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Posted 5th Dec 2019
Having to edit this , as I misread the name....
Hi, has a pretty good Trustpilot rating, and the website is very well designed, but something didn't look right. I started to buy something, and went to Paypal, but noticed the 'Cancel and Return to' was to Kardon Global Limited, rather than onbuy. The listed director at Companies House does not appear on the onbuy website. Incorporated Sept 2018, but the website says "Since launching in 2016". Strange that the domain name appears to be 14yrs old, owned by Visor Commerce Ltd. perhaps they bought the domain.
Ultimately, this is a 'marketplace' website, and I assume any problems would be taken up with the seller, but I wonder how well vetted the sellers are, and what happens if they 'disappear' after selling something.
The 'safety' relies on buying through PayPal, but how do I know that PayPal will 'protect' my payment?
Thoughts please ....
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OnBuy is an online marketplace where people can buy everything from books to cars from household brands to small, independent companies. OnBuy launched in 2016 and since then has become one of the UK’s fastest-growing marketplace. If you’re wondering - is legit? Then the best way to make sure you know you’re shopping safely is to follow a few rules when shopping online:

  • Is it a trusted shop? - If you can see a small padlock symbol before the URL in the search bar then this shows is a secure website and demonstrates the connection is secure. OnBuy features this symbol, therefore you could say that it is a secure and trustworthy website. OnBuy’s website is also secured by Sectigo, which is one of the leading online digital identity providers.
  • Can I pay with PayPal? - If you can pay using PayPal it means that you have Buyer Protection which is a secure method to pay and offers refunds if you are scammed. When paying online at OnBuy Paypal is an accepted method of payment so this can offer peace of mind to sceptical customers.
  • Are there good reviews? - Often the best way to get a good idea about whether a website is reliable and legit is to look at other peoples’ reviews. OnBuy has a good rating on Trustpilot and you can browse other customers’ OnBuy reviews to get an idea of what the company is like.

If you still want to learn more about staying safe when shopping online then you can check out our guide which covers how to spot a fake shop and also how to protect yourself from being scammed. Check out the guide here.

OnBuy FAQs

What is on the OnBuy website?
The OnBuy company is a marketplace website with a large product range for buyers and sellers. Products come in the condition of either new or used.

Is OnBuy legit?
The best way to check whether a website is reliable is to look at other customers’ reviews, Trustpilot features a host of Trustpilot reviews which are generally positive, though if you have had problems with OnBuy here is the place to see whether others have had the same issue.

Is OnBuy second hand?
OnBuy features products that are new or used, meaning there may be second-hand products on sale.

How to contact OnBuy customer service?
The best way to contact OnBuy is to use their online contact form found on their website, though you can also send a message to the OnBuy email address: