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Sennheiser HD 4.40 BT Over-Ear Wireless Headphones (Bluetooth 4.0, NFC and aptx ) @ delivered
Found 20th AugFound 20th Aug
Bluetooth 4.0 wireless with aptX for true Hi-Fi sound NFC for fast pairing with compatible devices Integrated microphone for headset use Ear cup mounted call and track controls … Read more

Noise cancelling any good?


How's the mic?


Delivery is €5.80 for me :/


Could I pair these with an Amazon Fire TV box over Bluetooth? I want to watch movies using headphones as I live in an apartment.


Got some of the Taotronics when they were on and love them. However I just cant say no to headphones. Anyone have a pair of these to discuss quality of sound, comfort and noise isolation ? Cheers

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Around Ear Headphones for iOS - Ivory £120.99 @ Argos
Found 18th AugFound 18th Aug
Would appear to be a really good price for the around ear version of these headphones. Collection only, but plenty of stock near me (Surrey area).
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Sure, but they weren't talking about these specifically. It seems an odd sentiment to me. Where wired devices can be replaced with wireless they generally have been, including phones themselves (which actually *do* need constant charging), and I can't think of too many other areas where it attracts such strenuous objections. People act as if there's no reasons for wireless, and of course there are, as anybody who exercises with headphones will tell you. The wireless Momentum's claim 22 hours of battery and it's longer in my experience, so hardly a matter of charging all the time. Besides, they can use 3.5mm as well, if you want, you don't *need* the battery or Bluetooth. Maybe I just find phone and headphone afficionados irritating.


I agree, i tried it and it was a bad idea (lol)


Yeah but you don’t take sehnheisers like this to the gym, unless you like sweat stains on your suede trim


You may have noticed glossy buildings with treadmills... those are gyms, and many people inside them would say it.


Have the wireless version and I'd agree only worth around this price - sound cancelling and quality plus controls not as good as my ( more expensive) Sony's. Don't like the rocker switch, feels flimsy.

Sennheiser Game One Open Back Gaming Headset White £116.99 @ Amazon/Argos
Found 9th AugFound 9th Aug
Easily one of the best headsets on the market for PC, and great on console, although I'd recommend going with an Astro Mixamp for console, volume isn't the loudest going through th… Read more
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I'm always tempted by the Mass Drop version in all black but feel like the customs faff isn't worth it.


Yeah it's a shame the black aren't the same price, but I suppose the black probably sell OK so Argos/Amazon are clearing the white ones out.


If only they were black.


Hmm, I had the Steelseries Pro wireless on my PS4 recently, but they were far too expensive for me, ended up back to my Astro A50s instead. The Steelseries have Bluetooth built in for music and calls from a phone. I remember the turtle Beach elite 800s had that feature too. Might get them cheap on eBay


There's always one bud (y)

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Sennheiser GAME ZERO Headset Black £127.99 @ Amazon
Found 8th AugFound 8th Aug
Never seen these so low! Good deal to me.

needs RGB (y) I'll stikc with my Q701s, Fiio and modmic setup.


Who do you talk to with them? over.


Same price in Argos as well, also Argos have the GAME ONE’s in White for £116.99 if you would rather the open backs. (y)

Back to Headphones Sennheiser Momentum-on 2.0 Wired Headphones Various Colours £85 @ HMV
Found 1st AugFound 1st Aug
Sennheiser Momentum-on 2.0 Wired Headphones Various Colours Good price for nice quality headphones.

Hahaha I thought the same thing too :D


Yep may have jumped in too soon with this, I thought they were the over ear which was a very good deal, these, the on ear still the cheapest around (y) but not as good as I first thought. :/ £89 on Amazon.


Ahhhh my fault. I believe they are same price on Amazon then. Thanks for clearing it up.


The picture is of the on-ear and it's also called Momentum-on, so it's definitely the on-ear type. Sorry if I wasn't clear before.


Yeah for the on ear headphones. They are a great price for the over ear. It depends if HMV have made a mistake on the description or the photo

Sennheiser GAME ONE Headset White £124.99 @ Amazon
Found 29th JulFound 29th Jul
Found this on Amazon and it seemed like a good deal to me. They haven't gone below £140 in a long time.

It's hukd most of the time I'm just here for the comments lmao


ikr, i'm just here with my popcorn enjoying the comments.


This thread is hilarious


Hi there "Yant" . Sorry if I upset you . No hurt meant. Bye .


You are claiming hurt because someone challenged your post that presented an opinion that is either unfounded or poorly worded. Do you believe that unfounded opinions should never be challenged? Do you believe that the modern so-called opinions that are contrary to facts should never be challenged? What colour look best? Opinion. Every answer is valid. Everyone opinion is equally valid. What is heavier: a ton of brick or a ton of feathers? There's a definitive correct answer. Opinions are not valid here. Please go back and reread your "review". You gave no information whatsoever that you actually tried this headset. You gave no direct info that hint that you have even read reviews of this specific headset. You gave no comparison to a different models or other info that would be informative to a reader. Your review comes are a generic anti brand name rant including the irrelevant mower bit. If you do have a background that make you an informed audio analyst or even are a pure amateur with mild enthusiasm on the subject that have actually compared some headset, please post this info. This would be useful to most people interested in this deal or a similar one. PS: at least in this reply, the first half of your last sentence include potentially useful information. Thanks. I don't think audio quality is quite as simple, but is definitely influenced by the individual components.

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Sennheiser HD 598SR Over-Ear Headphone with Smart Remote - Black - £92.99 @ Amazon
Found 28th JulFound 28th Jul
Just noticed these headphones have just dropped another couple of quid since I posted a deal for them back in June. Brilliant headphones, which I would buy again if my old set were… Read more

Yeah, technically correct. Don't get me wrong, it's all fair enough. Hotukdeals though not "50p cheaper than last week!" the point is... kinda missed a fair bit I think. It's not just "it's the cheapest so it's a deal". A deal is more "a rather good purchasing option compared to it's regular price point". It's £2 cheaper on a £90+ item, it's not even 3%. Quidco or similar elsewhere would give a similar price. I'll go grouch elsewhere :) no ill intent meant at all. For balance - if you don't need the sound isolation (you literally hear EXACTLY as you would without them on, they don't leak that much though by comparison) these are AMAZING open backed headphones. Sound placement is stupidly good.


Agreed that these phones have been cheaper but this is the best price now


Would agree. I got a pair for £65 new around 7-8 months ago before they got a little more popular. THAT was a deal.


These are at this price all the time.


Great deal and they get a really good review. Open backed though, generally better for the listen experience, unless you are sat near someone else 😁. Great spot

Sennheiser HD 4.30i Headphones for Apple reduced at Tesco National - £40
LocalLocalFound 23rd JulFound 23rd Jul
Sennheiser HD 4.30i Headphones for Apple reduced at Tesco Extra. Its a nationwide deal. These are still £64 on Amazon and have a decent review. Let the goose chase begin!

Sennheiser is the brand


Since 2003 they are working hard to establish a Sennheiser Communications name. They don't score high in my eyes comparing to already established brands. I am holding the HD 4.30 product in my hand. It is made cheaply. Drivers are small for the price (rrp price). The cushion material is made to perish quickly. The band is thin yet heavy. Sennheiser have good marketing, sure. This mid-range product it is not a branded one.


I may have misread your comment, but these are branded headphones


i bought them following reviews. seems that most people do not recognise quality sound. i guess £40 is still too much. £25 perhaps would be right price. these are just about ok. plasticky sound - similar to earphones. not coming close to branded headphones. great sound isolation tho. i put them on when neighbors dogs bark away.


Cold for a decent pair of headphones at a fraction of what they normally go for? Makes sense... :/

Sennheiser HD 4.50 wireless headphones £89.99 Amazon (Prime Day Deal)
Found 16th JulFound 16th Jul
Wireless over ear headphones with active noise cancellation Matte black colour only Prime day deal

Possibly personal preference and I haven't tried the Backbeat 2's, but I prefer the Bose sound to anything else I've listened to in the BT NC arena. I'm not a purist though, and just enjoy the way they tune their sound.


The qc35 noise cancelling is amazing but the sound is meh.The Backbeat sound is amazing but the noise cancelling is meh. There must be a magic compromise, other than buying the lot.


If you're a student you can use STUDENT15 to make these £74.99 - great price! :D


Good point. I think I'll try to visit somewhere to try these tonight then I'll think about it. Cheers.


Personally find the NC on these pretty pointless, as with the majority of NC headphones really. The only ones I've listened to that actually work reasonably well are the QC35 and the Sony MK2. Obviously a lot more expensive though. These sound good especially at this price (y)

Sennheiser HD 4.30i Around-Ear Closed back Headphones for iOS - Black. Tesco instore (Newcastle Kingston Park) - £40
LocalLocalFound 12th JulFound 12th Jul
Sennheiser HD 4.30i Around-Ear Closed back Headphones for iOS - Black Two pairs on the shelf instore. They may well have more as the boxes are quite deep so only two will fit on t… Read more

Also HD 2.20s for £25 from £50 (one pair on shelf). This is one of the very large Tesco stores which periodically gets clearance stock. Quite a lot of Tesco Direct stock kicking around at the moment.

Sennheiser IE80S In-Ear Headphones £183.34 @ eCentralGlobal
Found 12th JulFound 12th Jul
Lowest price afaics ever! The IE 80 S ear-canal headphones take the striking combination of aesthetic design and professional functionality to a new level. Refined in just about… Read more



You do realise that you are commenting on build quality and that the ie80s is made by the same manufacturer? Good luck to you when your ie80s encounter "similar rubbish issues". I hope, for the sake of your ego, that this deal reaches at least a 100°.


Maybe the words above, were not clear enough for you, the ie80 set I purchased, went back after less than a month, after they were replaced with another set, that had similar rubbish issues as the first set, they also went back after 6 days, I have had no such issues with our ie80S variants and the only ignorance, would be that I bothered replying to your comment, again, why would anyone with an IQ of 4 or higher, buy, 2nd hand, 7 year old designed earphones, when you can buy the far more modern, smaller, comfy, better fitting, lighter, more audibly superior ie80S for less, than you can buy a new set of the old ones!!


Clearly you have never known the sound of a brand new IE80. And that is a shame. Enjoy your IE80s in ignorance.


Definitely not. Critics believe that it's not even as good as the ie 80. But you could try them both out and decide for yourself.

Sennheiser 20% discount on all MOMENTUM family.
Found 7th JulFound 7th Jul
Sennheiser offer 20% off to all their momentum family products, only valid for 24 hours.
Read More

Too bad


The Sale-discount terms and condition state regardless of the score and if England ever manages to utterly score goals enough to spell their opponent's name, the discount will be capped at 50%. At this point, it is highly unlikely for a Panama scoreline, resulting in the 50% discount which happened previously to happen again.


Only 5, save the other 4 for Sunday.


Wish it was on ALL headphones.Fancy the HD Range


I hope them score 9 goals then!

Sennheiser e604 Drum / Brass / Woodwind Microphone + 2 Year warranty £83.99 delivered @ Gear4Music
Found 2nd JulFound 2nd Jul
Was actually looking for a couple of mics for recording acoustic guitar, along with an internal mic for guitar percussion, but while looking saw this, which seems a bit of steal fo… Read more

Cheers, going for a Fishman Rare Earth Blend I think for that, and looking at condenser mics to go with it. Really want to pick out the percussion in there for recording, so many different sounds. Sounds awful on a single mic, although to be fair, much better than a phone cam, haha. Just looking at a whole new set up for it really. Wasn't looking at this for it, it just came up in the search as I was shopping around, so thought I'd share it. Thanks again :)


For recording acoustic guitar I'd use a small diaphragm condenser. An AKG C1000s is a good, affordable 'industry standard', mic often used for this purpose. The Senn e604 is primarily designed for live, on the road use.


ust be careful if you’ve bought multiple headsets. My wireless closed have both order number and serial number fixed to the packaging so if you return any , make sure it matches.


I’ve also noticed there seems to be an influx of discounted momentums on eBay all of a sudden !? ;)


Hopefully it’s honoured. Mine has tracked but not guaranteed. No biggy if not.


Plus 10% cashback with quidco 😘


It was £98.55with the WELCOME10UK stacked on top of the 50% code.

MOMENTUM On-Ear Wireless. 50% Off. £109.50 @ Sennheiser
Found 24th JunFound 24th Jun
I have these and love them, well worth the money. Have seen a few other deals similar today but this one hasn't been posted I believe. Luxurious portability. Designed for uncompr… Read more

Yeah I’ve got another 2 weeks so will have a bit more of a play round. Including discounts/quidco came out around £90 in the end


For £110 I wouldn't be comfortable with unsure. There are plenty of choices for this price range


Trying mine out for the first time. Haven’t really used headphones in years and am a bit unsure on how comfortable these are. Fine on my right ear but can’t get as comfortable on my left weirdly. Enjoying the performance tho


Guys. I bought the momentum 2 over ear for iOS. However I have Android, I listen to music but the sound is opposite. So the sound supposed to come out from the left ear comes from the right and vice versa. Is this because it's an iOS cable to android phone? Also I can hear wind when I am outside whilst using these.


Anyone had them delivred yet?

Sennheiser MOMENTUM On-Ear 2 - £44.50 using 50% off code
Found 24th JunFound 24th Jun
Momentum 2 on-ear iPhone / Brown in stock Sennheiser have reduced the Momentum on-ear from £169.99 down to £89.00. Further 50% of… Read more

Yep, loving mine too. Utter bargain for £40-odd. Was considering selling them to put toward the wireless over ear ones I picked up at the same time. But no, curiosity got the better of me and can't let them go now!


loving mine, here is newsssssssss lol


Estimated Dispatch Date: 17th July. I'll take that, I've been after these headphones for *ages*. Funny, though. "Ships in 1-2 working days" my ass, that's almost as funny as Dell's dispatch estimates.


Same here, except I asked to cancel the order as they haven't been dispatched a week after order was placed. They said it's too late to cancel the order as it's ready to be shipped. That was yesterday, if they're not dispatched by Friday I'll be giving them a call I think.


Ordered on the 24th. Still 'boxed shipment'. Emails to Customer Service just say that it'll be shipped soon. :/

50% off Sennheiser Momentum - Closed circumaural headphone featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology and NoiseGard £150 with code
Found 24th JunFound 24th Jun
50% off Sennheiser Momentum for the next 24 hours. Example picture wireless over ear headphones £150 from £300. Credit to kgo for the initial heads up… Read more

Just a quick update: they sent me out replacement headphones and these new headphones work perfectly. I have not had a single disconnection with the new replacements using the exact same setup, which I was really surprised about. There must be significant quality control issues / variability in the manufacturing of these headphones. Basically if you're getting constant disconnection issues, it's worth sending them back for a new replacement.


Guys - If anyone has any disconnection issues, Sennheiser have said to let them know (their customer services are 0333 240 8185). They are saying no-one has reported ANY disconnection issues with these headphones ever (even globally) or sent any back under warranty reporting these problems. They said if people don't report the problem they can't investigate and fix the issue. They had this disconnection problem with the previous edition of these headphones but were under the impression it had been fixed. They need people to let them know of any problems so they can work out if it's a bad batch or a wider fault. Mine are completely unusable with my Samsung S7 Edge (using their own app, Captune) due to constant disconnections/reconnections (phone and headset are right next to each other). The same phone and app work perfectly with my Sony wireless headphones with no disconnections whatsoever.


I have a slightly different problem. If I'm connected to two sources and one loses connection, it does the LOST CONNECTION thing whenever there's no sound coming out of the other connection... and it doesn't seem to ever stop! All I've found to do is power the headphones completely off and on again.


Have you paired it to multiple sources. I have that issue if I pair the headset to pc and phone, even if one of them is turned off or out of range. Although its the same when I use a Jabra headset as well.


".......LOST CONNECTION... LOST CONNECTION... ........ ....CONNECTED..." Constant disconnections... Can't take it anymore - Had around 20 disconnections this evening alone. What garbage have Sennheiser made(??)

Sennheiser HD 598SR Over-Ear Headphone with Smart Remote - Black  AMAZON for £94.99
Found 23rd JunFound 23rd Jun
Decent price for a great set of headphones.

High-resolution? Okay.


Absolutely over the moon, the Elear is the first headphone I've owned without feeling the upgrade bug. I'd happily demo headphones in the £1000+ range but I was already stretching beyond my limit.


You should be happy :{


Would love to try the Z1R's, though the Focal Elear was already a once in a lifetime purchase.


Woah there... Are you trying to kill me?

Sennheiser M2 AEBT Black Over Ear Foldable Wireless Bluetooth Headphones With Mic & Active Noise Cancellation £209.95 Delivered (Free C+C also) @ Magicvision
Found 21st JunFound 21st Jun
Decent saving on a serious pair of headphones. Definitely one for you audiophiles out there. Award-winning Momentum sound quality As with the other Momentum headphones, Sen… Read more

3.15% TopCashback and they take PayPal, so I got 1% Amex cashback too 😁 £201.24


It can be still used as wired if you want. If you want ANC, think most of the high end models will be wireless as well as a feature. Not sure what you looking for if you just want wired over ear without noise cancelling. You could dip into head fi and other sites/forums that are more geared to audio stuff for more infromation and recommednations.


just noticed they're wireless.Looking for over ear wired.Around £300-400


If you looking for portability then they pretty good. If you looking for ANC, the Sony WHH900N is a lot better as well as others brands/ models. ANC is average if compared to QC35 or Sony high-end NC models. It's a bit bass oriented, good for most genres. Some find it uncomfortable to wear You able to use the headphone via the usb on a computer and charge at the same time.


Looking to upgrade from a set of B&O M 7.Are these any good or spend more for the HD Series?

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