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As a media hub and gaming console with plenty of accessible, family-friendly titles, the Nintendo Wii is still popular years after its initial release. To shop for iconic group games like Mario Kart or to find cheap Wii systems, bargain hunters can browse through the Wii page at HotUKDeals. Read more
Resident Evil: Revelations (Wii U) for £4.79, 3DS for £4.99 @ Nintendo eShop
Found 12 h, 2 m agoFound 12 h, 2 m ago
Resident Evil Revelations for Wii U at a very tempting price right now on the eStore. MetaScore of 80 https://www.metacritic.com/game/wii-u/resident-evil-revelations A… Read more
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This is a pretty decent Resident Evil game imo. Got it on the Switch for about £15 and it’s been well worth that price


not played on my wiiu in ages can this still be downloaded to the console?


With a hand trying to get out?


Cover looks like a washing machine I saw at the tip.

Play (Preowned) Mario Maker for Wii U £10 @ CeX whilst you wait for Super Mario Maker 2!
Found 23rd AprFound 23rd Apr
Add £1.50 for postage if you're not buying in-store
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I must title for U owners.......oh, and no paywall to use it either. ;)


Great game and lots of playable customised levels from people around the world available on the wii u.


Time will tell and I'd be extremely happy to be proven wrong, but I honestly don't see SMM2 adding anything significant enough to warrant purchasing it for those who own SMM (WiiU) already. I think a massive missed opportunity was not allowing levels being created in the Gameboy/Colour style of games.


Different difficulty modes I think, normal and expert are what I can remember watching one of my favourite streamers play. :)


Always thought of getting this. I watch this on twitch occasionally. The levels seem brutal. Are there any easy levels or are they all as difficult as the ones on twitch?

Super Smash Bros. (Wii U) [Pre-owned] - £10 / £11.50 Delivered @ CeX
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
Nice price drop! I posted this at £15 back in December. In Super Smash Bros. multiplayer games, characters from all Nintendo universes meet up in Nintendo locales to duke it out.… Read more

What’s a Wii U?


Good price. But just soft mod the wii u


Good man...


Yeah I'm a C-E-X person


I say C - E - X. In their immaturity, they refer to themselves as SEX.

Steamworld Dig/Heist physical disc version Wii U - £9.99 @ 365 Games
Refreshed 17th AprRefreshed 17th Apr
Physical disc version of the eShop titles Steamworld Dig and Steamworld Heist. Rare-ish in physical form and great games. Back in stock

I'll expire the deal, if it becomes live again I will unexpire it. Thanks.


i just managed to order a copy of this, but it now shows as OOS. maybe they found some more copies or some were returned??


Thanks for letting me know I will expire the deal


10.99 and out of stock


Thanks OP, I think I bagged the last one ;)

Star fox Zero Wii U - £10.99 @ 365 Games
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
Cheap price for a decent game (IMO)

I'm a big nintendo and star fox fan, but unless they've patched it to add a non-motion control option then I'd give it a miss. The controls really are that bad. Good deal on the price though.


Good game if you can deal with the awful control system.


Starfox Zero is a great :) Well worth it at that price!

Official Wii remote motion plus - Red (used) - £16.50 @ CEX
Found 29th MarFound 29th Mar
I thought this was a great deal for an official motion plus controller. This is less expensive than the other motion plus controllers Cex list as they are listing this as standard … Read more

No worries glad it helped :)


Sorry I didn't read your description properly, I did order one in the end and you were absolutely right they did send out a remote plus. Thanks for the tip.


Don't know if you saw my description but I got the items today and they are motion plus (y)


Not sure this one is motion plus, they seem to have another listing too. Dunno if I should take the risk (confused) https://uk.webuy.com/product-detail?id=swiiremmotp001&categoryName=wii-accessories&superCatName=gaming&title=nintendo-wii-official-remote-plus-red

Mario Tennis Ultra Smash Nintendo Wii U, £8.99 at Argos/eBay
Found 28th MarFound 28th Mar
Decent saving on this popular game. Suitable for the Nintendo Wii U. In mario tennis: ultra smash, you can tap a compatible amiibo to the wii u gamepad to bring your gavoutite m… Read more

^^I thought i had got that monkey off my back a few years ago when i sold my 3DO and Intellevision in one go, then the other day i was looking through a big high up storage cupboard in the bedroom that i had not looked into for a few years only to find, N64, Gamecube, Dreamcast(2), Sega saturn, CD-I, PS1/2/3,Xbox 360 (3 normal and one Star wars limited edition still in the box), Wii (3), Wii U, 2 original xbox, plus all the peripherals and piles of games, and that is not counting the XBX and Pro......and there i was patting myself on the back last year as to how i was over the whole hoarding gaming hardware. lol


It's a problem, I can't help myself but to buy all consoles ever.


^^I have no doubt it is, but i can't really justify £300 plus to play one Mario game when i have a perfeclty good U that i can pop in a plethora of other Mario world type games i already own, Galaxy 1/2, 3D, M64, Sunshine, but if you have £300 plus burning a hole in your pocket and don't own any Ninty consoles then the switch must looks very tempting. ;)


True, but Mario Oddyssey was absolutely amazing imho.


Far cheaper on the U by a long shot, i can't imgaine spending over £300 just to play MK8 on the toilet. lol

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Mario Kart 8 (Wii U) [Pre-owned] - £8 / £9.50 Delivered @ CeX
Found 27th MarFound 27th Mar
£2 price drop! Turn your racing experience upside down! For the first time in HD, Nintendo’s Mario Kart franchise comes to the Wii U console, introducing new racing circuit des… Read more

thats correct wigwam, on the wii u battle mode is on the tracks only which is mystery why they decided to do that? they added back the arena battle mode on the switch


Oooo is battle mode on tracks? I rarely play it but seem to remember that being v sucky and the switch added the old school arenas


What's the difference?


correct. however i specified 'arena battle mode' of which there is not


I like these comments...thought there weren't many like me with a wii u but looks like the deal hunters know a bargain and avoided the switch in favor of the U (y)

Found 21st MarFound 21st Mar
So increasingly a niché deal I know compared to if listed 5-10 years ago but a good buy for anyone into either retro gaming or for that matter like myself PC emulation via Dolphin/… Read more

Yes it can, either wirelessly or plugged into the normal port of the Wii or Wii U.


I take it this can't be used as a normal Wii sensor on the console itself?


Thanks for that and the advice. I’ll order one of those. Hopefully will get it working ok. Cheap enough to risk though. :D


I took a gamble on one on Amazon, although appears I could have gotten one cheaper on eBay it is the CSR8510 A10 Bluetooth Dongle...worked on Windows 10 no issue as far as drivers were concerned. Cheaper than what I paid on eBay here Pairing the Wiimote is another thing entirely, real pain. Found like with others that it is better to do a scan through Control Panel, it will keep asking you for a passcode to pair, eventually after a few tries it bypasses that and installs the drivers and the controller does register as a device, not too bad once you get there but something you have to do each time you load up the Dolphin Emulator.


It does look great. I tried it with a gamecube pad but it isn’t the same. Out of interest, because I am struggling here, what bluetooth adaptor did you use? Seeing some people say that some work and others don’t. :)

50% OFF pre-owned last gen games @ GAME in-store (Wii, Wii U, DS, PS3, Xbox 360, PS Vita)
LocalLocalFound 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Just got these from the Manchester Arndale GAME store It's 50% off the marked prices. So only £2.98, bargain! They had quite a few the Wii, Wii U, DS, PS3 and Xbox 360 games for … Read more
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Sorry, but it is old news. It's been on this site weeks ago. I bought a few Wii U games with 50% off. All the best titles in my store went ages ago.


Thanks OP, one of my local stores.


Cool, will head there today. Might even ask if they have original xbox games ;)


This deal has been posted several times already.


It was the one upstairs in the Bon Accord centre. Had a dozen or so Vita games left & loads of PS3 ones. That was a month ago tho!

Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, Wii U, Nintendo eShop Download - £4.79 @ Nintendo
Found 14th MarFound 14th Mar
It’s '¡Más de juego!' for your enemies when they meet your hulking luchador in 2D action platformer Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, available from Nintendo eShop on W… Read more

This is such a good game, it was free on PSN about a year ago. One of the few games I've got platinum on and still like playing now.


Love this game! Only just bought it at £7.99 too...

Free WiFi boost for virgin media broadband customers. Download free app.
Found 12th MarFound 12th Mar
Virgin Media has announced its “Intelligent WiFi”, which the company promises will revolutionise its customers’ home Wi-Fi connections. Virgin seems particularly confident in the t… Read more
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You would be correct on both counts ... well technically the “range booster” part works, the only issue is that it only gives me speeds of around 30mbps from my 200mbps line! The connect app now tells me that I’m not connected to the internet when I try to test it. I’m now begrudgingly looking for a router


Awful router and I stopped using it along time ago.The last update broke my router which was in modem mode.i had a replacement which fails to update and needs rebooting all the time.The worst thing is they sent another engineer round that was trying to sell me on this app and telling me my 27 devices (mostly smart home lights cameras etc) was to many for a night hawk and 350mb internet to handle.left giving me a slip with customer education listed listed on what he done.awful company and for some reason they think they rubbish hub is the best out there.i wouldn’t bother with the app and I bet the range booster is just as awful.


Hub 3 is really really bad. I tried it for one year and then gave up. Some time I could not connect to wifi even sitting next to the router. VM engineer changed the router but new one was the same too and then they wanted to charge me £45 for same package after .y contract expired. Avoid VM at all cost or buy a separate router


Good luck to anyone trying to get more than one for free on Full House - despite what their information says, including the press release (see notes to editors at the end, number 4, which is quite clear to me, but not to them https://www.virginmedia.com/corporate/media-centre/press-releases/virgin-medias-intelligent-wifi-to-revolutionise-in-home-connectivity.html). "Full House and VIP customers can get up to three boosters for free. Other customers will need to pay £3 per month and £2 for an additional booster." (confused) . Their interpretation for Full House is one free is "up to three boosters for free", the second is £2 per month (mad) .


Thanks OP, just joined VM and I was dismay at how bad the router was after using the BT HUB. Got a power line in the way now, for free (y)

Pokken Tournament for Wii U £19.95 The Game Collection
Found 11th MarFound 11th Mar
Cheap price for a decent game, this also includes the MewTwo amiibo card, great game, really good mechanics as expected for a Namco game.

Is it? Sold eBay prices for the card are under £10.


The included card is worth more than they were asking for both the card and game.


If you can, get the one with the mewtwo card, most people don't open the card as you can read the nfc tag without opening the wrapping, and sell the card. Or you buy yourself a amiiqo and just download the nfc tag data to the amiiqo and never buy another amiibo again.


It has been on my wish list for many years now but been unwilling to pay £30 +


Can't remember how much I originally paid for this but was genuinely impressed with the graphics, game mechanics, and complexity. Really good fighting game, worth a look at for anyone who's not played it yet.

TP-Link Deco E4 Whole Home WiFi Mesh System (AC1200)  £99.99 @ Amazon (pre-order) / Argos eBay  / Argos
Found 7th MarFound 7th Mar
Argos eBay (Deco M4) Argos (Deco M4) Seamless whole-home Wi-Fi coverage - eliminate weak signal areas once and for all Provides fast and stable connections with speeds of … Read more
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Curry is promoting Deco E4(2-pack) at £79.99, it looks that no one posted this deal. Deco E4(2-pack) at £79.99


From Amazon Q&A


What actually is the difference between this and the M4?


are these any good? In desperate need of replacing the sky router (poo)


I sent mine back, box.co.uk have/had the 4 set for £79.99. It cut my speed by over 50% through the mesh so on the lookout for a system that won’t do that via WiFi.

Google Wi-Fi Whole Home System, White, Pack of 2 @ Amazon Deal Of The Day £169 Delivered.
Refreshed 6th MarRefreshed 6th Mar
Enjoy fast and reliable Wi-Fi in every room - each Google Wifi point acts as a router Automatic security updates protect your network from being hacked Simple to set up and utili… Read more
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Yes you can still use them. I have a hub coming out of one of my homes which is the same


Same, check out Orbi instead as they’re similar spec but with 4 ports.


Quite the opposite. They're crap in my home. Cannot penetrate the thick walls.


Lol no worries no need to apologise :D


Well asbestos is a naturally occurring material and has been mined for 4,000 years, long before there were modern scientists. However, scientists did know about the danger early last century and warned the asbestos industry in 1930s about the risks of chronic exposure. However, as with most things which cause damage over many decades (*cough* climate change) and involve a lot of money, science is often ignored until things hit the fan. It's worth remembering as well that most people were exposed to (by today's standards) crazy quantities, either mining asbestos or spraying it every day as part of their job. My granddad, who died of asbestosis, worked in a ship yard using a spray gun to spray asbestos onto ship hulls. That's not to say that science doesn't make mistakes - with things like asbestos it simply isn't possible to study what happens if you breath in asbestos for years at a time until you begin to see the effects - the first known case of asbestosis wasn't until 1924. Remember we are going through exactly the same thing now with particulate pollution - scientists are warning of the dangers, hundreds of thousands of people are dying from air pollution - but diesel vehicles are really useful, there is a lot of profit to be made selling them, so despite the fact we know it harms people we haven't banned diesel vehicles.# With Wifi obviously it's impossible to be certain beyond any doubt, but as we are exposed to radiation millions of times more powerful just by walking out on a sunny day there is no known mechanism which could cause harm - and if there was, you would expect some evidence seeing as wifi has been around a long time.

Bully Scholarship Edition for Nintendo Wii £2.50 in-store or £4 online (+£1.50 postage for online orders per item)
Found 3rd MarFound 3rd Mar
Just saw this in store and bought it. A great game, really cheap price for it. Comes with 2 year CeX warranty. Perfect for those who still play Wii games (like myself). Find t… Read more
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Disappointed because I thought this was an offer for CEX scholarship :(


Played this game FAR too much lol, the little tune is stuck in my head know 😁


I bought this last year for £3 in CeX and still regret wasting my money :( Rockstar and me just don't really seem to get on..


Never played this game.


If you google the word ‘Niche’ the first result is this deal ;)

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