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GAMEWARE Rechargeable battery pack for Wii Remote £1.19 @ GAME
Found 31st Jul 2017Found 31st Jul 2017
Rechargeable battery for Wii Remote High capacity 600 mAh battery Include 1m USB battery charging cable Support both cable charging and dock charging (compatible with GAMEWARE Wii … Read more
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Out of stock...


None in stock around me (pirate)


likelihood of the battery cells being dead would be close to 100%, I imagine. somebody in stock management really dropped the ball on this one.




Why is this getting cold votes are the Wii U batteries cheaper

Wii Party U with Remote Plus Controller (Black) £20.95 @ The Game Collection (TGC)
Found 16th Feb 2017Found 16th Feb 2017
i know this game can be got on selects for about £14-£15 (not including the £5 sainsburys deals that are kinda hit & miss ect) but thought this was a good price with the inclu… Read more
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They've already issued a refund, what else do you expect them to do?


​couldn't you make a PayPal claim? or is there some sort of terms and conditions?


I bought via ebay but was informed of technical issues re the item being relisted. Item is not being honoured and a refund was issued after they had confirmed despatch email.


Sent them an email letting them know about their Bullsh*t and lack of care for their customers! I think you guys should give them a piece of your mind also! Email "I do not understand how this could have been a pricing error if it was also being sold on game collection outlet on ebay for £21.95. If it were a pricing error we would not see the same item being listed for the same price at the same time on two websites. (I am guessing there was more items sold than was in stock and therefore the eBay stock had to be honored due to Paypal cases, feedback and complications) I am very disappointed for the lack of honesty with your customers and there being absolutely no compensation to the customers buying directly for your website! I am unlikely to trust and buy from game collection in the future and I am very disappointed with the customer service!"


​couldn't have been mistake if the had the same on eBay for £1 more makes no sense. maybe they sold more stock than they had and only honoured the eBay sold stock

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[On Backorder] Subsonic Wii U Pro Controller - £15.99 @ Amazon (Non-Prime £17.98)
Found 12th Dec 2016Found 12th Dec 2016
Looks like a comfortable controller to hold and only £15.99 (or £17.98 for non-Prime). The official goes for £30+.

It's worthwhile mentioning that all official Wii U accessories inc. the Pro Controller and Gamepad are always on in a very low powered state. So charge if you them up and then go to use them 6 months later for the first time to find that they are out of charge, it isn't an issue with the battery which is likely working as intended.


The Official Pro Controller and battery life. I am very impressed with the battery on these things Charged it once and used for a month and that was pretty common usage like every second day or more for a few hours at a time and more at the weekends. Any battery you leave on charge for a month or and never actually use as a battery will kill any battery month by month. I am not sure about the after market but the Nintendo pro controller is Sweet. Probably OK for the occasional friend use but would not use it as a main controller.




will this work with a laptop?


Any reports on how good these are? some of the aftermarket controllers i have bought over the years have been really terrible.

Official Nintendo Wii U Peach Remote Plus £19.99 delivered @ Game.co.uk
Found 8th Oct 2016Found 8th Oct 2016
Currently in stock, price includes UK delivery. Official Wii U remote plus, themed on Princess Peach's character. No doubt collectable to some. These seem to be selling upwards o… Read more
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I totally agree. It should be cheap to buy 4 controllers. Nintendo take the **** a bit with the prices they charge and force people to buy the cheaper ones that dont work as well.


Great price, would be perfect for my daughter as I have a Mario & a Luigi remote for our Wii U... won't let me add to the basket though, out of stock :-/


Heat mate :) fab price.


I find it difficult to understand why Wiimote are still £30+ new. They don't even come with a rechargeable battery and you need to buy a nun-chuck separate. They are plastic shells with a few accelerometers. Unless the Motion Plus somehow costs loads, Wiimotes should cost around £15, standard, these days.


OOS when trying to add to basket

Wii U Remote Plus White @ GAME for £1.99
Found 16th Sep 2016Found 16th Sep 2016
Probably a misprice but got to be in it to win it. I ordered a couple earlier and have had the dispatch email. Fingers crossed! Listed as NEW and not pre-owned. Wii Remote Plus, … Read more

Surley u can get more fpr them lol :p


http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Wii-U-Remote-Plus-White-100-Genuine-Official-Nintendo-BNIB-/322267110808?hash=item4b089ddd98:g:lqEAAOSwLF1X4ES6 Found you :-)


Cancellation email received... aparently due to no stock... bulls**t as its still online available for delivery tomorow " Thank you for your recent order. Unfortunately we no longer have stock of this product available and we are therefore unable to fulfil your order which has now been cancelled."


Wish I'd ordered more now but still, £38 saved is amazing.


Received mines this morning so looks like the ones that managed to get one will have them honored.

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wii u pro controller - £20 instore @ ASDA
Found 4th May 2016Found 4th May 2016
In ASDA toryglen, never seen it as cheap as this!
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Just picked one up in Wrexham, so still avaliable if they have stock.


Thanks OP, looked in one store and nothing Wii U apart from a random gamepad stand in amongst Xbox 360 games. Went to another store and had a very teeny tiny Wii U section but no controllers, went to look behind the counter and was asked what I was looking for - they had one out the back for £20 :D. So none at Asda Boldon now. Wish Id asked at the Peterlee store now but, couldnt find a member of staff.


1 in stock in ASDA Huddersfield for £20



The D-Pad on 360 sucks tho.

Nintendo Wii U WHITE Remote Plus Controller with Nunchuk & Sensor Bar £35 @ Tesco outlet - ebay
Found 27th Apr 2016Found 27th Apr 2016
Good price for this bundle for anyone still in the market for all 3 items or for those collectors out there, I believe this is actually a rare bundle pack and hard to come by these… Read more

Hmmm how about Mario Galaxy 1 & 2, Zelda Skyward Sword, Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, or Metroid Other M? There are plenty more that require a remote & nunchuck - Wii games on the Wii U are compatible with the same controllers they were on the Wii (with the exception of the Gamecube controller) & they all can be displayed on the Wii U gamepad but you can't play them using the gamepad controls. You mentioned in another thread about being able to play Wii games using the gamepad so you are as responsible as anyone else for creating any confusion there might be - although I can't say I've noticed anybody referring to only being able to play Wii games using a nunchuck.


There seems to be some myth that you can only play Wii games on the Wii U with an nunchuck, but that's not the case at all, yet to find a Wii Game that won't play with my PDP pads (or the Gamescreen pad). Decent buy this, HOT.


Just what I needed, Thanks


good deal, would be better if double up was on though


thanks bought 2

Wii U Remote Plus £29.95 at TheGameCollection (various ones available)
Found 19th Mar 2016Found 19th Mar 2016
Wii U Remote Plus £29.95 at TheGameCollection. -Mario -Luigi -Princess Peach -Yoshi -Black -Blue -White Double reward points and free delivery.
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Looks like they have a charging connector on the bottom? I vaguely recalled I maybe saw something on the market once where you could sit the remotes on a charger and charge the batteries? Also would an internal battery not make them a fair bit heavier, given you swing the remotes about and all sorts.


Thank you, was just looking for a mario wiimote, and this is the cheapest I've seen


Thanks mate, just ordered one for my mum and her new Wii Fit U habits.


For £29.95 Ninty shoulda made them with internal batteries.


Thanks. Just ordered.

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - £23.79 / Mario Maker Inc. Arbook - £29.69 / PDP Afterglow Pro Controller - £19.79 / Official Wii U Pro Controller - £32.39 @ 365 Games (Use discount code "WILT")
Found 17th Feb 2016Found 17th Feb 2016
Prices with the discount code: PDP Afterglow Pro Controller - £19.79 Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - £23.39 Mario Maker W/Artbook - £29.69 Wii U Pro Controller - £32.39 I'd reco… Read more

This is one of my favourite Wii U games, I hope there's a sequel for the NX.


Which one, Nintendo's or PDP's? If it's Nintendo's then you certainly can ~ http://www.wiinupro.com/faq Dunno about PDP's but it should work too. By the way, as you may know the Wii U Pro Controller feels super light-weight and lasts for 80hrs! It takes forever to run out of battery. :)


Starting to get tempted by the Pro Controller price. Anyone know if it can be made to work properly with a PC too?


I ordered Fire Emblem Awakening for £28.00 using the code on Monday or Tuesday. £28.00 delivered is also an amazing deal for a game that doesn't dip below £30-35 and can't be had pre-owned on ebay usually for less than £30.00..


Cold. 8)

Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller - Black £35.85 @ Amazon
Found 30th Jan 2016Found 30th Jan 2016
If you're more familiar with classic gaming controllers, the Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller is perfect for you. Nintendo's screen-less controller features carefully positioned thum… Read more
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I find it is an advantage as there is no controller battery charging faffing around. Just the Wii U remotes use batteries which last for ages (I use rechargeable batteries). They are wireless of sorts also, like I said, best of both worlds. Options are good.


There's no advantage to being plugged to the Wiimote as it's still wired and gotta have the Wiimote around to use it. However, the Gioteck GC-2 for example which is compatible with Wii (Classic Controller games) and Wii U games is completely wireless.


Is good to have options though, some (myself for one) prefer the wired controllers that plug into remotes. Offers the best of both worlds. The PDP ones are the cheapest and best in terms of theme and matching up to remotes. They are also more than decent to use, which is why they are a good option for some.


The PDP controllers are not so great so if anyone were to get a NGC-shell type controller that connects to the Wiimote then it'd be better to get one of the Hori ones. These controllers are almost perfect except that they unfortunately connect to the Wiimote. :( Don't know why Hori didn't just make them wirelessly like Gioteck did.


Is over £38 on Amazon now. A quick look around and it is available at Coolshop for £34.96 with free shipping and purchase points. https://www.coolshop.co.uk/product/wii-u-pro-controller-black/BH3Q87 You might even improve on that if you look a bit more than I did.

Afterglow Wii U Pro controller £14.99 instore at Sainsburys
Found 19th Jan 2016Found 19th Jan 2016
Usually around the £23 mark at argos/amazon.
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Would be better to link to a Wikki page or some other page that offered some information on the product. I appreciate OP would have no control over that. Even a YouTube video or link to a review would be more appropriate. I.e. http://nintendoenthusiast.com/review/pdp-afterglow-pro-controller-for-wii-u-review/ Whats the point of linking to the retailer of an instore only offer? Obviously a rhetorical question as we all know the answer to that.




Great controller, excellent value too. Hot.


Got a PS3 one for £15 standard price at Tesco


I bought one 6 months ago for this price from sainsburys, very pleased with it. Yes it's been this price for a long while, but much cheaper than elsewhere. Well worth a repost, heat given.

Donkey Kong & Wario theme PDP Wii U Controllers, £13.99 each @ 365games (inc Free Delivery) OR buy both for £24.63 from Amazon.Fr
Found 1st Jan 2015Found 1st Jan 2015
Good price with free delivery for these character themed PDP wired controllers. They are similar to the popular Gamecube controllers. *** IMPORTANT UPDATE 8th Jan **** Amazon.Fr a… Read more

Thats an excellent deal if anyone wants both PDP controllers, or can use one for a gift. Have updated title/description to reflect this.


If anyone's planning on buying both, it works out at £24.63 from Amazon France with delivery. They also have the Hori Mario Controller which could be added to the order for about £14.


For the kids get some Sunny Delight. :)


Agree its not the best Mario Party game, and some of the changes are detrimental to the game. But its not that bad, and it is aimed at kids and families. Not sure I should be playing drinking shots board games with the kids :)


Mario Party 10 is an awful party game though the Wiimote is needed at times just like the Mario & Sonic Sochi 2014. Better just get out a board game or drinking game.

Metal Mario PDP Wii U Controller £15.99 @ Base (inc Free Delivery)
Found 1st Jan 2015Found 1st Jan 2015
Cheapest price by country miles for this controller. Not everyone is a fan of these controllers, as some question the quality compared to the more expensive Pro controllers. Some f… Read more




I'm gonna have to buy this now I've seen it. Really don't need another controller. But with all the different ones available I'm finding them quite collectable :D


Back to £15.99 dude, (for now anyway).

High Capacity Battery for the Nintendo Wii U GamePad - £18.38 @ Amazon (Non-Prime £20.37) (Read description, Non-Prime Members for Alternative)
Found 18th Dec 2015Found 18th Dec 2015
Amazon - Prime £18.38 / Non-Prime £20.37 Auraboxx (Third Party Seller) - £18.37 (Free delivery for all customers) Now, I would have included Auraboxx in the title but I don't thin… Read more

Well, trying to get ahold of an official WUPC costs around £34 in UK so cheapskates will just look for a cheaper solution instead and I can't blame them. I too wouldn't spend that much on a controller either. WUPC is available for £21 in other European countries so the UK sellers should lower their prices to a more reasonable price.


'Just takes some looking around' eh? X) They don't even bother listing the Wii U within the 'complete range' on the Gioteck website so I'd be very surprised if anyone buying a Wii U at the moment would be able to get hold of one. The controller's themselves are quite cheap feeling & aren't that great in use - the only unique thing is using them as a wireless classic controller. If you want a Pro controller you are better off with the official one as it's far superior but if you want to recommend people go pointlessly searching online to get hold of a cheap-feeling controller which combines a low quality Wii U Pro controller with the novelty of a wireless classic controller then carry on as you were.


Considering the amount of items that roll back around in the xmas lightning deals, I wouldn't rule out this coming back either. Will be keeping my fingers crossed :)


Just takes some looking around the web for one but yeah, they totally suck cause they don't come with Nintendo-theme skins. :( :( :(


The Giotek controllers are completely unavailable tho - plus they definitely don't come in child-friendly themes! ;)

Nintendo Wii U 32GB Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon Premium Pack - Black with Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller - Black @ amazon
Found 27th Nov 2015Found 27th Nov 2015
Nintendo Wii U 32GB Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon Premium Pack - Black with Nintendo Wii U Pro Controller - Black

Bought yesterday but cocked up as didn't use code for extra £10 off Ahhh! Still seems a good deal though


Black Friday one day special price only. Still available until the 30th without the extra controller for £229.


Price gone back up to £264???


There isn't a better deal. Unless you want to risk buying from Amazon France. The Very deal at £200 only seemed to be open to customers that had used their site before (VIP) ie not me. Cyber Monday may have a better deal but from what I have seen the Wii U Premium is unlikely to be discounted before Xmas. Happy with this deal and happy to swipe another present off the list!


Why's it not a good deal Tequila - if you know of a better one please share the details with us..??? :)

Nintendo Wii U Remote Plus Controller: Luigi Edition - £24.80 Delivered - Amazon.com
Found 3rd Oct 2015Found 3rd Oct 2015
Great price, around £38(ish) in the UK, price includes all import tax and what have ya. Green Wii Remote Plus with Blue Back. Simple. Intuitive. Easy to use. The Wii Remote Plus i… Read more
Editor Get dealGet deal

Nope, amazon take it in advance like has already been said, you won't have anything extra to pay and amazon even refund you the difference if the tax works out at less than expected.


usually royal mail and other shipping companies charge a fixed rate (approx £13) for handling charges relating to dealing with vat and duty. so even if vat or duty is £4 - if certain comnpanies deal with the shipping like dhl, royal mail you will have to pay £4 and handling fee. i'm not sure how it works with amazon in this situation though.


now oos


no 24.24 dollar one there


cant find that one

Wii Party U with Remote Plus - White £29.99 Sold by Wowudo and Fulfilled by Amazon.
Found 1st Oct 2015Found 1st Oct 2015
CeX trade the game for an £8 voucher if anyone is interested. Wii Party U is a new party game using the best features of the Wii U GamePad and Wii Remote! These include good old d… Read more
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BeSpoke to soon. They've cancelled my order. :(


Cheers OP. Just bought this from a Bespoke beat my price offer of £23.99. TCB@17.17% too.


It's like getting the game for free. Already got that so it's now on eBay, I was needing another mote anyway.


Ah ok, just checked :) Looks like the Luigi's Mansion Diaorama is the only item of choice. The popular ones like the captain toads lamp, endings cd have been taken off along with the goodbye coin which ran out the moment it appeared on the website...luckily got all the 3 before they did :)


You can still spend points, just can't register new ones.

Nintendo Wii U GamePad High Capacity 2550mAh  £18.09 @ Amazon Spain
Found 15th Aug 2015Found 15th Aug 2015
This was cheaper earlier in the year (I know cause I got one for £16) but as of now, £18 seems to be the lowest price to get the High Capacity Battery for the Wii U GamePad (the or… Read more

I agree we don't know anything about it beside the name,which could also be the initial project name. But then it's obvious that Wii U was not successful,while 3DS was fine.so naturally,if they are going to release a new ststem (which they are,that we know),it will be either a successor to the unsuccessful one (Wii U) or a hybrid successor to both Wii U & 3DS,or two seperate systems. It's very unlikely that they release a successor to 3DS and leave the Wii U,unless they just abandon home console business and focus on handheld,which in this day and age sounds a bad idea. personally I think they will release a hybrid.with some unique features (unique but not risky like the gamepad) and it will have decent hardware specs.


I was leaning to the hybrid possibility but it could be something different too. We just don't know enough outside of pure speculation and people's seeming wish for it to be a Wii U replacement.


If he's okay with the white one it can be bought for a bit cheaper than the black one.


That's damn bad luck. There's no official pricing though. You'll need to send it to Nintendo to get a repair quote. Having said that, Cex has been selling second hand ones separately for just over £70 Once you get your replacement, I suggest something like this - http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B009PHSRUE?psc=1&redirect=true&ref_=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00 Flipstand Cover with Screen Protection - Black £2.36 & FREE Delivery in the UK on orders over £20


More likely,both.

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