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80ies style Retro LCD Watch CASIO Collection Men's Watch AE-1200WH £22.99 (steel) or £21.77 (black) Worldtime Illuminator @ Amazon
Found 15 h, 39 m agoFound 15 h, 39 m ago
Reminds me of the early 80ies Seiko LCD watch from James Bond. Seems like a deal right now, was reduced from £34.88. Too bad it says Illuminator and World Time on the case, other… Read more
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Very sadly in the eighties I bought a kit to build my own calculator watch...God the soldering alone drove me to distraction. Talk about fiddly. But at least it worked. No internet then and tooooo much time on my hands...


Ah my favourite decade the Eighty-ies.


Got this and a calculator one, always dreamed of owning these watches and now I do! It’s pretty decent for the price


Bought one as well. I think the case is plastic but with a metal coating. Battery life is 10 years :D (y)


It's light,but it's a real bit of retro cool. Heat.

Casio Collection Men's Watch W-735H-1AVEF,10 Yr Battery,10M WR,Vibration Alarm, Super Illuminator,(Prime) £19.99 Prime @ Amazon (Also Argos)
Found 16th OctFound 16th Oct
£24.48 Non-Prime. Grey colour. This one seems to dip down to £19.99 quite often, also from Argos for the same price. Screen grab of "Super Illuminator" LED from the below You… Read more
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Why do mods feel the need to unnecessarily change your titles/posts? All the info was here, I'd put Non-Prime right at the top of my post as I couldn't fit it in with the watch's description/title of this Deal. If the Non-Prime details were missing I could understand. And I'm pretty sure it was also edited to say £19.98 - not £19.99, which is the Amazon/Argos price (just fixed that as well). Maybe gives them something to do but I'd prefer it if they moderated passive aggressive comments or unsolicited PMs. Happened to a few of my posts now - unnecessary edits.


Sure - I actually already did this in a p.m. to a member. Credit to louiselouise for pointing out the LCD stealth mod thread ages ago in another post: So there's an exterior stealth mod ,where you remove all the white lettering: And I've seen other mods where you remove or replace the polarized film in front of the LCD so that it inverts the LCD: Some people also change the LED light to a different colour - I think that's covered in the link above too. It's pretty cool, but I think soldering surface-mount LEDs is a bit beyond my soldering skill level! Although - my favourite mod is actually more of a hack/rebuild where the maker created a look-a-like Alien F-100 mod here: I would love an original f-100, but they're going for around £200-250.


Can you elaborate on the mods?


Quite like the watch but at £20 its getting close to low end G-Shocks which I prefer, also G-Shocks are quite often discounted (black Friday etc) for instance my work watch is a £90 Tough Solar Radio Controlled that I picked up for a tad over £40 ........... but have some heat .............


Two weeks ago it was around the £24 so good deal only on prime

Casio Classic Digital LCD Watch with Stopwatch, Timer, Alarm, Water Resistant, Model F-91W-1YER, £7.99 (Delivered) @ 7DayShop
Found 15th OctFound 15th Oct
Seeing as a few people are posting deals for Casio watches recently, I thought I'd add my own! I bought this watch last year when it was last on offer from 7DayShop, and for this p… Read more
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Can i be the first to mention Osama bin Laden...


I really don't think that's why people buy them.


They're cheap and functional...


Because if they did, the militant wing of the feminists reserves would get on twitter to complain it's sexist to presume wimins want white/pink!


What is the fascination with these things?

Casio Collection W-800H-1AVES Men Watch £15.98 @ Amazon - Delivery £4.49
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
A light-emitting diode (LED) is used to illuminate the watch face Once set, the automatic calendar always displays the correct date Elapsed time, split time and final time are me… Read more
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Or download the instructions....


Well then, then, I'll have to hide it under my pillow and wait :)


Only if you have it set to 'snooze'.


Each time you stop the alarm, it sounds again after a few minutes Oh no, maybe you can just hide it under your pillow till the battery runs out?


£15.49 delivered at 7 Day Shop: EDIT: £14.99 delivered via their eBay Shop:

Casio Men's Wave Ceptor Digital LCD Watch @ Argos Free C&C
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Never have to manually update the time again with this Casio Men's Wave Ceptor LCD Digital Watch. The radio controlled multi band 5 coverage enables you to sit back while it does a… Read more
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That's a better deal (y)

grumbler £24.99 delivered


I've got this one, it sometimes appears on Warehouse (I'd say how much but it'd just come off as a humble-brag). Boyf pinched it for himself. It has nice turquoise illumination which lights up for around three seconds (unlike the A168WG-9EF I have - annoys me immensely), which I prefer to the amber or white LEDs Casio usually have, even though it doesn't have as long a lifespan/uses up a bit more battery. Works perfectly. Raised an eyebrow at a few reviews mentioning a fault with this model, .."after about 2 years, the watch keeps resetting itself to 12:00 January 1st, 2005 for no apparent reason. A call to the Casio Technical Help Line was most revealing - I described the fault and the girl immediately told me the type of watch I was referring to. In other words, I was not the first!" Worth being aware, but hopefully Amazon or Casio will have my back if there's problems. Casio's Customer Service has been great, in my experience.


Of course they are, price matching is what Amazon do. Once they've destroyed the competition kiss goodbye to those deals.


Wow! I bet Red Dead Redemption 2 will look awesome on this!!

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Casio Men's World Time Digital Watch - £21.99 @ Argos Free C&C
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Once set to the countries of your choice, this Casio triple world time display watch means you will never have worry about changing the time on your watch again. This means any tim… Read more
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Shows as 100m water resist. And I think it is quite often at this price. Good watch though.


13-year old me in 1993 would have loved this.


Oooo, 50p cheaper than last time (y)

Casio Collection Men's Watch W-210 - £9.99 prime / £14.48 non prime @ Amazon
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Casio Collection Men's Watch W-210 - £9.99 @ Amazon Free P&P for Prime Members
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I buy from Argos they pay UK tax.


I thought this was standard price and had been for a few years OP


Posted earlier too. And you don't have to be a part of Amazon Slime. (lol)


Not a proper illuminator Ugly



Casio Men's LCD Digital Blue Case Black Strap Watch £9.99 at Argos (free C&C)
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
This Casio Men's LCD Watch is packed full of useful features. With an illuminator backlight, dual time, stopwatch, daily alarm and 50m water resistance, it's equipped for everyday … Read more
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Is it blue? I cant tell from the photo.


Cheers OP. I went to Argos on my break, needing a watch for work that I don't mind getting scuffed and had a look at this one and the other that has been posted. This one looked much better. Its actually a really nice looking watch, the pictures don't do it justice. Bargain for a tenner. Cheers again!


It's not standard, this is actually higher (understandably)


Is everyone mentally ill. First vinyl record players now this. How about wooden rims for my bike.


I still use my Casio HD had it for a few years now and can take a lot of punishment only thing I've had to replace is the strap.

Casio Men's Digital LCD Watch- £9.99 + Free C&C @ Argos
Found 14th OctFound 14th Oct
Water resistant to 50m, this Casio Mens Power LCD Digital Watch is both versatile and durable in its design. Featuring a robust resin strap, stopwatch and an illuminator backlight … Read more

For those talking about prices vs then and now, most Casio digitals have plastic cases which, I assume, is what makes for the cheap prices nowadays, compared to the past. You can get all-stainless steel Casios but they cost a lot more's+stainless+steel+bracelet+watch/?cmCat=OVM I *think* the all-stainless varieties are Limited Editions - maybe to see how they sell? It's the number one moan you see from Casio-lovers on Watch Forums. Trying to find a dedicated page that advertises the all-stainless steel ranges and not coming up with much!* I have this watch's+stainless+steel+digital+watch/ - it doesn't help that H Samuel advertise it as "Stainless Steel" - only the strap is steel, the case is plastic: coated resin. *This G-Shock G-STEEL Collection has a few




What's with all the comments, links and pictures to the totally wrong watch! This watch is my absolute favourite. Everyone at my work has the exact same Casio, the smaller black one, so I love being being the odd one out!!!


Great! Thanks! Just bought one!


I have used mine for two years swimming almost every day and it has been perfect!

Casio Sport Men's Twin Sensor Combi Bracelet Watch - £49.99 + Free C&C @ Argos
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
Half price watch... Sporty and stylish, this Casio Sport Twin Sensor Combi Watch is packed full of features. With a stainless steel adjustment bracelet, this watch also features a… Read more

I bought one of these about two years ago when someone posted an offer here, Argos I think. Wear it daily and found it to be robust, unlike another poster. I compare the barometer reading to my weather station and local airport info. and it's accurate. The Altimeter isn't and goes crazy on an aircraft. For an accurate temperature reading you have to take it off your wrist for about 30 minutes so it's not much use to me. World time zones are useful . I mainly like using the barometer to see if readings drop and I know if duff weather is coming. I'm happy with it.


Picked up today. Bracelet is poor but watch is nice looking. A keeper I think.


Love this Casio,more gizmos on it the better. Argos never questions returns. :{


:o (lol) (lol) (lol)


"To" much for a dictionary as well?

Casio Edifice EQS-600D Solar Stainless Steel Double Dial Bracelet Watch - £99.99 (£89.99 with newsletter sign up) @ H Samuel
Found 12th OctFound 12th Oct
with Blue fascia accents (or Black fascia with red & gold accents:… Read more

Great first post @TopTrump (y)


Absolutely. Just make sure you present the facts in written form, insist on speaking to management, capture names, date, time duration etc and you'll soon see they'll be asking you if they could maybe offer you a better discount or a choice from their more prestigious ranges. Voice your opinion, don't take **** from the unmotivated staff, ask for management, escalate - bask in glorious results. Just don't lose your rag, make sure that they pick up on the message that your time is valuable and that you went to a specialist retailer rather than purchasing from an offshore retailer for value, customer service. Throw in the occasional, "I find it highly offensive that you feel you can treat your customers this way" All it needs is pitching at the right level.


I would have had a doolally if a store said that to me (mad) .Something similar happened to me in Homebase and I got 50% discount off a substitution after taking it up with the manager.


Learn to follow it up and take it higher: ask for the manager and get them to take it up with central office - it's only by doing this that customer service and systems may improve. They certainly won't if nothing is done.


Very nice Edifice!

Casio Collection Unisex Adults Watch MQ-24-7BLL for £7 prime/£11.48 Non @Amazon UK
Found 11th OctFound 11th Oct
Dispatched from and sold by Amazon Reminds me of Old school days. Protective acrylic dial window Invicta Japan Quartz movement Water resistant to minor splashes

Maybe. Though I would still buy again even at this price if I had to replace the one I currently own. They are good watches.


Was going to grab it at this price, thanks for letting me know. I will hang on till its under £5.30 :o


I wouldn't say it's accurate but I can't remember the last time I adjusted the time on this watch. Yeah, as above, good time keeper and great watch. Ideal for what I intended wearing it for too. Not as cheap as what I bought it for a couple of years ago, £5.29, though heat added all the same.


Yes same strap here after 4 years


Pope Franks watch.

Casio Edifice Men's Toro Rosso Steel Bracelet Watch, £104 at H. samuel
Found 9th OctFound 9th Oct
This watch from the Scuderia Toro Rosso collection features a blue dial. Chronograph : The stopwatch function on the watch can measure upto 10 minutes. Stopwatch seconds are sh… Read more

"Doesn't say Toro Rosso on the image" the logo is underneath not on display


Doesn't say Toro Rosso on the image


Had one of these last year from Amazon. Only lasted 6 months and stopped working. Sent it back and got a refund. Lot of fakes around


Schumacher was the best and didn't need ladies earrings...


Come in third with Red Bull! Rather come in first with Mercedes.

Casio fx-991EX scientific calculator . £3 in Asda
08/10/2019Expires on 08/10/2019LocalLocalFound 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Tried 2 different stores and coming through as £3 in each so assuming national Both receipts are for Asda parkhead and robroyston

Tesco and Tesco Express have also been discounting this according to similar HotUKDeals pages... £3.75 at Tesco £7.50 and £3.49 at Tesco Not been able to find one anywhere yet, sadly. An absolute bargain.


£3 in St Helens today :) I got one each for my eldest children. About 10 left on the shelf.


Yeah apologies . Asda pricing I’ve always found strange . “National” deals generally work but find that my local Asdas parkhead / robroyston or bishopbriggs one will throw a spanner into the works Odd about the £35 . Seen 2 white labels at 12 so thought that would be the general price


Scanned at £35 in Asda West Bridgford this evening. Either they aren’t playing the game or maybe it’s been fixed at all stores. ;(


I had casio fx 7000grh back in 1988-1992.

Casio fx-991EX calculator £7.50 @ Tesco - Lincoln
LocalLocalFound 8th OctFound 8th Oct
Great calculator for this price. Found on offer in Tesco's Lincoln. Normally about £28.

Tesco Bar Hill, Cambridge were still selling this for £30 yesterday - I had them scan one to confirm :-(


This was in Tesco express Oldham for £3.49 reduced to clear yesterday. They had plenty left to at the end of the aisle with other stationary reduced to clear.


Voted hot


Yes, this is the latest recommended model. Normally sells for much higher. £7.50 is a bargain. £3 would be crazy.


Yeah fx 991ex Thought about buying a few and trading into cex but they gave £4 voucher . I’ll post receipt in a minute White label so might be national . Asda are weird I find though and different in many stores

Casio Mens Edifice Watch EFV-520L now £69 w/code + Free Tracked delivery & 2 year warranty @ Watches2u
Found 4th OctFound 4th Oct
Cracking price for this watch/colour strap - enter code CAS131 at checkout and price will discount to £69, plus free tracked delivery and a 2 year warranty from an authorised sel… Read more

I would have contacted Bulova/Citizen and see what they had to say about it. Also, if it was over £100 and you paid by credit card, you could use the cc company to refund you. But many of these online watch companies can be dodgy, especially for selling returned, or ex display watches as new.


Terrible site, cannot create account, items disappear from shopping bag, errors galore. (poo)


I bought a Bulova watch from them but when it stopped working 8 months later they didn't want to know.


How? The code takes it to 69 quid.


Orddered. I am here to save money but end up spending more :)

Casio Scientific Calculator £1.75  Tesco Yorkgate Belfast
LocalLocalFound 1st OctFound 1st Oct
Probably store specific but worth a look if in your local store. Tesco Yorkgate, Belfast had a basket of clearance school items near self service checkout tills. I noticed a few s… Read more

No idea. They have all gone now.


What's the barcode for this? Scanned at my local for £13


Saw this at Canary Wharf Metro, was in the reduced section and the stationary section with no tag. Went to the till all excited and it was £11.50!


I'm not sure what model as mods put this pic up. Just know was a scirntific casio one and had £8as orginal proce on yellow sticker.


Judging from the photo, this looks like a Casio FX-85GT+.

Casio Edifice Chronograph Solar Powered Watch EFS-S510L-1AVUEF - £104 @ The Watch Shop
Found 29th SepFound 29th Sep
Solar Powered; Sapphire Crystal; 100 M Water Resistant; Stopwatch Date Display; Battery Indicator; Screw Back Quartz Movement Case Diameter: 46.1mm Water resistant to 100m (330… Read more

Big face.


Posted already cheaper


Link isn't directing to deal, if you type EFS-S510L-1AVUEF in the search box you'll be taken to the deal

Casio Gulfmaster GWN1000B 1BER £250 @ Casio Outlet B Grade
Found 28th SepFound 28th Sep
Nice looking solar watch Gulfmaster GWN1000B Casio list a B Grade but mine arrived brand new with perfect packaging and a full 12 month guarantee. Always had great service from t… Read more

Here it is in the flesh so to speak :)


Nice find, but on looking at the website I went for the one suggested by NigelK


Does it have a calculator?


This one on the outlet site is a bargain too. I bought this from Samuels when it was extremely cheap and it's worth every penny.


:) Most of us need to read a watch sometimes in less than bright daylight conditions.Some casios are almost completely unreadable (IMO) in daylight AND at night. The dials are too cluttered and the backlight seems to shine across the screen from one point so it doesn't help. And for snorkeling and diving light conditions are often less than 100%,

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