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Sennheiser CX 3.00 in ear Headphones - Black/Red £27.20 at Amazon (free delivery)
Found 1st DecFound 1st Dec
I have had my eye on a pair of decent in-the-ear headphones and since I am a Sennheiser person it was natural that their CX.3 would be my natural choice. A decent pair of headphone… Read more

I agree that's what the warranty is for but you pay a premium for it with these earphones. Check all the reviews online. I had these earphones personally for 2.5 years usage wise but I held on to them for approx 4 years. They are incredibly prone to damage and I took extreme care with them. There are much better sennheiser earphones out there but even if you try to look after these earphones they will break. Moreover, the sound isn't even good with these earphones. With Xiaomi earphones I don't really care for the warranty to be honest. But I'd get alot better use buying multiple of them if that was the case then these CX 3.00.


Hmm a good moan. There is an issue with these earphones with the jack no matter how you treat it the jack tends to fail and break. Along with this the drivers tend to bust. Usually one side seems to fail after a period of time. You might use sennheisers before for years and I agree they are an excellent brand. But this model of sennheisers are terrible. Reviews everywhere online support this. You even talk about sound as if you've used these earbuds. Always going to be someone who claims they know it all.


Red? Not in a million years. (horror)


Now that I checked - red ones are this price too. Erm, actually 10pence cheaper? May be a good news for you? :D


Damn, missed this. I had the Sennheiser CX 300 II Precisions for a good 5 years. They worked flawlessly and fitted perfectly until it started to deteriorate. That was my longest lasting pair for less than £20 at the time. Strangely, they're a lot more expensive now, and less well reviewed. Probably a different model. I bought the MM30i after that and it only lasted around a year until the plug had constant connection issues. So I bought a Xiaomi pair, as often suggested, which don't fit well and the bass isn't as clear as the CX pair I had -- but it's good enough for now. I think when it comes to headphones, especially in the £20 price range, longevity has a certain luck factor and sound quality is based on either personal preference or ignorance. I'm still hoping my recent experience with Sennheiser has been down to bad luck.

Sennheiser PC 373D 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset - £99.99 @ Argos
Found 28th NovFound 28th Nov
Cheapest I've seen for these, not sure if i'm going to the ice age or a Volcano! Lowest its ever been on amazon or anywhere: £130.99 - Aug 10, 2017 Also £5 voucher for £50 spend … Read more

I have the game one sennheisser and if they need replaced I'll be getting the equivalent or upgrade from them again. This headset is almost identical specs and at this price is a storming deal


Don't believe most reviews cause most of them are sponsored. Make your own headset (dt990pro/dt770pro a good dac like schiit and u will have superior audio quality).


Ye I’ve read some of them do and are weakly made but the ARCTIS PRO GAMEDAC I’ve read is one of the best headsets around, sound quality is better than this one and also it’s made of aluminium alloy so a strong headset. From what I’ve read.


Arctis have really dull sound. They are comfy as f. Sound quality is not the best. Hyperx(mic is not good tho) and Sennheiser are probably the only two decent headset makers for "gaming". Best is always to make your own. Buy a good pair off headphones a mod mic or a boom mic and will have superior audio quality compared to any "gaming" headset. :)


How well do these work going to and from pc-ps4 and constant switching

Sennheiser HD 4.50 BTNC, Over-Ear Wireless Headphone with Active Noise Cancellation - Black, £89.99 at amazon
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
NoiseGardTM Noise Cancellation Bluetooth 4.0 wireless with aptX for true Hi-Fi sound NFC for fast pairing with compatible devices. Pick-up pattern Dual omnidirectional microphone… Read more

Mine are on way, delivery tomorrow, they are coming from Spain !!


Back on sale at £89.99


Is this for Prime only?


This expired? They're 140 via the link now..?


I’ve had mine for a few days now, they sound incredible and the ANC works brilliantly, they are great value for money but I have to say not the most comfortable. Headband is fine for me but I have quite big ears and the pads make them a bit hot and uncomfortable after an hour. Still you are looking over £200 for something similar from Bose or Sony so I reckon it’s worth the compromise to be honest.

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Sennheiser HD 4.50 Noise Cancelling Bluetooth/NFC Wireless Over-Ear Headphones - Black - £89.99 Delivered @ John Lewis & Partners (In Stock)
Found 26th NovFound 26th Nov
Looks like they've matched Currys/Amazon recent Excellent price for these with included 2 year guarantee. Brilliant headphones. Also dropped in Richer Sounds - But instore only … Read more

They ve increased price back to 139.99 :(


expired :/


Got a pair from the Trafford centre, they’re a little snug on the ears but I certainly don’t find them uncomfortable. I’m no audio expert but I know what I like and these sound great to me.


Shows as in stock now


Out of stock now

Sennheiser 4.50 BTNC Special Edition £91.71 @ Amazon Spain
Shipping from SpainShipping from SpainFound 25th NovFound 25th Nov
For £2 more than the current UK deal, you can get the Matte Black Special Edition ones.

They're exactly the same, you just get the Matte Black finish on the Amazon special edition, instead of black with silver accents. The normal ones are on Prime Now if you need them in 2 hours:


Talk is cheap!👎 Feel free to post a better deal, especially as you seem to have spent enough time on the site without posting a single one.


Awful site now everydeal is amazon ( not uk )


Not the "Special Edition" ones, although they were £89.99 on Amazon UK 2 days ago. Saying that there isn't much of a difference from what I between the ones on offer at JL and these ones.


£89.89 in John Lewis

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless Headphones with Drybag and 3 years warranty at Sennheiser for £199
31/12/2018Expires on 31/12/2018Found 25th NovFound 25th Nov
Great deal if you are looking at the newly reduced Sennheiser Momentum wireless headphones. Getting them direct from Sennheiser gets you a 30 day no-commitment trial, a Drybag that… Read more
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There was possible 7‰ quidco


I'd much rather Sennheiser designed/included some sort of rigid case....

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Sennheiser CX 6.00BT In-Ear Wireless Headphones £64.99 - Blue/Black on Amazon
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
Amazon Deal of the Day. Cheapest they've been according to camelcamelcamel. Product Description Sennheiser’s CX 6.00BT wireless in ear headset is everything you need to enjoy high… Read more

I use Bluetooth head phones for work for 50 hours a week and these are very poor in comparison to others I've used in fact I decided I was going to return them after half an hour of use. I'm currently using the Jabra elite 45e that retail at £90 but do drop down to this sort of price here and there( not got time to search unfortunately). The Jabras out perform these in every way and for build quality and mic they're better than the bose soundsport which although have great sound quality are terribly unreliable (returned 3 sets and gave up in the end).


The Qualcomm apt-x low latency chip in these basically means there's extremely low lag/delay in hearing music when watching a video, ie it should be just as seamless as if connecting wired headphones


I have these and they’re very good, Nice sound and battery life gives me a good 4-5 hours play. Would recommend.


Nice one. Amazon reviews always confuse me! A lot of items always seem the opposite to other websites :/


Excellent brand. They make really good audio stuff.

SENNHEISER HD 4.50BTNC Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Black + Free 6 month Deezer Premium £89.99 delivered @ Currys I
Found 24th NovFound 24th Nov
Price match with Amazon SENNHEISER HD 4.50BTNC Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Black + Free 6 month Deezer Premium £89.99 @ Currys Free delivery or Collect same day from stor… Read more

I just connected them trough the cable and the sound is a lot more powerful, just so you know


I'm not impressed with the sound quality, the noise cancellation is just useless. I am going to return them...


The headband is really creaky too which transfers to the listening experience


Too much plastic around the headband and hinges, this is where they usually break.


Have these, love them, would recommend - heat from me


would you need noise cancelling if you were just using these in your own home (against any such home background noises)? Someone on the sennheriser 4.50 amazon thread suggested noise cancelling can made odd noises occasionally?


Fake deal :)


Wrong model


You've linked to the HD 4.40 which don't have noise cancelling - totally different model to the Amazon deal. Would be worth updating your description, as the HD 4.50 SE is matt black and available only through Amazon (apparently). The HD 4.50 black at John Lewis are still £139.00, and currently £89 on Amazon.


Not 4.50. And amazon just changed 4.50’s price back.

Sennheiser HD 4.50 Special Edition, Over Ear Wireless Headphone with Active Noise Cancellation, Matte Black £89.99 @ Amazon
Refreshed 24th NovRefreshed 24th Nov
Over ear. Noise cancelling. Bluetooth & NFC built in. Decent battery life. Mic. Mounted controls. Eligible for Prime. Black only now at this price. "The HD 4.50BTNC offers j… Read more

I agree.. sent mine back today! Noise cancelling didn't work.. turning it on and off (pressing both vol+ and vol-) made a noise but made zero difference to the noise cancelling. Sound quality wasn't that great (again my Ausdom m07 £16 jobbies sounded better) and the earcups made my ears hurt after about 10 minutes (as stated by so many others). Unfortunately it doesn't matter how cheap compared to the RRP it is if it doesn't work and uncomfortable it has to go back! Shame


I know right, I had to use a scissors to get the plastic off. I am not sure why they even wrapped it that way. I think I am going to return them. I just had them on my ears, while they look nice, nice price but they feel really uncomfortable. I only had them on for 10 minutes and I feel a discomfort on my ears. I know some people said it feels nice but it was a 50-50, unfortunately for me, I was the unlucky one. Also, the frusteration packaching, a cop out...Amazon trying to save money, rather than get the retail box.


Yeah, the least frustration free packaging ever!! I had to use a knife to cut the plastic sheath off.


Hi, did your one arrive in Amazon frusteration free packaging. I am annoyed as I was expecting the retail box so I could sell them in the future, if I no longer wanted them. BS, they wrapped the headphones in this plastic bag, couldn't even get it out and now the ear cups were pinched as well, so the botton of the cups are slightly flatten. Not impressed.


Still looks like available on prime now for 89.99

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Black for £190 + 9 MONTHS DEEZER at Currys
Found 21st NovFound 21st Nov
With the over-ear Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 A/E Wireless Bluetooth Headphones you can enjoy wireless convenience and clean sound with active noise-cancelling technology, all in a top… Read more

Great headphones, i love mine !!


I tried them today in store ....I used flac files on powerAmp and no equaliser. They did sing well and I also tried the same settings on B&W Px headphones, I wasn't impressed with the B&W. So will get the Senns tomorrow.

fiqqer*5003!threshold*0.1 To my ears the sound is better than any of the direct competitors at the £300 RRP level, although above comparison indicates the sony is a slightly better choice. But I'm not paying that much for headphones.


how does the noise cancelation compare to the sony XM2's? I've just order a pair of those from amazon wearhouse for £150


He i had 3 months free trial with Deezer last year, stopped using after 5 days... so for me personally not a bonus really but if u prefer currys this is good deal. Amazing headphones.

£59 off Sennheiser Momentum Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones - £190 @ Richer Sounds
Found 21st NovFound 21st Nov
A decent discount of £59 on the popular Sennheiser Momentum Wireless headphones. The usual good service from Richer Sounds.

These or the bose for 230 ish from amazon de?


The answer to that is I got £250 out of HSBC to switch, moving from Lloyds bank. HSBC were one of the few banks that didn't need taxpayers money to bail them out during the bank crisis. All banks are closing branches so the best deal makes sense, loyalty just costs money.


"To get the 'hello' gift you need to open a 1st Account, switch your everyday banking to us using the Current Account Switch Service and pay in at least £1,000 within three months of opening the account" I am taking the above to mean you can do multiple payments but dont quote me on that


The offer doesn't seem to be on first directs website. If I sign up today would the offer be available?


How do you get these? It's not advertised that I can see?

Sennheiser HD 200 Pro high res wired headphones £41 Sennheiser  Store
Found 19th NovFound 19th Nov
I've never personally owned these headphones, however I do rate Sennheiser generally for high quality products. It sounds like a decent deal for someone. The reviews are decent a… Read more
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I'd recommend the HD4.30 from the Sennheiser outlet for £39.99 over these by a mile. You don't seem to be able to deep link directly to products in the outlet so you'll have to search for it but they are an absolute bargain. Graded as "b stock" but honestly the only sign of this is minor external packaging damage. Start here:


Got them for £32.80 using Blue Light Card. Much appreciated.


If you're a member and have a Blue Light Card, you can get an extra 20% off.

Sennheiser HD 4.40BT Wireless Headphones B-stock £49.95 @ Sennheiser Outlet
Found 18th NovFound 18th Nov
Free delivery. 2 year warranty. Bluetooth 4.0 wireless with aptX for true Hi-Fi sound NFC for fast pairing with compatible devices Integrated microphone for headset use Robust,… Read more

Thanks OP, just ordered. For those saying 4.50 BTNC are better, that's only if you are wearing in a noisy environment. If wearing in quiet surroundings these are just a good, if not better.


Let us know what you think of them. If you don't like them they'll collect for free for a refund (y)


Hardly a small price difference, these for £49.99 and the HD 4.50 are £89.99 I received mine and they look totally mint, no damage to the box, not sure how the headphones would normally come wrapped etc but mine look like they are new. I’ve yet to try them as I’m away for the weekend and will take a better look on Monday. (y)


Idiot question here: to get these to work with a PS4 do I need to get a Bluetooth dongle for the PS4 USB port...will that do it or are these not suitable for that purpose or is there something else I need to do? They're obviously not for me or I would know this kind of thing! Plus I've already bought them so a bit late asking now!


I'd go for the 4.50 ones from Amazon for a small price difference, brand new and with noise cancelling

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over Ear AEBT (Ivory only) Bluetooth Wireless Headphones from £167.56 delivered @ Amazon Spain
Found 17th NovFound 17th Nov
Spotted this on Amazon Spain under their Black Friday deals. This price for the Ivory colour only. £167.56 delivered using a fee free card. Or £174.13 delivered using Amazon's c… Read more
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I’ve just got a pair. Not bad but haven’t wowed me. Going to return them and get the Nuraphones I reckon! Miss that Bass oooomphhh.


You can't turn noise cancelling off on the Sennheiser m2s.


To avoid that just turn noise cancelling off during phone calls. That's what I do with my Sonys XM2.


Got these for the 150 offer during World Cup. I love them but there is 1 big flaw. If you plan to use them for calls outdoors there is appalling wind noise that i think goes both ways


Ah, was looking at these (wired) in the week, top find regardless, will now consider wireless .

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Over-Ear Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones at Amazon £190
Found 16th NovFound 16th Nov
Lots of headphone deals on at the moment, but these have come down another £9 recently and got reasonably hot at the previous price. Note the item title on Amazon does not say 2.… Read more

Is there a "Don't Like" button? Oh well I hope this saves someone else £20.


These are £169.95 from the Sennheiser outlet.


Yes the noise cancelling is better on the Bose, the effect is quite remarkable actually, but the sound of the Sennies is more natural and exciting for me compared to anything else in the price bracket. The music just comes alive. Ordered some... Adding heat. Edit: My musical tastes consist mainly of rock music, for which I found the Sennheiser the most dynamic. I could imagine the Bose being best for jazz or classical. Hope this helps someone decide, but best try them out for yourself.


Base is excellent and noice cancelling is not good like boss qc 35 (y)


That's right. The momentum 2.0 are the wireless version, that is to say they original momentums aren't wireless

Sennheiser HD 4.50 Special Edition, Over Ear Wireless Headphone with Active Noise Cancellation, Black £98.83 @
Found 1st NovFound 1st Nov
Next best £119.99 @ Toby Deals, £139.00 at Amazon UK & Currys Blurb: The HD 4.50 BTNC Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with NoiseGard Active Noise Cancellation from… Read more
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Just went to buy, sold out. Sad now


How did u hear the review on google? (nerd)


These were cheaper in the (customer returns) outlet the other week They may be suitable for some, but even at this cheaper price I still sent them back.


I got them when they were relatively new out, so around 150ish. Like Jack said in the thread, they can be tight at first but after a while they become more comfortable.


Really good - bought them from refurb store deal on here a couple of months back. Yes they are a little snug if you have a massive head and probably wouldn't fit over Prince Charles' massive ears but they sound great (no boomy beats bass) and NC is pretty good - maybe 85% of Bose - perfect for a noisy office too - kills our background ventilation roar at work dead.

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