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COB Work Lantern Torch Pick Up Tool £3.99 + £4.50 del @ Mountain warehouse
85° Expired
Posted 12th JulPosted 12th Jul
COB Work Lantern Torch Pick Up Tool The COB Work Lantern Torch Pick Up Tool is a great lightweight and compact addition to your backpack. Features a handy retractable stainless st… Read more
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Out of stock


Yet another who waited for ages only to find out that they weren't sending my order. I only heard anything days after emailing them. No explanation or apology. Shambolic.


very short pick up tool. Only half my order arrived after quite a delay. Not the best at delivery, clearly


Paid MW about total £3.20 dlvd via PayPal end June; dlvd early July. Excellent at £3.20 but certainly wouldn't pay over a fiver, & £8 is laughably overpriced.


No got my money back today from last order, they took their time.

Eveready Super Bright Torch Reduced To £4.99 in B&M
Posted 10th JulPosted 10th JulLocalLocal
Eveready Super Bright Aluminium Torch was £9.99, reduced to £5.00 in B&M. Bright LED Light. Full beam, half beam& flashing. Zoomable Torch Head. Batteries included. Batteri… Read more
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And now they are just a licensed name for B&M :(


The picture shown is not the torch I posted, That is a different model. Check product code. Torch was originally £9.99, is a bit more bulkier and includes 2 size D batteries. I don't have pic to post.


...I remember the days when Ever Ready use to make the number 1 batteries!

Fenix PD35 Tactical Edition 1000 Lumen LED Torch @ Amazon
Posted 8th JulPosted 8th Jul
The Fenix PD35 TAC (Tactical Edition) LED Flashlight, remains in its pocket-size form but surpasses the traditional PD35 in performance and tactical deployment. Designed with the m… Read more
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Yes Fenix make good quality torches but this is one is old, newer ones like the Sofirn i own are now better value, runs for ages on low and with a 2500 lumen high its like a mini floodlight. Also like you i have around a dozen torches and have been buying them for years ;)


Not usb rechargeable. Cold.


How do you know what is best value if you have no experience of something or never owned it, it just make any sense?


That's not 'tactically' correct (y)


Looks like that sense of humour bypass was successful ... (y)

Nebo NB6737 Big Larry 2-COB 500 Lumen Worklight Flashlight with Red Emergency Signal Mode - £11.01 Prime / £15.50 non Prime at Amazon
Posted 2nd JulPosted 2nd Jul
The NEBO Big Larry 2 is built from anodized aircraft grade aluminum; the top positioned flashlight is 200 lumens; the front facing linear COB LED broadcasts the light to a much lar… Read more

Expired back up to £14.99


and if it does, parts & repair costs for a vauxhall are a fraction of those for a Merc


What you mean is doesn't break like a Merc does? (lol)


I find this torch ideal. Yes it eats through batteries but the light output is ideal. Magnet on the bottom as well which holds it sturdy. Brilliant for working under cars


What’s that ?

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COB Work Lantern Torch Pick Up Tool £3.19 @ Mountain warehouse
144° Expired
Posted 28th JunPosted 28th Jun
The COB Work Lantern Torch Pick Up Tool is a great lightweight and compact addition to your backpack. Features a handy retractable stainless steel antenna with a magnetic tip, 10 b… Read more

How did we get free delivery? I bought the lantern, it's brilliant, but can't remember the delivery deal ! (embarrassed)


(y) No problems with Hermes for me either. Must depend where You live , maybe ?


The deal is still working up to now if anyone is still interested.


I must be one of the lucky ones as I've never had a problem with them.


This deal is still available.

Youpin BEEbest Flash light 1000LM £22.45 delivered @ AliExpress / Mi homes Store
Posted 26th JunPosted 26th Jun
Someone recommended this to me so thought I'll pass on the info. 1000 lumen Type-C USB rechargeable flash light with magnetic tail Can be used as emergency power bank with 2600mAh… Read more

I'd be interested if it didn't have the strobe/sos. Having to cycle through those 'features' when I just want light would annoy me too much.


Thanks, but won't probably bother...


You might try using 'report this deal' above, then chose 'report for a different reason' then explain what you want to do, they should get back to you via the letter icon at the top of the page


How do I replace the deal image with the one in the description? It only gives me an option to load it from the deal link.

Luceco USB Rechargeable Mini Tilt Torch - 1.5 W £2.50 || Swivel Torch With Power Bank - 3 W £4 (Free Collection)@ Wickes
Posted 23rd JunPosted 23rd Jun
Looks like a decent price here for the rechargeable swivel torch along with a power bank - as always free collection from the store. Decent stock levels across the country at the t… Read more

Had a call back from Wickes (well done!) to say 2 out of the 3 ordered now available. When I went to collect they were enormous things (also on clearance). Not what I wanted but happy with their "mistake"(?). Wickes stock control really is shambolic (at my local store anyway), but just this once it has been to my advantage. Several times in the past I have had wasted journeys.


I've just picked up one, it's great it fits on the neck area of my shirt with the pen clip. Strong magnets especially the bottom one. Pen clip magnet only holds vertically as main picture. It weighs 78g. Not charged yet. It has battery overcharge protection. I'm happy thanks matwalerboy!


Me too. Typical Wickes; happened SO many times. Said 8 in stock then got the call 9 hours later!


Ordered a couple, just got the cancellation call as no actual stock at my branch!


Bought one yesterday from other post ,really good small torch ordered another as spare

Luceco USB Rechargeable Tilt Torch With Power Bank - 5W £5 also inspection torch £5 @ Wickes Click and collect
642° Expired
Posted 21st JunPosted 21st Jun
USB Rechargeable LED Tilt Torch with 2 working modes and inbuilt power bank Inbuilt 2000 mAh USB power bank for charging devices 2 working light modes and SOS feature Durable hard… Read more

They cancelled my order although store showing 2 in stock


Collected. Well pleased with quality.


massive pile of these in the click and collect area of my Wickes. Clearly going out the door like hot cakes!


This one out of stock so bought small one for £2.50. really impressed with it so ordered another. (they are £11 on Amazon )


Wow what a deal. These are really good. Says 2000m/ah battery that doubles as a usb charger. Very bright and the icing is 2 strong magnets on the base and one on the side. Ideal for car work. Well happy. Wickes chap said don't know why the management have made them so cheap as they flew off the shelves at a fiver.

Nextbase Car Emergancy Kit EU Triangle Hi Viz Vest First Aid Torch - £9.95 sold and delivered by iZilla @ Amazon
Posted 19th JunPosted 19th Jun
Car kit contains - Triangle, First-Aid kit ,Foil Blanket , Hi Viz Vest & Torch.

Don't you need to carry a breathalyser in some EU countries as well?


The hi Vis vest won't have much reflectiveness. Is that even a word? Cheap ones are not that visible, but better than nothing.


Thank you for posting. We have added your thread to the Highlights section (y)


That’s correct for older vehicles, but for vehicles equipped with LED headlights technology, it is not required. Good deal (y)


Every car 'must have'

Officially Licensed Star Wars Superfan Crate 8 Piece Bundle - £9.99 Delivered @ Paladone / eBay
76° Expired
Posted 10th JunPosted 10th Jun
Great price for this bundle. The NBP is £41.99 at Amazon. Edit: Paladone have just listed this on Fruugo as well for £10 if it sells out on eBay. Travel to a galaxy far,… Read more

Mine got cancelled


Load of old tat. I bought one, of course.


All gone now, to be expired. What incredible value, thanks op


OOS on ebay 2 left on Fruugo


3 left fruugo

Magnetic LED Tent Light with 60lm Output & 8m Beam Distance, White or Amber Light £9.70 delivered @ CPC Farnell
205° Expired
Posted 6th JunPosted 6th Jun
Delivery showing as £2.99+VAT. If you spend £17.50 or more you can get free delivery. Please note - on adding to basket, there's a note to say "Please note that orders under £17.… Read more

Three or four tent pegs in a row - job's a good 'un! (lol)


There's not much metal in a tent !!!


No it'll work wherever there's darkness. It has a magnetic base so could be used in a car, garage or somewhere with some metal to stick it to but no reason it can't be pretty much anywhere


Can this only be used in s tent?


Why not attach the light to your camp bed or buy a smaller tent ;)

Ryobi ONE+ R18T-0 18V Cordless LED Torch (Zero Tool) £21.99 at Amazon
54° Expired
Posted 3rd JunPosted 3rd Jun
Emits a bright white light and the long lasting LED means you no longer need to replace bulbs. High power light emits up to 130 lumens with a recommended throw of up to 10 metres R… Read more
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I don't personally recommend this torch, its not the brightest and the beam is very narrow. I returned mine. I instead bought the older halogen one, and modded it to take an 12V LED MR16 bulb. Non-dimmable MR16 use a constant current driver, so its no issue running them at 18V rather than 12V. The torch can handle the heat, as its designed for a halogen lamp. Lamp holder is available from Toolstation for 78p, I bought the cheapest LED MR16 I could find, which was approx £3. A bit of work with a hot glue gun and stanley knife and it was all sorted. No photos I'm afraid, lent the torch to someone before lockdown, yet to get it back! *Edit* If you are just after an area work light for DIY etc. I'd probably get the £35 LED project light they do. I only got the torch shape as I wanted it for taking my ball-mad dog to the park in winter.


Also as a note, if you have makita or other drill batteries there are adapters out there to make them work with the ryobi ecosystem as it were.


I think people are missing the point. You can plug a charged 5amp battery into this. If it runs out you grab another off the shelf. If you need to drill or drive somewhere dark the spare battery you take with you will work in either the tool or the torch. Yes its expensive for a LED torch, but its incredibly useful if your into Ryobi. I find even having tons of 18650's lying around, its the Makita or Ryobi batteries that are far more likely to be charged and of course will last longer.


It's more of a work like than a torch. You wouldn't go for a walk at night carrying this thing. The size and shape of it makes it very good for resting on something and pointing the light where you want it.


This thing is massive, get a proper torch for the same money a 20th of the size...

Lil Larry penlight torch light 250 lumens - £8.79 @ eBay / terriertools
52° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
NEBO LIL Larry Pocket AAA Battery Magnetic 250 Lumens COB LED Torch Flash Light Excellent to keep in the car door as magnetic base with an option for a red flashing light. Stupidl… Read more

I mean it probably is a family ran business too but that's a good thing imo cut out the multi millionaire middle man


Lmao are they? This is a different eBay account. I literally buy everything off eBay including my bimmer (lol)


Fun fact : these are made and sold by a father and son Business (party)


Excellent. I'm not a fan of Amazon so personally would rather spend a few pence more. But that is probably the best price about as of now


Yes got a couple from Screwfix for similar, they're great though

3w penlight torch 140 lumens - £2.44 @ eBay / 247bid_online
186° Expired
Posted 22nd MayPosted 22nd May
3W COB LED PENLIGHT TORCH 140 LUMEN INSPECTION LIGHT MAGNETIC CLIP 3YR WARRANTY Was looking for the superior 250 Len Nebo lil Larry but this is very cheap. However I'm not so sure… Read more

OOS expire


You would be better off waiting for the similar type that come up every so often that sell for a pound including batteries




I love drunk purchases on HUKD, it's always a mystery when they turn up in packages from China a month later!


I bought a couple of these generic torches - so far, so good

Ryobi RFL180M ONE+ Flashlight (Body Only) £15 Prime / £19.49 Non Prime @ Amazon
236° Expired
Posted 21st MayPosted 21st May
Free delivery (if you have Amazon Prime) Great price for the body, especially if you're already collecting the tools and have the batteries to hand. About this item Pivoting h… Read more

> High power halogen bulb emits up to 150 Lumens The the quality may be good with the Ryobi but the technology is decades old. This will get through the battery packs pretty quick as even in labatory conditions halogen bulbs can only generate a maximum of 25 lumens per watt of power. LED technology has come on a long way since halogen bulbs were common. Your phone's flashlight is around 100 lumens (though less focused). Some LED flashlights can generate 100 lumens per watt. A LED torch from Poundland or similar will be about as bright as this and last just as long with a couple of rechargable Ni-Mh AA batteries. Or, if you want quality, something like a Zebralight is a fraction of the weight of the Ryobi and will put out 150lm for 12 hours or over 1000 lumens for short bursts. Some Zebralights use the same individual cells that are inside the big Ryobi battery packs (called 18650 cells and commonly made by Samsung, Sony or LG). I may have done too much research but I hope that's helpful.


I have the LED version. it's very bright but It's not very good for working in an area as it creates a very bright spot in the middle and this can make it hard to work if you don't want to look at that exact spot. I'm thinking of getting some kind of diffuser lense to stick on


Yeah, the led version, according to historical data on the camels is the lowest price its been. For ~ fiver more than the filiament version (with no rush delivery) thats gotta be worth it. Grabbed one, thanks Frank


On a deal no less, apparently, looks good


£21.99 for the led one at the moment

LED Rechargeable Waterproof Motion Sensor Headlamp x2 - £9.99 (Prime) / £14.48 (None Prime) - Sold by HHHX Fulfilled by Amazon
283° Expired
Posted 20th MayPosted 20th May
Was after some of these after making the mistake of being out longer than expected & it going dark on my last hike (had to use my phone torch (embarrassed) (lol)) .. These se… Read more

Looks like the pack of 2 sold out - I’ll expire this (y)


Can't get this price either


Added 2 to the basket and not getting this price


So the motion sensor only works over a very short distance then. Makes a bit more sense now.


Haven't got this exact model but the 2 different headlights with motion sensors that I have both turn on and off when I turn my head as I assume they pick up my shoulder, rather than turning on and off when you swipe your hand in front the sensors as intended. Can't recommend but not voting either way

LE Rechargeable CREE LED Torch, 500 Lumen Camping Lantern £18.69 Prime / £23.18 Non Prime Sold by NEON Mart and Fulfilled by Amazon
566° Expired
Posted 17th MayPosted 17th May
LE Rechargeable CREE LED Torch, 500 Lumen Camping Lantern, Water Resistant Outdoor Searchlight for Emergency, Fishing, Hiking, Power Cuts and More. High Brightness - The front f… Read more
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Ebay one, same as mine but different seller


Product arrived and very impressed with both parts of the lighting and the build quality is really good . Cheers guys


I bought the 1000 lumen one last year for £23 (I think). Might not have been the best price but it certainly lived up to its claims. I've also got a lighting ever head torch which was only a fiver and takes a single AA (usually 3AAs which is a pain) which is really good. I trust the brand more than the usual chinese specials.


Can't really trust the lumen on amazon anyway.


can we get some pictures by any chance?

Petzl TIKKINA headlamp 250-lumen Red £13.49 prime / £17.98 non prime @ Amazon
231° Expired
Posted 30th AprPosted 30th Apr
Petzl TIKKINA headlamp 250-lumen Red £13.49 prime / £17.98 non prime @ Amazon
£13.49£14.366% Free P&P FreeAmazon Deals
This looks a ok buy for Prime members, there are currently two models with less power costing more (80 and 150 lumens) red colour only at this price. Description The TIKKINA head… Read more

Package states 4hrs in 100% mode. Much brighter. Same setup with AAA batteries. Flashing red leds on the back and a choice of having only red on the front if you hold the button in. Crivit


Will look out for those, what is the battery life like? How are they better? Cheers


These are great, but if you ever see the ones in Aldi, with a red light on front and back. They are much better.


I’d expect all head-torches to be LIGHT (lol)


The petzl bindi is the best head torch I've ever owned light and powerful.

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