Posted 20th Nov 2021
Hey all,

I was just wondering if you have had any experiences with getting cash refunds from last minute.
I booked a flight with Qatar airways, the last minute t&c say:

Amendments, cancellations, no-shows and/or refunds

If you wish, or the airline wishes, to amend or cancel your Flight booking for any reason, we will deal with the amendment or cancellation between you and the airline. Your eligibility for refunds or any other compensation will be subject to the cancellation policy applied by the airline, in accordance with your contract (including the airline’s Fare Rules and Conditions of Carriage).

This sounds to me like they will go with what the airlines policy is, and in this case Qatar airways are currently offering flexibility on all flights including ones bought from travel agents. (Shown here)

Last minute are saying they can only offer a refund of the airport taxes portion of the ticket. Which is about 25%

They’re offering a change for nearly £1000 extra lol it’s cheaper to get a new ticket.

I’m thinking about doing a chargeback / section 75 but worried they may do a clawback after the flight date.

Have any of you had any similar experiences? Or able to share any advice

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