supermarkets asking even more. Here is Lavazza's site with a few recipes to … Read more
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There is no VAT chargable on food items so it's £6.99 all in. As for a limit, sometimes they do limit numbers at a level I can't imagine anyone ever reaching, even retailers, but the latest offer sheet makes no mention of a limit so I have to suppose that you could buy a full pallet if you so chose !


is it £6.99 plus vat on including? and is there a limited on the purchase amount?


Yes.started Monday.finishes 3/2/ offer books out every 2 weeks now


On the website the only offers are 2kg for £16 or 1kg for £10... Is this in-store only?


That's only for buying online. To get these offers and shop instore you need the full membership for £33.60.

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