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Nintendo: Dungeons & Dragons Chronicles of Mystara (CAPCOM Europe). £11.99 reduced to £3.23 for Wii U @ Nintendo Store
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Posted 23rd Aug 2018Posted 23rd Aug 2018
Nintendo: Dungeons & Dragons Chronicles of Mystara (CAPCOM Europe). £11.99 reduced to £3.23 for Wii U @ Nintendo Store£3.23£11.9973% offNintendo eShop Deals
£11.99 reduced to £3.23. Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara combines two timeless D&D arcade classics – Tower of Doom and Shadow over Mystara – into one definitive … Read more
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I can only speak for the WiiU version.


Blurry just on Wii U or PS4 & XBox as well?


You can create multiple accounts to access multiple eshops within region though (split by currency) so you can have a Euro and Sterling and Rouble account for example. There aren't many savings that you miss out on significant enough to have you pining for the Peso.


Afraid not. The Wii U is region locked


Badly scaled port, looks blurry, avoid if you are an arcade purist.

Wii U Pro Controller Black + USB Cable £25 @ CEX
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Posted 5th Jul 2018Posted 5th Jul 2018
Wii U Pro Controller Black + USB Cable £25 @ CEX£25CeX Deals
This one is for all the Retro gamers looking for a wireless controller to use on their RetroPie. This is a good price for a Wii U Pro controller as they are gold dust brand new… Read more

Can anyone that got one confirm if the rumble on there's is seriously weak? On mine I could barely feel it had to place on a hard surface to check it was working


Got one of these a few months back for the same price. Great condition and price.


If you install the official Nintendo high capacity battery for the Wii U it makes the gamepads battery life excellent. Its still a big ‘controller’ though (lol) The pro controller is great, I also paid full price and apart from the Xbox One Elite controller its the best I’ve ever owned. One thing to take into consideration is the controllers piano black finish... its a scratch magnet, just wiping it causes scratches so anything from Cex will more that likely look like its been rubbed with sandpaper (strong)


Funnily enough was looking for one myself today. Brand new over 100 quid on amazon 🤪


It’s a good controller, definitely better than just the gamepad. I really like the idea of the gamepad but it’s just too clunky and the battery sucks. Plus there are a good amount of games that don’t use the screen for anything other than streaming what’s on the TV already. I bought it for full price and never regretted my purchase.

Wii U pro controller Tesco instore @ £2.56 super bargain (found Glasgow / could be national)
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Posted 31st Jan 2018Posted 31st Jan 2018LocalLocal
Wii U pro controller Tesco instore @ £2.56 super bargain (found Glasgow / could be national)£2.56£3593% offTesco Direct_eJod Deals
Unbelievable deal today from Tesco Wii u pro controller reduced to clear at a billy bargain £2.56 These are ultra hot controllers and still command £30 price from Cex (I bought… Read more

Very much doubt you will find these anywhere now.


I have been searching for those on all Tescos around Liverpool, never seen more unhelpful, miserable staff in my life! It got to a point that I had to explain to them the whole story and tell them that I drove a long way to get there and they still plainly REFUSED to check if they had any in the back. The biggest ******* of them all was the snotty "games department manager" of the Tesco Walton Metro, that had the keys, didn't even know what I was looking for but was 100% sure they didn't have any. Mind you at first he said he couldn't open the cabinet because they had "valuable items like ???TOOTHBRUSHES??? in there"...


Just picked one up for £10.25 which is still pretty good. Last one left at Llantrisant.


just letting you know NO, you're not cool.


Been down to the ol local Tesco and got the last 7 that was on the shelf for eBay. Just a heads up incase anyone was thinking of going.

Wii U PRO Controller clone only £11.35 @ gearbest using code TWITTER
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Posted 30th Nov 2017Posted 30th Nov 2017
Wii U PRO Controller clone only £11.35 @ gearbest using code TWITTER£11.35GearBest Deals
New Wii u pro controller clone at gearbest for only £11.35 Great controller and gets mostly 5 star reviews. Use code TWITTER

Useful info, I didn't even know there was a classifieds section or similar on AV Forums.




Any know if this would work with the original Wii console?


I played it through on an afterglow, it was fine, there's a dead zone in the centre of the sticks, but you'll adapt to it quickly. I agree the official ones are pricey, but they sell for about £25 on AVforums second hand. So if you buy one there you'll probably get close to that back when you come to sell it on, the afterglow you'll struggle to get more than a tenner for.


Can anyone recommend one that does work for Zelda, the official controller has an eye watering price, in fact it's more than I paid for the Wii! Maybe this one is OK > http://www.argos.co.uk/product/4455558

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GAMEWARE Rechargeable battery pack for Wii Remote £1.19 @ GAME
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Posted 31st Jul 2017Posted 31st Jul 2017
GAMEWARE Rechargeable battery pack for Wii Remote £1.19 @ GAME£1.19GAME Deals
Rechargeable battery for Wii Remote High capacity 600 mAh battery Include 1m USB battery charging cable Support both cable charging and dock charging (compatible with GAMEWARE Wii … Read more

Out of stock...


None in stock around me (pirate)


likelihood of the battery cells being dead would be close to 100%, I imagine. somebody in stock management really dropped the ball on this one.




Why is this getting cold votes are the Wii U batteries cheaper

Wii U Black Remote Plus Controller £31.37 on Amazon.es
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Posted 28th Feb 2017Posted 28th Feb 2017
Wii U Black Remote Plus Controller £31.37 on Amazon.es£31.37Amazon Spain Deals
New official Nintendo model, several colours available: Blue, Black & Pink (backordered) Price decreases if you buy several: 1 for 31.37£ 2 for 28.93 each 3 for 28.11 each