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LED Lenser TT LED Torch- £10- In store- Clas Ohlson Manchester (Arndale Centre)
LocalLocalFound 14th JanFound 14th Jan
Thanks to davidlowe0 for the post regarding 50% off everything in store. Unfortunately the Clas Ohlson store in Manchester is closing down. There are many great offers on, so it… Read more
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Just went in store today, they only had about 6 of the pink ones left. Still a fair few good bargains to be had, I managed to pick up a few things


Thanks, bought them all for eBay


Robert Dyas have a similar sort of torch for 9.99, but is 600lm apparently


Got two different models of LED Lenser. Like them a lot. Robust


I think there must've been about 20+ available yesterday afternoon, there seemed to be more of the pink ones. I was too busy filling my basket with other stuff, so didn't take an accurate look at numbers. I only grabbed one, so hope there's some left when you go.

Lexibook Marvel Avengers basic mobile Phone with bluetooth, torch MP3/4 player dual sim £9.99 delivered @ eBay sold by Argos
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
Decent little first basic phone for kids if you want to be able to keep in touch with them while they are out but don't want them to have access to internet / social media. Be a go… Read more

OOS.. Please expire this deal....


Bound to be a settings issue,


out of stock


Does it have predictive text does anyone know?! My husband needs a basic phone like this and would love it!


Doesn't work with a giffgaff sim card. Tried and failed.

UTorch V8 CREE Flashlight £6.43 @ Gearbest App
Found 11th JanFound 11th Jan
Double spring gold plated design so you can use your recycled laptop cells. (y)
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Fogstar have a better rep than torchy (lol) And he works with the UK government building the Exocell database to stamp out fakes.


No, that's the literary equivalent to dog excrement. XD Looks like mainly fakes.

Huggett93 give away this torch / a similar rebranded one with every 18650 sale :P


I got some Kingwei 2600mAh cells off eBay four for £10 which are pretty good (I checked the capacity) If you want a good zoomable torch you can't go wrong with one of these: (y)


Thanks OP, been looking for a torch with this type of battery for a while, and this seems cheap enough to dip my toe into the water. Ordered. Also, greatly appreciate info on dodgy batteries, and reputable suppliers too. Ordered from Torchy.

Nebo NE6373 Lil Larry LED Torch -Excellent quality- Aluminium build with strong magnetic base £6.49 prime / £10.98 non prime @ Amazon
Found 1st JanFound 1st Jan
This is the little brother to the Big Larry torch, I received one for Christmas and I must say I'm stunned with the quality and performance of it. I am ordering myself a couple m… Read more
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Ring one same £4.99 in toolstation code 79146


I picked up a bunch of the Big Larry's last year at this time in the homebase closing sales and theyre a cracking light/lamp, excellent VFM and quality, liked these too , but couldnt look past the Big Larry quality Torches though, Heated..


Big Larry version is £10.56 delivered from CPC if you want something bigger, it has 2 brightness settings and a flashing red setting (to help cause seizures)


if you have a homebase closing down near they are selling the exact one at £4.69


At the bottom end (round magent in the end of the battery shaft). You can also remove 1/3 of the batter shaft to convert to a smaller torch (but less bright as only using 2xAA batteries if you do this)

Disney Rapunzel Go Glow torch, nightlight and projector £7.99 instore at Home Bargains A5 Cannock store
LocalLocalFound 30th Dec 2018Found 30th Dec 2018
Disney Rapunzel Go Glow torch, nightlight and projector £7.99 (RRP £19.99) in store at Home Bargains - A5 Cannock store. Lots on the shelf at the back of the store. 3 in 1 night l… Read more

Also at Argos...


Thanks for pointing that one out as it is not one that I have seen before. The Rapunzel one is definitely more appealing to my little girl.


Oh I definitely wouldn’t pay £20 but £7.99 and a happy child is worth it. This is good if you have a bigger budget. It comes with a five year warranty.


I think its really great for this price but certainly would not pay £20 for them. They do take 4 x AAA batteries. They are better than some other night lights out there. We had a Softpal and the charge did not hold. It went all the way back to Phillips in Holland to be tested and they sent a replacement back out free of charge. Thing is the replacement only held the charge for two days instead of one. Did purchase it at £12.50 instead of £24.99.


Glad you found them. It seems to be an unpopular deal though.

Technoline T 9029 21 LED Ultra-Bright Torch and Outdoor Bag @ Amazon £6.12 Prime £10.61 Non Prime
Found 27th Dec 2018Found 27th Dec 2018
not sure how wayfair have this at £30.99.there are so many torches on the market.just hope this gets the vote for the price.8 available, Light-emitting diode Ultra bright Extrem… Read more
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This is now £30.99 on Amazon




Yeah. It's horses for courses I suppose. I'm sure most people would spend more to get a better torch if they can afford it....I know I would, but others would rather take the risk with a cheaper version and hope it works out ok?


It is quite a bit extra , but imagine you're in a situation where your car breaks down and your only means of safety is a reliable torch , not much good if your £7 torch fails ... Or if you're camping , hiking , you want something that's reliable , something that if you accidentally drop it then it's not going to fall apart. You're spending £7 on something you're likely to get a few months usage out of , calculate that by the 3 year's or more a LED Lenser would last you. Buy cheap buy twice ;) .


£18 extra is quite a lot if you're looking for a cheap torch? I get what you're saying about the quality aspect, but if someone just wants a cheap torch, they'd be looking for something like this rather than the LED Lenser P7? As you say, you get what you pay for :)

IPRee® Metal Lighter Windproof BBQ Welding Torch Flame Portable Camping Refillable £6.42 @ Banggood
Found 24th Dec 2018Found 24th Dec 2018
Thought this looked quite cool. Another flash deal. Has a few different colours which I think are all the same price. Also, I haven't tested it myself but it says £6.26 if you buy … Read more

Just got mine too :D Handy tool to have around. Compact, robust, really good flame and a very satisfying click to the igniter. Think I'll buy the blue and gold now to complete the set 8) Thanks OP!


Mine arrived today, just 10 days after ordering - great piece of kit ..... now what exactly possessed me to buy such a lethal weapon!!! - Oh yes, it was Christmas eve & I'd had a sherry (devil)


No I only have Sirloin or Fillet


Ideal for creme brulee


You mean brazing?

Anker 400lmn torch Sold by AnkerDirect and Fulfilled by Amazon Prime £7.11 / £10.10 non Prime
Found 23rd Dec 2018Found 23rd Dec 2018
£7.11 for a pocket torch with Anker quality and good reviews. This is an Amazon 'deal of the day'. Apologies but the link may go to the £8.99 price as I have just bought one and it… Read more

If anyone is interested in a rechargeable torch, and doesn't mind buying from china, I got this one about £5, has both direct beam and cob light.


Thank god for that. I thought I had provoked armed hostilities


Yes 18659 is better, but should you be using this out and about, battery runs flat. Care to name which store you can go to and get spare fully charged 18650 battery




That's not the best part, using AAA's will make this massively underperform. 18650's can pump out way more current and so make it work better, it will much brighter.

3W LED 7dayshop Front Bike Cycle Light and Hand Torch - £2.39 delivered @ 7dayshop
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
DUAL USE & THOUSANDS SOLD - Hyper bright 3 Watt LED light provides incredible lighting performance and a superb beam spread. 3 lighting modes with high, low beam and high… Read more

Works absolutely spot on with the electric Scooter if anyone's interested


78 degree on a bike light is asking for trouble, especially with a tail switch and ui as bad as the a6


That light is a flood beam (more floody than throw), the reflector is as wide as it is deep, I know, I have 3 of them. The reflector is shallow and wide. I own nearly 30 lights, a full range and a thrower this most certainly is not - you can make it throw by modifying the reflector but in stock format it's more flood rather than throw which is why I recommended it.


Not the smartest of ideas to use that style of light as a bike light, such a narrow beam. Never use a thrower as a bike light.


BLF A6 as a bike light, worst idea ever. It quite a narrow beam and one of the worst UI ever. Seriously, better of going for a dirt cheap dedicated bike light. Rolson one from Argos for 15 or Halford's for 15. More chance of staying alive that way.

LED Lenser 9807M T7M Torch - 400 Lumens - 280m beam Range - Advanced Spot to Flood Optic System @ Amazon £31.99 Delivered
Found 20th Dec 2018Found 20th Dec 2018
Police Approved, Compact LED Torch - 400 Lumens and a 280m beam Range Advanced Focus System Optics. Patented reflector and lens combination for intense spot (distance) or flawless… Read more
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Fab product, great warranty true lumen rating with real world batteries, great company Hot




Agreed. I own the LED Lenser P7.2, Convoy C8 and Convoy S2 - Have used all of them for dog walking/night hiking and the Convoy torches are far superior in both build quality (the threads are so smooth and the anodised black finish is much hardier), and in light output.


Thanks for your comments :) :)

Rechargeable (upto 200 hrs runtime)& Portable VAVA LED Lamp, ABS+PP, Touch Control, Timer Setting £12.99 Prime & Non Prime @ Amazon / SVT
Found 17th Dec 2018Found 17th Dec 2018
Great price for this very highly rated Rechargeable & Portable VAVA LED Night Light / Lamp - normally £20.99 now £12.99 Delivered for both Prime & Non Prime customers by ei… Read more
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Brilliant price OP. I have the old version for my little one and it is great, just brought it again at this price for baby number two thanks.


Can it do the sun rise simulation?


We have this light and it's brilliant. Would recommend to any new parents out there.

HITACHI UB18DAL/L4 14.4 / 18V LI-ION TORCH - BARE for £3.99 at Screwix
Found 15th Dec 2018Found 15th Dec 2018
HITACHI UB18DAL/L4 14.4 / 18V LI-ION TORCH - BARE for £3.99 at Screwfix
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would this one work just not sure of the polarity ? 5w p13.5 on ebay I have the unit and removed the bulb it is the p13.5 shape and not edison screw Oh the batttery is the slide on type


That's the main point of LEDs, they don't waste energy producing heat, but they produce (about) the same amount of light so they're much more economical to run and if they're run from a battery, they run for a much much longer time.


No heavy enough without the battery :)


The led bulb costs nearly the same as the unit , so shows either how expensive a bulb is or how much of a bargain this is ;) The led bulb will make the battery last longer , but i doubt if it will give any more light anyway .


Ledlenser P14 Professional LED Torch £32.99 @ Amazon
Found 13th Dec 2018Found 13th Dec 2018
Almost the cheapest it's ever been from Amazon. Enough said. :) Seems to be around £55 most places. Blurb below: High Performance - 800 lumens with 350m beam range P… Read more
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The HUKD community seems to have a serious issue with LED Lenser... Personally, I love the torches and the one I've been using for a couple of years has never given me any issues and is as bright as the sun 8)


I know, right. The cold votes are from the usual 'drive-by shooters' who wouldn't know a deal if it bit them on the ar*e. Sadly, others then see it as cold and also vote cold on the assumption that it must be a poor deal without actually checking it for themselves. Cheers for taking the time to look and for the heat. (y)


Can't change the battery in mine. Had it in a vice, tried molegrips and spanners but all I've done is rip the handle to shreds. Before that, it was a great torch.


I'm sure someone will tell me it's because you can get a Chinese copy from gearbest, etc that has a million lumens, costs 20p and is just as good but they're not.


I honestly don't get this site sometimes. Why this is cold I don't know? I've used a P7 in work for years and these torches are really well built and can take some serious knocks! Probably why they call them professional as they'll take some abuse day to day as opposed to the kind of torch that sits in a drawer and gets used once a year. Great price flea, have some heat!

Ledlenser 501046 P7 Professional LED Torch 450 lumens @ Amazon - £28.99 (Lightning Deal)
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
Previously a hot deal at this price, it's on a lightning deal.

Crappy torches made in an outdated way with poor old school emitters. Possibly one of the most overrated brands in the torch world next to Maglite going.


Get 280-300m from C8 lender is 260.


Unfortunately I have missplaced my older p7 but from memory the c8s shines quiet a bit more. Just got myself a s70s pretty pleased with it so far. Still got to do a throw test with it though.


Thorfire are OK, I have thorfire S70s. As for C8, may be double the LM, but as for beam distance only getting a few extra meters. Almost no chance of a warranty


7 yr warranty is very good but when I am out walking the dog 30-50 range isnt that great. I have a thorfire c8s which is a good quality torch (takes 1x 18650) but at least twice as bright and twice the range for less money. Dogs unfortunately dont follow the dont wander too far guidance... its £17 from amazon with a battery and single usb charger.

Maglite 2-Cell (c) LED Torch £11.49 Amazon sold by The Deal Channel
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
Not sure where they are getting their RRP from - but £11.40 delivered for an LED Maglite looks good to me. Gone up to £17.98 - Still a pretty good deal - should attract even more … Read more

Mine are still with Hermes - I guess living in the North East of Scotland has some draw backs :(


Mine has arrived already, seems legit - all boxed correctly. Haven't checked if it works yet but all looks to be good so far!


As far as I can tell that the same company :). The Amazon price is back down to the original price of the deal !


£15.00 here;127367;8393&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIrrKhqeCd3wIVybHtCh2x0wQ0EAQYAiABEgLd8vD_BwE


Excellent deal, just ordered one. Thanks very much.

OSRAM LED Luminaire/Nightlux Battery-Operated, Integrated Motion £4.00 (Prime)  + £4.49 delivery (Non Prime) @ Amazon
Found 12th Dec 2018Found 12th Dec 2018
Batteries are included in the Luminaire and are replaceable Integrated Day/Night sensor and motion sensor Integrated switch of on/off-mode and automatic mode using sensors Easy … Read more

Never thought of that! Bought one from HB for the bathroom really good lights!


Got one from Home Bargains, great in boot of car to come on automatically at night when it detects you looking for stuff in boot


That's what I was about to say for all these Osram deals...they look like the Home Bargains ones...


These are £2.99 in Home Bargains


What's funny?

LED Lenser t7.2 torch £28.99 (from £59.95) Amazon
Found 11th Dec 2018Found 11th Dec 2018
Great torch, lowest price its been for a while.
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Good points well made. Thanks for taking the trouble to reply


I voted negative probably instinctively because zoomies are inherently faulty designs due to the head blocking most of the light output at full zoom mode. Running 4 AAA alkaline batteries is one of the biggest ballaches i can think of. Constantly dealing with charging 4 of them and individual cells failing and refusing to charge. Lensers are very nicely constructed though which has value but it just seems like a lot of money for the issues it has.


They would of replaced it.... Waste of money buying another device


Had an LED Lenser, power button stopped working. bough a Chinese one and been fine


£43.49 at the moment.

Convoy C8+ XPL HI Portable LED Flashlight 6000 - 6500K now £12.19 Del w/code @ Dresslily
Found 10th Dec 2018Found 10th Dec 2018
Seems a really decent price - normally around £22 the next best is £15.96 in a flash sale at GearBest - excellent reviews across the net You need to use code QC1208P at checkou… Read more

18650 battery is not included. IMO its expensive.


Regularly £14-15 on convoys web store on Ali, a good price though for a proper 16850 high drain powerful torch

Ledlenser P7 Torch £28.99 Amazon Daily Deal
Found 7th Dec 2018Found 7th Dec 2018
This is back on at 28.99 again today in case people missed it last week. Nice torch, I have always found ledlenser torches to be good quality. Worlds best selling LED Torch now… Read more

This isn't less than a tenner but it is far and away better than the Lenser. It is expired now but people in the market for a good torch should look out for a deal on one of these. Even a non-deal price closer to £20 is still a lot better than this Lenser.


I am single - this is perfect


Bought this the other day absolutely brilliant. Ive had some of the cheaper torches over the years but no where near as good as these.



Where do you buy your 20700 cells from?

VARTA 3W 160 Lumen Output 0.29kg Indestructible LED Torch, £9.99 at argos/ebay
Found 6th Dec 2018Found 6th Dec 2018
Free collection. £20 @ Amazon 1 torch included. LED bulb type. 3 watts generated. 160 lumen output. 78 hour run time. Dimensions: H25, W5, D5cm. Weight 0.29kg. Batterie… Read more

Excellent find, normally £25? Ordered, thanks OP :D


Glad to help, good night :)


Nice torch, thanks for the variety of deals tacavas!

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