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Ebay now charging their fees if you end a listing early!

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Posted 18th Jun 2013
So I just noticed a mistake in one of my ebay auction descriptions and so as it had several bids, I decided to end it early. When I tried this I got the following message:

- In an effort to minimise disappointing experiences for buyers, we discourage you from ending too many listings early. If you've already ended another listing early during this calendar year, we may charge you an End auction-style listing early fee to end this listing.

So apparently ebay are now charging their 10% fees if you cancel a listing with any bids on (you get 1 free cancellation a year - thanks ebay)! Crazy really. Has anyone else noticed this and also I was wondering, what if you cancel each bid in an auction manually and then end the auction, would you still be charged the 10%?

- Claire
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