Posted 18th Nov 2011
Just wondering how CEX are making any money and still in existence considering the current financial climate with other businesses struggling?

As someone pointed out the other day in a deal thread, they have nearly 1500 copies of LA Noire for the 360. I might be wrong but that figure doesn't include stock that the franchised stores have. They are selling these for £10 and have must bought most of these in for a much higher price. Also have nearly 2000 copies of Black Ops for the 360.

They are still buying in loads of MW3 at £33 each. With the slight change of gaming online, they now don't offer codes with games (unless they keep sealed ones intact for sale). So why would you want to buy a game from there unless you've got credit?

I do know that they sell a lot of second hand phones, but surely this can't be enough to cover the losses they must be making on buying in games and blu-rays?

If anyone works for CEX, please feel free to join in.
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