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Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival With Isabelle & Digby Amiibo and Card Pack (Wii U) £5 Delivered @ GAME (Amazon matched)
Found 22 h, 53 m agoFound 22 h, 53 m ago
Amazon The Animal Crossing: amiibo Festival game is a brand-new way to play with your favorite Animal Crossing characters. Includes: Animal Crossing amiibo Festival Isab… Read more

Quite a few in my local Poundland (Nottingham) if anyone wants this


Nice profile picture :D


I picked up in Poundland Beckton 2 days ago if anyones local £5.


Only bought it for the amiibo. I'll never touch the game as the Wii U is boxed away now


£5 for 2 amiibos isn’t bad though:)

Preowned Wii U Black Console (Fair Condition) + Mario Kart 8 + Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess HD £119.99 @ Game
Found 21st AprFound 21st Apr
Also Wii U Black Console (Fair Condition) + New Super Mario Bros. U + Super Smash Bros for £119.99. Wii U Black Console (Fair Condition) + Yoshi's Woolly World + Kirby & t… Read more

That’s great. But they are totally different concepts none-the-less.


I care for the sake of other people’s boredom and sanity enough to comment on your post. On behalf of the human race: nobody cares.


Yes, but the wii u remote can be used to play the game in hand held, portable mode, as long as you are close to the console, as for when you play on the TV.. the remote screen becomes just a gimmick, displaying the menu, map, inventory, which is interesting, but since you can get to the menu/map/inventory with the press of a button, you may end up never looking at the remote screen, or just using a wii u pro controller.


I haven't heard that Nintendo have stopped supplying Wii U games :{


Love the cognitive dissonance (pirate)

Bayonetta 2 [Wii U] £6.00 @ CeX instore
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Bayonetta 2 Thewitching hour strikes again. Brimming with intricate battles that take place in, on and all over epic set pieces, Bayonetta 2 finds our sassy heroine battling ang… Read more

Worth every penny. Heat.


Picked this up today too.


Anyone who has a Wii U has to play this game

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Disney infinity starter pack for Wii U £5 @ Poundworld Barnsley
LocalLocalFound 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Seen in poundworld in Barnsley, £16 odd on amazon thought it was decent, plenty in stock, not sure if store specific

Finally affordable!!! Lol


Great deal. And game is very much still playable just infinitely cheaper now. Wish this shop chain was in my area 😁 (y) heat added


And the Toybox mode which has hours of fun and building to have.


Yeh, good enough for the 4 year old that's going to hardly use it but be excited the first time she goes on it for the sake of a fiver (lol)


True...well, except for the lengthy single player campaign and the additional play sets that all still work that is.

Pre Owned PS4/Xbox reductions to £6.99 - Star Wars Battlefront 2 - Call of Duty WWII - Wolfenstein II  - Monster Hunter World (more in OP) @ Music Magpie eBay / Amazon
Found 16th AprFound 16th Apr
Music Magpie ebay look to have significantly reduced various PS4/Xbox One games pre-owned to £6.99 - worth a punt. Some games below - probably more Also try Amazon/Music Magpie l… Read more
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Have the 'lost in post' orders people have had been refunded or did you have to file a claim to get the refund?


Just received an email from them in response to my email. Came from someone called Alexandra and it basically said that they had a technical error and that the order could never be processed. So they've cancelled my order and apologised. Very different to the "lost in post" ones people have been getting. Strange thing is though, I had a dispatched email yesterday. I don't expect to receive it now obviously, but at least they effectively told me it was due to a balls up. Rather than the postman losing it. I should add they took the money out of my account at 2pm today and not refunded it, yet (skeptical)




Yes does look suspicious. :/


3 games, 2 from amazon 1 from ebay have been dispatched but i received only one so far.

Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival - Special Edition (Wii U) £5  In store Poundland
Refreshed 20th AprRefreshed 20th Apr
First time I’ve seen a Wii U game in Poundland. Here’s hoping they will have more Wii U merchandise soon.

Want pikmin 3


That sounds good. Hopefully my local one will actually start stocking games soon.


Here's the part about the Wii U, I asked about other systems too: There are going to be more Wii U games we hope to ship to stores this month; * NBA 2K13 * Nintendo Land * FIFA 13 * Pikmin 3 * Call Of Duty: Ghosts * Zombi U * Devil's Third * Animal Crossing: Amiibo Festival * Rayman Legends We also hope to contact more retailers in order to get more Wii U titles in stock over the coming months.


Thanks for the heads up, but are any of them worth £5 other than Nintendoland?


Ouch. That's a feelsbad

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South Park The Fractured But Whole (PS4) £12.99  Delivered (Ex-Rental) @ Boomerang via eBay
Found 13th AprFound 13th Apr
South Park the Fractured but Whole PS4 Contains the free game download, South Park, the Stick of Truth. About Boomerang All discs are taken from our extensive rental back… Read more

Yep, ditto. Boomerang continue to be pretty much flawless.


Just arrived, all shiny,as new, code intact :) Thanks




I trust Boomerang. If they were looking to cut corners they would gone downhill like Grainger games. You’d hardly find anyone who complains about stuff they bought from them. Regardless of how they describe their items you’d still get top quality stuff from them. Now if you want to step aside and use that logic to not buy from them then that’s your choice.


Oh I saw you received good quality items, but you're not covered as well as you were before if you don't!

[Xbox One] South Park The Fractured But Whole - £14.99 / Call of Duty WWII - £20.99 (£21.99 - PS4) / Shadow of War - £15.99 - eBay/Boomerang (As New)
Found 10th AprFound 10th Apr
Call of Duty WWII Xbox One - £20.99 Call of Duty WWII PS4 - £21.99 Shadow of War Xbox One - £15.99 All discs are taken from our extensive rental back catalogue and ar… Read more
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Stick Of Truth still redeeming on the Microsoft Store. Thanks Buzz. Got one from eBay then realised could have saved 52p from the Amazon listing! Haha


Being in the woods was the most annoying part of the stick of truth. Grrr can still hear those German zombies years later (mad) enjoyed playing it though (highfive)


They taken them down now?


thx OP (pirate)


They are basically brand new. The discs are pristine as is the box (As they send rental games in their own cases) and any codes in the boxes WILL be included. The only thing you haven’t done is pulled the wrapper off.

Call of Duty WWII  [PS4/XBox] £24.99 @ Currys // £24.99 @ Amazon
Found 5th AprFound 5th Apr
Call of Duty WWII XBox £24.99 Amazon has price matched now on PS4 thanks mattlong37051 https://www.amazon.co.uk/Call-of-Duty-WWII-PS4/dp/B071DHJC43/ref=sr_1_2?s=videogames&… Read more

Good game till the ps4 servers decide to match you to server in turkey or where ever and you are w second behind everyone so cant kill unless you shoot them point blank 15 times


Expired. £49.99 now.


Still getting full squads on rush etc.....hard to beat,made a point of giving it a blast being off work this week,hopefully it will remain online for a while yet,tried all the black ops/battlefields etc but keep going back to this,never bettered imo. surprised they don't do a remaster for the ps4.


Good spot. Been waiting for it to drop below £30. Thanks Op.


Even if you think COD sucks Donkey conkers these days, I think we can agree this is a decent price... (y)

CALL OF DUTY: WWII PS4/XBOX ONE £29.95 @ The Game Collection
Found 27th MarFound 27th Mar
DESCRIPTION Call of Duty® returns to its roots with Call of Duty®: WWII—a breathtaking experience that redefines World War II for a new gaming generation. Land in Normandy on D-Da… Read more
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Don’t understand the cold votes. cheapest I’ve seen the game for console typical hotukdeals the sheep see negative and hit the button


15 what?


I left cod for battlefield 5 years ago, is this worth coming back to cod?


This game at most is 15


That's what you get for using a phone to post a deal..

Crash Bandicoot [PS4] £20 // Call of Duty WWII £32.00 @ Tesco Direct
Found 23rd MarFound 23rd Mar
Back to its cheapest price now... PRODUCT DETAILS Crash Bandicoot, is back! He's enhanced, entranced & ready-to-dance Relive all your favorite Crash moments in fully-remaste… Read more

Thanks for replying, I'll look into those games, 2D sounds right up my street (highfive)


How old school are we talking? Celeste is an absolute masterpiece, inspired by Mario Bros games and is super satisfyingly hard. If you want straight up perfectly refined 2D platforming Rayman Legends is perfect. Want 3D? Maybe Ratchet & Clank? Simple and old school with a good sense of humour.


Can anybody recommend any platformers for the PS4? I'm old school, that's what I like (and can manage to play lol).


I got crash last time it was 20 using a gift card so i paid 10. Yeah that first game is really tough, off putting to be honest. I think ill move onto 2!


There's a huge list of games that are on sale on the PS store.. A lot are remastered from PS3 incase you were into any PS3 games. Seen some monopoly games and other games you could play with the fam too.

Wii U Console 32GB Black Preowned £94.99 @ Graingergames
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
Seem's a decent price. Discover a wealth of exciting new ways to enjoy home entertainment with Wii U, Nintendos next home console. With a revolutionary new touch screen controller… Read more



True, true. Just the Wii being being half the price of a WiiU plus the added GC controller ports...I tend to favour the Wii is you were going this route.


What about homebrewing a Wii U? Then you can play the few Wii U exclusives and homebrew...


Bought iPhone 8 for 364£ but that was risky move. Had 50% to receive the phone


Bob Marley is a big fan of fruit preserve and all.

Bayonetta 2 (Wii U) £9.99 Delivered @ Argos via eBay
Found 22nd MarFound 22nd Mar
Only 8 in stock.

Used to be £6, has it gone up? https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/bayonetta-2-wii-u-600-cex-instore-2903946 Edit: Want it used, then £7.99 delivered from GG. Penny cheaper and also delivered at more or less same quality. https://www.graingergames.co.uk/product/WU50-bayonetta-2



If not bothered about used its £8 at CEX


Still playing SSX (y)

Wii U 32gb premium £105 @ CEX : 2 year warranty & free delivery
Found 20th MarFound 20th Mar
Wii U consoles start from £90 for the basic 8gb model.... 32gb premium discounted £100 32gb premium £105 and all have a 2 year warranty, beating most other high st retailer fr… Read more

I picked one of these from my local cex on Saturday just gone and was really chuffed with it; came in it’s box, it was tatty with no inserts so couldn’t be officially be called boxed. The console itself was immaculate with the wii motes still having the protective plastic on. There was a bonus nunchuck in there too. Moral of the story; cex certainly isn’t all bad but find stuff in stock nearby so you can look first, online purchases are a big ‘ol gamble.


Lol Lol. Yeah.


No. Yoshimitsu did


Nintendo sold through millions of original Wii's, so the second hand market is flooded. The Wii U sold no where near those numbers, so in effect it is a rarer machine. There are still some great games on it, so I wouldn't be surprised if it holds its value now that no more are being introduced EDIT: Basically what @megadrive2 said :)


I could definitely see the price of Wii U's rising in the future, remember the original Wii sold over 100 million units while the Wii U only sold just under 14 million, couple that with it's reliance on a functioning gamepad and I can see them being quite sort after a few years down the line. Plus they are backwards compatible with original wii games out-of-the-box and can be modded to play gamecube discs as well. Not to mention all the homebrew apps available :)

Nintendo Wii U 32Gb Premium 32Gb (Refurb) - £109.59 MusicMagpie on eBay
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Item Description: Refurbished Good - This product will show moderate signs of wear and tear, the item has been fully tested, restored to factory settings and is in excellent worki… Read more

They've probably made their own box on a laser printer


That was like 6+ months ago. It's great now. 4670k + GTX 1070 Ti, getting 30+ fps outside at 4k, 60fps+ in shrines at 4k.


Last time I looked CEMU had a few bugs making certain games such as BotW impossible to complete.


I can do that on my PC too, plus BoTW at 4K Can stream it to my tablet or laptop too if I wanted.


CEMU is good but the Wii U hardware is brilliant. You can play NES, SNES, N64, GameCube, Wii and Wii U games on your TV or from the gamepad screen when the TV is already in use using Nintendo hardware. Games are cheap and there's some great classics available. Installing homebrew, emulators, and backups is also possible using a software mod.

[PS4] Call of Duty WWII - £19.99 (Pre-owned) - Grainger Games
Found 19th MarFound 19th Mar
Price drop to match the Xbox One version. Call of Duty: WWII Call of Duty returns to its roots with Call of Duty: WWII a breath-taking experience that redefines Wo… Read more
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Had my order cancelled and it was made pretty much when the deal was first posted (10:06).


Had a refund just now. To be fair not surprising, they're in the news today having their credit lines cut from lenders.. Doesn't sound good


They've refunded me too today. Random.


You need to send them email about what is going on with your order. I done it and straight away they send me refund. Get in touch with them they will not get in touch with you they do not care.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Wii U £12 @ cex instore or +£1.50 delivery
Found 13th MarFound 13th Mar
Seems a good price for this game. Add £1.50 delivery.
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I don't trust CeX online after they've repeated sent me either games from other regions or games in the worst condition. Makes no sense since they've turned down imported games that I tried to sell back to them!


I haven't been keeping tabs on Wii U prices, but definitely expect a lot of the games to sky-rocket in price over the next few years. With 13-odd million units sold, there won't be many copies of the more desirable games floating about. And no, re-releases of Wii U games on Switch won't reduce their desirability for more collectable games.


Yeah I hate it, there's some stuff I don't even want to risk trying to remove that stuff off of them in fear of damaging them. Can be bad enough with places like Cash Converters with their industrial strength stickers around the spine


I picked it up on eBay for £8 the other day. There are only a handful of games worth having on wiiu and this is one of them. The console and games are so cheap now it was worth picking one up cheap, kids love Mario kart.


It does my head in, to be honest. Used to annoy me no end back when Electronics Boutique/GAME used to scribble all over the boxes/discs/manual with marker pen too.

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