Vivienne Westwood jewellery advice

Posted 3rd Dec 2023 (Posted 23 h, 16 m ago)
My 12 year old has asked for an orb necklace for Christmas, the link she has sent me is from Etsy for about £20 so it will be fake. I’m happy to buy a genuine one from Selfridges etc if the quality is better but not fussed for paying more if the materials are the same anyway.

My questions are -

Has anyone had any experience good or bad with their jewellery either real or fake? My main concern is I don’t want it to rust or tarnish as this seems to happen with a lot of jewellery and it ultimately ends up in the bin!

Does anyone have any working discount codes for genuine sites that sell them? Had a quick look and can’t seem to find any.

Thank you!
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  1. MadeDixonsCry's avatar
    Ive just done a quick google search for vivenne westwood jewellery and clicked the first item which was £100 necklace from beaverbrooks.

    It said

    Metal: Brass,Silver Tone

    Which confirmed my concerns. These brands dont even use real gold or other metals that wont tarnish.…ish
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    Exactly, so looks like I’d be just paying for the name rather than quality. So may as well buy fake unless someone can confirm differently. Thanks!
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    I've bought a definitely real necklace and a bracelet in the past and both have tarnished/worn within a year. I've also bought fake from AliExpress which has also done the same... Bass metal jewellery will always tarnish over time... especially if worn when applying body products/perfumes etc