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Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e LTE SM-T725 64GB Black UK Version £399.99 @ Amazon
-249° Expired
Posted 14th SepPosted 14th Sep
Seems like a good price for a top end android tablet with 4g.
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No headphone jack, so no from me.


I got it when it came out, great screen but NO DUAL AUDIO which makes it useless for me


I just figured out this one takes a sim card .


Its common sense. It's a 4 year old processor and tablet. Your expectations of how a device should run must be very low. Be an absolute lag fest to me


Ok, you win, I cant be bothered to discuss a point that you seem to think thousands of other owners of S2's are kidding themselves into thinking... (zombie)

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e LTE SM-T725 64GB Gold DE Version £305.12 @ Amazon
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Posted 4th SepPosted 4th Sep
2 available at this crackers price. Avoid disappointment now Description More tablet in a thinner frame More tablet, less frame. Weve trimmed away the bulk while still deliv… Read more

Same own the tab and had no issues with the wi-fi


Owner here - yet to replicate that.


Careful, apple will say they invented that feature.


Or as they say.. Bit-ty (cheeky)


That was resolved by doing a clean&lean, get all the junk in the trunk off it reflash & factory reset, well on mine it was! :{

Galaxy Tab S5e + Keyboard Book Cover £367.88 Samsung Store - Student offer
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Posted 26th AugPosted 26th Aug
Looking at other posts about Unidays offers on Samsung Store and came across this one. The S5e reduced from £379 to £341.10 and the Keyboard Book Cover reduced from £119 to £26.78,… Read more

I've had it all of half a day now, but I've been using it pretty much solid moving everything over from a Pixel C. First impressions are very good, it's quick and responsive, it's light and the keyboard works brilliantly. Not had a single WiFi drop and I'm a long way from the router, used some monitoring software and it's showing good signal strength all over the house. Looks like a worthy upgrade from my long loved Pixel C


How’s this compare and perform to other Samsung/android tablets


Doesn't let you add the keyboard now - typical as I was about to order it:


This one:


Is that the right name for that app, I've just found out about these.

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Samsung Tab S5e 128GB & 6GB RAM - £377.88 at ebuyer_uk_ltd eBay
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Posted 18th JulPosted 18th Jul
Samsung Tab S5e 10.5 Inch 128gb Wifi - Black Screen Size: 10.5" Capacity: 128GB Ram: 6GB Colour: Black Networking: WiFi, Bluetooth More tablet in a thinner frame More tablet, les… Read more

I think the S5 will be coming soon and the S5e is the lesser model of that but yes it's a step down from S4 also, from what I've read its quite similar to the S3 with better speakers and batterys.


I do agree about the screen ratio but I just hate the Apple set up that's why I'm hoping the new iOS 13 will change that enough to suit my needs.


CHOETECH USB C to HDMI Cable 4K@60Hz with 60W Power Delivery Compatible with Apple iPad Pro,MacBook Air,2018/2017/2016 MacBook Pro,iMac,MacBook,Note 9/S9/Note 8/S8,Huawei Mate 20,etc This is the cable. These tablets also have Dex (though only Note 9 can run Ubuntu) so maybe using that mode might negate bad android tablet apps. I think they will actually push it even more next Note (even rumours of a built in projector at one point!) to give added value. I’ll be sticking to Note 9 as I also use an XR and one reason I love the Note 9 is the none hole punch or notch design (at least the iPhone notch has Face ID and not just a copy or design fad!) much like the MacBook 2015 I think Note 9 will be with me for a while vs the rumoured middle hole punch for the 10. Right back to work!


Very handy, i could probably use it when staying in hotels, at home i doubt i would find much use for it but might get the cable and try it out, my other half also has a note 9 and she is often away working too. Lets hope the next note doesn't remove it.


Yeah you can run all the android apps. All the Samsung apps and office are optimised too. Even unsupported apps you can enable to run in full screen in options on Dex. Just have a look at YouTube. Obviously it’s ARM based Ubuntu but in terms of android apps it’s a surprising good option if you have access to a monitor to (USB C or the cable I got on Amazon for £25 that is USB C to HDMI with charging) and hub or Bluetooth keyboard and mouse for a hot desk style workload!

Samsung Tab S5e + Free AKG Y500 Headphones [Worth £129] Plus 10% Back On Your Purchase @ Very
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Posted 5th JulPosted 5th Jul
Seemed like a cracking deal to me, get the Y500 AKG headphones free when you buy the tab S5e, plus 10% credit back using the code ~PAQDT~ when you take out BNPL on a 12 month (note… Read more

Watch out for the Samsung Cashback promotion again as very recently they were offering £40 Cashback in addition to the old tablet Trade-in starting at £50 off on the Samsung website, meaning you could potentially reduce the price by at least £90 if purchased through Samsung, bringing it below £300.


I'm certain it was the 5th juky start date when I posted. Edit: purchases need to be made between the 5th July and 2nd August, then you can claim after that date.


I've noticed on the claim page it's now saying that you cannot make a claim until the 2nd of August... has it always been this way? Could have swore I saw a similar thing back when I ordered the tablet on the 5th but there are people here saying they are able to claim so I'm confused.


Anybody experiencing issues while trying to claim ? I ran through the claim form but this has somehow registered as a Galaxy S10e promotion and been rejected.


Hmmm the headphones are "rose gold". Would prefer them in black or grey

Samsung Tab S5e 10.5 Inch 64GB WiFi Tablet - Black £349 [£309 With Cashback] @ Very
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Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
Samsung Tab S5e 10.5 Inch 64GB WiFi Tablet - Black £349 [£309 With Cashback] @ Very
£349£3798%Very Deals
Again back down utilising the code and cashback from Samsung The 128gb is available for £369 using the same method if … Read more

Maybe because 🍎 products overpriced?


Why is this so insanely cheap when compared to iPads?


This issue is over exaggerated as this video shows


It’s not that bad (the S3), I bought one for my Dad to replace his S. Like the S4 it launched with a last gen SoC (so it’s quite old now), and didn’t offer up much over the S2 other than a massive price hike and USB-C. The S4 feels a lot more modern due to the redesign.


Agreed regarding the S2 plewis00. Still the best cheap media consumption device due to the killer OLED screen. Surprised the S3 is lacklustre as the SD820 in my One Plus 3 is still a beast.

Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e 64gb - £379 @ Currys (£339 Using £40 cashback redemption or £301.10 if combined with 10% TopCashBack!)
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Posted 4th JunPosted 4th Jun
One for Team Samsung today after 2 dominating iPad deals earlier (popcorn) Base mode of Samsung Galaxy Tab s5e but to get this for £301.10 if my maths checks out you need a TopC… Read more

Xiaomi mi Pad 4 (8 inch) or Mi Pad 4 Plus (10 inch). No tablet touches these in terms of value for money. I'm typing on mine now. You will have to import it from Ali Express or Gearbest though. As fast as anything by Apple or Samsung but less than half the price.


It's embarrassing how much Samsung copy Apple... (embarrassed)


anyone else's quidco tracking at £3.16 ???


this or Apple iPad 2018 ? for a 72 year old she has a Samsung phone


No, Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 you can pick it up second hand for just over £300, if you wanted second hand which is always best as can save a lot of money! Or Samsung Galaxy Tab s3 which is just over £320 new..

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Wi Fi SM-T720 64GB Black £360.92 @ Amazon
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Posted 27th MayPosted 27th May
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Wi Fi SM-T720 64GB Black £360.92 @ Amazon
£360.92£361.94Amazon Deals
Select Amazon as seller to get the price quoted. Due in stock on 28th May. Think you can claim £40 cashback also but I'm not 100% sure.

The cashback from Samsung is still available


My comment that you quoted was from nearly 3 weeks ago. Neither the £10 voucher or the £40 cash back are available now.


what £10 off voucher?


It's an extremely lightweight tablet. Surround Sound is amazing. Screen is brilliant. Thought about the CPU and WiFi issues. Couldn't find much on the WiFi issue and CPU isn't a problem because it's better than the pixel c tablet that I'm using now. And don't use a tablet for games. As for Apple wouldn't lock myself into their ecosystem. Bought this tablet other after reading great reviews. Just hope it's ok if not it's going back.


This deal is for the Italian version, so certain apps such as Samsung members and Samsung pay went work properly in the UK. You'll also get a 2 pin charger which will need an adapter. The UK version is £379 on Amazon, but you can apply a £10 off voucher, and also claim £40 cashback from Samsung. Performance on this is not great according to reviews (screen refresh, CPU and WiFi). Google play apps are often not optimised for tablets too (or as good as iOS counterparts in many cases). I'd be quite tempted if it weren't for that.

Apple IPad 9.7" 2018 32GB £269 - Tab S5e £341 - IPad Mini 2019 64GB £351 10% Back On Selected Computing @ Very
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Posted 3rd MayPosted 3rd May
Apple IPad 9.7" 2018 32GB £269 - Tab S5e £341 - IPad Mini 2019 64GB £351 10% Back On Selected Computing @ Very
£269£29910%Very Deals
10% back on Computing Products with 12 months BNPL Use code N76Y3 at Checkout Change Payment method to 12 month BNPL For New and Existing Very Customers. End 9th May. Link T&… Read more

The 10% gets credited to your account one month from your order.


Where does it show if the code has been accepted please?I entered the code but the amount hasn’t changed.


BNPL affects your credit rating, right?


Idk about the brand new iPhone 7 but for grade a maybe under 200 pounds thanks.


SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5" Tablet - 64 GB, Black with 2 year warranty + 10% TCB £379 @ Currys
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Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5" Tablet - 64 GB, Black with 2 year warranty + 10% TCB £379 @ Currys
SAMSUNG Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5" Tablet - 64 GB, Black with 2 year warranty + free delivery + 10% TCB @ Currys TCB currently have a promotion for 10% cashback when you buy the s5e ( L… Read more

The £50 trade in deal is gone but with 10% cashback from TCB\Quidco, and £40 cashback from Samsung, the total cost would now be £308.68, assuming the cashback doesn't include VAT (£301.10 if it does). Samsung £40 cashback for purchases between 17th May and 27th June 2019:


No sd card yet. Mine was validated and sent for fulfilment also on the 24th but nothing heard since. Chased on Friday and was told we'd receive a tracking number once shipped, and that it will come by Friday. My guess is Wednesday for them bring shipped.


Well said. There’s too much inaccurate information being shared here.


Has anyone received their free sd card yet? Was sent an email on 24th April saying it was validated and to expect it within the next 30 days but I haven't received it yet.


I'd be interested to know this too, I'd have thought it IS possible, as the trade in is with Samsung once you've bought the tablet, no?

Possible Samsung Galaxy S10e For £200 - £400 With Trade In And Code - Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e £341 - 10% Back On Samsung With BNPL @ Very
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Posted 26th AprPosted 26th Apr
Possible Samsung Galaxy S10e For £200 - £400 With Trade In And Code - Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e £341 - 10% Back On Samsung With BNPL @ Very
£341£37910%Very Deals
Get 10% Back On Selected Samsung Products With 6 Months Buy Now Pay Later, including the latest galaxy handsets, tablets and television. Make sure you pay off the balance before t… Read more

Yes , thanks. I'm aware of this issue being reported. Does anyone who owes this tablet have any issues with the WiFi connection ?


There are reports of WiFi issues when the tablet is held a specific way.


Anyone had any issues with this tablet ?


Excellent stuff mate (y)


My s5e has arrived and I'm very impressed. Tiny bezels and everything's been very quick. Huge upgrade on my S2

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e LTE/4G 64GB from Amazon pre-order + 512GB SD Card £419 Pre-order
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Posted 6th AprPosted 6th Apr
On pre-order for the 19th of April. Seems to be a tenner cheaper than Samsung UK for the 4G/LTE version with the free 512GB card promotion. Also, Amazon have the 6GB+128GB WiFi a… Read more
Avatardeleted411280Get dealGet deal

My SD card arrived yesterday.


They are clueless. I chased again yesterday and first they sent me a tracking number and delivery confirmation from April 12th (hadn't even ordered or validated my claim by this date) and told me to check with neighbours etc. Then sent a follow up saying ignore it was sent in error and they will investigate. Absolute shambles.


I called them today and they said it's showing on their system as failed but they don't know why! I complained and asked to speak for a supervisor who called me back and said they have no idea why it's failed but they re-processed it, they'll dispatch it and I should definitely have it next week. I'll wait till Wednesday before I nag them again (lol)


Anyone had any dispatch notification or tracking details yet for the micro SD? I've had nothing so don't think it will be arriving today.


Wow, and keyboard cover is OOS again on Samsung's website

Pre order Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e QuadHD 10.5" AMOLED Tablet 64GB Black - Amazon UK £379 includes 512GB mSD card
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Posted 26th MarPosted 26th Mar
Good price for this sleek tablet. RRP of £400 was already reasonable and this just sweetens the deal. 10.5" QuadHD sAMOLED screen and quad speakers. Great for viewing content. S… Read more
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Yes i think Ill do that cheers


As the other comment mentioned, it'll be the screen that's the major upgrade. Why not head to Carphone Warehouse or Currys and try it out? They normally have tablets on display


Ok then yes should be a performances bump too.


I guess thats my main issye like i canr find any good website telling the difference between that and the 670 in the s5e


Its the snapdragon 450

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Silver WiFi 4GB/64GB WIFI £384  (£360 Fee Free) / LTE £391/£405 @ Amazon Germany
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Posted 22nd MarPosted 22nd Mar
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e Silver WiFi 4GB/64GB WIFI £384 (£360 Fee Free) / LTE £391/£405 @ Amazon Germany
To get the best price (£360) pay in euros using a revolut card or such like. You just log in as normal with your uk details, this is a pre order item. Galaxy Tab S5e comes bu… Read more

LTE version??


Not ad at all


£369 on Amazon UK now. (less then I expected)


What will the DE version entail in the LTE model (as the UK Version is unavailable)? Will it effect the available bands for sim plans?


Thanks buddy (y)

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