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AUDI A4 SALOON 35 TFSI S LINE 4DR - £25,495 @ Drive the Deal
Posted 9th JunPosted 9th Jun
An excellent saving on this fantastic car. Have had an eye on this for a while and finally rest drive one this weekend. A nice £7,115 saving. Brand new unregistered cars. You wil… Read more
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how much you pay per month?


Oh yeah so you did XD


Sorry I replied to the wrong comment!


Eh? (confused)


Name 3 British cars which come anywhere near close to the quality of an Audi.

Audi A6 Sport Saloon 2019 £28895.00 @ Drive the Deal
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
D rive The Deal have came up good again with their Audi deals. Some cracking deals loaded up, the best I think is the A6 Saloon, brand new for £28,895, saving £ 10,280 off the li… Read more
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(shock) 1. you wouldn't have pcp for the full 28k. You have to put a deposit down and have a balloon payment. More like £15k you would have on finance 2. To pay off in the first 14 days you do just that, pay it off with the added daily interest. If you give notice 7 days into the agreement to terminate and have £15k finance you have to pay £15k plus 7 days interest (less than £20). You then pay off the £15k with funds sourced elsewhere such as savings or a loan (ie Sainsburys at 2.8% APR). 3. If you want to buy a £30k car with no deposit or savings then you need to be looking at cheaper cars. The general lack of understanding of finance, risks and responsibilities are the reason this country is in such a crisis in these easy come credit times. 4. Go on MSE finance section and look into how finance works as you don't seem to know the very basics of loans, PCP, PCH, HP or APR. That or get saving and don't have finance or simply have a lease at a fixed monthly cost of the term with no baloon at end and no large deposit..


Hi, when you say pay off the finance do you mean the full £28k? Then just pay the daily interest? Or do you mean pay off what the interest would've been, leaving behind just the cost of the car to pay off monthly? Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to figure out best way to finance a car


I don't think so. A lease is like a phone contract. It's just a fixed monthly outgoing. There is no mention of full value. It's a good question though. Hopefully someone more financed minded will come along with a definite answer


Thanks for the info. I'm pretty sure with a lease on paper to a lender it will look as though you've financed the entire value of the car? Whereas with a PCP, like you say, you finance the depreciation value?


Neither. PCP you borrow the depreciation amount of the car. Lease is essentially the same, you pay the depreciation as rent plus road tax and profit for the company.

Audi on demand 25% off code
Posted 9th AprPosted 9th Apr
25% off bookings made before 30th April. The date of hire can be any time in the future, you just have to book before 30th April! Decent car hire and much cheaper than main renta… Read more
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Is this a joke? £170 for 24hrs??


Thanks for posting (y)


Great find. Average excess is £500 and insurance is all fully comp. Much better than other rental companies and as stated on the website, all vehicles have unlimited mileage and top spec.

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Audi TT RS 6V Battery Powered Ride On by at Argos for £64.99
Posted 7th AprPosted 7th Apr
Give your child a taste of the open road with this model Audi TT, a perfect battery-powered replica of the real thing. Capable of up to 2.0KM/H, the Audi Ride-on features working L… Read more
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I'll have a look tonight on Amazon, as I think £100 is a bit price considering he could like it But I will let you know!


When u do please let me know as my little one is also 14 months! Been looking and cannot find anything suitable! Heat.

danflorin3 need to buy him a Tesla in the future:)))


really sorry it appears @Raja_Ahmed is right, and I have the 12V version. My apologies. I didnt' realise how useful the remote control would be. Even my 5yo prefers me remotely controlling it.


I believe the remote only comes with the 12V models. As this AUDI TT is a 6V battery.

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Audi A4 40 TFSI Black Edition S Tronic [Tech Pack] @ £2,429 deposit and £269.99 p/m = £8,639.68
Posted 24th MarPosted 24th Mar
Pretty good deal on the new A4 with the Tech Pack and Virtual Cockpit- a lot of car for the money Features: … Read more
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which one is this? The link in the actual post goes to a missing page


Be careful, Audi clearly charge for extras such as working indicators! (lol)


don't bother with them then. that's the only way to stop them putting prices up and once they have loads of cars sitting doing nowt, the prices will start to come down


If you commute to work 83 miles each way and doing 167 miles per day yes. Leasing then it’s not for you ! Most of people doing max 20 ,30 miles it’s more then enough for average joe .


I done 700 miles last year.

New AUDI A3 SPORTBACK 35 TFSI S LINE 150bhp 5DR in metallic paint now £21998 @ Drive the deal
Posted 14th MarPosted 14th Mar
Price seems to of dropped on the S LINE 5 Door AUDI A3 SPORTBACK 35 TFSI. This is the 150bhp petrol version with manual gearbox. Available in S TRONIC auto version for extra £797… Read more
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Research the juddering on cold start of 1.5 VAG engines. I was quite tempted to get an A3 on the recent deals until digging a bit deeper into this.


Auto bores me.


I passed on a manual. But it is such a backward method of driving. No sensible person would design a car like that, unless it was cheaper to produce. What next? How about disabling brake lights and make the driver press a button? Manual is also less safe as you have to take a hand off the steering wheel, (bar paddle shifts) . It also means some people do not have time to indicate. Look at USA, most are automatic. Then again, it is a wealthier country! I await manual electric cars for the dinosaurs!


If you dont have the driving ability to be able to manage a manual gearbox thats fine. Theres such a thing as drive involvement though. A lot of people prefer a manual box and a lot of cars suit it better. Its personal choice, not a universal "auto is best".


Hes wrong anyway - its 0 to 60 in 8.2s.

Audi A6 40 tdi S line saloon at Pure Vehicle Leasing £299.67pm (initial rental £2697)
Posted 10th MarPosted 10th Mar
Hey guys, please be nice my first post. Just ordered this car from pure vehicle leasing. Amazing customer service Personal contract hire 9+23 months Road tax and delivery … Read more
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More like this.


Hey The avant A6 is working out at £281 vat included from pure leasing. That’s for 10 k annual mileage. I’m not an employee of PVL. Just really amazed with their prompt customer service.


Hey, Yes this is pretty much what it look like, minus the privacy glass. Quoted from pure vehicle leasing to have it fitted by Audi for £ 300 vat included.


Yes, apart from no privacy glass, that’s now a £475 extra for the new A6!


I’ve been trying to find a similar price deal on the new A6 S Line Avant, to no avail. Heat added for your deal all the same.

NEW AUDI A3 SPORTBACK 35 TFSI SPORT 5DR now £19,495 @ Drive The Deal
Posted 9th MarPosted 9th Mar
LOWEST PRICE FOR A WHILE ON A NEW AUDI A3 SPORTBACK 35 TFSI SPORT 5DR @ Drive the deal. Nice spec in sport model guise with xenon lights, 17" alloys, dual zone climate control &a… Read more
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They are not quite the same thing albeit related. Quality is zero defect at time of supply, reliability is conforming to that quality over time. Following the logic of wanting a well made car that is reliable the way to do that is to go for older proven technology whilst keeping it simple (less to go wrong) - this is also known as the bottom of the market and not what is expected/wanted/desired as you move up and are prepared to pay more in pushing the boundaries and aiming for more premium products. US and European are different markets in what is desired - traditionally US are big Gaz guzzling that are fast in a straight line. The Europe market has always been more interested in smaller nimble with the ability to handle roads that weave. A prime example here is the Hyundai Santa Fe that was considered a break through though for Hyundai in the US and came there with the option of a 3.3l V6 engine. VAG are presently around the 3% market share in US - the residue values you talk about not making sense is purely and simply supply and demand. As to where you see most value - that describes solely one demographic, and whilst that may suit one form of ownership there be others that make more sense to others - to throw one in there at present with the changing market, unknown future, zero emission zones could investing any capital not be a risk mitigated at present whilst it comes clear the future direction? That's before you come to next gen car-as-a-service, automation and further as the disruptive chages take hold and opening up even more options of having access to a vechile,


Oops. All this time I thought this thrrad was about Q3. (Embarassed)


Just get autowatch ghost. 399 installed. Problem solved


It's not an SUV. It's nothing more than a family hatch equivalent to an Astra, Golf or Focus.


Totally agree. The new Civic - WTF? - it looks like its been designed by a blind monkey.

NEW AUDI A6 DIESEL SALOON 40 TDI SPORT 4DR S TRONIC 2019 model £28,495 @ Drive the deal
Posted 4th MarPosted 4th Mar
My previous Merc deal disappeared from the drive the deal website but thought this looked good value for the latest incarnation of the AUDI A6. PCP available at 3.9% Apr New la… Read more
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Buy a dealer first registered car if poss. My 5008 had 8 miles on it, 5 were from when I test drove it. Was First registered to Peugeot, and I saved almost 50% on retail price. Then depreciation is not so much of an issue. I think will keep it 10 years or so.


I did the very same 3 yrs ago. It's 2 contacts - car and finance. So you can pay off the car finance whenever you want.


The depreciation is too large in the first 2 years for me to even consider buying a new car.


the rest are EcoBoost Fiestas


I'm convinced 90% of cars in NI are Diesels, and the rest are high performance petrols

15 % Discount Code for Audi On Demand
Posted 28th FebPosted 28th FebLocalLocal
Spoke to a person in my local shopping centre to where I am staying in the UK and they handed me a discount leaflet. I’ve used this service back home San Francisco and looks as tho… Read more
Read More

Thanks for bringing this to my attention: Could be useful for me. However, couldn't get the code to work.

Audi A6 Saloon 40 2.0 TDI Sport 4Dr S Tronic Auto 36m £12,125  10,000 mpa at Hotcarleasing
Posted 28th FebPosted 28th Feb
Audi A6 Saloon 40 2.0 TDI Sport 4Dr S Tronic Auto 36m £12,125 10,000 mpa at Hotcarleasing
Not as good deal as previously posted A5 (although avarage monthly payment over 3 years is cheaper) but I think this is still good value especially if anyone would want a vehicle f… Read more
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A6 purchase deal Given you can buy one for this above. 3yrs 30k it's going to be worth more than 16k, current stuff looks to be around 18-20k spec depending, so poor deal in my eyes


Maybe the sort of person you are dictates what car you drive. There would appear to be a certain class of person who drives a certain type of car. Funny thing is many of those cars come from just one country while the others drive larger and more expensive vehicles. Apologies to you guys who own these types of car who are not a knob or bully and you have worked hard for what you drive. As for the post I think I would spend 12k somewhere else.


Thanks mate


Because it's not A5 Coupe and probably because it's 5 digit price. Also people vote cold because other people already voted cold, not because the deal is actually bad. Half the time people don't check what the deal is about or have no idea about the subject. I do admit, though, that A5 deal from two weeks ago was superior and A5 in general is a better looking car. Yet this is still IMO good deal, I wouldn't post it otherwise.


Like the man whose married to the Queen. Didn't he have to give up his licence?

Vertu lease -Audi A4 35 Saloon 2.0 TFSI 150 SE 4Dr Manual [Start Stop] -  £1,933 initial, 23 x £215 £6874 @  Vertuleasecars
Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Vertu lease -Audi A4 35 Saloon 2.0 TFSI 150 SE 4Dr Manual [Start Stop] - £1,933 initial, 23 x £215 £6874 @ Vertuleasecars
Lease deal on an Audi A4, averaging out at £286, with 8,000 average mileage. 10,000 miles equals £7,142 or £298 a month. Very Leasing is part of Vertu Motors Group - https://w… Read more
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Actually it may only be 1 service due to Audi 2yrs service intervals. You could even give it back s few days early and save that as well


Not a great price. Sport trim has been under £5k for 2 years and S-Line trim has been under £6k, this is almost £7k. Description is wrong too. 35TFSI engine is a 1.4.


How do you guys come across these good deals?


Audi website quotes SE 35 TFSI 6-speed - 1984 - 150 PS?


Both the description in the link & the title for this are incorrect. The 2.0TFSI is a “40 190”, not a “35 150”, engine (the 150 is for the old 1.4 & current 1.5).

Audible bug! 1 credit 2 books!
Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Audible bug! 1 credit 2 books!
Just found this bug with Audible. Currently their doing a buy 1 get 1 free on select books. Buy 2 books with this deal them, return both books for 2 credits! Keep doing this for mo… Read more

Is the 2 books for one credit over ? Picked some the other day but just got my new credit and the offer seems to have gone


I’ve not had this issue however I’ve used the credits. Audiobooks still working as of 1pm.


Guessing this has been fixed? I can say that my Audible credits have been reduced from what they were last night, so some sort of "fix" has been applied.


Would anyone be interested in the “send this book” option on Audible - receive a free book listened by another person (you keep the original) the first time you receive a “recommendation” I have mainly football and a few business autobiographies. I would send one to you and the same from you (y) if you do a quick google search you’ll see what I’m referring to!


Caught read-handed? Did they throw the book at him? Did they read him his rights?

Audi R8, Bugatti OR Bugatti Chiron Radio Controlled Cars - Now £7.49 each @ Argos
Posted 21st FebPosted 21st Feb
Audi R8, Bugatti OR Bugatti Chiron Radio Controlled Cars - Now £7.49 each @ Argos
£7.49£10.9932%Argos Deals
Closest i'll get to a Bugatti :{ Get really good reviews, hit GET DEAL for all, others also on offer at different prices. Drive your very own Audi R8 by remote control! This R/C … Read more
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The spoiler on the R8 looks big enough to take off and put on my real car.


The indicators don't work on these, just like a real audi!


Well it’s as close I’ll ever get to owning the real deal lol


cheap, but not very good tbh


1/26 is teeny weeny

Audi A4 35TFSi Sport 4dr Manual 24M Lease / £210.53/Month / 10k PA / £2,494.77 Up Front - Total Cost: £7,336.96 @ Contract Cars
Posted 18th FebPosted 18th Feb
Audi A4 35TFSi Sport 4dr Manual 24M Lease / £210.53/Month / 10k PA / £2,494.77 Up Front - Total Cost: £7,336.96 @ Contract Cars
£7,336.96£7,6774%Contract Cars Deals
Audi A4 35TFSi Sport 4dr Manual £2494.77 upfront then £210.53 per month for 24 Months incl VAT 10k miles pa RRP £30,500 Total of £7,336.96, can adjust to 36 months. Seems like a… Read more
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Anyone managed to get this? I got a email this morning saying they got the figures wrong and the true price was £352.24


The SE version is also available for £6,767 at fleetprices for those that want to save some money and want a softer ride. I can't post this deal as fleetprices are a banned merchant due to self promotion.


A search on Cars2buy reveals the same car can be had for about ~£7,056 (£294 * 24) over the term with the choice of 3, 6 or 9 months down from RGW. (Although, you'd really prefer to take that S-Line mentioned above wouldn't you? 😄)


Yeah it's been rebranded with a whole new look and web address


I searched for that but it came up with

Carousel Remote control 1/14 Audi R8 £8.75 at Tesco instore
Posted 5th FebPosted 5th FebLocalLocal
Carousel Remote control 1/14 Audi R8 £8.75 at Tesco instore
£8.75£3575%Tesco Deals
Seen instore Tesco Clay Cross, Chesterfield. A lot of stock on the reduced section at the back of the store.
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Audi A5 Coupe 40 Tfsi Black Edition 2dr S Tronic 24 M Lease  £8,738 Central Vehicle Leasing  10,000 mpa
Posted 4th FebPosted 4th Feb
Image shown is of the actual colour and spec you'd get (image on website is lower end model). July/August Delivery. I have ordered this as I thought considering the spec (RRP £40k… Read more
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Hi there, Do you still have this deal? Do you have a website or a contact number please? Thanks Ryan

johnmcdon Clearer image


Here is the email


I still haven't got a build date yet. Strange that one person has been told that their order has been delayed until 2020, but others haven't! Surely we would be entitled to a refund if there was a delay until 2020!!


500+ vat to cancel... still not been given a build date as of yet

Audi Car Care Kit (in store purchase only)
Posted 30th JanPosted 30th JanLocalLocal
Audi Car Care Kit (in store purchase only)
Leicester Audi have a big stack of genuine Audi Car Car kits which consist of a neat branded case, 2 X sponges, 1 X microfibre cloth, wheel cleaning spray,insect remover, shampoo, … Read more

Bought one of these kits the other month from Harrogate audi for £10,should be £30 normally,well overpriced at £30,well worth it for £6.25


I am also an unhappy customer having had the misfortune of buying a car from them.


They've made enough scamming customers to give these away ! (mad)


Cheers just picked one up


No. You have to prove you own an Audi before they let you buy it too.

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