Unwell dog won't eat anything whatsoever. What else to try?

Posted 15th May 2016
Hi all,


On Thursday night, my dog vomited then collapsed and we rushed him straight to the vet. He was diagnosed with Geriatric Vestibular Syndrome which is similar to a stroke and was admitted overnight but came home at 5pm the next day. Since then, he's got LOADS better. His balance and co-ordination are probably 60-70% better than they were. He's brighter in himself and this morning, he walked competently and confidently into the garden and back with barely a wobble or paw out of place.

One problem. He hasn't eaten a single thing since Thursday teatime, and his dinner that evening came back up when he was sick so really, he's not had anything since Thursday breakfast. I phoned the vet for advice yesterday and they said to try tuna in spring water, any human meats or chicken soup/broth which he can lap.

I don't have any chicken soup or broth (I can try making some as I have chicken breasts) and I can't go out to get some because I can't leave him. I'm just putting together an online order from Asda and hope to have these things delivered in the next day or two. I have small tins of tuna, but in brine. I opened a tin this morning and gave it a good wash then offered it to him but he's not interested at all. I put a tiny bit in his mouth and he swallowed it but he hates being 'force-fed' and I don't want him to associate food with being force-fed or it'll make him less inclined to eat. However, if I have to force-feed him to get SOME nutrition into him, I will.

Tomorrow, I'm going to ask the vet for an appetite stimulant such as Mirtazepine and something to either add to his water for some nutrients or something a bit more solid to feed him.

Other things I've tried are:

Dry dog food
Wet dog food
Smoked ham
Warm, freshly cooked chicken
Warm, freshly cooked sausage
Dog treats
Scrambled egg
Dentastix - he loves them normally!

Today I'm going to try:

Making mushed up chicken broth
Smoked salmon fillet
A small piece of warm beef

Does anyone else have any ideas on what I can try feeding him please?
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