When Does the Autotrader Website update?

Posted 26th Jan 2010
I been looking for a car on Autotrader.co.uk recently, most days it is the same cars on it and the other day I noticed there were loads of new cars for sale. I phoned up and all those cars had already been sold.

Someones told me the autotrader website updates on fridays, another person said on Thursday. Does anyone know for sure on what day the website lists new cars?

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    Advertisements supplied online to Auto Trader between 9am Monday and 4pm on Friday will be processed in 24 hours and published on the site the following working day. (This does not apply to Bank Holidays or any other public holiday) Advertisements submitted between 4pm on Friday and 9am on Monday will be processed and published on the site the first working day after the weekend.

    All advertisements placed via the Auto Trader web site will be uploaded to Auto Trader's Digital Television and Mobile Internet Services. Magazine adverts placed via the Auto Trader website will appear in the next available issue of the chosen Auto Trader magazine. This is normally the following Thursday or Friday for adverts placed before midnight on the Sunday prior to publication day. For adverts placed after this time we cannot guarantee publication in the next issue.

    Adverts placed via the magazine will appear on the website when the magazine goes on sale.

    If you have selected a magazine and website advertising package and requested a photo agent to photograph your vehicle, the advert will go live on the website within 24 hours. However, the photo will not be uploaded until the magazine goes on sale.
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    Thursdays usually
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    Thanks for the reply guys, will look tomorrow for new car.
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