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Is there a way to check a Gumtree users profile?

Posted 4th Oct 2020
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  1. CrimsonSilver's avatar
    I’d also be interested to see if this is possible, however I feel that the answer will be no sadly.
  2. Misslovely's avatar
    No you can’t and that’s why it’s full of scammers !
    Never sell a electrical item ie mobiles
  3. Uncommon.Sense's avatar
    I've got loads of feedback on my Gumtree account, and when you click on my name is shows you star rating and such. Been on there a good 8+ years though.
  4. negan16's avatar
    Hopelessly, I don't think that it's possible. (edited)
  5. Yellowfin's avatar
    I also always wanted to know this. I get messages. It is available? And people take address and never turn up.
  6. packard's avatar
    Gumtree I believe will go soon, most has past from eBay / gumtree (same company anyway) to Facebook market place. It’s very easy to boost sales between you and another and give fake reviews..
  7. Uncommon.Sense's avatar
    IamOpica04/10/2020 21:27

    Comment deleted

    I see, sadly buyers are useless 9 out of 10 times, lots of time wasters but you get to rate them after 3/4 messages I believe. It's a bad default message that they offer, just clicking the button on your advert sends the "Hi, is this still available?" which is highly irritating.
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