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Twix top with two cereals 10 x 21g £1.25 @ Morrisons
Posted 10 h, 31 m agoPosted 10 h, 31 m ago
Wheat Flour (29%), Sugar, Palm Fat, Glucose Syrup, Cocoa Butter, Skimmed Milk Powder, Cocoa Mass, Barley Flour (2.8%), Humectants (Sorbitol, Glycerol), Lactose, Whey Powder (from M… Read more
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Thanks for the warning.


And they taste nothing like a twix


A very strange description. It's not that you get to buy a packet of these for only £1.25 when you buy two cereals. Two cereals, means that the product contains two different types of cereal. Although with only 2.8% barley I'm not sure I would make a feature of it on the packaging. Another case of misleading the public.

Twix Top Bars 10x21g (210g) £1.25 @ Sainsbury's
25/08/2020Expires on 25/08/2020Posted 11th AugPosted 11th Aug
Biscuit topped with caramel (12%) and milk chocolate (26%). Suitable for Vegetarians Kosher - KLBD-D

these used to have a M&M's varient, they were the days


I tried these and was disappointed. Like 95% biscuit.


Thanks OP! Always nice to see at this price in the main supermarkets. My nearest Home Bargains is a 40 minute drive away, whereas Sainsbury's is within walking distance. Can also add to an online shop (y)


Always this price in Home Bargins :)


Same price in Home Bargains, but no Nectar points there.

Twix 9 x 23g £1 prime (£4.49 p&p non prime) @ Amazon
206° Expired
Posted 10th AugPosted 10th Aug
Mars Twix is a delicious and indulgent treat that can be enjoyed as part of a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Milk chocolate (35%) covered caramel (32%) and biscuit (26%). In… Read more
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Our of stock! I just tried (annoyed)


If you get the pack of 13 just below it in the options; it is availabale on S&S. So works out cheaper at £11 for 13 packs vs £1 for a single pack in this deal.


Same price in Tesco too for anyone who was going to the shop anyway.


I quite like the white Twix too


Cheers mate.share these at work and everybody loves them. (y)

Mixed Mars Snickers twix etc fun size bars 1.4kg 71 bars - £7.99 @ Amazon Prime (£4.49 non Prime) / £6.79--£7.59 s&s
31/08/2020Expires on 31/08/2020Posted 1st AugPosted 1st Aug
Features & details A delicious and indulgent mix of everyone's favourite mini size chocolate bars Time for fun! Mars, Twix, Snickers, Bounty, and Milky Way all in the same pack… Read more
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It matters not, how small the bars actually are, with chocolate, its ALWAYS the total weight that counts. In fact, all confectionery should be bought this way.


With my grandchildren the fun seems to come from 'how many can you fit in your mouth at the same time' XD


Whoever decided to call these "fun size" seriously needs to examine their standard of entertainment.



Twix Chocolate Biscuit Bars with Caramel Bulk Box, for Gift Bag, 117 Bars of 23g £13 @ Amazon (+£4.49 non-prime)
Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
This looks like a good deal as it's the same price as the supermarkets but delivered to your door at the same price with prime. You could add this to subscribe and save to save y… Read more

I'm eating one now! Prefer these so might (as usual) stop making them. I hope not.


Great choice,mine too.Milk chocolate bounty,filthy beasts!.




Milk or Dark?


You never see an old man eating a twix.

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Twix Fingers 9 Pack £1@ Tesco
18/08/2020Expires on 18/08/2020Posted 29th JulPosted 29th Jul
Open navigation Go to homepage Review your basket Search Search Twix Biscuit 9 Pack 207G No ratings Write a review image 1 of Twix Biscuit 9 Pack 207GClick here to open zoom in to … Read more
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These look similar to jive bars, if you know then u know

24 X Twix White Extra Chocolate Large Bars 75g £10 delivered @ Yankee Bundles (Best Before Sept 2020)
272° Expired
Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Good price for these Twix Bars delivered :) Limited edition – Caramel and biscuit covered in white chocolate Perfect for a treat at work, home or on the go Box of 24 x 75g T… Read more
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To be fair though,no size stated except "smaller",dont forget "fresh" too.I think I can forsee a certain party getting overcome by this:


Your comparison is totally irrelevant. These are xtra size not the 4 pack 'mini' size you get in Tesco or Asda


Best not buy them,if an issue for you,definitely dont buy if intending to eat one after midnight on 30/9,who knows the consequences.PS,there are "fresh" 9x23g white twix 4 packs for £1 in Tesco,enjoy.


irrelevant, the point is they are relatively expensive. They have seemingly been offloaded onto yankee bundles at a cheap price as they are willing to sell short coded stock. Whilst smaller you can usually pick up "fresh" 4 packs of twix for about £1 thats 25p each versus the larger short coded product. I have nothing against short coded produce per say however I do believe it ought to be priced accordingly


I wonder where Yankee get all this chocolate from that’s due to expire soon?

Twix Salted Caramel Fingers 9 X 23G / Twix White Chocolate Biscuit Multipack 9 X 23G £1 @ Tesco
18/08/2020Expires on 18/08/2020Posted 28th JulPosted 28th Jul
Good price for these Twixes from tomorrow at Tesco :) Twix Salted Caramel Twix White Milk chocolate (35%) covered caramel (32%) and biscuit (26%), with an extra pinch of s… Read more
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I can vouch for these, anyone saying they aren't delicious must have lost their taste buds!


Unfortunately, I am addicted to the salted caramel version of Twix. Incidentally, same price in B&M (bought some yesterday). Thanks @reindeer333 (y)


IMHO the salted caramel version tastes almost exactly the same as the normal ones except they're salty. The white chocolate ones on the other hand ... Mmmm.


White twix is saintly and good,should be devoured,anything salted caramel really,imho is satanic and evil and should be destroyed.


These are average

Twix White Chocolate Biscuit Fingers 9 x 23g £1 at Iceland
Posted 23rd JulPosted 23rd Jul
Online and found instore as well Suitable for Vegetarians. Kosher - KLBD-D. Twix. Dietary Information Kosher, Suitable for Vegetarians Ingredients Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Wheat F… Read more
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l find the White chocolate options on bars, always taste better than the Milk chocolate(hate Plain) A good example is the Bueno bars, super bars, but even better White!(very Xmasy)


Update: Wow, white chocolate twix are so much better than normal ones! <3


Can't remember if i've tried white twix but white kitkat chunky are quite nice.


These are actually quite nice.For a really foul concoction they also make salted caramel twix,thats just all kinds of wrong imho.This pack size of twix in various flavours is usually on offer somewhere roundabout this price,hot though .


Wait whaaat!? Twix! What are you doing!?

24 x Twix Xtra Limited Edition Salted Caramel large 75g chocolate bars for £12 delivered @ Yankee Bundles (BBE 27/09/2020)
667° Expired
Posted 22nd JulPosted 22nd Jul
24 large Twix Xtra limited edition salted caramel flavour 75g chocolate bars for £12 including delivery. That's 48 sticks in total and suitable for vegetarians — get your chocolate… Read more

Out of stock. In fact all the good stuff is out of stock.


Why so hot ? (confused)


Not as nice as a proper Twix


Disappointed in these. All they've done is shoveled load of rock salt into the biscuit part of the bar. No salt in the caramel or chocolate, bit of a cop out tbh.. didn't taste great.


If you like tiny rocks in your chocolate bar then they’re lovely... not for me!

30 X Twix Extra Large 75G Chocolate Bars £12 delivered @ Yankee Bundles (Best Before 06/09/2020)
650° Expired
Posted 17th JulPosted 17th Jul
Decent price for these Twix Bars delivered. 30 x Twix Extra Large 75g Chocolate Bars Milk Chocolate (35%) covered caramel (32%) and biscuit (26%) Suitable for Vegetarians Kos… Read more
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Yeah, the wick is missing on mine as well.


They Melt. You can not light.


These are bugger to light voted cold.


Missed it out of stock - maybe done me a favour tho! ;)


Out of stock :( Shame

Various discount snacks, twix 30p, wispa bites £1, crisps 30p Wilko colindale
217° Expired
Posted 15th JulPosted 15th JulLocalLocal
Near to the tills there were lots of snacks discounted, see pictures Seemed to be just what was out Grab yourself a tasty barg! (:I
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Reduced yes, but, not outstandingly so!


Got salted caramel twix for 30p too it's so good !


Is that near Emmerdale?

Twix Top 10 Pack 210G £1.25 @ Tesco
539° Expired
Posted 13th JulPosted 13th Jul
Biscuit topped with caramel (12%) and milk chocolate (26%). Suitable for Vegetarians Also available for this price at Sainsbury's if it's more convenient https://www.sainsburys.… Read more

Didn’t realise they still sold these!


this price in tesco every other fortnight so anyone who pays RRP has too much money as u know its gonna be back to this price again the following wednesday


Blasphemy I know but starting to prefer these to Twix


1.29 in farmfoods


Yep, mentioned in the description :)

4 x 50g Twix Twin Packs (200g) £1 @ Heron Foods (Bentilee)
354° Expired
Posted 3rd JulPosted 3rd JulLocalLocal
4 x 50g Twix Twin Packs (200g) 8 fingers. Just £1. Found at Heron Foods Bentilee. Usually national.
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A good deal, if you like these, they're best eaten chilled, warm they aren't so good.

Box of Twix Minis - 800g from Yankee Bundles (approx 40 x 20g bars) - £5 delivered
269° Expired
Posted 29th JunPosted 29th Jun
Think these look like the 'Fun Size' bars? 1 x Twix Minis 800g Box Milk chocolate covered caramel and biscuit Minis Snack Bite Size Suitable for Vegetarians Kosher – KLBD… Read more
Psalm23_UK And get 39 20g bars for £3.00 (op is equivalent 40 bars for £5)


Plus delivery too, I guess.


I know it’s a different format but for the same price (£5) at Asda you get 1035g of Twix


I did wonder that when posting them @lanc1979 but they were different weights and chocs so I thought the header would have been too long, perhaps. Unless you mean that the mods can merge the threads (still learning on here :) )


Is one finger enough though?

Twix White Chocolate Biscuit Multipack 9 X 23G / Twix Biscuit 9 Pack 207G £1 @ Asda
483° Expired
Posted 18th JunPosted 18th Jun
Good price for the 9 packs :)
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As a big twix fan, I can confirm these are amazing. my mum always has them so stuff my face when I pop round (lol)


Yes they did think it was 2017


Did they do this in the UK? I must have missed that. They did a Limited Edition Triple Chocolate one a few years ago which was amazing - wish they would bring that back.


these are amazing, i am not a big fan of Twix but i have to forced myself to stop eating these.


they use to do dark, now they are an import

Twix Top 10 pack £1.25 Tesco 210G
385° Expired
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
Twix Top 10 pack £1.25 Tesco 210G
Important. This deal is not a guarantee there will be any stock in the store, so please don’t make a trip you wouldn’t have made otherwise just for this item. Please shop responsi… Read more

Twix has always rocked. A chocolate with a biscuit base. Can't complain.


Same price in Home Bargains too


Its like they did a study about whats best about a Twix and people answered biscuit as a joke. Mars took the answers literally and made a crapper version of an already average chocolate bar.


They've been this price for the past 2 weeks. I only know because they've added themselves to my basket twice now! (cheeky)


Also £1.25 at B&M and Sainsburys should you happen to be shopping at either of those stores

Mixed Mars Snickers Twix Bounty Milkyway Fun Size Mixed Large Bag, 1425 g, 71 pcs - £7.99 (£7.59 S&S) Prime £12.48 Non Prime - Amazon
727° Expired
Refreshed 10th JunRefreshed 10th Jun
Mixed Mars Snickers Twix Bounty Milkyway Fun Size Mixed Large Bag, 1425 g, 71 pcs - £7.99 (£7.59 S&S) Prime £12.48 Non Prime - Amazon
Update 1
Back in stock - 10/06
Works out at £0.56 (£0.53 S&S) per 100g. Large Mixture Pack With 71 Mini Chocolate Bars, 5 Assorted brands including Mars, Snickers, Twix, Bounty & Milkway! Ideal For H… Read more

Damn, I missed that..


19.99 now...!


I've noticed this as well, name and address is missing from email and also the image and details of the item you purchased doesn't show as well


That’s one serious habit


It's going to end up being expensive buying this, as I'll need one full bag a day to keep up with my chocolate habit

Twix Biscuit Multipack, 9 x 23 g - Pack of 13 - £13 (Prime) £17.49 Non Prime @ Amazon
219° Expired
Posted 5th JunPosted 5th Jun
Twix Biscuit Multipack, 9 x 23 g - Pack of 13 - £13 (Prime) £17.49 Non Prime @ Amazon
Hope it helps someone A case of 13 Twix caramel chocolate biscuit multipacks, 9 fingers each. That's 117 fingers Each Twix bar is individually wrapped and read… Read more
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Thanks very much I hope you enjoy them, stay safe back at work :)


Brill deal.just ordered a box to share at work.heat. (y)


Yes, good idea. We need a separate channel for Amazon prime deals and S&S. Too many Amazon "deals" clogging up HUKD!!!


Buy on s&s if available. It’s cheaper and free for everybody prime or not.


Well it is ALMOST an ounce

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