DIY Kitchens - anyone visited?

Posted 24th Jul 2023
For anyone who may have taken day trip to visit them - what kind of new ideas did it give for your kitchen design?

Were you happy with them compared to say Howdens/IKEA/Benchmark?

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    My daughter has just bought a DIY kitchen which I installed for her. We visited the Pontefract showroom - 2 hour drive from where we live on a couple of occasions. Consider it worth the visit - both for ideas and to assess the quality of the units. They actually have a stand where they show you the base units compared to other manufacturers - inc Howdens, IKEA, B&Q.

    We used the online planner which is very good but has one or two minor bugs - but all designs/orders are reviewed by their staff and anything they think unusual queried.

    My daughter had several items damaged on delivery and some missing doors. The customer service was generally decent as the damages and missing doors where replaced without issue - but it did delay the installation.

    On the whole I would use again but our experience was not as positive as the many extremely positive reviews that you can find online.
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    Thanks for detailing, I take it I should order everything a week or so before and check over the goods in detail. Will be time consuming and take up space... (edited)
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    Kitchen fitter here . DIY kitchens are far better than the other suppliers you listed. If for some reason you do go for an ikea kitchen then let your fitter know when he’s quoting as it will probably cost you more in fitting
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    We bought a kitchen from them quite a few years ago. We travelled to their showroom which is really good, huge space with loads of kitchens on show. We ordered online and fitted the kitchen ourselves. Quality was good and it saved us a fortune compared to other kitchen companies.
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    Theres a FB group that has loads of customers on there, might be useful to join and have a look through Link here I've not been/used them, i was just looking for ideas for my tiny kitchen
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    On a similar kitchen journey as yourselves, learned a lot by joining the relevant facebook pages
    Although titled as "complaints pages" more idea sharing than anything else
    Just make sure you get a kitchen fitter not a builer to fit your kitchen
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    I've just watched a video on youtube where someone compared the 4 main suppliers with DIY Kitchens and they came out on top in terms of quality as well as price.

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    I've got a DIY Kitchen, had it in for 5 years, we didnt visit them, but if anyone has any questions fire away (edited)
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    I have to take you up on it!!

    Are you happy you went with them, and in hindsight was it fine you didn't visit? And what are the best parts about the kitchen (and worst!). Thank you! (edited)
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