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Nothing beats the home theatre experience, big-screen presentation power and virtually cable-free flexibility of a projector. Improvements in display resolution and energy efficiency plus the introduction of ultra-compact designs and wireless connectivity options have generated new demand for projectors. In a nod to this growing market, HotUKDeals collects all the latest deals for home, business, and portable projectors on a special projector page. Read more
Optoma HD39 DARBEE (White) DLP Projector 1080p HD Ready £649 at Richer Sounds
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
£100 off and includes 6 years richer sounds guarantee. Optoma HD39 DARBEE (White) DLP Projector 1080p HD Ready Featuring Lens Shift and class-leading brightness, the Optoma HD39… Read more

Mate what was the make and model you upgraded??



Hello! Could you link me to the cheap 720p Chinese led projector? Thanks


Why is this deal getting voted cold - I've had a look and can't find this any cheaper, nor can I see any better for the same price or less?


Nice setup! At the moment I just have an optical from my set top box to my soundbar and the box on a switch to the projector but I’d like to do something with the PS4

Optoma UHD30 4K UHD Projector £899 @
273° Expired
Posted 24th MayPosted 24th May
Key Features 4K Ultra HD - stunning sharpness, crystal clarity Max screen size of 300 inches for cinematic experiences 500000:1 contrast ratio - bright, colourful pictures Conn… Read more
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...are you talking about the Optoma UHD30 4K UHD Projector?


Contact the manufacturer. My first UHD40 I took back as you could not focus it evenly everywhere. Richersounds were excellent and set another up for me which was perfect. I asked if they’d like to set the faulty one up, they said no and all sorted. Scan are always a nightmare. Use your credit card company and manufacturer. Good luck


Wouldn’t trust for returns. If anything goes wrong they are not very helpful.


Terrible luck. Mine has been absolutely fine. Sorry to hear that you got a defective unit. Hope you can find a resolution.


I was tempted... but refrained.

Optoma UHD30 (White) 4K UHD HDR DLP Projector (240Hz ) £899 at Richer Sounds
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
This is by far the cheapest I have found this brand new projector. After doing a lot of research the past weeks, and trying a few other models, this one seems the best by far. If y… Read more
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it might be, colours seem fine on video,tho I did notice a quick flick, unsure if projector but I read about something called arc and have it on full power for few days, end of day I see picture fine and no chance of bulb popping


I suspect it will be because of the sun, best to check it when its night. Di you use factory settings on the picture?


but the blue seems different kinda shade,more blue


I got the new bulb , with genuine, is it me or does it seem dimmer than old one, hard to tell at moment as sun is shinning


well this one from lamp direct says original bulb for 71 pounds, back ordered 10 days, which is probably why non original bulb same prices is in stock (lol) , so I want original bulb so I am waiting, so not sure how long the new bulb will last . I gone for this one

Anker Nebula Capsule Max, Pint-Sized Wi-Fi Mini Projector, 200 ANSI, 720p HD, 8W 100 Inch Picture - £399.99 @ Sold by AnkerDirect and FBA
Posted 8th MayPosted 8th May
Anker Nebula Capsule Max, Pint-Sized Wi-Fi Mini Projector, 200 ANSI Lumen Portable Projector, Native 720p HD, 8W Speaker, Movie Projector, 100 Inch Picture, 4-Hour Video Playtime, … Read more

I paid same last week for the c250i, well happy with it tbh. This has lower resolution but has android so can't really go wrong imo, 20000 hours life in these we projectors compared to 4500 hours life in my optima bulb.


yes and as i stated in my comment apart from size this is a rip off


Cosmos isn't a capsule projector...


This is the 720p one and not been out for ages, this is android 8.1. I don't own this one but own the acer c250i and it's a great but off kit, can watch it in a well lit room. This 200 ANSI lumen so not iso or Chinese lumen so would be quite good as it won't need to be far from the screen or wall.


What a rip off,ive kick-starter backed there new projector the cosmos and its cheaper than this with far superior stats.These have been out ages and apart from the size these are basic and not even 1080p or have HDR let alone 4k .They should be around £150 max.

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On the richer sounds site states was 499 now 399, bit better than 99p lol


Where you selling? I got loads of stuff to shift too.


I've been selling so much crap I've built up over the years, this will be one of those items seeing the price it still fetches. I had three OLED TVs... only lost £30 on the B9 I sold lol, I made money on Ring Fit and my three Switches.


Erm. You made a one word post for a one pence discount. Minus one. Edit : OK I apologise. The site says different to the post on here. I also think this projector has been this price on amazon and was posted quite recently.

VANKYO Performance V600 Native 1080P LED Projector £139.99 Sold by VAN DIRECT and Fulfilled by Amazon.
325° Expired
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
£10 cheaper than the last time it was posted using code ZQBHIK3T.

You'll be impressed at the picture when it's dark and like I said the sound ain't bad at all.


Thank you, I’m the same never owned one before and I’m not expecting anything special for the price just want to try and get the best one I can with my budget, cheers


Picture seems fine in a dark room but I've never had any other projector to compare it with. The times I've watched anything you don't notice the sound after a while. YouTube reviewers (some) say it's quieter than some more expensive projectors others say it is no noisier.


I’ve still not ordered one yet, how do you find the fan noise, Is the picture good in a dark room? Thanks


I bought the v630 model and it's the first projector I've had so can't really compare it to other projectors but I found it nigh on impossible to see anything on my screen in my Gazebo. I had to put fleece blankets up which didn't help much as they were a light colour and only made it marginally better. Once the sun started going down it was much better. I've ordered a retractable awning to try to blot out the light from inside the gazebo.

Epson TW-650 Projector HD 1080p - £399.99 / £403.94 delivered @ Argos
206° Expired
Posted 5th MayPosted 5th May
Was slightly cheaper on amazon recently but now out of stock, but cracking projector at this price. Create a home cinema with this Epson Full HD projector. Quickly set it up to en… Read more
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Anyone recommend a decent 100" 16:9 pull down screen? The Amazon basic ones are oos 😡


This has been a god send in lockdown for movie nights. Decent projector for the price, fan is obnoxiously loud without being in eco mode, but pair with a decent sound system and it’s a fantastic bit of kit. Bit of A New Hope in a pretty dark room below.


Has anyone used this outdoors? The wife and the kids want outdoor movie nights. I know it won’t be as good as in darker settings. Was also looking at the Optoma hd28 e which has slightly higher lumens and a contrast of 30000:1 as opposed to 15000:1. Plus the HD28e has an audio out socket which will go straight into an Bose revolve plus I have. The Epson keeps catching my eye though especially when it’s over £100 less. Thanks


Got this projector on 106" screen. Love it, running in eco mode but no more noise than the 720p Optima projector it replaced imo (also in eco mode). Great little machine imo


I don't recall any lag

Epson EH-TW650 3LCD, Full HD, 3100 Lumens, 300 Inch Display, Wi-Fi, Gaming & Home Cinema Projector - White £379.99 @ Amazon Prime
694° Expired
Posted 4th MayPosted 4th May
Enjoy the big screen experience - supersize your favourite films, games and sporting events at home Easy to set up - keystone correction, built-in Wi-Fi and iProjection app Long-… Read more

Can't find an elephas one either any more (maybe I was mistaken). There are others though Just search for 'native 720p projector'.


IVe tried looking for epephas ones for sub 100 but can't find any? Do you have any links


Chortle. Seriously chaps can we get back to the projector in point. Just delivered and it's incredible. Sharp as hell at 300" full screen. I'm thinking of projecting onto a neighbours wall with a clapping gif next Thursday at 8pm.


Have a look at their previous comments and you'll see that they're almost always abrupt with their messages. They had a go at someome on a Virgin Media deal because the other person chose to believe what they were told on the phone by Virgin... So nothing to do with this poster! :p


So touchy! I was just informing potential buyers, if you feel the need to be all bitter and inadequate about that then it seems like that's your problem. Maybe deal with it in a more constructive way, rather than getting all emotional about "rubbish".

Illuminative LED Rainbow Projector Night Light £8.49 Delivered Using code @ Groupon
83° Expired
Posted 27th AprPosted 27th Apr
This looks lovely little night light, and as my daughter loves all things Rainbow at the moment this will make her very happy without breaking the bank. Not a bad Size and it can b… Read more

These are rubbish - even in a pitch black room you get a faint, blurry rainbow


Don't do it , these are terrible. Nice idea, sadly really bad at doing it's job.


Its a little odd to see you have to buy a power cable seperately......odd

Epson EH-TW650 (White) LCD Projector 1080p HD £399 @ Richer Sounds
817° Expired
Posted 25th AprPosted 25th Apr
Epson EH-TW650 (White) LCD Projector 1080p HD Ready A few handy reviews here: What Hifi: 5 Stars Trusted Reviews: 4.5 Stars ht… Read more

£399 now. Richer sounds should price match this


It’s dropped back down to £415 on Amazon so I’ve bit the bullet! Thanks OP


Nice! I had a custom cupboard made for mine which was about 6 ft wide so no issues with venting, I just pull down the door to hide it (when I can be bothered to). Mine is the panny AE1000, these days the replacement bulbs cost quite a bit more than what it is worth but the lens and picture is superb with edge to edge sharpness. For people new to projectors, its not just a big TV. The picture is only like a TV's when the room is completely dark and it really helps to have a dedicated cinema screen for it (but a white/light grey wall is passable). So its an issue if you want to watch it during the day as ideally you need complete darkness or live with a washed out picture. Also if you want to see inside the room: e.g. for eating/ drinking, young kids so not the best TV for watching sports.


How many projectors have tv tuners? What gibberish are you on about. I think most people realise this isnt a standalone device, its a projector...


Snooze ya lose, would have been an impulse buy and need to be sure its right for me meh.

AUN F30 Full HD Projector (Full 1080p, 6500 Lumens, EU Shipping) £124.05 Delivered using coupon / RU code @ AliExpress / AUN Official Store
59° Expired
Posted 24th AprPosted 24th AprShipping from SpainShipping from Spain
Great price for this Full HD projector, shipping from Spain so no lengthy wait / customs. In order to get the advertised price, be sure to collect store coupons on the product pa… Read more

More like 420, certainly not 4200 lumens in this price range.


Even the marketing dept can't agree on what lumens figure to make up. Looks ****. Probably set on fire after a couple of hours.


It's 1 million lumens and 8K resolution if you believe advertising for these cheap projectors.


6500 lumens is about enough to destroy Alderan!


Don't go with the unknown Chinese brands if you want a serious projector. Don't even know how they are allowed to advertise such unrealistic specs. I don't believe for a second this has more than 300 lumens. Your Optoma is about £500 and has 3000 lumens, it is also a known brand, should give you an idea what you get if you buy this.

BYINTEK M1080 Full HD 1080p Projector WiFi, Bluetooth & Android OS for £172.14 delivered from UK @ AliExpress Deals / BYINTEK Official Store
125° Expired
Posted 15th AprPosted 15th Apr
Decent price for a full HD projector from BYINTEK's official store, delivered from the UK warehouse. Only £172.14 including delivery using the coupons on page. Firstly, use this … Read more

Eh... can you substantiate your claims please?




Plenty on Amazon with much better spec for half price including those with 3 years unconditional gaurantee


I usually do not vote or vote cold on Chinese projectors, as they make up specs. This does not seem cheap at all but I voted hot simply because it claims 300 ANSI, which is realistic, in comparison with others claiming 3,000-4,000 lumens. I believe you will be better of with a used branded projector, but voted hot, as this is the first Chinese projector I came across with realistic specs and realistic price. Also hot for the work the OP put in description.


LG PH450UG Ultra Short Throw HD Ready Projector £357.41 delivered @ Amazon Germany
267° Expired
Posted 14th AprPosted 14th Apr
Obvious disclaimer, this is 720p HD ready BUT I think this is great value for money for a ultra short throw projector. You can project a 80 inch screen from just 33cm away. The pr… Read more

Did anyone take a punt on this? Would be good to hear some feedback on it, reviews online are scarce.


The HD31UST, was really impressed with it until the issues started, now looking at the BenQ W1600UST if the price drops enough


Which optoma did you have?


Looking for a new UST (y) just returned an optoma that developed loads of issues after 11 months. Optoma couldn’t fix it, luckily amazon refunded no questions asked. Nothing at a decent price at the moment...


We'll you get one for sure when 16k will be available

Acer M550 4K UHD DLP Home Cinema Projector £699.99 @ Box
339° Expired
Posted 8th AprPosted 8th Apr
Not completely sure how good this is but had to post as price has been £1,000+ Show movies on a mammoth scale (up to 300 inches or 762 cm in size) in a billion colours and astonis… Read more

Found some good settings on av forum and it's amazing the quality this thing can kick out.


So I tired of waiting for it to come back down in price and it probably wont again given its older stock so bought one "manufacture refurb" not sure what they refurb though as its the same firmware as yours. Just trying to get the right settings for it now as found some on avforums. Noticed the colours seem a bit washed out but hope thats just the settings, similarly HDR seems to be too dark on any of the settings it has apart from "off" which isnt ideal. Do you have any issues with HDR at all?


Good idea about not rushing. There's a great article about faux-K, 0.47 and 0.67 here:


I think is better to not rush, just wait maybe, I bought last one from box, have no issue same old firmware, I am planning to send it later on in warranty, apparently there is issue with dust in bulb or some strage sound- if they won' t fix it, you may end up with upgraded model 550bd I think is called this acer is great using old chip 0.67 with larger sensor which natively has higher resolution, I believe current 4k model are using smaller chip 0.47 which require much more work to achieve fake 4k and surely it will affect some picture quality


Thanks for the info and no worries on further details. I can have a look was more interested if you had had any issues with the firmware you had. Have a watch setup on the price of this for when it comes back down to around this price.

Nebula by Anker Prizm II 3600 Lux Full HD 1080p LED Multimedia Projector £148.89 - Sold by AnkerDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon DE
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Posted 1st AprPosted 1st AprShipping from GermanyShipping from Germany
Nebula by Anker Prizm II 3600 Lux Full HD 1080p LED Multimedia Projector £148.89 - Sold by AnkerDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon DE
£148.89 Free P&P FreeAmazon Germany Deals
Great 1000 lm, full HD projector from Anker via the German Amazon site. If you use a fee free card the price should be around £148.89 including the 2-3 days delivery. ;) … Read more

I paid about £160 for one about a year ago. For £72 the Abox is a bargain.


Thanks for this recommendation! I purchased one:-)


I bought the apeman (149£) and happy with it after two months using it




My lg is 1000 lumens, plenty bright enough at night. Useless in the day mind, but that's fine

$7 off $50 site wide using coupon (New and existing customers - e.g HD Mini Projector £50 EU Shipping - examples in OP) @ AliExpress
237° Expired
Posted 27th MarPosted 27th Mar
$7 off $50 site wide using coupon (New and existing customers - e.g HD Mini Projector £50 EU Shipping - examples in OP) @ AliExpress
£50£5611%AliExpress Deals
eBay isn't the only one chucking site wide codes out left, right and centre :) You may have seen a few stellar deals today by the mighty @sisqoboy , thanks to the following co… Read more

Nine of these are working so expire!!


I managed to get $7.91 off with code ANSE7


Not working anymore


Already says codes expired tried on several items


I regularly get table tennis equipment, usually get my orders in about 2 weeks. Never had an import charge yet from buying there oh, do make sure you choose a more trustworthy seller. it'll help immensely. There are tons of copycat sellers there

Optoma H184X 3600 Lumens HD Ready Projector £299.99 delivered at Amazon
241° Expired
Posted 23rd MarPosted 23rd Mar
Optoma H184X 3600 Lumens HD Ready Projector £299.99 delivered at Amazon
£299.99Amazon Deals
Bright HD ready projector – 3600 ANSI lumens Clear, powerful audio - 10 W speaker Lightweight and portable Easy connectivity – HDMI, VGA, USB Power Includes 1 year UK warranty … Read more

Where from ? id like to order one thx


Not worth £300. I paid £335 for the 1080p HD143x a month ago.


This was The Epson EH-TW650 is a close 3LCD alternative to the model you mention. I had this projector last year and is decent, I now have the Epson EH-TW5650 3LCD which is a little bit more but do get a higher quality of image for the extra. Hope that helps, I've had many projectors over the years and with the amount of single chip DLP projectors sold everyone can't be susceptible to the whole rainbow issue but wow I struggled to watch even 30 minutes sometimes, especially black and white movies just made me dizzy. 3LCD don't have quite the same depth to the black but much more comfortable viewing experience.


what would be the equivalent epson? i've been looking at the hd143x but I've heard about the rainbow effect. and seeing as returns may be a bit difficult at the moment , i wanna make sure i get the right one.


Yes, you can.

Dell S718QL Advanced 4K Laser Projector, £1,700 grade A £1,500 grade B £1,700 delivered at CeX
93° Expired
Posted 21st MarPosted 21st Mar
Dell S718QL Advanced 4K Laser Projector, £1,700 grade A £1,500 grade B £1,700 delivered at CeX
£1,700£3,00043% Free P&P FreeCeX Deals
Since my last post CEX have dropped the price another £200!!! Grade A for £1,700 Grade B for £1,500 This is a bargain for an ultra short throw projector Please check out g… Read more

Ah I didn't know that. There are some others around the xiaomi price (can't remember the makes, on youtube) not sure what chipset they use though.


Xiaomi's is good, and more affordable (considering RRP). But AFAIK that uses 0.47" DMD chipset, this Dell's uses 0.66" DMD, more contrast, better image quality.


But the speakers in that are cheap (highfive), old eltax liberty 5 with upgraded stereo speakers. I have 2 sets of d7000. I replaced the white ones in the lounge with black ones as they look better. So may fit the white ones in bedroom. Then it will be centre. The sony 1050 sub out doesnt work for some reason though. So I have to rely on large speakers to make up for no active sub


If you want to cut costs a bit I would highly recommend the Viewsonic PX706hd short throw. It's brilliant for gaming aswell. Had mine over a year now and my TV is almost redundant :)


Dispersion from your mains must be quite poor then, doesn't mean the speakers are poor so don't think I'm suggesting that. Having the centre low, off centre and in a cabinet commits most of the sins for centre positioning, mains with wider dispersion would've worked better without the centre there and vocals would still sound central when only playing stereo too. Sounds like you need to toe the mains in a bit anyway.

AmazonBasics 100" 16:9 manual pull down projector screen - £69.99 @ Amazon
189° Expired
Posted 21st MarPosted 21st Mar
AmazonBasics 100" 16:9 manual pull down projector screen - £69.99 @ Amazon
A decent 16:9 pull down projector screen for the money. Had mine for 6 months or so and is really good. Picture quality is clearer and far brighter than the painted wall I used to … Read more

Ridiculous Amazon pricing again. 120" came into stock at £70 so I ordered it but I wanted the 100" for the space restrictions ideally. As soon as I ordered the 120" screen the 100" came back into stock at £79.99. I messaged Amazon querying why the 120" was £9.99 cheaper than the 100" and told him I'd prefer the 100" screen. He gave me a £10 credit so I ordered the 100" for £69.99. Cancelled the 120" but they've repriced that at £102. True story (lol)




Is this 100" diagonally? When it's in stock that is?


Back in stock now. Been a couple of projector deals today so this might help


If you have the money you want an ALR screen. That's what I'd get if I had the money.

Acer V6820i 4k projector £779.99 - ebay / box_uk
183° Expired
Posted 16th MarPosted 16th Mar
Acer V6820i 4k projector £779.99 - ebay / box_uk
£779.99eBay Deals
For those who had their ordered cancelled by Scam for this Acer which they could no longer get, but weirdly now have in stock, this is still a decent price. On Box's own site it i… Read more

thanks for detailed response. much appreciated!


This one is not short throw.I was filling my 92" screen from about just over a meter away with my 1080e but I have this on the ceiling about 2 and a half away. For me it was about wanting better picture quality as I use my PC with my projector as well so wanted something I could run games at 1440p or 4k. I can definitely see a lot better detail with the Acer (and that was even with running my 1080e with a Darblet) and when HDR kicks in it looks fantastic. Also my screen is a sapphire slow return which due to the nature of short throw showed up every crease and bend. Now with the Acer it's pretty much as perfect as you can expect for a non tab tensioned screen.


Interesting I have a 5 year old GT1080 not the e version, that I am still very happy with but mind me asking in what ways this one is better? Is the one advertised good for gaming, is it also short throw?


RGBRGB wheel will cover 100% of Rec709 but obviously down converts for Rec2020 as no projector can do perfect HDR due to the nature of the technology. I did consider the 747 at £659 as I couldn't get a 757 anymore and it was a good deal but I have a fully blacked out room so don't really need of something that can send out a pic you can happily watch in near daylight like you can the 747 which is perfect for living room use


Fair enough. Do not believe the whole 100% rec 709. (also that's for 1080) A review of the 747 v2 if Any1 interested.

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