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Nothing beats the home theatre experience, big-screen presentation power and virtually cable-free flexibility of a projector. Improvements in display resolution and energy efficiency plus the introduction of ultra-compact designs and wireless connectivity options have generated new demand for projectors. In a nod to this growing market, HotUKDeals collects all the latest deals for home, business, and portable projectors on a special projector page. Read more
LG PH550 16:9 WXGA LED Projector, Used Good - Very Good £177.95 - £188.06 @ Amazon Warehouse
Found 20th OctFound 20th Oct
Found this while perusing the Amazon this morning. Full spec can be found here: Not a bad price for an LG LED projector, brightness … Read more
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yes , from my experience ... In low light it should be usable. its contrast ratio is oen of the best according to the research i did.


Don't know anything meaningful about projectors but would this be a good choice to watch the footy on and for gaming in low light conditions?


Wow glad convinced my dad to buy. Any other hukder get one?


All gone, damn.


I have this ...i don't know much abt the technicalities of the throw ratio..but it's definitely not a short throw projector... I can vouch for the quality ...but the best part of this projector is Bluetooth which I didnt find in other projectors ...and this price is much lower than wat I paid last year ...for a Amazon warehouse product

Optoma UHD65 4K DLP Projector Amazon UK (Possible Misprice) £469 Delivered Prime
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Optoma UHD65 4K DLP Projector Seems a cracking price for this projector. You have to click 7 new for £469 to get this price and choose the one supplied by amazon uk. Says Tempor… Read more

I don't think any of us believe what they are telling us. We are just trying to get them to admit its a mistake, cancel our order and give us a nice £40 gift card without the hassle to returning a projector.


Don`t believe what the Amazon reps always tell you, I`m sure they don`t know anything more about the product than you do other than whats on their screen. I had the same type of thing happen with a graphics card that was heavily mispriced with Amazon. My friend and myself ordered the same card, his came first while mine was showing temp OOS. He ended up with the wrong card so I contacted Amazon. I explained he had the wrong card and the rep guaranteed me I would get the right card when the card was back in stock. After weeks of waiting the wrong card came and I got straight on to Amazon. After a short rant, I ended up with a £20 voucher.


I am in the same boat, I too contacted Amazon support only to run into the village **** there. When I pointed out the difference there, he asked me if I wanted to cancel the order but in the end after lots of prompting confirmed I would be getting the UHD65 projector. I suspect its going to be the wrong type but lets see.


I have had this response too recently. Trouble is I still have serious difficulty with believing it, and concerns about whether it is in anyway enforceable if they sent out the wrong one anyway, especially since at least one other person on here has already had the wrong one delivered. Not sure how it went on your chat? but on mine they came back to me almost immediately after I asked and said it would be the Optoma UHD65 without having had time to have even contacted any other department to check, I suspect they just read it from the order title and took it from that, even though I explained that the listing had been altered since I ordered. I strongly got the impression the adviser I chatted to just wanted to go as the whole chat was over in two minutes flat, I guess it was their finishing time (cheeky) Not sure where to go from here? I might try emailing CS or getting other advisers on chat to confirm if it will be the Optoma UHD65 giving me more ammunition for the inevitable battle when they send the wrong one...


Good spot.

Amazon deal of the day - Epson EH-TW5650 projector £579.99
Found 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Next best I can find is for 749.99 in Currys/Very and so on. This looks like a good deal. Camelcamelcamel also shows its the lowest ever in amazon

I've got the 5650 and its superb. At this price you won't get a better 3 LCD projector. Ok the lumens are less than the 650 however in a dark room your never notice. In fact I use mine on eco mode most of the time. This model also has Bluetooth and many other useful features as well as ridiculously cheap replacement bulbs.


I got the 650 when it was on offer the other week, but I've not opened it yet and have started a return. The throw distance on the 5650 is a lot longer, which is more suited to my room - it means I can position it behind the seating rather than in front, which is where the 650 would need to be. But, it's £200 more, so I've not fully made up my mind yet. My concern with the 5650 is whether it will only work in a light-controlled room, or whether it can work in a room with a small amount of ambient light.


This is a great deal as it was £600 on Prime Day. The EH-TW650 is the value line, I bought one at Prime Day for £300 and is superb overall - great at blasting out lumens but not so great contrast, so given this deal I'm upgrading to the EH-TW5650. For anyone looking for extra reviews, the EH-TW650 is the Home Cinema 1060 in the US, and the EH-TW5650 is the Home Cinema 2150 (which itself is the slightly upgraded Home Cinema 2100 - worth reading the Wirecutter review)


Also this is 3D the 650 isn't which actually at projector size makes 3D viewing good.


It's also got Horiz/Vert image shift, and has a much longer throw. Possibly more suited to some rooms / conditions.

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Sony LSPX-P1 720p HD Ready Ultra Short Throw Portable Projector SRXD Laser Technology - Used Very Good - £529.23 @ Amazon Warehouse
Found 7th OctFound 7th Oct
The Life Space UX concept is all about using design to create different and unexpected experiences for customers The ultra short throw portable projector demonstrates the UX conce… Read more

Down to £519


this is different to the philips one i saw before with the wireless feature given the short throw this is pretty good most (legit) football streaming sites are 720p anyhow


If you think you can compare the brightness on this LED short throw to any other type of projector, such as the many benq/optoma, then you are mistaken. I have a fantastic JVC lamp projector that is not short throw and gives me a 3m image with throw distance of almost 5m. It has a brightness of 600lumens. Now compare that to this Sony, which projects a maximum of 2m image with throw distance of 0.3m. It has a brigthness of 100lumens. Proportionally, that is a huge number of lumens on the Sony, as the light is not going to fade when it's not projecting over the 5m distance that my JVC projects. Any brighter and it would just bleach out the colour from the picture. In fact, I would say that looking at the specs the far more interesting figure is constrast ratio 1:4000 which tends to suggest that the LED bright white lamp is too bright at 100lumens and it is reducing the vibrancy of the image, but that is something an early adopter would have to accept, but also gives more flexibility of use with ambient light which appears to be part of Sony's pitch as a mobile TV replacement. The picture is certainly no worse than a crappy optoma which will not come in cheaper than the Amazon warehouse prices for this Sony. EDIT: I wouldn't be surprised if part of the reason they only made this 720p is because spending extra on the display would have cost a little more but then they would have had to increase the minimum required bandwidth of the wireless link back to the base station interface box, which in turn would increase the chances of a poor customer experience with the wireless link cutting out and buffering due to customers having poor signal strength on their wireless network. i.e. they would have ended up having to charge more for a product that to a lot of dumb users would appear to be a less polished product. It's why apple never use the latest tech available on the iphone


Probably good for mobility on holiday etc.


Looking at the spec 100 lumen brightness. This is a gimmick

Optoma HD143x Full HD, Home Cinema Projector with 92 Inch DS-9092PWC Screen £449 @ Costco
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
Optoma HD143x Full HD, Home Cinema Projector with 92 Inch DS-9092PWC Screen What makes this deal good is you get the 92 inch screen as well :) . I believe this was also on HUKD be… Read more

i considered this vs my beng 720, both great machines, benq is slightly better on full dark rooms especially watching movies, while the optoma has better result on dimmed light rooms for everday usage.. but if you have specific distance for specific screen size requirment like me, you need to find out distance values, that is why i had to choose benq instead of this, if i had 30cm more or less distance value (i dont remember right now) i could buy this. by distance i mean: i had to fix the projector inside a bookshelf on one side of the room, and i ahd to have the screen on the other side of the room's wall and needed min. 120inch screen size, so benq gave me 120inch screen from exactly on 430cm. distance, while optoma was either 30cm further or closer.


with the ViewSonic PX747 4K at under a grand already, we're not *that* far off. i'd say within the next couple of years. as i said, till then though, i'm perfectly happy with my 110" 1080p setup. and yes, i realise it isnt "true" 4k, but its a decent enough start


Lol long way off


Great projector for the money!


Some people dont notice it, I do, ruins everything. Only 3lcd projectors dont have rainbow effect, but they have downfalls

Epson EH-TW650 Full HD 3100 Lumens Home Cinema Projector £369.99 Amazon
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
I have been watching this projector ever since i bought it at a record low of £319, this price is its second best ever. It usually jumps between £400-£500, so at this price is like… Read more
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It’s shorter than I was expecting, having never had a projector before. The amount of adjustment seems quite limited.


it would be helpful to define "short", i wasnt aware it was any different to similar products. I have my projector mounted 3m from my wall, thats fine.


Watch out for the throw on this, it's really short. That means I have to ceiling mount it instead of putting on a shelf on the wall. Much more expensive to hide wires.


We use it every day to watch TV series. You could replace TV with it, depends how far back you sit and what size screen you throw. I use mine with surround sound, if you didn't you might the fan a little noisy


Is this any good to replace home tv?

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Epson EH-TW7300 4K Enhanced 2300 Lumens Projector - White £1199.99 Amazon
Found 24th SepFound 24th Sep
High-performance home cinema - 4K-enhanced, full HD, UHD BD and HDR support Smooth, fast-moving action - frame interpolation and detail enhancement Watch a movie a day for 7 year… Read more



To be honest its more personal preference and budget you have. The best way to find out what you need is to go into big tech shop like pc world and view yourself each telly which fits your budget. Costco has usually great selection and good prices on them, last time I seen 65" hisense 6200 for £599 and I can say picture looked great compared to samsung, sony etc.. . All you need is to view them live, remember model and hunt one online for reasonable price and extended warranty. You can plug your own usb drive to view some video samples or best is to ask shop assistant to put same 4k content on all tvs - you soon see difference and bugs in some models :) I was only interested in picture quality for money in 65" size, smart features were least of my worries as selection of smart tv boxes these days is massive and more freedom with apps you can get on them. Also worth to know that each manufacturer uses different settings for tvs out of the box, so you might see some very bright, some very high contrast etc but in general once calibrated it will look similar. tv's to avoid are which have slow processing power and have stuck pixels - on fast moving 4k content you can see like some bricks of image don't refresh too quick... As for all this HDR, 10bit etc as I said all down to what you want and how much you willing to spend. I got 8bit+FRC and quite happy with picture I got. Would love qled stuff but do I need it? Just watch out on stand width too if not wall mounting. Wish you good luck on hunt.


That's a great deal if you specifically want a 75" display, you have proven me wrong sir. Unfortunately that doesn't counter the second point, 75" may be too small for some people especially if their living room is bigger than about 2-3 metres That's where the projector wins as it's capable of anything up to 150" and a TV that size would be far more expensive.


I think the 82 inch TVs will start to drop in price - I'd be tempted to get a 75/82 inch TV under £2k when that happens, simply for the convenience and the smart apps etc.


Open your eyes and shut your mouth

Nebula by Anker Mars II Projector with 720p DLP Picture and Dual 10W Speakers, Android 7., 30-150 in Screen, 3 Hour Playtime - Sold by Anker / Fulfilled by Amazon - £329.99
Found 18th SepFound 18th Sep
Great product that solves the riddle of where to put a (non short throw) projector in a room... HD Picture: 720p definition, a 300 ANSI lm brightness, and DLP IntelliBright tech… Read more

Guys, for £300 you can get a proper and better one. Even if it is second hand. I know people think Anker is a good make and I agree with this, but still better brands out there. Got my 2nd hand LG PA1000 hd ready, 1000 ANSI, wi fi, etc for £100 on eBay. Barely used. If you really want one to have it in the house for as and when, you can get a rubbish Chinese one for £50. I think this one is nice but probably for £100-200, from £300 up you can get better brands with better specifications, don't think is worth to pay for the smart, novelty and wow factor.


I'm surprised that Anker have even bothered to release these, they're normally so avant garde. This is a cool idea but the spec is pretty naff. The other one (I'm waiting to see if they do a new version) looks better for portability: but again spec is meh


Why does this look like a rice cooker?


640x480 resolution - hmmmm.


Sweet! And it's a penguin awww so cute 8)

Optoma GT1080 Darbee Full HD 3D Short Throw Gaming Projector £679 Delivered at Scan
Found 7th SepFound 7th Sep
I thought this was a great price for this Full HD Short Throw Gaming projector. With 1080p, Full 3D Support and 16ms response, this would be perfect for a smaller bedroom or gaming… Read more

not gonna say this isn't possible, nor that a good warranty isn't worth getting, but in 15 years of running DLP projectors i've never seen a colour wheel go. you will 100% consume bulbs though, and the 6 year warranty will not cover 6 years of bulbs (though this has a 1 year manufacturers guarantee). had to replace a fan in an Optoma unit once... must admit, while this projector is fine for what it is, prices were better than this 5 years ago.


They definitely price match only when the other seller sells with the same terms and conditions as Richer Sounds. Got my bluray player from them and because theirs was an extra year warranty, they did not honour the price match (£20 difference). But they gave me £10 discount as I was a 'member'. I think is easy to claim you do price match when nobody gives the same warranty, therefore not entitled.


Even if they don't price match you'll get £10 off being a VIP simply by signing up your email address. So for an extra £90 a 6 year warranty is a no brainer? My HD26 is going in for a colour wheel fix when I can be bothered to drop it off


I read somewhere this week that someone was told at a Richer that they will now only price match if the other one also has 6 year warranty. Which of course no one else offers and is conveniently more than JLs 5 years. Optoma say they guarantee the colour will not degrade on these for 5 years so I wonder if that will cover the wheel anyway on top of the 2 year warranty


Very has these for £779 but you get £100 off if you use 9 months BNPL which may suit some. I just had delivered today the 1080e for £480 with a Very 20% code they sent for my birthday and sourced a used Darbee box for 50 quid.

Cheapest Ever Sony LSPX-P1 Small projector £629 Amazon
Found 4th SepFound 4th Sep
Best price ever according to price spy. I have been looking for a small projector I can use for work and also come in handy for the kids when going away. It isn't a cheap purchas… Read more
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Where was this during the Amazon warehouse 20% discount (annoyed)


I have the ph450ug. It's 720p but it only cost me £280 from amazon warehouse so no complaints! :) I don't have much time for movies/gaming nowadays so it's convenient and versatile enough to give me my movie fix when I can get away from the kids! I was tempted to get the 1000 when it was £650 in December but couldn't justify the price tag for the amount of time I use it.


you welcome, no need to write a book


Thanks for those random words.


Hey if you don’t mind me asking, which LG you have? The 1000 one

Acer H6502BD DLP 1080p Full HD Projector / 3200 Lumens / Native 1080p / 2 year warranty £299.99 Delivered @ Box
Found 31st AugFound 31st Aug
Nice drop on this 1080p model, this is probably the cheapest I've seen it at. Has a 10W Speaker, HDMI and VGA inputs, as well as Audio in and outs on the back. For £299.99 I don't … Read more

Luverly jubbly. Thanks


Try this eg. at 3m it offers an image diagonal adjustable between 83in and 91in or, for 100in it needs to be positioned between 3.3-3.6m from screen


Can somebody help me out here? I'm not that familiar with using do I know what image size I will get for my room size? I can't see anything in the specs that makes this obvious enough (for me). If I can only get the front of it 3m from my wall/screen, what image size will I get? I don't even know if the distance to image size would be linear?


4K on a budget is not true 4K, they’re all faux trickery... have to still pay thousands. Though on projectors resolution doesn’t matter as much as a TV. I prefer to watch movies from my projector than my 55inch KS7000.... having it 200+ inches on the wall is just amazing.


Still waiting for a 4k short throw. Nothing on the Horizon though, a gap in the market being ignored :(

Epson TW650 3LCD Full HD Projector - 0% Finance Available £413.99 From Jessops
Found 27th AugFound 27th Aug
Cheapest I’ve seen this projector since Amazon Prime Day and to make it sweeter there’s a 24 Month Interest Free option. Would have gone for this if I’d had another 170 pounds mor… Read more
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The special offer has ended sadly. Still 450 at amazon.


the price showing £459.99 for me


My wife actually came home and told me about that. It’s what prompted me to do a google search, which is how I found the deal. It’s not a bad price, but Aldi are getting undercut by Jessops and a couple of other sellers. I suspect Epson is getting rid of all the stock for this projector and would be surprised if there’s any left come Black Friday.


I expect you are looking for further discussion on this point. I am not. I’m sorry but we will have to agree to disagree and your point about the camera is irrelevant and completely the opposite of what I said. :)


Same model is £480 in the aldi special buys this week

Epson EB-W05 WXGA 3300 Lumens Projector - White £289.99 @ Amazon DOTD
Found 25th AugFound 25th Aug
Create the big screen experience: From box sets to business presentations, capture everyone's attention Bright even with ambient light: Equally high white and colour light output … Read more
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Not sure where the SVGA bit came from in the OP (autocorrect?). this is WXGA which is 1280 x 800 so 800p and just in excess of HD ready. Not great, but should be a lot better than the £50 Chinese ones. Not an expert so I could be wrong though!


Oh wow! Yeah svga is 800 x 600?! Description does not mention that. I got a gt1080 for 550 and my first projector was a gt720 from richer sounds refuribished for 150. So a new 720p short throw I would expect to pay this price. I have seen bad reviews for some of the chinese ones but you should be able to get a decent 720p for this price?


Why spending so much on a projector with such low resolution? There are loads of projectors on Amazon selling for about 40 to 50 quid with fairly good amount of positive reviews.

Epson EB-W04 WXGA 3000 Lumens HD Ready Projector - White £230.99 @ ArgosEBay
Found 19th AugFound 19th Aug
Bought this last week from Argos Ebay store. Cracking price for a 720p projector. Obviously not as finely detailed as 1080p, but if you’re on a budget and you seriously want a proj… Read more
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I agree I have tried one of the Chinese ones from amazon, it was good enough for £50 but it wasnt as good as i would like, It supported 1080p but the actual resolution was alot less ie it downscales . I could also see the squares of the pixels and it really needed to be a darkened room. in the end i sent it back as although it was good i would eventually want to buy a better one for around £200-£300 and that £50 one would be left on the shelf


Price jump depends on time of year. Could have got an epson on prime day full hd but similar to this for 299 but even though it doesn’t sound like a big price jump for the extra clarity I wouldn’t pay 70 pounds more. Usual prices for full hd 3lcd are around 400-500 pounds. It would be higher clarity of hd and definitely noticeable but you’d need to either wait until Black Friday or get lucky. 70 pounds might not sound like a lot, but when you already have an adequate tv and you aren’t loaded it is!


What sort would peoppe recommend for 1080p? Is there a big picture quality/price jump?


With LED a projector is far more likely to be fine or dead on arrival (in which case paypal will refund you). I'm keeping an eye out for good deals on LED projectors second hand but there's also great stuff coming out of china lately, ultra-short-throw laser projectors for £1500, that sort of thing.


It works very well even in eco mode, but don’t expect it to not be at least a little washed out in daylight at this price and spec

Optoma NuForce BE SPORT3 £49.95 @ Richer sounds
Found 16th AugFound 16th Aug
Good price for excellent wireless earphones.
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Not sure how they compare but I went for beats X and just say build quality and sound is superb. Not overly loud but loud enough, I'd recommend beats x after buying.


Features are really good but how do they sound compared to the likes of beats X or bose sport?


I got a pair of these from Richer Sounds a while back. Once I'd used the tail thingies to hold them in my ears they were excellent for my commute into work on the bus and tram. Quite good at blocking out ambient noise.


Got these from Amazon earlier this year and they sound great... more importantly the battery life is way longer than any other I tried

Viewsonic PX747-4K 4K Ultra HD Home Projector £899.99 @ Ebuyer
Refreshed 13th AugRefreshed 13th Aug
Great price for this 4K projector with decent reviews.
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I recommend you look up short throw projectors if it's replacing a tv. Mind blowing stuff out there.


Amazing projector. Bought 1 early this year and I wish I hadn't bought my lg OLED c7... you won't regret the projector. Viewsonic amazing brand and picture quality is incredible for price.


Definately not. I've seen both of those projectors side by side and no question the view sonic picture simply outclassed optoma.


BenQ W1070. Colour wheel went wonky after a few years (seems to be a common fault). Very subtle at first and then the colours got progressively worse. Think colour banding/posterization is the correct term. Thankfully it was still under warranty with richersounds so got the colour wheel replaced free of charge. Took a few attempts though and the PJ has some wear and tear that comes along with people opening it up and fixing/cleaning the insides. Overall though the picture is still stunning. 4900 hours on the blub. Will take her to 6000 hours then look it pick up the W2000 model. Howay the lads! Tough summer and first game. We look good for the rest of the season i reckon.


What model you got now? Mines 3 years old and still going strong, as I mentioned the color wheel I think is on its way out as it's a little louder than it should be. I laugh when people get them £60 projectors and say its full HD 1080p, I try to explain it'll play that resolution but won't output it, more like 360p lol

ACER M550 4K Ultra HD Home Cinema Projector up to 92" in size - £1099 @ Currys
Found 9th AugFound 9th Aug
You don't need a TV fix on a wall to have 92" screen in 4K quality....i should have bought this if i know how ugly it is to have 65 Tv hang on a wall.... Top features: - Make y… Read more

I'm using the Optoma Gt1080 with an Xbox One X & Ps4pro. It does a brilliant job with the 1080p supersampling. Noise isn't an issue but the room gets quite warm as all projectors kick out a lot of heat. Its great in the winter for warming the living room though :)


My current Optoma GT1080 short throw gives me a 100" screen from just over a meter away. I don't know the throw ratio of the Acer but doubt you'll get near that with just 9 feet. There are a few ultra short throw laser projectors out there but mainly 1080p and quite pricey.


Anyone use a projector for gaming? Are They noisy as hell?


Ive heard that term before. They are a bit more expensive. I would have the projector about 9 feet from the screen. Do you think Acer should be fine to give 100 inch picture or I need a short throw one too?


It isn't true 4k but it still looks mightily impressive. Im still holding out for a similar priced 4k short throw projector. None available on the market yet though :(

Epson EH-TW7300 4K Enhanced Projector - White. Cheapest price!! £1449.99 @ Amazon prime
Found 17th JulFound 17th Jul
Normally, it is around £1600 mark but this is the cheapest and best price i've found. Now on Prime day. Very good review on this machine. High-performance home cinema 4K-enhance… Read more
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From Review of the best buy TW9300 projector (the next step up in the range from the TW7300) - " If you don’t quite have the light controlled room and your walls and ceiling are white or similar then the TW7300 is the machine for you with all the strengths for such a room (the TW9300 would lose its black level advantage in such an environment so you are better off saving some cash). " Very good quality projectors cost a lot, not all projectors are equal, you won't get the same performance or features out of a £500 projector as you will out of this one....


Excellent projector and excellent price. Voted hot


Because it's not a "real" 4K projector maybe? Honestly I'd recommend sticking with a decent 3D projector for a few years as proper 4K ones are still massively overpriced for what they are.


I think this is cold because the math is wrong. Say a movie is ~2 hours. A movie a day would be 2x365=730 hours a year. In 7 years, it only makes 5110 hours. The variation is too much for cold-voters to handle. It's not even a margin of error. That's gross miscalculation. The actual number if years according to the data provided, within the margin of error would be 48 years. OP! Get your math right. You might get more plus votes. That or if the price for a overly expensive stupid projector that was actually affordable or had more than a mere consolation 9% off.


Cold??? It's cheapest price deal but cold????

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