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Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum 70cl  £14.20 Delivered (Prime) @ Amazon
Found 3 h, 47 m agoFound 3 h, 47 m ago
Mount Gay Eclipse Barbados Rum 70cl £14.20 delivered for Prime members @ Amazon Distinctive floral and fruity notes of apricot and banana with hints of vanilla Subtle smokin… Read more

This will taste watered down compared to the same if bought in Barbados,40% vs 43%. Try the XO for a better taste or don’t put ice in this one.


Na, just way to busy overcompensating on Ann Summers deals.


Huh, all sensible comments thus far! HUKD is growing up!


Unless watered down, I tried this at a pub and found a bit bland. I've yet to try the Black Barrel one which is supposed to be better?


It is, we had it in St Lucia, its really smooth.

Mount Gay XO Extra Old Rerserve Cask Rum, 70 cl £29.50 at Amazon
Found 15th DecFound 15th Dec
Reserve Cask Handcrafted Rum An opulent blend of the finest spirits aged for 8 to 15 years. Where Eclipse is floral and fruity, Extra Old blends significantly older barrel… Read more
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If concerned, say no homo before drinking


Get both you can never have too much lol


Was going to get rhe Rumbullion that I posted recently but now this has made the decision much harder (pirate)

Diplomatico Reserva Exclusiva Rum £36 @ Amazon
Found 14th DecFound 14th Dec
Not the cheapest it's ever been (has been £34) but £36 is the cheapest around just now. Blended from rums between 2 and 8 years old A balance of pot and lighter column still ru… Read more
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Like putting ketchup on caviar!


OMG!!! :)


Psh... amazing rum makes for amazing rum and coke. :P


Blended from rums from 2-8 years old but aged for 12. Ergo, smoother than Donald Glover on the dance floor. (y)


It's excellent. I think it's usually this sort of price but it's worth the money either way.

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Mount Gay Black Barrel Barbados Rum 70cl £22 at Morrisons
Found 14th DecFound 14th Dec
A Delicious Rum! (normally around £27) Mount Gay Black Barrel is a small batch handcrafted blend made of aged double pot still distillates and aged column distillates, finished in… Read more

Yum yum yum more rum for my tum 😁


Awesome rum 👌🏼


Decent price usually about 27-28! Love this brand especially the XO

Rumbullion Rum 70cl - £25 Now instore at Morrisons
LocalLocalFound 13th DecFound 13th Dec
Amazon currently have it at the same price if a Prime member as but is the cheapest price I've seen at the Supermarkets. It's History: Ableforth's Rumbullion! is crafted from a bl… Read more
take_a_look Sugar g/L - 29


I've heard that before, been meaning to try it... I can confirm that Rumbullion is stunning, really good especially at this price. Dead Mans Fingers is another awesome spiced rum too


Would recommend to try Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum, best I've tried so far and great on it's own. (y)


Rum, the new Gin :) I have no clue on Rums and have only ever tasted Malibu....I have a bottle of Koko Kanu unopened to try and my OH, at my request has bought me a bottle of Dead Mans Fingers for Christmas. so many types and colours - :/


Very sweet, which is to my taste.

1L Kraken back down to ~ £23.90 delivered @ Amazon
Found 13th DecFound 13th Dec
Not quite as low as it has been recently, but £23.90 still a great price for a litre.
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Damn missed it. Expired now


This is the best rum!


Kraken price Sorry


Sorry didn’t realise it was the 1l bottle good price ! This is my new favourite rum

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Malibu White Rum with passionfruit £5 off!! Now £10 @ Asda (instore or free C&C)
Found 12th DecFound 12th Dec
Can’t believe how cheap this is just got a few bottles to stock up for this festive year
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Cheers for the tip re Koko Kanu (y)


Hmmm that looks tasty


Oooh my fave! X


Plus £2 back with clicksnap, until the 14th


£15 admittedly but anyone who likes Malibu needs Koko Kanu in their lives. It's sooooo much better and loads stronger without a harsh taste. Hot for this though at tenner of you prefer malibu

Kraken Black Spiced Rum, 70 cl @ Amazon - £17.90 Prime / £22.39 non-Prime
Found 12th DecFound 12th Dec
Kraken Rum 70cl
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Old J all the way.....


The 1L bottle is down to £23.90 currently too


Bought the other week for a similar price, lovely stuff this (y)


Havana 7 all the way


Bought a bottle a while back going on what others had recommended, disappointed I found it myself. I find the best I've tried so far on drinking on it's own is Chairman's Reserve Spiced Rum much better quality.

*This is not a drill* Dancake Mini Rum Truffles 2 packs for £1 at Morrisons
LocalLocalFound 12th DecFound 12th Dec
Christmas is nearly here and it's that time of year when the rum truffles come out. Many are available, but few live up to the Dancake taste. If you are a fan, you'll understand. I… Read more
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I'd go to the self service till if it was me :) thanks, made me laugh


great treat. all we need is a wray & nephew special edition!


Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum


Heat added I love them


It seems by the speed this went hot that HUKD is the home of the UK's Rum Truffle addicts (lol) (y) Pornography right there. Truffle addicts anonymous

2 for £22 700ml Bushmills, Captain Morgan, Gordon's Gin Lidl Northern Ireland
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
2 for £22 in store - £11 a bottle for Bushmills, next cheapest is £15 on Amazon. Found in Bangor Lidl, however the man on the till said it was a cracking deal and is in all stores… Read more

Yes you are right. My bad!!


The best you can get a bottle of 700ml bushmills at the minute is 15. So this works out at 11 each.


Bit on the expensive side, innit? Normally buy these for £16/ltr not bushmill though.


Great price but I'm not fond of him. He's a very bad man (excited) Well certainly the next day...


(party) Captain Morgan 700ml was 10 euro this weekend in Lidi (Southern Ireland)

Peaky Blinder Black Spiced Rum 70cl £17.25 (Prime) / £21.74 (non Prime) at Amazon
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
Sadler's have been Purveyors of the finest Beers and Spirits since 1900 and supplied beer and spirits throughout the Black Country and Birmingham. Sadler's yet again give a nod to … Read more

I'd rather be a shameless fanboy than pedantic :P


Not a fan of the show at all, but saw this on tasting, and tried it - lovely. I would think it might be a bit too sweet for the purists, but very easy drinking. I have a bottle for extended "research".


Not a fan of the show but am a fan of rum. Will give any a try regardless if theres a franchise behind it


Oh I don't know, I'm a big fan of Breaking Bad brand meth!


Aren't people a little embarrassed to be buying products because they have name of a TV show on the label? It seems rather cringeworthy to me.

Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold 1 Litre £16 Tesco
Found 11th DecFound 11th Dec
1litre Bottles of Captain Morgan Original Spiced going for £16 in my local Tesco, other spirits like Smirnoff and Gordon’s, are on the same offer too! in store and on the website!

Checked the website, says it’s £20 in Morrison’s, maybe there £15 deal is only in store? Can’t find anything though


Think it's nationwide.


This is £15 in Morrisons! Seen at cribbs Bristol

Coconut Cove Coconut Liquor 70cl (Malibu copy) £4.29 @ Lidl
LocalLocalFound 10th DecFound 10th Dec
Picked up for Xmas, cheap n cheerful these usually taste good. Great for cocktails etc. 15%vol

I’m a Malibu fan and I like it! Same goes for my girlfriends...


Probably exactly the same, different bottle :)

spasguidedogs also £4.29


I bought it as I bought some locally made Irish creme at a food fair and on the stall he had loads of other flavours, so we went for the plain one to add our own liquors to, lots more choice for Xmas tipples. Could do the same with Bailey's or the copy :)


Thank you for opinions. I have been hesitant about buying this as it might be rubbish. I will go ahead now

Asda Coconut Bay 70cl bottle - Rum & Coconut £5 @ Asda
Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec
Asda's own Coconut Bay , rum & coconut 70cl bottle. Distinctive caribbean taste, great served over ice or with a squeeze of fruit juice.Very similar to Malibu but a cheaper alt… Read more
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No rum or coconut. "Fermented and distilled alcoholic drink with the flavour of coconut and rum"


Not a fan of this personally. I find Lidl's version(which is around £4.20) a lot closer to Malibu


I haven't had this before. I love coconut Malibu so I'll give this a try. Thanks OP.




3.50 @ Aldi (lol) (shock)

Cargo Cult Rum 70cl was £33 now £26.40 @ M&S Birmingham
LocalLocalFound 10th DecFound 10th Dec
I’ve taken a look but I can’t see it on their website to see if it’s a local or national deal so possibly just local in the central Birmingham store. I’m not a rum girl but this … Read more
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I noticed it this afternoon at the big store near Cheshire Oaks and I'm fairly sure it was the same price (definitely a r.t.c. ticket). Heat added, OP

Lambs navy rum 40% 1ltr £16 @ sainsbury's
Found 10th DecFound 10th Dec
If posted please delete ta
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For a ltr ?


£14 in B&M


Also the 25% off wine finishes tomorrow, I have 15% staff discount so a cool 40% is worth it.


Bought two bottles a couple of weeks ago at this price, so I suggest stocking up before tomorrow night (Tuesday night is when Sainsbury's change their prices)! P.S. Might want to edit title to say navy rum as they also do a spiced one.

Havana Club rum Anejo 7 years old 70cl £19 instore / online at Waitrose & Partners (minimum £60 spend online)
Found 7th DecFound 7th Dec
This is a great dark rum, smooth and very good depth of flavour with notes of vanilla and honey. Doesn't hit the back of the throat like some cheaper or younger rums can. Lovely ne… Read more

£20 in Morrisons as a back up if your local store is out of stock... Personally these days I prefer to espanol version as it has a much more varied taste. But choose this over captain Morgans any day!


If you like your dark rums, try the Nicaraguan Flor de Caña. Both the 5 and 7 years are good value (now that some supermarkets over here import it) and very easy drinking. 🥃


I think you're right there and if I remember my time in Cuba correctly, none or very little of Bacardi's profits go into the Cuban economy which, for me, is a good reason to avoid them and grab something like this. That said, the Bacardi building in Havana is quite impressive. Heated the deal... Good price for a tasty 7YO rum.


I've always wanted to try this thanks op. Apparently the usa blockades this brand in support of bacardi


Paid about six quid a bottle in Cuba and even then I think we got ripped off. Still got a few bottles left.

Bacardi Anejo Cuatro Aged 4 Years Rum (Abv 40%) 70cl - £18 (Was £25) @ Morrisons
18/12/2018Expires on 18/12/2018Found 6th DecFound 6th Dec
Rated 5-stars by Difford's Guide; the world's first and definitive cocktails, bartenders, bars, beer, wine and spirits information directory. This is a premium rum at a decent pri… Read more
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Although this is a perfectly nice rum, it has been overpriced from the start. The appleton's and havana club deals are better.


I'd love to know why this is being voted cold. Please do enlighten me.

Havana Club Anejo Especial Rum 70cl - £15 (Was £20.50) @ Tesco
26/12/2018Expires on 26/12/2018Found 6th DecFound 6th Dec
Havana Club Especial Rum 70cl is also £15 (Was £20) at Morrisons. Not sure if there is a difference between the "Especial" and "Anejo Especial", or whether Havana Club have rebran… Read more
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This is good stuff. Don't waste it with mixers, unless you're making Cuba Libres!


Same price at Morrisons so bought a bottle. Gotta give them all a go


Yer I took like 4 back although I went over the weight which cost me £60, which was still less than the amount I saved hehe


You have to shop at where the locals shop. We went to Havana and Varadero, and there were a couple of "Mini Mart"-style convenience stores where you could get it for little over a couple of quid. At the airport, you could see all the Brits trying to take as many bottles home in their suitcases as they could get away with. The airport staff seemed to let it through for a little cash bribe... We are talking some 8-10 years ago now, mind you.


That's odd because when I went a few years back the prices were cheaper but not by much, they were about 10% off UK prices. I must of been going to the wrong places! However, in Cuba, there isn't many places to go... Not like you can buy from a supermarket there eh?

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