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Nothing beats the home theatre experience, big-screen presentation power and virtually cable-free flexibility of a projector. Improvements in display resolution and energy efficiency plus the introduction of ultra-compact designs and wireless connectivity options have generated new demand for projectors. In a nod to this growing market, HotUKDeals collects all the latest deals for home, business, and portable projectors on a special projector page. Read more
Xiaomi Mi MIJIA 4K Laser Projector 5000 Lumens Android 6.0 £1336.65 @ Banggood
Found 7 h, 5 m agoFound 7 h, 5 m ago
Xiaomi Mi MIJIA Laser Projector 5000 Lumens Android 6.0 ALPD 3.0 4K 2GB 16GB Bluetooth Projector. Bit more than I'd personally want to pay for an import, but there's a discount on… Read more

The short range throw on this thing is insane! 150" picture from just 50cm!


Its a 1080p native resolution projector (lol)


Well it looks impressive for the price considering Dell released the first 4K projector back in 2017 which still sells for £2500-3500.On the plus side you wont ever need to use the room lights again while your watching tv and it supposedly has a life span of roughly 13y dew to it's laser.


I think it's this one:


Don’t think it comes with warranty neither

Vivitek Full HD Home Cinema Projector (Used - Very Good) £308.70 @ Amazon Warehouse
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
Nearly 100 quid cheaper than 3 weeks ago when i posted this up fully back-lit remote/Vertical Lens Shift also 3d RGBRGB wheel usb it's worth the price 12 trigger Believe_Me t… Read more
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2000 lumens. not for me.... I have several projectors and wouldn't consider this based on the brightness. Yes its cheap, but it is used. last projector I bought via warehouse had been used extensively (lamp hours) - so definitely worth checking that when you get it. And if it says zero, bear in mind someone could have reset it. plus side - this projector has good range of inputs, if that is what you need


Does anyone know if this would be ok to use as a golf projector for indoor simulator


Now that is a deal! This deal isn't bad at all and I added heat, but can't help but feel that this price is just where 1080P projectors should be at this stage. 1080P even projected the size of a wall can look utterly stunning and doesn't suffer from any obvious pixellation or anything (at least not that I can see). However, being technical it is still the 'last gen' format with 4K now fully established in the domain of televisions thanks to them becoming far more affordable, bout time the same thing started happening with projectors IMHO....


Recently bought the viewsonic px 747 4k projector from amazon for a bargain price of £530 with £50 credit. What a cracker that was :D


This was near to 1000 pounds i don't think anything can beat this at this price you have to spend double and then some

ViewSonic PX727 4K UHD HDR DLP Projector £799 @ Richersounds
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
There's also a 4k projector on offer.

Pseudo 4k but my naked eye can't tell the difference.. bang on projector 4k on the cheap!


Real 4k or pseudo 4k that are normally at this price?


Great projector. Bought the px 747 from amazon for £480.


"We voted Brexit," said real voters


HOT Very well connected round the back and very highly reviewed by real buyers <3

Sony Xperia touch  Projector £799.99 at VERY
Found 15th AprFound 15th Apr
Latest Sony ultra short throw touch screen projector discounted by £600.. Full price nearly everywhere else. Note negative reviews are when projecter is reviewed at full price. Po… Read more

Not voting but I would have expected more at that price than 100 lumen at 720p.

LG PH450UG Smart HD Ready Mini Projector £399 @ Currys
Found 12th AprFound 12th Apr
Ultra short throw projector Only 33cm needed to get 80inch Big screen Simple & Beautiful In stallation Triple wireless Built-in Battery up to 2.5 hours Bluetooth Sound Compatib… Read more

its ultra short throw!


Cold!!! 720P for this price is an absolute rip off.


720p is not bad on big screen, just not as crisp as 1080p. Fine for a portable projector.


720p on a big screen won't be great


Same price on Amazon for all you prime members.. Full spec

(Used - Like New) Sony LLaserSPX-P1 720p HD Ready Ultra Short Throw  Projector, SRXD  Technology £416.46 @ Amazon Warehouse
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Won’t be for most, but this is a good price for Sony LSPX-P1 720p HD Ready Ultra Short Throw Portable Projector, SRXD Laser Technology 555 new is not bad but 20% due to amazon war… Read more

If you connect a laptop or pc through the HDMI dock, you can select a different sound source ie.. speakers plugged via PC/Laptop. ( Possibly use Chromecast Audio if your sound system is another room with third party software / drivers that stream the sound over wireless network)


Yeah I brought it for 550 on deal of day last year, your spot on I have sky Q box connected and also a now tv. Like you I was impressed with brightness and sharpness of the screen, only downside would be the sound would have loved to connect external speaker to it.


Technically brilliant piece of kit - I am pleasantly surprised ! I already have 6-7 projectors that I use for various purposes. So here is brief overview of my review : Pro's Surprising bright crisp decent image for a portable projector. ( Even in daytime conditions - slightly draw one side of curtains) I can't believe this thing is only 100 Lumens brightness! Small, compact - unique design Very quiet - almost silent when being used and remains cool. Free wireless hdmi dock - included - play ps4 / xbox from anywhere in the house via wireless controllers Can project image from very short distance and onto any wall or floor( 20cm - 30cm) Decent sound / speaker built in - easily feels the room not tinny. Con's Requires two power adapters Can't wireless clone laptop / phone to projector unless its supports Miracast No Remote using bluetooth phone application Android app needs updating to include wireless streaming of youtube , netflix, prime etc via wifi connection Been a ultra short throw projector - any imperfections are very visible at close range ( sit further back ) Due to these restrictions - you will need the Hdmi dock connected most of the time, unless your device supports Miracast.. not a problem if your primary use is a games console or chromecast. This is a keeper!!! (which has shocked me - as i already own so many projectors) Bargain considering the original price of 1K - use sony online warranty checker to verify device has not been previously registered - so you have a full warranty.


Let me know how you find it


You can also connect a sky q box to, brightness and all setting done via app, is has auto focus but if your to far from wall you have to adjust is manually, other then that it's all good

Optoma UHD51A 4K Home Cinema Projector with Alexa Voice Assistant Support £840.80 (Amazon Warehouse used-like new)
Found 8th AprFound 8th Apr
Deal of the day is 1200 - get it for even less! Fantastic price for this projector Only £700 if you don't pay VAT/ship to the Channel Islands
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Mine turned up today, load of rubbish. Sold 'as new' - remote non functioning, wireless failed so unable to update, scratched lens!! Looked unopened until close inspections. 56min call with a very unhelpful amazon to get some compo and just bought a new one at 1200. Shame, seems like a good projector too.


Got mine the other day to replace my optoma hd131x. Came boxed like new. It seems to me that it's a factory refurb. Pj was wrapped and never been opened in that packaging, however the glossy plastics appear to have been machine polished as I can see buffer trails much like you would on a badly finished car from a body shop! The box however was re taped up although no signs of a previous delivery address sticker. Lamp hours are 0 but didn't realise there is a service menu, will have to look into that. The mount off my 131 unit didn't fit so I've had to buy a new ceiling mount and my HDMI cables won't do the 4k correctly so have had to order new ones of those too. Ive also discovered that my av amp doesn't support hdcp 2.2 even though it does support 4k so not having the best start with it! 4k pass through with no hdcp should be fine from my pc though as I only play rips and I'll plug my Xbox one X into the second input on the pj and then optical out to the amp for the 5.1 and hopefully that'll work. Otherwise it's going to be an expensive "cheap" 4k projector when I have to buy a new amp!!


If this will be Your first projector i think you will be delighted with it. You can't beat it for this price. I am suggesting to get some 3d dlp glasses and fev 3d blurays. 3d on dlp projectors is excellent.


I don't have one yet, it will be my first one. Been weighing them up whilst I'm designing the build. The reviews say the ht3550 has the best HDR at the price for the generation so far. I think at this price though I'll buy in here, then pick up the ht3550 or something better later down the line.


What projector do you have atm? I got the UHD51A to replace my 1080p hd25 and to be honest the difference in picture quality isn't huge. I think the best effect on 4k is HDR and optoma hdr is not great. If i would pay the full price for uhd51a i would be disappointed but for £850 cant complain. The main reason i went for uhd51 is the 3d support as i have a lot of 3d blurays. Benq looks great and i will wait for more reviews etc and spend more to get benq :D

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LG Minibeam PF1000U Portable Projector (Full HD, LED, Ultra short throw, 150,000:1 contrast, 1000 lumens) - £639 @ Amazon
Found 6th AprFound 6th Apr
LG portable protector - lots of very good reviews and at this price excellent value. Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080) 1,000 lumens brightness Ideal for business, TV, movies and ga… Read more

wiping a dust cleaner on the lens, classic, sounds like you scratched it yourself....who dusts the lens after 2 weeks of use (lol) Hope it's not too badly damaged as it's a lot of money to spend (y)


Mirror it’s poor quality easily scratched I use it to dust cleaner spray and let residue on mirror it’s actually ruin it. Need to replace mirror took me 9 months to find it (eBay )


I'm sorry but I can't understand what you are saying. You said good projector and warned about the mirror being easy to scratch. But... You also mentioned mirror blur and poor quality plastic. Please could you give further info (y)


Good projector have one although beware of mirror it’s easily scratched . No support from LG or amazon after 2 weeks mirror develop blurred poor quality plastic.


Excellent price, I nearly got this one a couple of years ago for £1,000. Watched a few things on it, really good picture, 1000 lumens is not bad and you can place it on tv table and use it as a TV, only needs a few inches away from the wall for huge picture. Not a TV replacement, but not far off. Room needs to be quite dark, but not complete dark, just watchable during the day. Voted hot!

Vivitek Full HD Home Cinema Projector used £404.85 @ Amazon Warehouse
Found 4th AprFound 4th Apr
Sensitive folk who moan not 4k / used move along 3d RGBRGB wheel usb it's worth the price 12 trigger also (y)
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Some good mid range Epson have been around this price on Amazon so keep a look out


£426.61 it cost more than that lol anyway i give up stuff i put up it's too advanced to some people here


fully back-lit remote/Vertical Lens Shift also


2 left, who else is going to grab one!

Acer M550 4K UHD Projector / DLP / 2900L / HDMI / Speakers  £979.99 Delivered @ Box [2 year warranty]
30/04/2019Expires on 30/04/2019Found 3rd AprFound 3rd Apr
On a 4K projector of this spec, £979.99 sounds decent. The lowest price it's been? After checking the price history it certainly looks that way. The next best price is £999.98 afte… Read more

Have had my optoma hd300x for around 6 years, typically watch 1 movie a week on it. Bulb is still going strong.


Depends on usage. Most projectors automatically log the hours on the lamp so you can easily monitor it. There will also be manufactures guidelines on the lamp hours. Some can last over 7000 hrs on Eco mode.


Very misleading comment. It has 8 million uniquely addressable pixels, as do all the DLP 4k shifters in this price range. It's not native 4k, but that costs 5 grand and it's very hard to tell the the difference with the naked eye, which I'm pretty sure is what you'll be using most of the time. Besides, there are other more important factors that determine the quality of the image than how it gets there.


I wont a very good 3d projector but can not afford a 4k one any ideas


Am i right in thinking that all projectors need constant bulb replacements around 6months?

Artlii Home Theater Projector Black at Amazon Warehouse (Like New) for £78.12
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
First post here 😁 Found this while scrolling through amazon. Thought this might appeal to some of you out there. Please Note: The item is stated as " Used - Like New "… Read more
Avatardeleted2200360Get dealGet deal

don't know whats go on I ordered one at 10:45 this morning at £78.12 at the time of ordering it stated 3 left


What a bloody find...well done whoever got that


We are looking for one of these for our wedding, to stream from a smartphone, can anyone recommend a good one? Thanks.


thought that might be the case (y)


Not even close (lol) Not worth a penny over £100 IMHO. it's one of those cheap Chinese brand LED projectors that only does 720P and doesn't go very bright. I had a similar one by Tenker that cost me around £80 like this deal was. They are not bad for a budget projector at around £100 but I wouldn't recommend anyone spend serious money like £500 on one. Suspect that seller listing at £500 doesn't have any in and just put an astronomical price on the listing so no one buys it, happens a lot on eBay too

Mpow Mini Projector 3000 Lumens Home Theater Projector £89.99 Sold by Mpow Retailer and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
I bought this for the bedroom and I'm very impressed with it ,I paid £109. Mpow Mini Projector 3000 Lumens Home Theater Projector Compatible with Fire TV Stick Netflix PS3 Xbox Co… Read more
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Had this on my wish list but now gone up to £115.99. What's odd is that CamelCamelCamel isn't able to report any price change history on this item. Hmmmm...


I've got this one too. I never had a projector before and I was quite impressed with it. Claims 3200 lumens. In the mean time I've got an LG projector, 1000 lumens. The difference in between these 2 is huge, the 1000 lumens is a million times brighter and the quality of the image is incomparable. I bet the Crenova does not have more than 50 lumens. The only thing Crenova does bettert is it is shorter throw than my LG, so the image is bigger when projecting from shorter distance. For £100 you can get much better projectors, probably better value to get a used well known brand, mine was about £500 new, I've paid £100 and only had about 50 hours of usage. The Crenova is in my kids bedroom, they watch cartoons in the dark, however we've paid £50 for it and when my wife wanted to return it, they gave her £30 back, so can't have high expectations for the price I've paid.


Total barg for a 720p projector. I'd snap this up if I didn't already have one.


plus i got an air mouse to use with mine, just plug the air mouse usb dongle into your pc, and then you can wave the air mouse with your hands to control the pc and netflix look for crenova or excelvan projectors for semi reliable,chinese makes, make sure the native resolution is a least 1280 by 720.


i think,it should be ok as long as long as air can get in and out the vents

BenQ W1050 1080P DLP projector £399 at Richer Sounds with 6 year warranty
Found 1st MarFound 1st Mar
It’s been a while since a great projector deal has been around and this one is pretty sweet. Has great reviews and has a pretty short throw meaning you can project a 100” image a… Read more

i dont think this projector has 3D... its why i want the optoma gt1080darbee


how does it compare to the optoma gt1080darbee..


OK so I have been kind of panicking about what to do now that my 3D TV is on its last legs and I feared my HUGE 3D Blu-Ray collection would just gather dust as they're no longer producing these TV's in the UK......then I came across this post. Technology I never knew could exist in the home!! So yeah, of course I am going to buy this - thank you OP. I'll be able to enjoy my collection for a good while longer Can I just clarify a few queries? - I want this to be set-up in my Bedroom so I'm assuming a (matt) white painted wall is best or do I buy a screen for best results? - I presume this Projector should be hung from the ceiling for best results? - Can the Sky Q / XBox One S be connected to this? How do you guys hide your wires? Where are your consoles in relation to the projector? - Would my Samsung 3D glasses be compatible or do I buy a specific pair of BenQ glasses? Eeep I'm excited (y) or should that be 8)


Both are reasonable projectors. I prefer Epson with their 3LCD technology. It's only because of the rainbow effect that some of my family are sensitive to while using DLP projectors. I own the Epson 5650 model.


I just had a look back at a deal I posted for the W1070 from Richer Sounds that I bought, Never realised It was that old and my 5 year warranty has just about finished, And I tried charging the glasses that I got free with it the other day as I never used them, And they don't seem to be holding a charge. Anyway, Back on point, If this is half as good as that has been, Bargain.


As noted isn’t this a 2 year old projector? What’s with the pre release notice? You can get faux 4k projector for way less than £1k now.


Seeing is believing. It spits out a 4k picture. How it does it is irrelevant


2200 LUMENS :/ - just make sure the lights are off and curtains are drawn when using! (y)


Faux 4K, I will keep my Optoma HD36 great picture everytime...


Same here Buddy.

Anker Nebula Prizm 2500 Lux LED 1080p Support Projector £90.99 Sold by AnkerDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Seems like a good price for a very good brand was £129.99 down to £90.99 for today only, no voucher code needed for this one Big Screen Picture: Place in virtually any room to enj… Read more
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Dam this thing is chunky - avoid !



"Brightness: 100 ANSI lm / 500 lm; Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels; Projection Image Size: 30-95 inches" Will require a dark room, probably ok for occasional use.. outdoors / travel etc.


avoid it will disappoint


Doesn’t look like anyone’s too keen on this here. Was wondering what this would be like purely for a small bedroom to project onto some blinds - instead of using the laptop on the bed all the time. I’ve got floor to ceiling windows a foot from the bed so a TV isn’t an option.

Nebula by Anker Prizm II 3600 Lux Full HD 1080p LED Multimedia Projector £199.99 Sold by AnkerDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon
Found 26th FebFound 26th Feb
Nebula by Anker Prizm II 3600 Lux Full HD 1080p LED Multimedia Projector, Dual 5W Speakers, Horizontal & Vertical Keystoning, FireTV, PS4, HDMI, VGA, AV, USB Black Full HD P… Read more

200 ANSI lumens isn't very bright at all. Also if you use it for gaming be prepared for a lot of motion blur and slow input lag.


According to description 200 ansi/1000 lm. My understanding is that ansi vs lumens is approx 6:1. I hate when they do this...


200 ANSI lumensVs 2000-3000 with any other projector That's why


Is this really a bad deal? Why cold?

Acer H6517ABD Full HD DLP 3D Projector at Scan for £296.99 (collection / £308.48 delivered)
Found 25th FebFound 25th Feb
I'm posting this hoping it helps someone like me looking for a decent projector with a good discount. This has been reduced down to around £300 in the past few days on ebuyer and … Read more
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Seems this has expired now, back up to full price at £499.99


But are there any 3d ones, this good, this cheap?


This is long throw projector ,you need minimum 3,5 meters to get 100 inches picture, you need long room 😁get short throw projector instead.


It's tempting but the throw ratio calculator hurts my head - is there an easy way to determind how big the screen size will be depending on meters away from the screen? ie. 1m away 24 inch - 2m - 55 inch 3m - 65 inch etc.


Seen this the other day, was seriously tempted, but I watched a review of it on Youtube and I noticed some quite bad rainbow effects, I decided I would go for this but on the Ebay store using the TECH10 discount code which brought it down to £360, I like the idea of 3D which this does not have, but in reality there is little good 3D content and with this being an LCD projector I will get no rainbow effects. Having said that, for £296 you can't go wrong for this price getting a 1080p projector so definitely still a good deal.

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