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Samyang 10 mm F2.8 Lens for Fujifilm X - £236.12 at Amazon
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Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Prime wide-angle lens, ideal for indoor, architectural, and landscape applications Fast f/2.8 maximum aperture benefits working in low-light conditions Manual focus design permits selectiv…
Avatar gordo1964
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Used a similar Samyang 2.8 with a Canon 6d to shoot the Milky Way some years ago and the results were stunning. The glass on these lenses in my opinion are L standard and beat some of the more expensive competition. Only thing with my lens is the plastic around the lens seems to feel sligtly cheap and on mine the marked infinity point is not accurate but I can live with that. Heat


Price has gone up! :(

Sigma 885205 18-200mm F/3.5-6.3 DC HSM Lens for Sony, Black - £177.52 @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 26th AprPosted 26th AprShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Ultra-compact, all in one design Includes SLD and Aspherical glass elements Fast and near silent HSM autofocus Ultra-smooth zooming motion High-precision, rugged brass bayonet mount
Avatar gordo1964
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Sold out


Well spotted.


Just be aware this is for the old Sony Alpha mount cameras, not the newer mirrorless E / FE mount cameras.


Details from,aps,64&sr=8-1&th=1

Canon RF 600mm F11 IS STM Lens £439 @ HDEW Cameras
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Posted 18th AprPosted 18th Apr
An impressive and incredibly unique super-telephoto, the Canon RF 600mm f/11 IS STM is an especially compact and lightweight lens considering its long focal length. Featuring a retractable…

These are £595 on Amazon with Canon warranty, so your choice is a £139 saving on the import or the official Canon warranty.


Mirrorless full frame range.


Not bought a lens for my Canon Dslr for a while. What's RF fitment suitable for?


Sure but it's only 450 pounds and a faster lens would could so much more. Huge improvements in photo quality at high ISO with digital over film enable better shutter speeds now and less use tripod even without image stabilizer.


HDEW repaired Canon DSLR in official Canon repair centre in Glasgow, no questions asked. M42 lens hit mirror, my fault. 10 years after, it is still going strong.

Sony E PZ 18-105 mm f/4.0 G | APS-C, Power Zoom Lens (SEL18105G) Used Like New @ £274 - Amazon Warehouse
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Posted 13th AprPosted 13th Apr
Sony E PZ 18-105 mm f/4.0 G | APS-C, Power Zoom Lens (SEL18105G) £342.02 - 20% = £274 Only 1 left

It's a great lens


Thank you but it appears to have sold. I was just about to purchase haha


Try this link



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Canon EF 50mm 1.8 STM lens £114.99 @ Canon Store
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Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Currently £10 off as an Easter deal, with free shipping. Next cheapest I can find is Amazon at 117.99 (not next-day delivery) though it's a third party seller, so a potential risk of gettin…
Avatar lee19285
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I got mine 6 years ago from ebay for a similar price with an x% off coupon. Brand new in box, grey import I'd guess. Rare occasion, with a coupon also, but it was possible to get it at such a low price. On the other hand the lens is great, super sharp. I had the 50mm 1.4 before, that I have sold after getting this stm one. The 1.4 was super soft compared to this. It is possible that mine was defective, but I have noticed the difference in quality/sharpness straight away. I wouldn't touch the previous mk2 version. Even if the budget is super tight... Loud as hell and keeps falling apart. I had a mk1 OG as well that I traded in to get the 1.4 unfortunately. ;(


The 5D MK2 is really all you need for still photography. Anything else after that era will only add to your video repertoire (y)


Funny you say that, exactly what I've just done! Paired a Canon 100-400 with my little 550d over the years, have got some impressive results with a couple of photos winning small competitions. Now wanting to try my hand with a full frame sensor and a wide angle lens - had my first day out today with my used 5D mk2 and Canon 17-40mm L lens. Blown away by the field of view available! Looking forward to the 50mm arriving now 8)


Remember buying this for £50 a few years back. This and a used EOS 5D Mk1 or Mk2 is really all you need to become a half-decent photographer.


Sounded and probably built like a 70s doctor who robot (excited)

Sony E mount 70-350 SEL70350G - £569 @ Amazon
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Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
Good price on a well reviewed lens. Seems to be more expensive second hand than this checking MPB etc. There are also other Sony lenses on sale too Info added by @PD2K79 Product Descri…
Avatar Stitch123
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John Lewis, on sale and show model. Got lucky


£200?!?!? Was it just a lucky ebay bid or from a retailer? Enjoy


Thanks, I had a nex5 and the 55-210 lens, but got lucky with the a6300 for under 200, so going for that s a lens upgrade as well


This is a great price. I bit the bullet about 6 months ago for this lens at just a bit above this price for a warehouse unit. I've got it on an A6100 and it never fails to impress. I use mine for motorsport/aircraft/wildlife and the auto focus is insanely quick, and even if the object is tiny the af will pick it up pronto. Low light is pretty poor though. I upgraded from the 55-210 and I think many people will be in this same position, if you are looking for more zoom and better AF with a bit better colours and details then this is a good buy.


Will work in crop mode on full frame bodies, if you have one of the high res 'R' series or the new A7IV it would work particularly well, almost half the price of the 70-300mmFE lens with a bit longer reach (sharper too apparently)