Posted 29th Nov 2022 (Posted 14 h, 21 m ago)
I am absolutely furious, I have been waiting 2-days on a delivery of Samsung buds and Samsung phone they eventually arrived this evening
I took both the parcels and closed the door. However instead of having my phone I have received a packet of Kodak batteries
When checking my orders on Amazon it states the phone has been delivered and the buds have been delivered
I have reported this to Amazon

I am worried because it comes down to my word against theirs

As far as they are concerned I have my phone, they said they will launch an investigation but I am not hopeful
Has this happened to anyone else and what was the outcome of the investigation
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    I generally would not report loss/theft to police of something that has not come into my possession,
    as otherwise doing so implies I have accepted the goods are my responsibility.

    If Amazon wishes to file a police report about its own goods, then that's fine.
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    Someone must have switched the product, that safety label wouldn't be on the parcel for zinc batteries. Can't even find those batteries on Amazon. Looks like they are £2 at the poundshop.
    Really, having so many problems lately.
    Sent something to a buyer, posted, at lunchtime yesterday first class tracked signed for guaranteed 1 next day. Should have received it today
    Looking at Royal mail tracking, it hasn't moved
    I had this with, Hermes, message saying we have it
    Hermes lost the parcel, I hope Royal mail haven't lost this parcel.
    This is worrying now about Amazon, not a good week, (edited)
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    Before people decide to become judge, jury and executioner, how about giving Amazon some time and letting them complete their investigation? They ship millions of orders every week - isn't it possible some mistakes may happen?
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    Scamzon is falling apart at the seams... Several items I got cheap over the past week have been bumped on time wise.
    The order page says I can get it tomorrow, so why do u have to wait a month ?
    In the hopes that you cancel and reorder at the now higher price
    Yep, had that a few times. I've been waiting 7 months on an order that is available for delivery tomorrow. I get the usual emails every month or so - we are sorry for the delay and we are working on it. I will not be cancelling. They will have to send me one or cancel my order and if they do that I will be calling them to discuss
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    The label states it's 0.3kgs , a phone and ear buds would weight a lot more than that so they've made a mistake somewhere.

    Even the batteries would be about 0.5kg so there's been an issue with the order from the start.
    ??? phones weigh around 180g so with the box and any accessories (do they have chargers?)
    that seems about right

    don't know if the buds were in same package or separate but they're light too…php
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    What did you get in the other package?
    I was expecting a phone and Galaxy buds
    I received the Galaxy buds but instead of the phone I received a pack of Kodak batteries
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    Had this with a laptop, get a crime ref number as they will ask for that. Online police report counts. Then threaten a chargeback. Got ours refunded but took 1-2weeks
    I have rung Amazon and they said to wait until Friday while they investigate it I am worried because it is my word against theirs
    So you are suggesting I report it to the police I think probably they've just given me the wrong thing by accident I really don't know
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    Don't worry. Mention the discrepancy in weight on package and the past history of buyers receiving wrong items. Let them finish the investigation as a formality and 99% they will find in your favour. Don't do charge back and risk your account. If they won't refund or replace phone create another topic and people will advise you again.
    Thank you very much, I rang again, late last night
    A different advisor, I spoke to, said if I returned the wrong item she would refund me so I could buy the same item again, refund would take 14 days
    I said 14 days was too long, she then put me through to a different department and this other department said you'll have to wait 3 days before we do anything,
    Conflicting advice from different advisors (edited)
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    Just last week I had a delivery from amazon with similar sized carton. It was not sealed at all (everything present; glued part & orange strip to peel), you could literally see what's inside. Contents weren't valuable enough to swap but if it happened in your case then a driver could easily get away with it.
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    Its that time of year when all the courier companies seem to drag everyone they can off the streets to deliver for them.

    We use a certain courier company and we've gone from a regular driver collecting every day to people so random and in unmarked vehicles that I spend longer quizzing them to make sure they actually work for the company than the collection takes.

    I think they know its temp work so aren't as concerned about keeping the job and do what they want, in discussions at work several people have had parcels delivered opened from one specific company. Roll on Jan.
    Which company, was it Hermes, they stole earbuds that I was sending to someone, the only compensation I got was a measly £25 didn't even cover the cost of the earbuds, £99
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    Normally, high value items. The delivery driver will ask for the code before handing the parcel to you. Also the box will be sealed. Was anything suspicious about whether the seal was tampered with? (edited)
    Yes I gave him the code which she entered the package was given to me absolutely sealed
    I have now read an article whereby some months ago a lot of people receive completely different products, to the ones they were expecting
    I am worried is Amazon find in favour of the old staff I have lost a lot of money
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    Did it have the right label name and address?
    My name my address
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    are you sure it's your package? they would be able to track the order if they've scanned the IMEI number
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    This happed to me a month ago, I purchased a Nintendo switch console direct from Amazon and they delivered a cheap camera, called up customer service and they replaced the unit the next day and advised me to keep the incorrect package. Very polite and professional service throughout.
    That gives me a little bit of hope,
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    48878594-3h123.jpgthis is what arrived instead of my phone
    Batteries. Very useful this time of the year
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    48879410-fP3gq.jpgdefinitely Amazon packaging, perhaps they mix the up at the packaging depot
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    I am so worried with Amazon now, I have another two phones arriving within the next 2 days
    As people know delivery man will not hand over, item, unless you give him the code and then he runs away quickly
    Amazon said I should open the parcel in front of him how can I when he just wants to get away quickly
    Take a video as you open the door to get the parcel and open the parcel on the video
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    Happened to me, they sent me a book instead of a £50 charger.

    Tbh it was not an issue I returned the book and they sent the money back straight away
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